17 Best Skipping Ropes In India In 2024

An exercise routine can be hectic and difficult to customize to meet all your requirements. Most exercise tools are specific to particular training, fitness, and body parts. A skipping rope is a fun tool that facilitates a whole body workout with less impact on the joints and muscles. It improves cardiovascular health, mental health, stamina, endurance, and strength. You can also use a jumping rope for weight loss and figure toning.

Robert Savin, a fitness coach, fat loss expert, and muscle hypertrophy specialist, says, “A skipping rope is a great addition to your workout routine. It can provide you with several benefits, including improving your cardiovascular health, endurance, balance, footwork, and agility, and also relieving stress. Moreover, you can use it to perform a wide range of workouts anytime and anywhere.”

We have compiled a list of the best skipping ropes in India to help you get in shape.

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17 Best Skipping Ropes

1. Aurion Skipping Rope

Aurion skipping rope is suitable for men and women. This rope has lightweight handles that help prevent arm fatigue. It facilitates smooth and fast turns and provides a comfortable grip. The premium-quality jump rope is durable and fits all types of sports training. It helps burn calories, improves flexibility, and develops core strength.

2. Vector X Skipping Rope

Made of strong nylon material, this freestyle rope has sturdy handles that are two-tone contoured and non-slip. You can adjust the length of the rope to suit your height. Vector X’s skipping rope is easy to store and helps strengthen your core muscles. It does not break easily from tension.

3. Strauss Skipping Rope

The three-meter-long solid PVC speed jump rope is made of strong plastic and has slim handles. It provides a good grip, is lightweight, and comfortable to carry. The smooth surface of the rope does not cause injuries. You can use this rope to enhance skill and endurance in children. It is sturdy, durable, and is suitable for fat burning and muscle toning.

4. Boldfit Skipping Rope

Boldfit skipping rope is suitable for losing weight and toning the limbs. It is made of durable, braided steel, and the wire rope is coated with PVC. The rope has a smooth exterior that does not crack or break easily. The handles are made of anti-slip foam and offer maximum comfort. It is tangle-free and safe for kids. This fitness rope helps promote optimal fat burn, enhance energy, and boost cardio endurance. It increases calorie consumption and improves muscle tension. The skipping rope is 2.8-meter-long and adjustable.

5. Lordz Adjustable Skipping Ropes

The tangle-free skipping rope from Lordz is adjustable and designed with ball bearings for rapid speed and smooth rotations. It has memory foam anti-slip handles and is ideal for aerobics, speed training, fitness gym, and endurance workouts. The durable rope does not twist or bend and the anti-dust ball bearings offer a stable workout session with easy 360° rotation. It protects the upper body and arms from jerks and strains and is ideal for boxing, MMA, and cross-training.

6. Cockatoo Skipping Rope

Cockatoo’s jump rope helps increase stamina and body strength. The skipping rope is suitable for cardiovascular exercise and burns calories equivalent to cycling or jogging. It comes in a blister cord packing and does not cause cuts and nicks.

7. Gocart With G Logo Skipping Rope

The premium-quality rope is lightweight and adjustable. It is suitable for all ages and genders. The ergonomic handles are coated with soft EVA foam, offering a comfortable and firm grip. A ball-bearing system allows the rope to move fast and smoothly without winding or twisting. The rope provides better balance and agility, increased flexibility, speed, and coordination, burns calories, and develops cardiovascular health and muscle power.

8. Henco Jumping Skipping Rope

The three-meter-long Henko jump rope is helpful for muscle toning, cardio, and endurance. You can adjust the length according to your requirement. The solid nylon PVC rope comes with foam grip handles that help prevent slipping and is lightweight. The rope does not get affected by the weather and remains flexible and smooth all year round.

9. Vifitkit Jump Rope

The jump rope from Vifitkit facilitates low-noise rotations. It is fast, smooth, lightweight, and portable. The premium-quality rope does not twist or wind during jumps, protecting you from accidents and injuries. The anti-tangle rope is 2.7-meter-long and is adjustable with a Velcro band. It has a digital counting facility and comes with a free carry bag, making it easy to carry and store. This skipping rope helps improve your stamina, heart health, and strength.

10. Abb Initio Skipping Rope

Easily adjustable, the Abb Initio jumping rope is made of solid PVC plastic and is 2.7-meter-long. The slim handles provide a comfortable grip. It helps promote endurance and skill and is suitable for weight loss and muscle toning. The rope has a smooth surface and is comfortable to carry.

11. Spike Speed Skipping Jump Rope

The Spike speed skipping rope is ideal for weight loss, fat loss, and strength. It offers high speed, and you can achieve the maximum number of rotations per second. You can use the rope for slow, leisure skipping, or high-endurance double-under or triple-under training. It is compact and lightweight, making it portable and easy to store.

The adjustable wire cable helps prevent bending or tangling. This high-quality jump rope with easy-grip handles is ideal for boxing, bodybuilding, MMA training, cardio exercises, and personal fitness training.

12. GRS Super_2 Skipping Rope

Suitable for everyone, this skipping rope is ideal for sports practice and gym workouts. The speed jump rope helps burn calories, increases heart rate, tone muscles, and maximize limb coordination. You can adjust the rope’s length to suit your needs. This rope is made of lightweight plastic and enables optimal speed. It has comfortable handles and a sleek structure.

13. Nictor Fitness Jumping Skipping Rope

Nictor adjustable skipping rope is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts and is appropriate for all ages. It is durable and made from strong PVC cable. This lightweight rope enables cardiovascular exercise, muscle toning, helps burn calories, promotes slimming, improves flexibility, and develops core strength.

14. Burnlab Active Speed Skipping Rope

Burnlab active speed skipping rope is ideal for CrossFit, HIIT cardio, and double unders. It is crafted with a 360° swivel system using ball bearings that optimizes speed. These ropes are made of steel wires coated with plastic and are tangle-free. Aluminum, anti-slip handles keep the rope perpendicular to the handles. The rope is thin for low air resistance and helps build stamina, lose weight, and stay in shape.

15. Sportif Skipping Rope

With adjustable length, Sportif’s rope can be used by adults and children. It has lightweight handles that help reduce arm fatigue, and this rope promotes weight loss, improves flexibility, and develops core strength. The foam handles absorb sweat and offer a good grip. The rope turns smooth and fast, ideal for cross-fit and speed sports.

16. Tempest Blue Home Exercise Skipping Rope

Tempest jump rope offers weight loss benefits along with muscle toning and endurance building. The rope is 2.9-meter-long and weighs 100g. It is made of premium-quality cable and is long-lasting. The lightweight rope is ideal for athletes and fitness fanatics. It comes packed in a compact bottle and is easy to store and carry. The rope helps with cardio training and burning calories.

17. Aerolooks Mind Reader Jumping Rope

The freestyle jump rope by Aerolooks is suitable for women, men, and children and is ideal for gym or sports training. This rope is made of durable nylon material and has two-tone contoured, non-slip handles. The length is adjustable, and it is compact and portable. This rope is suitable for boxing, CrossFit, HIIT, and low-impact training, and helps burn excess fat.

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Skipping Rope?

Here are some points to consider while buying a skipping rope.

1. Surface: Jump ropes work indoors, but some will wear out fast if used outdoors on hard surfaces, such as concrete. Durable outdoor ropes are made of PVC cord or thick shatter-proof beads. If you are looking for a jump rope primarily for the gym, look for one with a thicker PVC cord, comfortable handles, and a size adjustment system.

2. Speed jumping: If you are looking for speed jumping for CrossFit training, the double-under speed ropes are extremely fast. However, these do not allow crossing moves and are not recommended for beginners.

3. Length: Pick a rope that is three feet taller than the user. Most skipping ropes are adjustable and can be used by people of different heights.

4. Grip: Foam grips or contoured grips are comfortable for the arms and the wrists. They reduce arm fatigue and allow longer workouts.

5. Ball bearings: Ball bearings in a skipping rope allow smooth and comfortable 360° rotations. They also enable the rope to be held perpendicular to the handle. These factors offer maximum comfort and untangled uninterrupted skipping experience.

6. Durability: A metal-wired cord with a PVC cover makes a skipping rope sturdy. A plastic rope may lose elasticity with time, while the strands of cotton ropes may wear out.

7. Kids’ ropes: Kids’ jump ropes can be colorful, durable, and strong. They should be tangle-free to protect the child from injuries and accidents.

Skipping is a fun activity that promotes exercise and helps burn extra calories. When choosing the best skipping rope, consider where you will be using it, i.e., outdoors or indoors or on smooth or rough surfaces, and choose one accordingly. Further, invest in a durable and robust skipping rope that will last you a good number of years. Also, consider buying a lightweight skipping rope with non-slip handles and sufficient length according to your height. Skipping ropes with memory foam handles are also a good choice.

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