15 Best Slacklines In 2021


Slacklining is a great core and balancing activity. It hones agility skills, stamina, and balance, forcing the mind and the body to work together as you walk on the line. The best slacklines allow you to enhance your skills. But your skill level determines what type of slacklines are the best for you. If you are a beginner, you may start with wide lines that are not very long. As you advance and get better, you can go for those with greater length and flexibility.

To make your task of buying slacklines a little less daunting, we bring a list of the best slacklines that you can purchase online.

15 Best Slacklines

1. Flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line

Flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line

The Flybold slackline kit is a complete package for beginners. It includes the main slackline, training lines, ratchets for mainlines, ratchets for training lines, ratchet protectors, arm trainer, tree protectors, instructional manual, and a carry bag. The mainline is 57ft and has a 5T break load. The training line is well-built so that the beginner can improve balance before going for the main game.

The arm trainer corrects your arm position, tree protectors protect the trees and line from abrasion, and ratchet protection safeguards your feet. This slackline kit is a good option for backyard family fun and can also be used by pro athletes who want to improve strength and balance.

2. Trailblaze Complete Slackline Kit with Training Line

Trailblaze Complete Slackline Kit with Training Line

The Trailblaze slackline kit is another good option containing all the essential gear you require for slacklining. It comes with a high-quality mainline, training line, ratchet, ratchet loop, tree protector, instruction sheet, and robust drawstring carry bag. This slackline is suitable for both kids and adults.

Made from highest-grade materials, it can withstand around 300lb of weight. It is easy to set up, and the rope provides a complete body workout, improves core strength and posture. The set comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty.

3. Macaco & Firetoys Slackline Complete Set 52’x 2″ (16 Metre) and Booklet

Macaco Firetoys Slackline Complete Set 52x 2 (16 Metre) and Booklet

This is the latest version of the Macoco and Firetoys slackline, designed and tested for safety in the UK. It guarantees safe slacklining at home with its advanced features and quality components. It is easy to set up and comes with an instruction book with detailed images for clarity. Both beginner and advanced liners can use it, although it has limited slacklining capabilities.

The kit includes slack specific webbing, ratchet with ergonomic contoured grip and loop, pair of tree protectors, cotton drawstring bag, and instruction booklet. The slackline is made of a breaking load of three metric tons and is one of the lightest lines. It is easily foldable and portable, and ideal for use at camps, local parks, and beaches.

4. Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line

Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line

The Slackers 50-feet slackline classic set is an ideal option for beginner and works for impromptu slacking sessions. It has a minimalistic setup, made of good quality webbing. The set comes with a mainline with two-inch-wide webbing, a ratchet rig each for the mainline and training line, a training line with one-inch wide webbing, and a carry bag.

The slackline can withstand a weight of 300lb, and it takes only ten minutes to set up. You can use it to hone your balancing skills, and it helps improve core strength and balance. Tree protectors and line protectors should be bought separately, and it does not include an instruction booklet.

5. ZenMonkey Slacklines Kit with Tree Protectors

ZenMonkey Slacklines Kit with Tree Protectors

The ZenMonkey Slacklines provide you with all the gear you need for training. It can be easily set up in minutes and can be used by children and adults to enhance their balancing skills. The kit contains a mainline and a ratchet for it, tree protectors, instruction booklet, and cloth carry bag. The tree protectors are five feet long and feature built-in fasteners for quick and easy setup.

Ratchet straps are over eight feet long to fit around wider trees. The multi-weave webbing is soft on the feet and gives the right amount of stretch. The complete setup helps you improve your form and coordination for yoga, rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and other core-intensive sports.

6. Ten Toes by Westridge Slackline Kit with 50-ft 2-inch Slackline

Ten Toes by Westridge Slackline Kit with 50-ft 2-inch Slackline

Ten Toes by Westridge creates the perfect slacklines for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to pick up a new skill or an advanced liner seeking mastery, this could be a great choice. The kit includes a training line, mainline that can fit between two trees up to a length of 50ft, and two-inch webbing.

The training lines make this suitable for beginners and advanced liners seeking refinement and mastery. It features a practically constructed quick-release ratchet that can be set loose for more bounce or tightened for increased stability. The two-inch webbing helps improve balancing skills and builds core strength.

7. Goodtimes Slacklines Beginner Slackline

Goodtimes Slacklines Beginner Slackline

Are you planning to gift your kids a slackline kit? Then try the Goodtimes Beginner Slackline that serves users of all ages. It is easy to set up when you follow the one-page instruction guide that comes with pictures. The two slacklines are about 48ft and two inches wide. This is uniquely designed for beginner and intermediate liners. The trampoline style webbing promotes stability and creates a spring-like action. It also has a safety ratchet with added durability.

8. Exposed Gear Slackline Kit with Tree Protectors and Ratchet Cover

Exposed Gear Slackline Kit with Tree Protectors and Ratchet Cover

The Exposed Gear slacklines are made of high-grade materials that are safe and reliable. The slackline is 60ft long, including two eight feet ratchet loops and a training line of the same length. It can be wrapped around wide trees, and the ratchet protector protects your feet from injuries. The line can hold over 300lb, and the multi-weave webbing makes it extra sturdy.

This is suitable for both beginners and experts. It can be used for backyard fun by kids, and for practice by athletes. The set comes with an instruction guide that is easy to follow, so you can set up this great line in no time.

9. Macaco Slackline

Macaco Slackline

The Macaco slackline can be used by a beginner and a professional, no matter the gender or age. You can use it to perform any slacklining trick, as it has a breaking load of three metric tons. It features durable jungle design prints with a 16m slack specific webbing, compact ratchet with an ergonomic grip, and a loop.

You will also get tree protectors, an instruction booklet, and a cotton drawstring bag.  The wide line of 50mm makes the slackline suitable for learning. It is lightweight to easily carry it in your backpack when you travel. The slackline’s green color scheme offers a bit of challenge with some aerial jumps, as it is difficult to spot over grass.

10. Bring Your Adventure (BYA) Sports Classic Slackline Set

Bring Your Adventure (BYA) Sports Classic Slackline Set

This could be one of the best slacklines for kids above five years and suitable for beginner and intermediate skill levels. The two-inch-wide line and thicker weave create a stable surface for learning to slackline. It also allows performing creative maneuvers during core strengthening exercises, yoga, and sports training for improved coordination and balance.

The Classic kit is durable, easy to use, and simple to set up for the whole family to have fun outdoors. Install the line between two trees or sturdy anchor points with reinforced loops at either end and adjust it as needed with the help of the ratchet tensioner.

11. Get Out! Slackline Beginner Kit for Kids and Adults

Get Out! Slackline Beginner Kit for Kids and Adults

Whether you are a beginner or an expert slackliner, you may choose this kit that includes everything for slacklining. It comes with one 50ft x 2in slackline with ratchet, 50ft training line, 40in tree guards, and a drawstring carry bag. You can use them to improve your posture, core, leg strength, balancing skills, and concentration levels, too. The extra durable webbing can withstand the weight of 330lb. You can only use trees with a diameter of at least one foot, and for less wobble, choose trees that are closer together.

12. HopOn Slacklines Tree Protector Kit

HopOn Slacklines Tree Protector Kit

The HopOn Slacklines include a unique thick non-slip felt wrap to protect the tree bark and slackline from wear and tear. Velcro fastening at the end of the tree guard makes it easy to fasten and handle the slackline. It comes as a set of two slacklines measuring 40”, 51” or 63”, and 5.7” wide. It is easy to set up around any tree or anchor points and easily removed and rolled up for quick storage. For larger trees, several tree-wear pads can be joined together to extend the line. The kit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

13. Oumers Beginner Slackline Kit

Oumers Beginner Slackline Kit

The Oumers slackline kit comes with everything you need to start slacklining. It includes a mainline, training line, big ratchet for the mainlines, small ratchet for training line, ratchet cover, instructional manual, and carry bag. Made of 5T break load, it can hold a maximum weight of 300lb. The durable training line provides balance and support for beginners, two wide tree protectors protect trees and webbing from wear and tear, and ratchet cover protects webbing ratchet from rust. Follow the included instructions to easily set up and remove the slackline. The low-stretchable, static-style webbing is suitable for beginners and children.

14. Sunnyglade 50ft Slackline Kit with Training Line

Sunnyglade 50ft Slackline Kit with Training Line

You will get everything you need to hone and improve your balancing skills with this complete slackline kit. The Sunnyglade slackline set includes 50ft x 2in premium polyester slackline with ratchet, one-inch training line with ratchet, tree protectors, arm trainer, instructional manual, and a convenient carry bag. This is suitable for all skill levels and perfect for athletes, too. It can be a fun workout that you may try in your backyard, beach, or park. The simple step-by-step guide allows you to set up the line quickly in minutes.

15. Zen Maestro Slackline kit

Zen Maestro Slackline kit

The Zen Maestro slackline kit is a complete set containing 65ft polyester mainline, training line, high-grade ratchets, tree protectors, and non-woven fabric carry bag. It illustrates specifications in each component for better performance and protection while using. You may choose it as a gift for pro slackers, fitness gurus, family, or friends. The instruction manual gives a step-by-step guide to set up the line quickly. Its multi-weave webbing can withstand a maximum weight of 270lb and provides a great stretch. Ratchets are bigger and stronger for easy and safe tensioning. The set comes with a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee.

How To Choose The Right Slackline?

Consider the following features and factors to get the best slackline kit.

  • Safety: There is no taking away the risks of slacklining, even if you have the best slackline. However, there is some safety gear you can use, such as harnessing yourself to the line. Also, read through the specifications and reviews if the slacklines have undergone the quality tests. Beginners and young children can also wear a safety helmet, knee guards, and elbow guards.
  • Rigidity: It depends on your skill level. The harder the slackline, the easier to walk since it moves and sags less. A less rigid line is more flexible and moves more, making it suitable for professional liners.
  • Width: Beginner slacklines are two-inch wide and provide a wide base to understand the techniques and progress in slacklining. As your skill improves, you can opt for a one-inch line.
  • Maximum weight: Look for a kit that can support your weight. Most slacklines can withstand up to 300lb and are recommended as they serve both children and adults.
  • Items in the kit: Check if the package contains all the necessary accessories for slacklining. It should have mainlines, training lines, ratchets, arm trainers, tree protectors, and instruction guide.

No matter what type of slackline you choose, you need to have the patience to master the sport. It takes time and a lot of practice to walk over the line comfortably. Compare the features, read the reviews, and consider the above features to buy the best slackline to help you be a better liner.