10 Best Sleeping Pads For Hammocks In 2021


Enjoy comfortable sleep on a hammock with sleeping pads for optimal cushioning and support. These pads are easy to inflate and deflate, and you can customize their loft according to your preference. They are available in polyester and nylon that are resistant to water, splashes, wind, abrasions, and tear. Most have insulating layers that prevent body heat loss, making them suitable for cold winter nights. They are suitable for backpackers who love adventures and for those who spend their nights outside.

We have compiled a list of the best sleeping pads for hammocks to help you choose the right product.

10 Best Sleeping Pads For Hammocks

1. Trekology UL Sleeping Pad

Trekology’s sleeping pad for hammocks is lightweight and compact. It is ideal for cold weather conditions and can be used while camping and hiking. The pad is water-resistant and insulated with an optimal thickness of four inches. You can adjust its thickness according to your convenience. It will keep your body warm and is suitable for side sleepers.

It has a curvature design that helps provide a comfortable and stable sleep. Made from heavy-duty nylon, this pad is tear- and moisture-resistant and offers easy inflation and deflation.

2. Clostnature Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

The self-inflating sleeping pad for hammock from Clostnature is made from polyester. It is waterproof and has a thickness of two inches. With superior support, comfort, and cushioning, the padding is memory foam and free of chemical or plastic smell. It is ergonomically designed to provide optimal insulation on cold winter nights.

You can inflate it with a valve in a few minutes and roll it up to deflate. It is suitable for use as a cot pad, sleeping bag pad, hammock pad, or camping pad. This pad comes with a carry bag so that you can easily take it to different places.

3. Ecotek Outdoors Inflatable Sleeping Pad

One of the best sleeping pads for hammocks, this product is suitable for backpackers and adventure enthusiasts. It is lightweight, durable, and available in three colors. The pad features a four-season comfort technology and is ergonomically designed to support your back while sleeping. It has a thickness of 2.5 inches and is made from a custom blend of woven polyester that is soft yet sturdy. The pad is wear- and slip-resistant, and weather-proof.

You can inflate it in less than ten breaths and deflate in seconds. The FlexCell technology constricts the air passages and reduces the airflow to help preserve warmth on cold winter nights. There is no heat loss from the pad, making it ideal for camping and hiking.

4. Zooobelives Dual Chamber Camping Sleeping Pad

Available in two colors, this sleeping pad for a hammock is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and nylon. It has dual air chambers to protect you from wet, rough, and hard ground in cold weather. The pad is specifically designed to enhance stability and comfort while you sleep. It has 600 individual air cells that prevent sliding on the pad.

You can easily inflate the pad in two minutes, and the outtake valve has a double-decked design and is micro-adjustable and multi-functional. The pad has TPU lamination, making it durable and abrasion-resistant. It is suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, and traveling.

5. Ayamaya Single & Double Hammock Underquilt

The four-season backpacking and camping sleeping pad for hammocks is available in two colors. It has polyester filling and a rip-resistant nylon shell with a DWR coating. This pad is specifically designed to fit most standard hammocks so that you are warm and cozy during the winter nights. The pad is easy and quick to set up, and you can use it as a swing seat when not used for sleeping.

It has an under-quilt to prevent heat loss and carabiners and cords for easy installation. This hammock pad comes with a compression storage bag, making it portable and easy to carry.

6. Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad

Klymit’s sleeping pad for hammock provides you with 180° insulation. It is designed to reduce heat loss from the body. This sleeping pad comes with a body-mapping technology to prevent your body from sliding. The insulation separates the bottom and the top valves to isolate the cold air from your body, and the rugged polyester material is resistant to puncture, tear, and abrasion.

Available in red, this sleeping pad is ergonomically designed and lightweight. You can easily inflate it in 15-20 breaths. The pad fits all single, double, and standard hammocks.

7. Fox Outfitters Ultralight Series Self-Inflating Camp Pad

Made from polyurethane and foam, this self-inflating sleeping pad for hammock camping, backpacking, and traveling is available in green. It has a unique, abrasion-resistant fabric that can withstand rugged outdoor terrain. This pad has a diamond pattern to reduce the total weight and has impact-resistant valves for easy inflation and deflation.

It includes a stuff sack, repair kit, and compression bands. This pad will keep you comfortable and warm during cold winter nights and is ideal for backpackers as it is lightweight and durable.

8. ENO Underquilt Hammock

ENO’s nylon sleeping pad for hammock comprises two synthetic insulation layers that regulate the temperature and prevent heat loss. Its quilted design can remove the cold spots and provide optimal loft. It is easy to use and has a comfortable design that can adapt to any sleeping position. The pad is wind- and water-resistant due to its special coating.

With a stuff sack for easy storage, the unique, adjustable shock cord suspension setup makes it easy to install. It measures 81×0.25×46 inches and is ideal for camping, hiking, etc.

9. Hikenture Ultra-Light Double Sleeping Pad

With easy inflation and deflation, this sleeping pad is available in two colors and measures 70×2.8×50 inches. You can fill the pad in five to seven pumps and use the plug inside to deflate it. It helps promote good sleep by providing you with better support and preventing pain.

This sleeping pad has diffused pressure points that are ideal for stomach, side, and back sleepers. Made from high-quality nylon, this product has a TPU coating to make it water- and splash-proof. It has a smooth and soft texture that is ideal for sleeping.

10. Prosummitsupply Inflatable Camping Pad

The water-resistant, ultra-light sleeping pad from Prosummitsupply comes with a compact carry bag. It is made from heavy-duty nylon fabric that safeguards you against harsh weather conditions. You can easily inflate the pad in just 10-15 breaths, and the unique design of this pad gives you optimal comfort while sleeping. Its 2.2-inch thickness prevents slippage and noise, and the fabric prevents air leakage. The pad includes two repair kits for extra convenience.

How To Choose The Right Sleeping Pads For Hammocks?

Consider the following points before you choose the right sleeping pad for a hammock:

  1. Size: Measure the size of your hammock before you pick a sleeping pad. Most pads are designed to fit standard hammocks, but if your hammock has an unusual size, make sure to measure it before purchasing.
  1. Material: Choose a sleeping pad made from premium-quality materials for long-lasting use. Nylon and polyester are safe from water, wear, tear, abrasion, and splashes.
  1. Loft: Most sleeping pads are inflatable, so you can fill them to get the desired loft. Some have an under-quilt for better support.
  1. Insulation: Ensure your sleeping pad has several layers to trap the air inside, preventing heat loss.

Say goodbye to sleeping on uneven, rough grounds with our list of the best sleeping pads for hammocks. Some of them even have a body-hugging design that covers you from all sides. Ensure the product is long-lasting and read all the specifications carefully to make a smart choice.

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