11 Best Shoe Storage Boxes In 2022 To Organize Your Shoes


To keep your shoe dust-free and neatly segregated, the best shoe storage boxes available in the market can help. These shoeboxes create more space in your room, and with the transparent door option, you can have easy accessibility to your shoes.

The stackable shoe boxes are made of various materials, including plastic, cardboard, or wood. They are also well-ventilated to keep away the foul smell. If you are looking for durable shoe storage boxes, read on to find the best options to pick from.

11 Best Shoe Storage Boxes

1. Best Clear Stackable Design: Seseno 12 Pack Shoe Storage Boxes

Keep your shoes neatly organized and dust-free with the help of these stackable shoe box storage bins. Seseno offers a clear stackable design to maximize your space. You can organize your shoes by either stacking them or by putting them side-by-side to find them easily. These plastic shoe storage boxes are suitable for closets and help increase your closet size to fit in more shoes.

You can use these storage boxes in bedrooms, bathroom, playroom, garages, and offices to make ample space for other essential things. This durable box is designed with rear ventilation holes for odor prevention and air circulation. It is available as a 12-pack set with front openings for convenient usage.


2. Best Durable: Life Story Closet Storage Box

With its transparency and high-quality durability, the clear storage container is suitable for storing shoes and is easy to identify. This storage box from Life Story can protect your expensive shoes or other personal items from dust and damage. You can even store clothes or others items that take up most space in the closet. This storage box comes in two ten packs for a total of twenty boxes. The high-quality design will help protect your items from moisture so they can last longer.


3. Best Stable: Aoteng Star Storage Shoes Box

The simple interlocking device makes the storage shoe box special to connect each box for easy carrying. The Aoteng Star storage boxes are reinforced for extra stability and have a larger capacity for all sports shoes. This pack of six boxes is stackable for easy organization and keeps your closet neat and clean.

The flip is transparent for easy identification. The six-pack organizer is made up of strong and sturdy material that is easily washable. It is more convenient to use as the opening adopts a magnet adsorption design.


4. Best Multipurpose: Wall Qmer Shoes Box

The shoe box is made of surface waterproof cardboard paper and is multi-purpose to store socks, underwear, books, and toys. The 12-box pack from Wall Qmer comes with DIY labels on which you can write your family members’ names or allot each box accordingly. These cardboard shoe storage boxes have double-sided tape to prevent them from falling and have no residue when peeled off.

With their strong bearing capacity and durability, you can stack several boxes to save space. The ventilation and anti-mildew design keep them clean, odorless and help prevent moldy shoes.


5. Best Convenient-To-Use: mDesign Storage Organizer

The modern holder has a reinforced front tab with hook and loop closure, making it convenient to use. This eight-piece organizer from mDesign has a beautiful fabric exterior with a textured print to keep your shoe free from dust and debris. Designed to be stackable and easy to access, the lid is hinged in two locations to allow your shoes to slide out while the box is still stacked. The functional and versatile organizer can hold heels, flats, blankets, sweaters, and more. It is easy to care for with a clean damp cloth.


6. Best Ventilated: Yitahome XL Shoe Storage Box

The set has 12 shoe storage organizers that are multifunctional and provide additional storage to keep your shoes neat. It is equipped with a clear door to make it easy to find the shoe you want. The ventilation design facilitates air circulation in the item to ensure there is no peculiar smell. With its multifunctional application, you can store cosmetics, clothing, electronics, and more. Constructed of ABS material, it is waterproof, easy to clean, and is environmentally friendly.


7. Best Odor-Prevention: Waytrim Storage Shoe Box

The eight-pack oversized storage box is an ideal way to prevent messy shoe storage space. It has ventilation holes that allow air circulation and odor prevention. The boxes are strong, durable, washable, and you can stack multiple units to maximize storage. The black translucent shoe box protects your privacy, and the black material prevents the shoe from exposure to sunlight. Its management space makes it ideal for organizing closets and living areas. The boxes are made of soft plastic, and the frame is made of hard plastic, making it durable.


8. Best Elegant: Sogobox Clear Acrylic Shoe Box

The two-piece set could be a perfect elegant addition to your coat closet, bedroom, etc. The Sogobox shoe box is made of sturdy acrylic and aluminum alloy and has a simple interlocking design. It is also convenient for the shoe box to be freely superimposed. This beautiful shoe display case is built from an upgraded magnet that makes it easier to take out and put in collectibles. The set vents in the shoe box helps prevent a peculiar smell.


9. Best High-Quality PP Plastic: Starogegc Magnetic Drop Front Shoe Storage Box

Facing the messy shoe storage space, this six-pack stackable shoe box from Starogegc not only stores shoes but also books, toys, clothes, etc. The shoe box can be placed under the bed, near the door, bathroom, and kitchen. These boxes are made of high-quality PP plastic, hence safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. The hard plastic board will keep the box in shape, preventing deformation and making it long-lasting.


10. Best Stackable Design: SupBro Storage Shoes Box

The easy access storage shoe box has a stackable design and is suitable for organizing shoes and saving space. Supbro shoe boxes have a crystal clear plastic front door to notice the shoes easily. The door has magnet sanctions that ensure tightness, and the ultraviolet-proof material will protect your leather or canvas shoes. It is firm enough to carry a 100kg maximum load, and the material is durable and easily washable.


11. Best For Shoe Display: Eayo Shoe Storage Box

The elegant clear cube organizer allows your shoes to be on display. This shoe storage box from Eayo has a side-open front door with detachable crown decoration, non-slippery grooves at the bottom and can be stacked one-by-one firmly. It can be easily assembled using instructions and without any help. With its easy organization and storage, you can keep your wardrobe or closet neat.


How To Choose The Right Shoe Storage Box?

Here are some points you should consider before buying a shoe storage box.

  1. Space-saving: Storage boxes for shoes should be designed in a way that they can be stacked easily, leaving the maximum surface area in your room.
  2. Design: Look for transparent designs as they allow easy accessibility to the shoe and also reduce your search.
  3. Size: Buy an organizer that is spacious enough to keep the biggest shoe. Small organizers have their limitations.
  4. Ventilation: Shoe boxes that are well ventilated will keep the shoe odor-free. Always dry your shoes before keeping them in the box.
  5. Material: Shoe boxes come in wood, plastic, or fabric materials. While wood is most durable, you can narrow down your selection depending on your choice and requirement.

Rummaging through the clutter to look for your shoe can be a real task. To save you from this pain, shoe storage boxes could be the best bet. Whether you have two pairs of shoes or a large collection, these organizers can save your space and protect your shoes. To enjoy the benefits of these organizers, browse our above list of the best shoe storage boxes.

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