11 Best Shark Toys To Play In 2022


The best shark toys are the perfect companions for little ones. Sharks have long captured the interest of humans and are well-represented in fables, movies, books, and children’s toys. They are often projected as evil and murderous water animals that prey on any living thing they can find. However, there is more to sharks than this image.

Quality shark toys introduce your little one to a friendly version of this ruthless animal. Whether it is made of soft and fluffy materials or hard materials, a shark toy should intrigue your little one. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best shark toys for you to bring home to your child.

11 Best Shark Toys

1. Best For Bath Time: WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy

The WowWee Pinkfong baby shark toy is designed for sprouting water when squeezed while your child plays in the bath. It comes in a pack of four shark-shaped toys designed as a family in different sizes and colors, entertaining your baby during bath time. The family represents characters from the popular children’s song, ‘Baby Shark.’

Easy to hold for infants, these toys are made of child-safe BPA material and are suitable for toddlers above two years. Your baby can also play with this toy set on the floor. Here’s a brief video you can watch to help your baby make the most out of this toy.

2. Best For The Bathtub: Playmaker Toys Rubber Shark Family Floating Bathtub Toys

The lightweight rubber toys are made for floating in the bathtub and come in an attractive grey color. This pack contains one mother shark that can float and hold three baby shark toys. They are designed to squirt, making it fun for kids to play with the sharks in the water. These vinyl toys are phthalate-free and entirely safe for children.

3. Best Attractive: Boley Soft Plastic Shark Toys

Boley’s eight-pack shark toys a redesigned uniquely with fun colors to make them attractive for children. Suitable for children of three years, these 10in sharks allow them to discover the underwater world, including the great white shark, hammerhead, blacktip reef shark, blue and whale sharks. The realistic details on these shark-shaped toys make them exciting and interactive, inviting curiosity among children to learn. They are made with all the safety standards in mind to ensure your child’s safety.

4. Best Realistic Details: Eoivsh Large Shark Toys Megalodon

The Eoivsh large shark toys measure 10×3.7×3.7in and comprise assorted ocean animal figurines. The realistic cognitive toys are suitable for bath times and in the swimming pool.

The shark figures are sculpted accurately and hand-painted for a realistic appearance. With their true-to-life details and active poses, they offer an interactive experience, capturing your child’s attention and adding an imaginative spark. They are made of environmental-friendly PVC, drop-resistant and washable, offering long-lasting durability.

5. Best Easy-To-Hold: Xplore Toys Shark Toys Figures

The cool shark toys from Xplore Toys are available in a set of six pieces in attractive colors to help enhance imagination, creativity, and memorization for easy recalling. The shark shapes have a realistic appearance and minute details to attract the little learners.

The shark toys are made of non-toxic, recyclable PVC, making them completely safe for kids. They do not have any small removable parts to prevent accidents. Measuring 7in, they are easy to hold and play with and suitable for toddlers.

6. Best For Developing Fine Motor Skills: Baloboo 2022 Upgraded Shark Bath Toys

The 2022 upgraded shark bath toys from Baloboo include four colorful floating fishes and a blue shark grabber. They come on an ideal size for the children to hold, squeeze and play with. You can add them to your kid’s bathtub to capture their attention.

The shark grabber is designed to eat the small fishes, making it a fun capture play for your child. Designed ergonomically, the shark grabber offers a comfortable and strong grasp. The toys allow your child to play in multiple modes, help improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. They are also free of sharp surfaces and are non-toxic and safe for children.

7. Best Remote-Controlled: Coodoo 2.4G Remote Control Shark Toy

The Coodoo high-simulation 2.4GHz remote control shark toy comes in a scale of 1:18 for easy pool play. With a preset remote control, it is suitable for kids around five years, capturing their attraction and imagination.

Its high-simulation feature allows the child to change the toy’s movement while swimming in the water, helping with improved hand-eye coordination. The toy comes with a powerful 2.4GHz technology for enhanced remote control, an auto mode control with a 40m wireless distance, and a transmitter powered by two AAA batteries.

8. Best For Engaging Children: Dinobros Hungry Shark Grabber Toys

The playset contains two shark grabbers and 12 mini sea animals for a fun and entertaining play. With their claw-extending grabbers shaped into great white sharks, they are suitable for children above five years. The shark toys for toddlers have button-activated jaws for easy pick-up of the smaller animals and come in a portable storage box.

Including dolphins, smaller sharks, whales, penguins, seals, etc., they offer improved engagement of your child’s motor skills.

9. Best Educational: Bedwina Stuffed Animal Sharks

Bedwina’s toy set of stuffed sharks comprises a 13in Hammerhead and a 14in Mako for toddlers and infants. It gives your kid a peek into the world of ocean animals at an early age and also makes them acclimated with their shapes and colors. The shark toys are soft and safe for your child. Suitable for children above three years, these sharks come with separate tags, carrying stories and fun facts about the animals for educational purposes. They are made of high-quality fabric with hard plastic sewn eyes for long-lasting use.

10. Best Eco-friendly: ValeforToy Shark Toy Figure Pack

Including 20 rubber shark toy figures made of food-grade material, these squishy floating bathtub toys have realistic designs and are stretchy, safe, and soft for the babies to handle. They measure 1.1x5x5.2in each and are available in the shapes of whales, dolphins, and sharks that are eco-friendly and ensure your children’s healthy and happy growth while playing. Kids can easily play, bend, stretch, chew and squish these fun, waterproof ocean animals, ideal for the bathtub.

11. Best With Movable Parts: Winsenpro Jumbo Shark Toys

The six-pack jumbo shark toys from Winsenpro come with realistic designs, including moveable jaws and tails. The set comprises a hammerhead, an orca, a sperm whale, a whale shark, and a blue whale with minute details, making an exciting and attractive playmate for children above three years.

The toys also aid in educational learning and are suitable for outdoor games. Each toy shark measures 10in and is made of durable plastic and non-toxic paint.

How To Choose The Right Shark Toy?

You can consider the following essential factors when buying a shark toy for your child.

1. Material: The shark-shaped toys are available in various materials, including rubber, plastic, and fiber. Ensure the material is flexible, stretchy, and does not hurt your child.
2. Size, design, and color: Check for the animal figure’s color, design, and size to ensure it is attractive and interactive for the child.
3. Age: Buy a toy set that suits your child’s age for compatibility, fun, and maximum engagement.
4. Safety: Ensure the toy is non-toxic, without sharp edges or small parts, and eco-friendly.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is a seasoned product writer and researcher who has a knack for reviewing children’s toys and gifts. In this post, she brings you a list of the best shark toys after considering their size, color, ease of holding, and safety. Priti has specifically included those toys that can make bath time more entertaining for your children. Further, she has provided a brief description of each product and included a handy buying guide.

Sharks are fascinating creatures as they are more than just underwater animals that prey on life. The best shark toys can help introduce your child to this animal by learning about their different types and physical appearances. This article has reviewed some exciting options for your little one to play with during bath time. So to pick one, ensure that the toys are made from safe materials and do not have any sharp edges. Interactive toys can help your little one have fun while playing with them, so look for age-compatible ones and provide maximum engagement when your child plays with them.

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