20 Best Shoe Protector Sprays Against Water & Stains In 2022


The best shoe protector spray is one that saves you from a bad shoe day. People say that shoes reflect a man’s personality, and a good-quality spray can indeed help retain a shoe’s pristine look while protecting it against water and stains. From velvet to suede to leather and canvas, a good protector spray works wonders on various materials to keep them squeaky clean.

In this post, we shall list the best shoe protector sprays.

19 Best Shoe Protector Sprays

1. Best For White Shoes:Kiwi Select All Protector

Created to protect your shoes from stains and provide a protective shield, Kiwi select all protector spray comes in a large 7.7-ounce can. It creates an invisible covering that does not fade the actual color of your shoes, making it a great choice for white shoes. The product is suitable for shoes of any color made of suede, genuine or imitation leather, nubuck and fabric. Check out this review for a detailed understanding about the product.

2. Best Stain-Resistant:Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain Repellent

The genuine shoe spray keeps your leather and suede shoes or bags water repellent and stain-resistant. Apple garde offers a high-quality shoe-protector spray and a versatile product to protect against salt stains, water spots, oil, grease, or wine. The translucent spray creates a protective shield and prevents fading.

The protector also reduces rub-off and scuffing of all suede and nubuck products. It cleans quickly and does not leave any residue. Made in the US, it guarantees customer satisfaction. This video review will help you understand more about the product.

3. Best Biodegradable:UGG Shoe Protector

The UGG shoe protector is fortified with water, resin blend, and preservatives, creating a protective barrier against future stains and prevents your shoes from early damage. It keeps your boots looking new and fresh. Always clean your shoes or boots with a brush before applying the product to achieve the best results.

The biodegradable product does not use any harmful chemicals or animal-based products. Made in the US, it guarantees 100% satisfaction and safety. 

4. Best Water-Resistant:Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent Spray

The spray is designed to provide a protective layer to your valuable goods made of suede, leather, felt, nubuck, fabric, and more. It gives a superior water-resistant treatment and protects them from stain and dirt while reducing rub-off and scuffing. The translucent layer of protection guards the material while keeping them breathable and flexible.

Before using the spray, keep the items clean and dry. Made in the US, the spray warns against its use on raw-hide or unfinished leather. Keep the product 6-9 inches away while spraying and allow it to dry for at least one hour. If you are still unsure, check out this honest review.

5. Best Anti-Fade:Forcefield Stain Resistant Spray for Shoes

The stain-resistant protectant spray works for your shoes, clothes, hats, and more. It provides a waterproof barrier on all products made of leather or suede. The six-ounce bottle is good enough to last you for long. It provides a translucent coating and protects the material from getting damaged and prevents fading to keep the product looking younger for a long period. 

6. Best Invisible:Gold Standard Shoe Protector Spray

Give your walk confidence by wearing superfine shoes that repel water and dirt. Gold Standard Shoe Protector Spray creates an invisible shield to guard your shoes against wearing off. The water-resistant spray can be used on shoes made of canvas, nubuck, knit, and suede.

To achieve optimum results, use this spray generously after cleaning off dirt and debris from your shoes. Use the spray at a distance of eight inches from the shoe and let it dry overnight for best results.

7. Best High-Gloss:Moneysworth & Best Suede & Nubuck Protector

Compatible with all kinds and colors of smooth or grained leather, suede, and nubuck, this spray from Moneysworth & Best works great for your high-end accessories and shoes. This product not only provides a translucent covering but also adds a high-gloss shine and leaves your purse, belts, or shoes as new as ever.

The spray is infused with lanolin, which helps condition the leather, while silicone provides a waterproof effect. The fast-drying product does not require any brushing or buffing and gives you a quick solution to adding shine to your leather shoe or dress.

8. Best For Light Spraying:Woosh Shoe Defender

A perfect spray to protect your shoes from water and stains to maintain their longevity. The Woosh Shoe Defender is ideal for nubuck, suede, and canvas fabric. The super-sized can of eight-ounce can fully protect your 15+ pair of shoes with two coats.

Once sprayed, it takes 15 minutes to dry, and you are all set to go. This product is not recommended for leather. Using this product with a light application is suggested as over-spraying might cause the material to saturate.

9. Best For Multiple Fabrics:Soft Clad Extra Strength Fabric Protector Spray

Made in the US, the Soft Clad Fabric Protector Spray is designed for shoes, carpets, suede, leather, canvas, velvet, and more. This shoe protector prevents your shoes from stains and liquids. It also protects your valuable clothing and upholstery.

Shake the bottle well before use and apply a light coat preventing over-saturation. To see the best results, use your shoes after 24-hours for an out-of-the-box appearance.

10. Best Eco-Friendly:Cadillac Shield Water and Stain Repellent

Safe for year-round use on shoes, boots, bags, and other apparel, the fine mist spray from Cadillac allows superior breathing and easy application. It’s fine coating protects your shoes from dirt, dust, and liquids. It is manufactured with high-quality ingredients free of alcohol, silicone, and fluoropolymers.

The product is compatible with all the items made from suede, leather, fabric, canvas, nylon synthetic, etc. This spray should not be used on patent leather or vinyl. The eco-friendly product releases volatile organic compounds that cause less air pollution.

11. Sneaker Lab Shoe Protector Spray

Keep your shoes clean and fresh with Sneaker Lab Shoe Protector Spray. With a polymer-based formula, it shields the fibers of your shoes and protects them from stains and water. The sun-protecting formula prevents the shoes from premature fading due to harmful sun rays. It works on materials like suede, leather, nubuck, etc.

A gentle spray on the shoe’s fabric creates an invisible barrier to protect your shoes and ensures a fresher look for a long-lasting glow.

12. Gear Aid Revivex Suede+Fabric Water Repellent

The all-season spray from Gear Aid protects your shoes from unwanted elements and makes them look as fresh as new. It works on suede, canvas, and nubuck materials. This protectant spray is waterproof and has breathable features. It enhances the performance of your shoes and makes their life better and longer. The protectant spray makes your shoes waterproof and maintains their breathable features. It not only enhances the performance of your shoes but makes their life better and longer.

13. Solemates All Weather Protector

Solemates All Weather Protector will ensure that all your premium shoes are safe and well protected under different weather conditions. It is formulated to add a protective layer to your valued shoes and belongings, helping guard against water and stains. It works well for materials like suede, leather, fabrics, and more.

The water-based formula is infused with natural carnauba wax and does not contain any harmful chemicals and harsh odor. The product is proudly made in the USA and has survived shark tank and won praises from Oprah.


14. Simple Shine Water + Stain Repellent Spray

The spray is safe for finished leather, reptile leather, suede, nubuck, and color-fast fabrics and creates a protective barrier to save your footwear and outerwear made from these materials. The breathable spray gives a translucent covering and dries quickly without leaving any residue.

Designed for all colors and keeps your leather and material fade-free while extending the life and appearance of your shoes. The product is tested with trade-secret standards to ensure its safety while using on high-end stuff.

15. Vetro Power Footwear Protector Spray

A non-toxic and fluorocarbon-free, liquid and stain repellent spray blocks all stains with just one application. Vetro power footwear spray works on materials like suede, nubuck, nylon, synthetic, canvas, fabric, sheepskin, and Uggs. Its application does not change the color and texture of your shoes even after continuous use.

The spray is formulated with powerful nanotechnology and creates a transparent superhydrophobic shield to protect your shoes against unwanted stains from coffee, tea, wine, and more. The environment-friendly spray can protect up to four pairs of shoes over a year and ensures that your shoes remain in perfect condition all the time.

16. Crisp Protect Shoe Protector Spray

The spray is designed to provide armor-like protection and waterproofing for different types of footwear, outerwear, backpacks, and hats. Crisp protect spray is suitable for nylon, suede, canvas, leather, and premium brands like Nike and Adidas can swear by this spray.

The hydrophobic formula prevents any dirt and grime from spoiling your shoes and keeps the material breathable. It is easy to apply, and the treatment shows its effect after 30 minutes. This long-lasting formula prevents any fading or discoloration

17. Nanoman Shoe Protector Spray

Nanoman shoe-protector spray is a non-toxic and eco-friendly formula that does not leave any bad odor and keeps your shoes breathable. It is a waterproof formula and is suitable for all weather conditions.

The liquid is easy to apply and takes around 24-hours to be completely cured. The UV-protective spray does not fade the color even after wearing it for long under the sun. A sage formula that is pet-friendly and 100% certified food safe.

18. Red Moose Genuine Mink Oil Spray   

Proudly made in the US, this waterproof leather shoe protector softens and preserves your shoes and boots made of leather and vinyl. The unique formula from Red Moose lubricates fibers to enhance the flexibility and durability of leather products.

It adds shine and prevents any cracks and drying to keep your shoes soft and supple. You can use this versatile formula for belts, wallets, horse saddles, leather gloves, furniture, etc.

19. Tarrago Nano Shoe Protector Spray

The high-performance spray is formulated with innovative nanotechnology and keeps the shoe water-, dirt-repellent and breathable. Shake the container well before use and spray it evenly on the clean surface of your shoe from a distance of 11 inches.

A touch of spray on your shoes creates a transparent layer to ensure that there is no dirt or water on the surface of your shoes. It is suitable to be used on suede, leather, nubuck, etc.

20. Griffin Western Boot Water & Stain Repellent

The water and stain repellent from Griffey is designed to keep your shoes and boots safe in harsh weather conditions. It creates an invisible protective layer to protect your shoes from stains and water. Made in the USA, it ensures safe ingredients that protect both your shoes and the environment.

You can use footwear like sneakers, boots, shoes, fabrics, more. The premium formula does not change the appearance of your shoes and prevents any fading.

How To Choose The Right Shoe Protector Spray?

Here are a few suggestions to consider before you choose the right shoe protector spray.

  1. Material: Some shoe protectors are compatible with all fabrics, leather or suede, while some are made for specific use only. Hence consider the shoe fabric or material that your shoe is made of.
  1. Functions: Most shoe protectors add a protective coating to the shoe’s surface, while some only resist stain, and others make your shoes waterproof. Decide the purpose of your use before you decide to buy.
  1. Formula: Some shoe-protecting sprays use harsh chemicals and should be used only in ventilated areas as they are harmful to the environment. To minimize pollution, use preferably environmental-friendly products made with natural ingredients.
  1. Multifunctional: While some sprays are specially made for shoes, others can be used for other products, including handbags, belts, carpets, etc. If you need a versatile spray, then choose a product that will fit your needs.
  1. Usability: Shoes worn during snow or rainy season require frequent application. The effect of shoe protector spray depends on different factors. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations with regards to the application.

To let your shoes live longer in the same condition as when purchased, they should be well protected. We hope the above post has given guided proof about the usage of this product. Go through the links and give your shoes a new life by choosing the best shoe protectant spray.

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