11 Best Shoes For Swing Dancing To Get Those Perfect Moves In 2022


The best shoes for swing dancing offer stability, balance, comfort, making you confident of the bold steps, slides, and turns. Their flat sole and ample cushioning for your feet, which absorbs pressure protect your feet. They allow you to focus all your energy on the moves. In addition to this, these shoes are so fashionable, appealing, and do not hurt anyone. Here is the list of shoes for swing dancing that you can use the next time you hit the dance floor.

11 Best Shoes For Swing dancing

1. Best Versatile: BeiBestCoat Women Lace-up Leather Dancing Shoes

BeiBestCoat’s chunky heel dance shoes are made of high-quality leather and environmentally friendly materials. The shoe’s distinctive contours ease pressure on the feet. These shoes are appropriate for all types of dance, including Salsa, Latin, ballroom, and Tango. The footwear is lightweight, sturdy, and waterproof, with a comfortable insole. The exquisite craftsmanship gone into crafting the shoes makes these dancing shoes comfortable, versatile, and a joy to wear.


2. Best Anti-Slip: Cheapdancing Jazz Dancing Shoes

Cheapdancing’s dance boots are specially made for jazz, gymnastics, rumba, and ballroom dancing. These are made with a combination of leather and fabric and feature an anti-slip rubber sole. The soft split rubber outsoles allow for fast turns and twists. With flat heels and a velvet exterior, this pair of shoes is light on the feet. It also offers excellent foot bounce and pressure relief. Ventilate the upper leather material of the shoe for a day or two before wearing it.


3. Best Unisex: Coolkuskates IIGDance Shoes

These black, low heel slip-on shoes are made of 100% pure leather and fabric and ideal for men and women. They have synthetic soles that are environmentally friendly. The 0.5in heel is ideal for gymnastics and jazz. The lightweight design and the soft split rubber outsole enhance swift turns.


4. Best Lighweight: NLeahershoe Lace-up Dancing Latin Shoes

The NLeahershoe Latin dancing shoes, made of skin-friendly and flexible leather, are a good buy if you’re looking for men’s dancing shoes. These shoes are ideal for salsa, tango, ballroom, and Viennese waltz. Each pair of shoes is made from environmentally sustainable materials and adheres to human factors engineer standards. The adjustable shoes increase leg length while enhancing your elegance and style. They float effortlessly around the dance floor because they are lightweight and non-slip. The design includes holes for breathability.


5. Best Cushioned Insole: Joocare Women’s Jazz Dance Shoes

Joocare Women’s Dancing shoes are appropriate for jazz, tango, cha-cha, swing, modern, jive, hip hop, salsa, ballroom, and sports dancing. These foldable shoes, made of a suede and mesh vamp with canvas split soles, easily slip on and offer non-slip balance because of the rubber paddings. The breathable mesh keeps the feet and shoes odor-free, and the elastic drawstring ensures a secure fit. They’re light and soft, and the inner lining is made of moisture-wicking brushed material and a cushioned insole.


6. Best Stylish: TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Dance Shoes

TTdancewear offers beautiful rhinestone dancing shoes for bachata, salsa, ballroom, and other dance styles. The lightweight shoes, made of black satin and crystal AB Rhinestone, have a suede sole and offer stability. A soft satin lining provides a gentle fit and extra padded footbed. The satin suede outsole provides maximum flexibility and spins beautifully on wooden floors. For added comfort, the shoes have a moisture-wicking cotton lining and a shock-absorbing sponge insole. They have a 2.5-inch low heel with an elastic for proper grip and easy wear.


7. Best Flexibility: Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

Whether you are a professional or amateur dancer, Akanu women’s dancing shoes are suitable for all kinds of ballroom dancing, such as Viennese waltz, quickstep, salsa, and tango. The shoe has a 2.5-inch heel and is made of satin material. It has an adjustable buckle at the ankle and offers stability and comfort during dancing. Light on the feet and flexible, they come with forefoot straps and chiffon lining for support.


8. Best For Comfort: Jig Foo Women’s Pumps Dance Shoes

The Jig Foo women’s dance shoes are slip-on pumps made of synthetic artificial leather. It has a suede sole and a 1.6-inch heel for maximum flexibility and comfort. These shoes are comfortable and light on the feet, making them an ideal choice for new dancers. It improves your balance and stability while being extremely light on your feet. The shoes are long-lasting and flexible and designed with elastic straps for a secure fit.

A metal arch support keeps the feet in place, avoiding slipping and blisters. These pumps aid in the quick and graceful execution of all twists and turns. The one-of-a-kind design allows you to use it for almost every kind of dance.


9. Best For Cha-Cha: Jig Foo Women’s Cha Cha Pumps Dance Shoes

Jig Foo’s dancing shoes are primarily built as cha-cha pumps. The pair of shoes includes a 1.6-inch Cuban heel and a metal shank that runs from the heel to the forefoot, offering maximum support and comfort. It has a 2.5mm suede sole and a quick-release clip-and-hook buckle. The shoe has a durable EVA insole that keeps your feet pain-free and comfortable. These pumps are ideal for ballroom dancing and other western dance forms.


10. Best For Professional Dancers: Dress First Flats Dance Shoes

Dress First’s authentic leather dance shoes are flat shoes that provide maximum comfort and control. These low-heel pumps are designed with T-straps, an outer leather cover, and suede outsoles. The shoe has a soft, breathable lining on the inside, and the attached ankle strap with a pin buckle holds the shoe in place. The satin insoles are smooth and magnificent.

The lightweight footwear is flexible, and the sparkling glitters add to its appeal. Professional dancers use these shoes for salsa, Latin, tango, Viennese waltz, swing, foxtrot, quickstep, cha-cha, rumba, disco, and samba.


11. Best For Practice Sessions: Bulunka Low Heel Ballroom Dance Shoes

These low heel Bulunka dancing shoes are perfect for salsa, ballroom, and Latin dancing. With a 1.5-inch heel, they are ideal for practice sessions. A wide heel provides stability and comfort. The suede sole is attached with a high elastic latex midsole, while the insole is sweat-absorbent and made of soft, breathable lining material.


How To Choose The Right Shoes For Swing Dancing?

Swing dancing can be strenuous on the feet, and therefore you must choose the shoe carefully. Consider the following factors when choosing one.

  1. Perfect fit: A pair of shoes with the perfect fit would provide you with a comfortable grip and prevent slipping. It can offer better balance and control. It will also keep your feet protected from blisters and discomfort.
  2. Soles: Swing shoes usually have two types of soles: leather-suede and rubber. Rubber soles are sticky and provide better traction on the ground, while leather soles allow you to spin and slide more easily. Rubber soles are best for fast dancing since they allow you to move quickly. The grip allows you to slow down and practice your spins. Leather suede soles are ideal for smooth swing dances because they enable you to glide along the floor quickly and comfortably.
  3. Comfort: When purchasing shoes, comfort is the most significant factor to consider. The insoles of a swing dance shoe should be completely padded, and the footbed should be cushioned with a soft cushioned lining. It should also absorb shock and moisture and relieve pressure on the feet.
  4. Heel height: Although this is a personal preference, a high heel can cause discomfort when dancing for long periods. It can be harmful to the ligaments and muscles in the long term. Flats or a small heel can be comfortable, especially for practice sessions. Most dance forms require specific heel heights.
  5. Lightweight: Lightweight swing shoes help your feet move like feathers. Heavy shoes with extra cushioning can make the feet heavy and difficult to move.
  6. Adequate support: The shoes should provide adequate support to protect the feet from sprains, aches, and pains. A metal shank arch supports the knees and protects them from injury. Shoes with laces, straps, and a cushioned footbed provide stability, grip, and support.

Shoes are unquestionably crucial in swing dancing because they aid in a smooth movement. A wrong shoe can cause pain and discomfort and restrict your moves. This can lead to excruciating pain and injuries. Not only will a good pair of shoes cover your legs and feet, but also bring grace and ease to your dancing steps. Therefore, select the best shoes for swing dancing.

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