14 Best Slipper Socks For Women To Stay Cozy And Warm In 2022

Imagine waking up, and before you step on cold floors, you’ve got slipper socks, comfy, right? That’s why we decided to present you with the best slipper socks for women so that you spend winter at ease. Slipper socks are the perfect alternative to going barefoot. These socks are warm, cushiony, soft, and super cute as well. Now keep scrolling and get a pair of slipper socks for yourself.

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14 Best Slipper Socks For Women

1. Best For Excellent Traction: Daventry Ultra Thick Fluffy Grip Socks

Daventry Ultra Thick Fluffy Grip Socks


This pair of ultra-soft Daventry slipper socks is made from a blend of spandex and polyester. It is closely knitted to offer softness and comfort. The premium quality anti-skid grips and treads placed at the bottom provide excellent grip and traction. Plus, the socks is highly elastic and designed to stretch and fit many sizes. This pair of warm, cozy, fluffy slipper socks is ideal for wear on wintry nights. 

2. Best Super Soft: Dosoni Women’s Winter Snowflake Fleece Slipper Socks

Dosoni Women's Winter Snowflake Fleece


This pair of super-soft microfiber fleece-lined Dosoni Snowflake Knee-High Slipper Socks is great for cold temperatures as it comes with double insulation. It features cute heart-shaped and snowflake patterns to celebrate the holiday mood. Plus, you can choose from six different colors. The soft inside lining makes the pair stretchable, and the top-quality non-skid dots at the bottom prevent slips and falls.

3. Best With Silicon Rubber Grips: DYW Women’s Sherpa Winter Fuzzy Slipper Socks

DYW Women’s Sherpa Winter Fuzzy Slipper


This pair of DYW slipper socks made from Sherpa fleece keeps your feet toasty. It is extra thick as it has got a double layer, and the microfiber material makes it super soft. Plus, the socks comes in different colors and lively cartoon patterns to keep everything fresh and stylish. The silicon rubber grips on the sole help you keep slips and falls on smooth floors at bay.

4. Best Stretchable: Plush Slipper Socks Women – Colorful Warm Fuzzy Crew Socks

Plush Slipper Socks Women - Colorful


This pair of plush slipper socks for women by Toes Home is made of coral fleece. The stretchable socks fits not one but many sizes. It is super soft, fuzzy, and warm and is great for wear when lounging around the house or even going out. Each pack comes with six pairs of socks in fresh and cute colors to keep you in a good mood.

5. Best For Snug Feel: Mamia 6 Pairs Women’s Cozy Slipper Socks Fuzzy Sock Multi-Color

Mamia 6 Pairs Women's Cozy Slipper


The Mamia cozy slipper socks come in a package of six multi-colored fuzzy pairs and are super snug. These slipper socks are made from a blend of 2% spandex and 98% polyester. The socks come in all sizes and are machine washable and can be easily dried. They fit snugly and keep your feet warm, fuzzy, and comfortable. Plus, the top elastic on the top of the socks doesn’t cut off circulation and prevents cold feet.

6. Best For Chilly Weather: Boao Women’s Warm Slipper Socks

Boao Women's Warm Slipper


This pair of warm, non-skid slipper socks from Boao prevents you from tripping or slipping. It makes for good Christmas or birthday gift. Made of polyester, nylon, and spandex, the socks is super soft and offer utmost comfort. Each pack comes with two pairs of socks in different colors. The inner fleece lining keeps your feet and ankles warm and protects them from the chilly weather.

7. Best Fashionable: Zando Women Warm Super Soft Plush Slipper Sock

Zando Women Warm Super Soft


Zando women plush slipper socks is an ideal pick if you are looking for a comfortable yet fashionable pair of winter slipper socks. Made of high-quality fabric, the socks is ultra-soft and helps to keep your feet warm all day. Plus, this one-size-fits-all socks  is easy to slip on and off. You can also match it with your regular outfit and sport a great look.

8. Best Padded: VERO MONTE Women’s Thick & Warm Slipper Socks with Grippers

VERO MONTE Women’s Thick


This pair of thick and warm soft slipper socks from Vero Monte is a cross between a pair of socks and a pair of slippers. It is fuzzy, comfortable, and  durable. The foam-padded socks has non-slip grips or silicon grip dots at the bottom of the soles to prevent you from slipping or falling on wet or smooth floors. The chunky-soft knit exterior and the soft plush interior make it perfect for wear on a wintry night. Each pack comes with two pairs.

9. Best Slip-Resistant: BambooMdult Super Soft Slippers Socks

BambooMNAdult Super Soft Slippers


This pair of slipper socks from BambooMN is available in two different styles—soft slippers and furry slipper socks. The silicone grips at the bottom of the socks offer resistance from slipping and sliding on smooth, wet, or even hardwood floors. It can be easily machine washed with cold water and doesn’t bleach. This pair of socks can also be a great birthday or Christmas gift.

10. Best Cozy: Muk Luks Women’s Ballerina Slipper Socks

Muk Luks Women's Ballerina


This pair of Muk Luks ballerina-style slipper socks is perfect for wear  after work. The cute and cozy slipper socks is available in various stylish patterns and colors  such as  salmon, berry multi, powder blue, charcoal, and multi stripes. The ballerina socks is made of 13% nylon, 85% cotton, and 2% spandex and features a non-skid sole.

11. Best Anti-Slide Protection: HUE Women’s Fluffy Slipper Shue Sock with Grippers

HUE Women's Fluffy Slipper


This pair of cute and cozy, fluffy slipper socks from Hue, with its fluffy details, is just cute and comfy. The no-slip silicone dot grippers help you avoid slipping or sliding while walking or even finishing up with your daily chores. Besides, the socks is durable too.

12. Best Trendy Design: SKOLA Cozy Winter Women slipper Socks

SKOLA Cozy Winter Women


This pair of cozy winter slipper socks from Skola is a must-have if you are looking for something trendy. The socks is fuzzy, warm, and fits your feet snugly. It is made of a blend of polyester and spandex, and the silicone grips on the bottom  significantly reduce slippage on smooth floors.

13. Best Lightweight: Acorn Unisex Slipper Sock

Acorn Unisex Slipper Sock


Acorn unisex original slipper socks has been an absolute favorite of adventurers across the world. This pair of socks is lightweight and an ideal travel companion. It  supports your feet in cold, humid, or any type of climate. The exclusive memory foam and natural temperature-regulating rag wool add multi layers of comfort at every step. Plus, the suede toe and heel guards offer durability and skid-resistance. 

14. Best With Button Design: JoyNote Slipper Socks

JoyNote Slipper Socks


This pair of JoyNote slipper socks is made of  a blend of polyester and cotton. It gives you a soft, fuzzy feeling the moment it touches your skin. It is super easy to slide on and off, and the anti-skid dots prevent you from sliding or slipping.  It also comes with a button design that allows you to adjust the length.

Why Do People Wear Slipper Socks?

People wear a pair of slipper socks for the following benefits it offers.

  • It helps you to keep cold and dirt at bay and keeps your feet warm and fuzzy.
  • It is usually flexible and can fit legs of almost any size.
  • It can be worn indoors, outdoors, and even while sleeping.
  • The no-slip grip on the bottom of a pair of slipper socks helps you avoid any form of slippage or sliding on a smooth floor.

How To Choose The Right Slipper Socks For Women?

Consider the following factors while choosing a pair of socks.

  1. Material:The slipper socks can be made of different materials like wool, acrylic, polyester, microfiber, spandex, or a combination of these. So, do check for one that offers you maximum comfort before you buy one.
  2. Size:Just like your regular slippers, it is imperative that you choose a slipper socks that snugly fits your legs.
  3. Comfort:Do look for a comfortable lining, such as a Sherpa lining, microfleece, or even a jersey lining.
  4. Traction:If you are a fidgety person or someone who tends to move around the house constantly, then getting a pair of slipper socks with proper silicone grip dots would be ideal.
  5. Breathability: Lastly, look out for slipper socks that will help you to not only keep your feet warm, but also to prevent the sweat build up inside the socks, which can result in nasty foot infections.

How We Selected The Best Slipper Socks For You

With various features and styles, choosing the right slipper socks can be challenging. We have reviewed and compared multiple products to curate this list of the best slipper socks. With a buying guide to help you, these socks can provide you with comfort, style, and breathability. To ensure the best experience, we have considered several user reviews to offer you an unbiased opinion and to help you choose the right product for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can slipper socks be worn at night while sleeping?

Wearing socks to bed is not unhygienic. However, if you choose to wear one during cold nights, choose a pair of socks that is breathable and not too tight. 

2. Can I apply any lotion or gel before wearing slipper socks?

Yes, you can. Slipper socks can help the dry areas in your feet to absorb moisturizer better. 

3. Can I wear slipper socks outside?

Some slipper socks are solely designed for indoor wear. However, you can always pair them with shoes and slippers.

A pair of slipper socks can be used as a substitute for regular slippers and protects your feet from dirt, cold, or physical stubs. Thus, whether you are looking for a fuzzy, warm pair of socks to keep your feet protected from cold or a comfy pair for your next yoga or dance class, there are a variety of slipper socks to choose from.

Which of the slipper socks on this list would you consider wearing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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