11 Best Eye Sleep Masks For A Better Night's Sleep In 2022


Adequate sleep is essential for sound mental health. People often try several techniques, from using the best sleep masks to various remedies to get uninterrupted sleep. While most people still struggle to find sleep even in the comforts of their bed, some may find the solution for this problem by wearing a comfortable sleep mask. These tiny but handy eye masks have worked wonders ever since their origin. If you are suffering from migraine headaches, insomnia, or stress, a sleeping eye mask could be of great help to you.

Here, we discuss how a sleeping eye mask could help improve your sleep patterns and a list of our recommendations to help you buy an appropriate one.

Benefits Of Sleeping Masks

  • Scientists believe that darkness is good for sleep. It is an instinct for humans to associate darkness with sleep, and hence sleeping masks help us sleep better.
  • Believe it or not but eye masks help in preventing dry eyes. This is because it not only keeps out the light but also particles of dust that are blowing around in your bedroom.
  • Sleeping masks can be good for the health of your skin. The wrinkles left on your face from your pillow after a long night’s sleep can lead to the eventual formation of permanent wrinkles. Smooth and breathable sleep masks prevent the breakdown of collagen and are a good choice for skincare.
  • Eye masks are comfortable and soothing to wear. They not only make you fall off to sleep quicker but also help in lowering your stress levels. They are relaxing to wear and keep you far away from depression.

Can’t wait to invest in a good eye mask for sleeping? Check our list of the 11 best sleeping eye masks.

11 Best Sleeping Eye Mask

1. Best Lightweight: Mzoo Light Blocking Sleep Mask

Mzoo Light Blocking Sleep Mask

This eye sleep mask by Mzoo is designed using an ultrasonic sewing machine that ensures a super soft and seamless look. One of the highlights of this eye mask is implementing a lightweight memory foam that adjusts according to the individual’s face. The comfort of this face mask lies in the fact that it exerts zero pressure on the eyes while being snug enough to shade the eyes from the light. The nose contour is ingeniously fashioned to sit comfortably on the nose without any difficulty. To ensure that the sleeping eye mask fits all people, the company uses an adjustable strap that can be tightened or loosened. The product is available in 4 different colors of purple, blue, black, and red. Here’s a video to help you know more about this product’s features and benefits.

2. Best Skin-Friendly: Lky Digital 3-Pack Sleep Mask

Lky Digital 3-Pack Sleep Mask


The Lky Digital 3D face mask comes in a set of 3 and is crafted from a skin-friendly memory foam material that is anti-fade and anti-bacterium. The breathable memory foam ensures that one does not feel suffocated with it, even after sleeping for long hours. The mask has a spacious eye patch design that does not interfere with eye makeup. The well-engineered contours on the night eye cover prevent light from penetrating through it. To ensure that it stands the test of time, the company has used a unique edge process treatment to suture the mask together. The painless and adjustable headband is best for a head circumference ranging from 18.5-27.5 inches. This eye mask is available in 5 colors of black, blue, purple, red, and gray.

3. Best Handmade: Mavogel Light Blocking Sleep Mask

Mavogel Light Blocking Sleep Mask


The Mavogel eye sleep mask is a handmade mask made with care and finesse. Unlike most other eye masks, this one is uniquely designed with bendable cartilage around the nose bridge area of the mask to block light effectively. The 5-layer design consists of breathable cotton fabric made up of cotton, sponge, elastic, and modifier. The cotton sleep mask is large, with a length of 7.6 inches and a width of 3.8 inches. This is done to make sure that light does not permeate through the corners of the eye mask. The long strap will have all head sizes ranging between 19-29 inches. Last but not least, the product is available in 2 colors of black and grey. Here’s a review video summarizing the features of this product.

4. Best Adjustable: Manta Sleep Eye Mask

Manta Sleep Eye Mask


The best sleep mask not only blocks out light but is also comfortable to wear. Thankfully, the eye mask by Manta is designed to ensure both. The extra-deep eye cups coupled with a fully adjustable head strap guarantee that the eyes aren’t under any pressure. One of the unique features of this eye mask is its adjustable eyecup design. This makes it easy to fit almost all types of faces. Thanks to the adjustable straps, there is plenty of nose space. To ensure durability, the company has crafted this mask from industrial-grade elastics and breathable cotton. The entire mask is held together by a triple-reinforced elastic band that has snag-free fasteners. If a deep night’s sleep is what you desire, look no further than the Manta sleep eye mask. Take a look at this review video to know more about the product and make an informed buying decision.

5. Best Contoured: Zggcd Night Blindfold

Zggcd Night Blindfold


The all-black design makes this contoured sleep mask look classy and yet fashionable. The mask boasts an ergonomic design with spacious eyecups for free movement and comfortable movement. The lightweight and skin-friendly memory foam adds zero pressure to the eye sockets and helps block out light even during the day. To ensure that no light goes through, Zggcd has designed the nose contour to block out as much light as possible. Apart from the eyecups being soft and durable, the headband is also adjustable and durable. This night blindfold is suitable for sleeping while traveling or enjoying a good night’s sleep at home. It is available for purchase in black, blue, and purple.

6. Best Double-Sided: Yanser Luxury Silk Eye Mask

Yanser Luxury Silk Eye Mask


A glance is all it takes for one to notice the level of comfort and luxury offered by this night blindfold by Yanser. Made from pure mulberry silk, this eye mask not only does an excellent job at keeping the skin hydrated but also reduces fine lines around the eyes. The double-sided silk eye mask is comfortable to wear and breathe in. The elastic band, too, just like the mask itself, is wrapped in pure silk with a pleated design. To ensure longevity, the company recommends that it be hand-washed in water under 30° C. This blindfold is suitable for those with a head circumference ranging between 21 and 23 inches. This product is available in 5 optional colors of lavender purple, blue, deep blue, navy blue, and pink.

7. Best Ergonomic: Leeken 3D Sleeping Eye Mask

Leeken 3D Sleeping Eye Mask


One of the most noteworthy features of this eye mask by Leeken is its velcro and elastic strap that can be adjusted to fit all head sizes. The company has made use of premium memory foam coupled with a breathable sporting mesh to make the mask comfortable and relaxing. This blindfold offers complete blackout with the nose hinge uniquely designed to shut out all light. The ergonomic 3D contoured design is deep and wide enough to ensure no pressure is applied to the eyeballs. The advanced hemming process used to craft this eye mask makes it durable to withstand wear and tear. Last but not least, the eye mask is washing machine friendly.

8. Best Naturally Breathable: BeeVines Silk Sleep Mask

BeeVines Silk Sleep Mask


If uninterrupted and good-quality sleep is at the top of your list, you should consider this handmade silk mask. Its brilliance lies in its ingenious design that blocks out light and provides comfort even when worn for prolonged periods. The silk material offers a naturally breathable mask sensitive to the skin and soft to touch. The mask boasts a snug fit with a perfectly fitting nose bridge that blocks out all light. It is designed for rub-minimizing comfort and can be used anywhere and at any time. It is available as a set of 2 in black and pink.

9. Best With Glass Compression Beads: Unimi Weighted Eye Sleep Mask

Unimi Weighted Eye Sleep Mask


What distinguishes this mask from the rest is its construction. This mask by Unimi is made of glass compression beads that gently press against your eyes and calm your nerves, offering a truly relaxing experience. The implementation of glass compression beads allows for the contoured mask to be placed in the freezer. This will enable consumers to use it while sleeping and as a cool and relaxing mask to combat headaches, puffy eyes, and sinus pain. The double-sided mask is non-toxic and will not irritate your skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It has an adjustable strap with a thin buckle for added comfort and a good night of sleep to top it off.

10. Best Washable: Barmy Weighted Eye Mask For Sleeping

Barmy Weighted Eye Mask For Sleeping


This ergonomically designed mask relaxes the eyes by applying a little and evenly distributed pressure to the eye sockets. It is filled with micro-glass beads to enhance the relaxing experience. The outer covering is removable and can be washed as and when needed. It is commonly placed in a freezer and then used to soothe migraines and offer stress relief. It is held together by an adjustable strap that fits a head circumference ranging between 21 and 24 inches. It is available in 2 colors of black and gray.

11. Best Mask With Natural Sounds: Pure Enrichment Wave Sound Therapy Eye Mask

Pure Enrichment Wave Sound Therapy Eye Mask


This luxury sleeping mask uses state-of-the-art technology to implement 3 different and relaxing natural sounds to soothe the senses. It consists of the sound of rain, stream, and the ocean. Power controls are positioned at the side of the mask and include a power light, charging light, power button, volume buttons, music button, and music indicator light. The mask is battery-operated and comes with a charger and charging cable. The built-in speakers have a runtime of 8 hours and are clear and loud. The brilliant thing about it is that you can play your favorite tunes through Bluetooth while resting and enjoying the comfort of the soft eye mask. Thanks to its multi-functional nature, this eye mask is a noteworthy mention on our list of the 11 best sleeping eye masks.

Now that you have seen some of the best eye masks that money can buy, it’s time for you to familiarise yourself with what to look out for when purchasing a sleeping mask. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind while doing so.

How To Choose The Right Sleep Masks

  • Shape and weight

While it may not seem like the shape and weight of a masked are linked together, they are. Flat, convex, and weighted eye masks are the 3-major types. As the name suggests, flat eye masks are masks that are flat and lightweight and fulfill the purpose of blocking out light. However, weighted and convex masks are better for those who use masks to relieve stress and headaches.

  • Fit

When purchasing a sleeping mask, the fit of the mask plays a major role. When considering the fit, certain factors need to be kept in mind. It would help if you chose a face mask that isn’t too big or small for your face. You should also choose one that fits your nose correctly and effectively blocks out light. It is better to opt for a mask with an adjustable strap than investing in ones with elastic straps. This is because having an adjustable strap allows one to tighten or loosen it for better comfort.

  • Material

When it comes to the material of a sleep mask, it boils down to personal preference. However, most individuals prefer a soft fabric like silk. Having breathable material is also crucial and should be a significant priority on your list. Do bear in mind that a thicker material does not always mean it’s rougher. The good thing about a thicker material is that it may block out more light when compared to a sleep mask with a thinner material.

  • Other features

Thanks to technology, sleeping masks have been revolutionized and come with numerous features. Some of these include rechargeable built-in speakers that offer soothing and relaxing music and the ability to retain extremely low temperatures when placed in a freezer. While a sleeping mask without these features will serve you well, having these add ons do enhance the overall experience and ensure a restful sleep.

The beauty of purchasing a sleeping eye mask is its portability. It can be carried in a backpack or even your pocket and take quick naps when traveling long distances. Rapid advancements in technology have reshaped the world of sleeping eye masks and have transformed them into smart devices with built-in speakers. There are a wide variety of eye masks available for purchase. They come in different shapes, sizes and are loaded with additional features. They require regular cleaning and keep you fit by allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. If you intend on buying one, you should revisit our list of the 11 best sleeping eye masks.

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