11 Best Smart Backpacks That You Can Buy In 2022


With ‘smart’ versions of nearly every device lately, backpacks have also come with smart versions. The best smart backpacks have modern features, such as water resistance, USB charging ports, anti-theft locks, and hidden compartments. In addition to packing all your items comfortably and helping you stay organized for daily travels, these backpacks also guarantee total security for everything they hold. They are water-resistant and are available in several gorgeous, rugged, and classy designs to suit your style.

If you have never used a smart backpack before, you might need some help navigating through the various options in the market. Our curated list of the top smart backpacks will help you narrow down your choices and pick the right bag for your needs.

11 Best Smart Backpacks In 2022

1. Best Spacious:Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Let’s face it, there is no such thing as “enough pockets” or ”enough space” when it is about backpacks, you could always use the extra space. And, with Matein Travel Laptop Backpack you will never run out of it. If you want to carry a laptop, clothes, small electronic devices, or daily necessities, you can fit it all in this backpack in a compartmentalized order. It is made from water-resistant and durable polyester fabric materials for longer use. And the best thing? You can attach a power bank with a built-in cable on the inside which provides for easier charging of devices. Check out this video on YouTube for a detailed understanding of the product.


  • It has a luggage strap on the back to slide it into the luggage tube securely.
  • It has a dedicated compartment for laptops with dimensions of up to 15.6 inches.
  • It has a thick but soft multi-panel padding for optimal back support.
  • It has a comfortable airflow back design which reduces sweating.
  • It has breathable and adjustable shoulder pads.
  • It has anti-theft zipper pockets.
  • It has a padded handle on the top for strain-free carrying.


  • There might not be enough padding for laptops.

2. Best Breathable:YOREPEK Travel Backpack For Men

YOREPEK Travel Backpack For Men

Is your current backpack lacking the space to accommodate all your travel needs? This men’s smart backpack from YOREPEK has an amazing amount of space for your items. This 50-liter backpack is made from high-quality polyester fabric and is shockproof owing to its high-density nylon lining. It boasts 20 independent pockets for both large and small items. It also has a dedicated laptop compartment with padding for complete protection from impact. It has an external USB port with a charging cable for easy charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices. If you want to know more about this product, check out this video on YouTube.


  • It has a handle with a steel cable for easy portability.
  • It has 3 main compartments with multiple hidden pockets.
  • It has side zipper pockets and elastic net pockets to hold items like a water bottle or an umbrella.
  • It can be unfolded up to an angle of 90-180 degrees making it easy to display the contents of the bag at security checkpoints.
  • It has a hole on the top that provides easy usage of earphones that are connected to the devices kept inside the bag.
  • The back uses a U-shaped three-dimensional design that provides maximum ventilation.
  • It has breathable mesh shoulder straps with sufficient sponge filling to prevent stress on the shoulders.


  • The seams of the back might loosen over time.

3. Best Travel-Friendly:Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

Are you planning to go on a trip soon and are in need of a backpack? You should consider buying this travel smart bag from Tzowla. Be it for a business trip or pleasure, this backpack with phone charger is your perfect travel partner. It has multiple compartments that let you arrange all your items in an organized manner. The front side alone has multiple pockets that can be used to store small items. It has anti-theft password locks for the zippers to ensure all your items are safe at all times. Go ahead and check out this YouTuber’s video for more details about the product.


  • It has luggage straps.
  • You can have pain-free shoulders owing to its padded shoulder straps.
  • It has a multi-panel airflow system making it easy to carry heavy loads.
  • It uses an anti-theft pocket that is designed to be hidden towards the wearer’s back.
  • It is made from superior-quality polyester fabric material which helps in increasing the lifespan of the bag.
  • It allows for convenient phone charging via its in-built USB port which is connected to your power bank.
  • It has a dedicated laptop compartment that can accommodate a laptop with a maximum dimension of 15.6 inches.


  • It might not be ideal for heavy usage purposes.

4. Best Giftable:KOPACK Slim Women Laptop Backpack

KOPACK Slim Women Laptop Backpack

Looking for the perfect gift for your lady love? KOPACK Slim Women Laptop Backpack is a great choice. It is a slim backpack with usb charging port that is connected to a power bank with an inner cable and helps in recharging phones and tablets. The laptop compartment is hidden at the back which is reachable only when the user is not wearing it, ensuring the laptop is safe at all times while traveling. It has shoulder pads that are filled with 8mm of foam to keep the shoulders stress-free.


  • It can fit laptops of up to 15.6 inches thin.
  • It is compact and lightweight, so the only amount of weight you will be carrying is the weight of the items you put in the bag.
  • It is made from smooth three-layer fabric that is tear-resistant and water-resistant.
  • The main compartment is protected with anti-puncture and dual-layer zippers which can also be locked for added safety.
  • It has multi-functional file slots to keep your items like phones, pens, cards, passports, and other small items.
  • It includes a front zipper pocket and side elastic pockets.


  • It is not waterproof.

5. Best Locking System:WENIG Laptop Backpack

WENIG Laptop Backpack

We all have been students for a long time and completely understand how messy our bags were during our college days. So let your kids’ life be simple by gifting this smart backpack from WENIG. It is a laptop backpack with multiple compartments— 3 main compartments, 9 small pockets, 2 elastic side pockets, and 1 back compartment for laptops. It offers convenient access ports like a USB charging port that is connected to a power bank via an in-built charging cable and a headphone jack.


  • It has front zipper pockets to have easy access to regularly used items like ID cards.
  • It has a number lock system that will keep your laptop and other valuables safe.
  • It has a luggage sleeve that can be used to easily place the backpack on the luggage tube.
  • It is made from sturdy Oxford fabric material and is water-resistant.
  • It has two S-shaped shoulder straps for an ergonomic fit.
  • The shoulder straps have pockets to keep sunglasses.


  • It might not be ideal for long trips.

6. Best Ergonomic Straps:SwissGear 5358 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

SwissGear 5358 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

The Swiss are known for their impeccable designing skills, from watches to bags, they know how to impress. SwissGear is a company based in Switzerland and this cleverly designed bag is sure to catch some eyes. Its innovative design has made it possible to cramp the bag with modern features like ScanSmart technology, RFID pockets, ergonomic shoulder straps with airflow back panels, and USB equipped charging capability. So, if you are a Swiss products fan, then this backpack is a no-brainer.


  • It can easily fit a 15-inch laptop.
  • The ScanSmart feature allows you to lay the bag flat and provide easy access to your laptop which results in quick security checks at the airport.
  • The integrated USB port provides a convenient way to charge your phone.
  • It has a collapsible shoe pocket on the side to carry an extra pair of shoes.
  • It has an insulated side pocket for water bottles.
  • It has a heavy-duty handle on the top which can be used as an alternative option to carry the bag.


  • The sunglass holder might take up a lot of space in the main compartment.

7. Best Fashionable:Fintie Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

Fintie Anti-theft Travel Laptop Backpack

Looking for a smart backpack that looks clean and fashionable? This backpack from Fintie is designed to be fashionable, secure, and durable. Be it school or office, you can now travel in style. It is made from 800D water-resistant and wear-resistant jacquard thick nylon which can endure most environments providing you extended durability. With the anti-thief back pocket and TSA-accepted luggage lock, it is one of the best lockable backpacks out there.


  • It is RFID protected.
  • It has waterproof zippers.
  • The main compartment is padded to provide protection for your laptop and other sensitive items.
  • It has a flat open design for quick access to all your items.
  • There is a USB port on the outside with a detachable charging cable for charging your phone hassle-free.
  • The bag is designed to retain its original shape no matter the number of items stored.
  • It has wide shoulder straps with breathable mesh for pain-free wear.
  • It has luggage straps to easily slide it onto luggage tubes.


  • It might not be ideal for long holiday trips.

8. Best Water-Resistant:BAGSMART Travel Backpack

BAGSMART Travel Backpack

Here is a smart backpack that balances affordability and functionality quite seamlessly. It has the perfect space capacity for all your travel and daily needs. It is constructed from water-resistant, durable nylon fabric. It has a dedicated laptop compartment and two spacious compartments for carrying essentials. And when it comes to the matter of security, it has a TSA-friendly lock and a hidden RFID compartment to keep your cards and passport. The USB port on the side can be connected to a power bank on the inside to charge your phone.


  • It has mesh pockets on each side for a water bottle or an umbrella.
  • It can be opened at an angle of 90-180 degrees for easy security checks.
  • It has luggage straps to easily slide in on the luggage tube.
  • The laptop compartment is padded to protect it from any damage from drops and minor accidents.
  • It has two adjustable S-shaped shoulder straps that offer a lightweight carrying experience.
  • It has a padded vegan handle for an alternative and easy transportation option.


  • It might have trouble standing up straight when placed on a flat surface.

9. Best Lightweight:BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

Backpacks do not necessarily have to be big and spacious to call them a “good backpack”. It needs to have enough space for your items and this slim smart backpack is just all about that. It is a lightweight backpack with a width of just 4 inches— an ideal backpack for your daily needs. The zippers are neatly concealed for additional security and it has a USB port on the outside to charge your mobile devices.


  • It includes 6 zipper straps— 3 blue and 3 red.
  • It has a hidden pocket for phones and wallets.
  • It can easily fit a laptop with a dimension of 15.6 inches.
  • It has a detachable keychain strap.
  • It is constructed from durable and water-resistant microfiber leather and ballistic nylon.
  • The high-density and breathable back relieve you from the sweat caused by the heat.


  • The strap to harness the laptop on the inside might be a bit flimsy.

10. Best Durable:KORIN Design FlexPack Pro

KORIN Design FlexPack Pro

We rely on our backpacks a lot since it is one of the things that makes traveling easy. This smart backpack from KORIN is one of the most trusted bags in regards to organizing, durability, and security. It uses a triple anti-theft protection system which includes a TSA lock and an extendable metal wire lock. It has multiple compartments that allow you to organize all your items efficiently and an accessible 2.0 USB port for input and output charging.


  • It can bear a weight of up to 50 kgs.
  • It has a magnetic chest strap to reduce load stress and for additional security.
  • It has an expandable thermal insulation pouch on the side.
  • The interior is padded to provide protection for your items.
  • It is made from water-resistant fabric.


  • The zippers might be too stiff.

11. Best Storage:Gruv Gear Club Bag Tech Backpack

Gruv Gear Club Bag Tech Backpack

The mark of any good backpack is how easy it is to organize your items in it and this techie backpack goes all out to offer exactly what you want. This 20-liter backpack is the perfect way to carry your everyday items. The interior shelves can be removed to customize the storage space as required and it has a dual locker door access system to access the bottom sections. This is one of the best tech backpacks you can get.


  • It uses an exclusive ScanFly tethered laptop system that can be used with the Sliiv Tech optional sleeve.
  • It has a glove box with an overhead clip to store headphones and sunglasses.
  • It offers optional “Bento” drawers for the side pockets that can be pulled out to access small items.
  • It has thick air mesh straps and a chest strap to wear the bag comfortably and securely.


  • It might not be suitable for long-term use.

There you go! That was our list of the 11 best smart backpacks that you can choose from. We know these are all amazing and naturally, anyone can be confused about how to choose the right one. So, we have prepared a buying guide that will help you buy the best one.

Choosing The Best Smart Backpack – A Buying Guide

Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind while buying a smart backpack.

  • Volume: Before buying any kind of bag, the first thing that anyone should consider is how big and spacious the bag is. If you are a student, then you could do with a medium-sized bag to carry your laptop, books, and other small items. But if you are more of a traveler, then you would need an extra-large backpack to carry all your clothes, shoes, and other essentials.
  • Compartments: Without having proper compartmentalization in a bag, it becomes extremely cluttered and difficult to reach out for the required items at the time of need. Most smart backpacks have dedicated compartments for laptop and other small items. This helps in organizing your items in an efficient way.
  • Padding: No matter how many items you have in your bag, if you have the bag on you for a long time, it is bound to make you feel uncomfortable which can further cause stress on your shoulders. To avoid such situations, ensure that the bag has a soft padding. And let’s not forget the interiors, having padding on the inside will protect your items from any damage after a fall.
  • Durability: Bags are stuffed with a lot of items to hold and any bag that is made from cheap fabric will easily rip due to the weight. So, having a backpack that is made from durable materials is of utmost importance. It is also necessary that they should be waterproof or at least water-resistant to protect the items during the rainy season.
  • Security: If you need a bag for your college, trip, or office, you are sure to carry items that are important or are expensive like laptops and tablets. And we understand if you always have a feeling of agitation about items being stolen. That’s why it is important that the bag you are going to buy should have a number-lock system. This will offer access to only those with the security number.
  • Charging Port: One of the main reasons to buy a smart bag is because they offer a convenient way to charge devices. These smart bags have a USB port with a built-in charging cable that is connected to a power bank. This way you will not need to carry the power bank in your pocket or tuck away your phone inside the bag for it to charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to charge a laptop with a smart backpack?

First, ensure that the backpack is connected to a power bank using the in-built charging cable and then connect the laptop to the external USB port using a charging cable. This will charge your laptop or any other electronic device.

Smart backpacks are currently an essential and handy accessory. They allow you to carry your essentials comfortably and conveniently, making short trips more manageable. In addition, they have ample storage space and multiple compartments, including hidden ones, to pack your things tidily. The list of the best smart backpacks comprises sturdy, durable, spacious, and waterproof backpacks with features such as USB charging and number locks. So choose a smart backpack with features that suit your requirements for a hassle-free journey.

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