13 Best Shoe Dryers To Keep Your Footwear Warm and Dry In 2022


Dry your shoes quickly with our list of the best shoe dryers. These shoe dryers can dry out your shoes by blowing hot air into them. The electronic appliance can be quite useful if you live in an area that gets wet and cold during winters or monsoons. Cloudy days and damp shoes don’t go well at all. If you get snow or sludge in your shoes or step into a puddle by mistake, it can get uncomfortable. So, these shoe dryers can come to your rescue. Browse our list to learn more.

 13 Best Shoe Dryers

 1. Best Flexible:DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

This not only works as a shoe dryer but also as a glove and ski boots dryer. It contains rotating drying ports that generate heat of up to 105°F (40.5°C) within a couple of hours. It removes moisture, foul odor, and prevents fungus growth. If you want to know more about this product, check out this video on YouTube.


  • Acts as a dehumidifier for shoes
  • Flexible, rotating drying ports for ski boots
  • Removes bacteria and kills the smell
  • Doesn’t harm the surfaces or the garment inside the shoe
  • Works with heavy ski boots
  • Comes with an annual warranty


  • May not be suitable for all types of voltage point and might damage the fuse

2. Best Electricity-Saving:PEET – The Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer

PEET - The Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer

This silent shoe dryer also works as a warmer and is suitable for shoes made from different types of materials. It completely dries the shoe from within and consumes minimum electricity. Go ahead and check out this YouTuber’s video for more details about the product.


  • Acts as a silent dryer without any sounds of fans
  • Dries shoes, even heavy boots, from within
  • Consumes very less power
  • Suitable for all materials, like vinyl, rubber, etc.


  • May not be suitable for a few specialized shoe styles

 3. Best Heat Resistant:KOODER Shoe Dryer

KOODER Shoe Dryer

It is an advanced dryer that not only dries shoes but leaves them warm. It acts as a dehumidifier and keeps the shoe devoid of moisture. It contains blow-holes vertically and horizontally to enable an all-round heating effect. To get a better understanding of the product, you can check out this video on YouTube.


  •  Consists of a sturdy cable that is durable and convenient to use
  • Surfaces are made secure with heat-resisting property
  • Presence of blow holes allow for consistent drying
  • Accurate optimal temperature maintenance system to avoid overheating


  • Might take long to dry shoes that are too damp

4. Best Quick Drying:Upstartech Boot Shoe Dryer

Upstartech Boot Shoe Dryer

The shoe dryer can also dry boots and gloves. It dries shoes quickly and uses an automatic timer to shut itself off. This device keeps your boots warm, dry, and devoid of any smell.


  • Swiftly dries shoes as it uses high powered fans
  • Exhibits a constant temperature to prevent overheating
  • Suitable for all shoe materials
  • Manual timer available
  • Less power consumption
  • Works silently without any added fan sound


  • Might take long to dry some types of shoes, like skiing boots

5. Best Efficient:JobSite Original Shoe

JobSite Original Shoe

It dries the shoes and also warms them to make it convenient to wear shoes during winter. It dries, removes excess moisture, and helps get rid of foul odor and molds. It dries silently and comes with a warranty.


  • Uses the concept of continuous hot thermal air for natural circulation
  • Constant heat to avoid overheating
  • Removes all kinds of bacteria and fungus
  • Dries efficiently inside out
  • Safe for all types of shoes and boots
  • The product comes with a warranty for two years


  • Features extensions, which are sold separately

 6. Best Ventilated:OdorStop Boot And Shoe Dryer

OdorStop Boot And Shoe Dryer

It’s a deodorizer that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, fungus, etc. It is automatically controlled with a three-hour lock-in shut down. It also features extended ventilation tubes for convenience.


  • Dries two pair of shoes at a time
  • Consists of high- power output technology
  • Acts as a dehumidifier for shoes
  • Comes with a warranty for three years
  • Contains extension tubes to fit all kinds of shoe styles


  • Might give out an unpleasant smell

7. Best Easy To Carry:Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer

Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer Shoe Dryer

It is a machine that can act as a glove dryer and boot dryer. It features a warmer and a blower for quick drying and comfortable heating. The best part about this product is that it is foldable and can be carried anywhere.


  • Acts as a capable dehumidifier
  • Removes all kinds of odors and bacteria
  • Maintains the heat levels and eliminates moisture
  • Prevents overheating and dries shoes within some time
  • Suitable for all shoe materials
  • Foldable and can be fitted anywhere


  • The timer might not function as expected

8. Best Easy To Assemble:Boot Dryer & Warmer-Electric Shoe Dryer

Boot Dryer & Warmer-Electric Shoe Dryer

This electric shoe and boot dryer, which is easy to assemble. It operates under the principle of circulation of air through the tubes to maintain constant heat and prevent overheating.


  • Uses the principle of blowing 360-degree hot air
  • It functions as a dehumidifier and removes excess moisture
  • Dries shoes quickly along with keeping the feet warm
  • Uses low power and saves electricity
  • Convenient even while traveling


  • Extensions are sold separately

9. Best Adjustable:Teletrogy Electric Shoe And Boot Dryer

Teletrogy Electric Shoe And Boot Dryer

This shoe dryer and warmer comes with an auto-timer and adjustable tubes. It dries shoes quickly and also leaves them warm so that they are comfortable to wear.


  • Each dryer nozzle is pivoted and adjustable
  • Consists of detachable pipes
  • Works on the principle of thermal air and blows out hot air to dry effectively
  • Demoisturizes the shoes and gets rid of smell and odor
  • Works silently
  • Contains ‘Telescopic-sleeve’ technology that gently dries shoes of all kinds


  • Might take some time to warm up initially

10. Best Air-Circulation:ANAZIGO Boot Dryer

ANAZIGO Boot Dryer

Such dryers operate at a constant temperature, which allows smooth air circulation to remove odor-causing bacteria. It uses silent technology to adequately dry shoes without much energy consumption. It features a LED power indication system to let you know the dryer is working.


  • Removes bacteria and molds, thus providing freshness to the shoes
  • Silently dries of any dampness with better efficiency
  • Suitable for all kinds of shoe materials
  • Comes with a shoe stretcher allowing all types of shoes to fit in


  • Dryer works silently, so LED indicator is the only way to know if the dryer is functioning correctly

11.  Best Flexible:IRIS USA Compact Deodorizing Shoe And Boot Dryer

IRIS USA Compact Deodorizing Shoe And Boot Dryer

Automated timing, support stand, and flexible extensions make it a good product. It comes with a double knot technology to dry two shoes simultaneously with adequate heating. The flexible extensions are a bonus.


  • Quick and effective drying and heating
  • Removes all kinds of dampness and bacteria
  • Effectively gets rid of the odor
  • Keeps the shoes clean
  • Auto-adjusting temperature controls


  • Might not work with all types of shoe lining

12.  Best Foldable:FORWIT Shoe Boot Dryer

FORWIT Shoe Boot Dryer

This is a portable shoe dryer that can also be used as a glove warmer. Functions silently and removes dampness, odors, and bacteria. Keeps shoes fresh and increases their shelf life.


  • Suitable for all kinds of shoes
  • Reduces the dampness inside the shoe and keeps it dry
  • Can be conveniently carried because of foldable feature
  • Uses less energy and consumes optimum electricity
  • Ease to carry outdoors


  • Dryer might be small for some specialized shoes or boots

13.  Best Thermal Heating:COSTWAY Shoe Dryer

COSTWAY Shoe Dryer

Like any good and useful shoe dryer, this one also takes care of the shoes by efficiently drying up your boots and keeping your feet warm. It has a manual timer that allows the dryer to work for a set interval. The dryer works silently using a thermal heat wave system to dry shoes.


  • You can set the timer to a maximum of 24 hours
  • Removes odor, sweat, moisture, and keeps the shoes fresh
  • Useful for all kinds of shoe materials
  • Contains extension tubes to dry effectively
  • Uses low consumption with extensive drying area


  • Timer needs to be set manually, each time before using the dryer

Safety Tips For Using Shoe Dryer

A dryer is a heating device, and thus you must follow precautions.

  • Do not keep the dryer close to a fireplace.
  • Do not dry shoes soaked in water. Let the excess water drip away before setting the shoes on the shoe dryer.
  • The air chambers must be cleaned regularly to avoid any airflow obstruction.
  • Untangle and tie the laces before drying as it might incidentally blow into the dryer.
  • Always use the dryer first in an optimum temperature to see if it overheats

How To Choose The Right Shoe Dryer?

A right shoe dryer needs to meet criteria such as:

  • It should act as a dehumidifier to remove any moisture content from inside the shoe.
  • It should be capable of removing smells and odors.
  • It should be capable of eliminating bacteria and molds.
  • There should preferably be an auto-shutdown feature.
  • It should have vents to circulate the air properly and uniformly.
  • It should have separate extensions for shoes to reach the problematic areas.
  • It should be portable and foldable.
  • The power consumption should be on the lower side.
  • A silent dryer is preferable than dryers that have loud fans.
  • The dryer should keep the shoes warm without overheating and damaging the inner lining.
  • Multi-functional shoe dryers that can dry gloves are more value for money.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami is a fashion expert who loves finding handy tools to maintain accessories and apparel. She has conducted extensive online research on authentic reviews and user feedback to find the best shoe dryers in the market. These shoe dryers dehumidify shoes, come with a warranty, and work for most types of footwear. She has also included a FAQ section and safety tips to help you use the product properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I leave a shoe dryer on?

Most dryers feature a timer with an auto-shutdown feature. The duration for which a dryer works can vary, and some dryers can work as long as 24 hours. Overly wet shoes could take six to 12 hours to dry while damp shoes can be dried in three hours.

2. Are shoe dryers bad for the shoe?

No, these dryers are shoe-friendly and suitable for all shoe types. It uses minimum heat to dry the shoe and removes bacteria, mildew, and odors.

Keeping your shoes clean and dry becomes easy with the right shoe dryer at your disposal. The best shoe dryers help remove the moisture content and odor from your shoes, thus making them ready for wear whenever you need them. When shopping for one, consider the type of vents that help in the uniform distribution of air, their portability, and ease of maintenance. Also, choose a dryer that works well with different types of shoes and is energy-efficient.

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