11 Best Silicone Stretch Lids To Buy In 2022


Silicone stretch lids are stretchable, reusable, and can cover utensils of all sizes and shapes. We have compiled a list of the best silicone stretch lids for your convenience. They are economical, eco-friendly, and good alternatives to aluminum foil and plastic wraps. These lids are useful to cover bowls, plates, coffee mugs, pots, juice bottles, glass jars, food cans, and half-cut vegetables and fruits such as jackfruit, pumpkins, or melons. They are made from safe, food-grade silicone material. These lids help extend food’s shelf life and freshness, thereby curbing food wastage and spoiling. They are suitable for metal, glass, plastic, and ceramic utensils. So, read on to find stretch lids that suit your needs.

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11 Best Silicone Stretch Lids

1. Best Non-Toxic: Daily Kisn Silicone Stretch Lids

Daily Kisn Silicone Stretch Lids


Storing foods in a cup, jar, glassware, bowl, and even dish plate is made convenient with the Daisy Kisn silicone stretch lids. These durable lids are available in six sizes to ensure they fit your utensils well. The leak-proof and tear-resistant design makes food preservation easy, and you can store them in your fridge and freezer as well. Since they’re stretchable and durable, they will last you quite a long time.


  • Made of 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Withstand hot and cold temperatures
  • Come with handy taps
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • May take time to dry after being washed
  • May be hard to fit if the utensil is wet

2. Best Versatile: Eco Lifestyle Stretchable Silicone Lids

Eco Lifestyle Stretchable Silicone Lids


The set of 12 silicone lids contains lids of six different sizes and suits most container shapes. They stick quickly with their ability to stretch around the mouth of the container, creating an airtight cover. The leakproof lids keep the leftovers fresh for a prolonged time. These circular lids fit round, oval, square, or any odd-shaped containers.


  • Tags offer a comfortable grip and pull
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free silicone lids
  • Dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe
  • Reusable products that save money and minimize waste
  • Resistant to heat, cold, and tear
  • Safe to put in the refrigerator and freezer


  • May sit on the rim of the bowl
  • May feel unsymmetric with plastic bowls

3. Best For Small Containers: Longzon Silicone Stretch Lids, 12 Pack

Longzon Silicone Stretch Lids, 12 Pack


The Longzon silicone stretch lids are round and measure 2.6 inches in diameter to fit small containers. They are available in colors pink, blue, yellow, and white. You may use them for small cups, bowls, cans, glasses, pop cans, soda cans, fruits, and mason jars.


  • Durable
  • Do not tear or warp
  • Easy to stretch and use
  • Free from BPA, lead, plastic, and phthalates
  • Independently lab-tested for safety


  • Fits well only with exact matching bowls
  • Material might seem thin

4. Best Microwave-Safe: True Nature Silicone Stretch Food Covers 12-Pack

True Nature Silicone Stretch Food Covers 12-Pack


Made of naturally occurring elements, such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon (derived from sand), these silicone food covers from True Nature are suitable to cover small, medium, and large food containers. It is approved by FDA (US), and LFGB (EU) approved platinum grade silicone with no fillers.


  • Microwave-safe and oven-safe
  • Withstands temperatures up to 445°F
  • Comes in 12 square and circle shapes
  • Sizes range from 2.5 inches to 8 inches in diameter
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • May rip off if it doesn’t match the bowl size
  • May face issue with square lids

5. Best Leakproof: Orblue Silicone Stretch Lids, 6-Pack Small, 2.6 Inches (stretches to 3.5 inches)

Orblue Silicone Stretch Lids, 6-Pack Small, 2.6 Inches (stretches to 3.5 inches)


Give a new twist to the old storage container tops with Orblue silicone stretch lids. Available in a pack of six, they are 2.6 inches in size and can be used on cups, small bowls, and glasses. For best results, make sure that both the lid and container are dry before use.


  • Stretches up to 3.5in
  • Small and handy
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40°F and 450°F
  • Microwave-safe and freezer-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe and leakproof


  • May not work effectively for slim containers
  • May not stretch well for certain container shapes

6. Best Premium Design: Basic Haus Microwave Cover Silicone Lids

Basic Haus Microwave Cover Silicone Lids


Made with BPA-free and FDA-approved silicone, these Basic Haus covers give a premium look to the containers. The dark gray grippy lids can be used for covering a wide range of pots, pans, and skillets. You can use them for dishes on the stove, in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, or the freezer.


  • Thick and durable
  • Little tabs on the side make it easy to peel and open
  • Adhesive hooks for easy hanging on the kitchen wall or storing inside the cabinet
  • Available in five sizes of 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches
  • Fits rimmed containers of stainless steel, plastic, metal, Pyrex, ceramic, and melamine


  • May attract moisture when placed on greasy dishes
  • Might get quite hot

7. Best For Rectangular Containers: Longzon 12pcs Silicone Stretch Lids Rectangular

Longzon 12pcs Silicone Stretch Lids Rectangular


Longzon silicone stretch lids are suitable for rectangular containers and come in six different sizes. There are 12 pieces available in two colors for covering bowls, dishes, jars, cans, and containers of various sizes. You should wait until the container reaches room temperature or wipe it dry before using the lid.


  • Stretches to almost an inch beyond the original size
  • Extra-thick, durable silicone material
  • Safe for use on baby products
  • Dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe
  • Waterproof and stackable
  • Comes with a three-year warranty


  • May not sit well with curvy edges
  • May not be firm with wet rim bowls

8. Best Long-Lasting: Yazjiwan Silicone Stretch Lids

Yazjiwan Silicone Stretch Lids


The silicone stretch lids are extra thick and can be used repeatedly. The six-pack contains covers of different sizes, varying from 2.6in to 8.2in to fit small to large containers. They have enough elasticity to stretch for a secure fit.


  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly silicone material
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Airtight seal prevents spills
  • Free from lead, phthalates, plastic, and BPA
  • Can be used on round and square containers


  • May blow off on one side of the bowl
  • Sits well only on dry bowl rim

9. Best Stretchable: Darunaxy Silicone Stretch Lids, 6 pcs Assorted Color

Darunaxy Silicone Stretch Lids, 6 pcs Assorted Color


The Darunaxy reusable silicone bowl covers are available in a set of six assorted colors and in one size. They are 6.5 inches in diameter and could be stretched up to 7.5 inches. They are made of non-toxic, BPA-free, and food-grade silicone that is safe to use.


  • Anti-skid inner ring with ideal adsorption performance
  • Leakproof and keeps the food fresh
  • Can withstand temperatures between 40°F and 400°F
  • Comes with one silicone dishwashing brush and one collapsible kitchen funnel
  • Easy to clean


  • May feel a little hard to put on
  • May rip if used on bowls with semi-sharp or sharp edges

10. Best Durable: Mavgv Silicone Stretch Lids

Mavgv Silicone Stretch Lids


These round lids for fresh food and leftovers are flexible and durable, preventing the usage of disposable plastic wraps. They perfectly seal plastic, metal, or glass containers and prevent leakage. The 12-piece set comes in two colors and six different sizes to fit containers of all sizes and shapes.


  • Resistant to temperatures between -30°C and 230°C
  • Transparent lids to organize fruits or vegetables easily
  • Fits square, round, and irregular shape containers
  • Lids are round and smooth
  • Airtight seal keeps food fresh
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean


  • Grip on the edge may not be adequate
  • May not stretch more than an inch

11. Best Odor-Free: DB Degbit Silicone Stretch Lids

DB Degbit Silicone Stretch Lids

Degbit stretchy reusable lids come in six sizes: 2.6in, 3.8in, 4.4in, 5.5in, 6.2in, and 8in. They are compatible with cups, pots, mason jars, dog or cat food cans, or half-cut fruits or vegetables. The leak-proof design prevents spilling from a container, no matter what the shape.


  • Fits on rectangular, squared, and round containers
  • Free from BPA, phthalates, plastic, and lead
  • Does not give any chemical odor and is safe to use for baby products, too
  • Available in blue and clear colors
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Does not warp


  • May not offer a great grip
  • Tabs might break while adjusting

How To Choose The Right Silicone Stretch Lids?

Consider these aspects when choosing silicone stretch lids.

  • Shape: Most stretch covers are round lids that can fit any shape. They are also available in rectangular or square shapes, but they are less flexible compared to their round counterparts.
  • Size: Silicone stretch lids range in size and are suitable for containers of various sizes. Each lid can also stretch up to three times its original size. Some sets contain lids of a particular size, while some have assorted sizes.
  • Color: Most of the reusable lids are clear and see-through. Others come in light blue, pink, or green colors.
  • Tags: Look for silicone lids with tags or tabs that help in adjusting them to form a proper seal.
  • Ease of cleaning: They should be non-porous, and food should not stick to the lid, which makes them easy to clean, and almost always dishwasher-safe.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Sakshi John is a highly experienced writer who is a household and kitchenware product enthusiast. She directs this interest into researching related products and has thus compiled this list of the best silicone stretch lids based on consumer feedback. In addition, she has analyzed multiple aspects of the products, such as size, durability, and cost, to help you find the right pick according to your requirements and budget.

Silicone stretch lids are therefore highly multifunctional as they can fit any shape or size of utensils. The best silicone stretch lids are affordable and widely available in the market. However, remember that you must still check out the shape carefully before buying it, to ensure that the product can suffice all your expectations from it. And likewise, the size of the lid should also be kept into consideration. Lastly, ensure that the product is easy to clean, use, and maintain.

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