11 Best Smart Mirrors To Buy In 2021


Start your morning with the latest updates and information while dressing up with our list of the best smart mirrors. These mirrors help display dates, weather, time, and more. You can also operate these mirrors with a smart app. These mirrors also include advanced features, such as the zooming mirror, skin analyzer, and tech mirror technologies. From classic to modern designs, you can choose a smart mirror that fits your bathroom’s aesthetics.

11 Best Smart Mirrors

1. Funtouch Light Up Mirror

Funtouch Light Up Mirror

Equipped with 35 adjustable LEDs and a 10x magnification mirror, Funtouch smart mirror is one of the biggest size makeup mirrors available in the market. It measures 14.56×8.97in to provide you with an HD clarity wide-angle view. You can power this touch screen mirror through a USB charging cable or four AA batteries. It does not require any assembly and has a beautifully polished finish. The rectangular mirror stands effortlessly on the tabletop.


  • Two suction cups to help you mount it on the wall
  • Dimmable touch sensor
  • Dual power supply
  • 90° vertical rotation and 360° horizontal rotation


  • Not suitable for travel
  • One cannot replace LED bulbs

2. Hansong Large Bluetooth Mirror

Hansong Large Bluetooth Mirror

Crafted in white metal and a polished finish, this smart makeup mirror has an elegant design. It is equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favorite music while getting ready. The LEDs with three color light options allow you to adjust the required brightness. Measuring 4.7×22.8×18.1in, it can be easily wall-mounted.


  • 15 LED bulbs with a 50,000-hour life span
  • Detachable mirror base
  • Equipped with a USB charging port
  • Mirror is secured with two thick packing materials


  • LED bulbs are non-replaceable, non-adjustable and non-embedded
  • Bluetooth might not work at times

3. Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Pansonite’s smart vanity mirrors have a unique and elegant design. This smart touchscreen mirror is made from metal and has a brushed finish. It measures 16×8.6×1.06in and is a two-way mirror that can be wall-mounted and has 10x and 1x magnifications. The mirror has a sensor key to adjust the brightness and has flexible arms.


  • 27 built-in adjustable LEDs
  • 360° swivel extendable design
  • 8.5-inch wide-angle view
  • Unique borderless design
  • Rust-resistant mirror


  • Arm of the mirror is wobbly
  • LEDs might stop working after some usage
  • Users might face issues with charging

4. iHome Adjustable Vanity Mirror

iHome Adjustable Vanity Mirror

Bluetooth mirrors by iHome store are easy to assemble. This product has an elegant white rectangular design measuring 7x9in, and you can control the mirror through voice. The bright LEDs and the audio work independently, giving a distortion-free experience. It features a built-in mic, echo cancellation, and answer and end controls.


  • Streams audio wirelessly using a built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Compatible with Google and Siri
  • Equipped with bright accent LEDs to adjust according to your need
  • One-amp USB charging port


  • LED lights may not work consistently
  • Delicate structure
  • Bluetooth speakers may not be of high quality

5. Fenair Makeup Vanity Mirror

Fenair Makeup Vanity Mirror

Available in a beautiful rose gold color, this smart beauty mirror comes with versatile features. You can adjust the brightness by long pressing the touch button. The 10x magnifying mirror is clear enough to see your facial features and makeup. It has a USB rechargeable power battery built to store electricity for up to a week. The mirror measures 12.2×6.69×4.33in.


  • 360° rotation
  • Rechargeable LEDs
  • Built-in Bluetooth mic and speaker to answer calls and listen to music
  • Dual switch offers access to various features


  • Lights have low brightness
  • USB charger might not work

6. ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

The borderless mirror measures 25×9.5x29inand weighs 35 pounds. It is exclusively crafted from wood, resin, and metal and has a built-in Bluetooth. The heavy-duty brackets and a mounting kit will enable you to place this mirror in any place. A special metal casing reinforces all four corners for extra durability.


  • Equipped with a dual speaker sound system
  • 12 well-placed LED lights
  • Two USB charging spots
  • Special dimmable LEDs remain cool and are controlled by an adjustable dimmer turn-nob


  • Buttons present on the mirror surface are hard to use

7. HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror

HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror

Exclusively manufactured in aluminum, this high-tech mirror measures 9.02×6.73×13.31in. This mirror with the screen offers 64GB storage and has a landscape mode. It has a unique skin analysis technology to assess various skin-related issues, such as fine lines and wrinkles. You can also play videos on the visual display, and it has a specialized lens with a magnifying feature.


  • Advanced skin analysis technology
  • You can scan and track all your skincare products
  • Supports up to four user accounts
  • Expandable memory allows you to store skin analysis results
  • Wireless charging pad


  • Several high-tech features might be difficult to understand, optimize and maintain

8. Miaohui Round LED Bathroom Mirror

Miaohui Round LED Bathroom Mirror

The Miaohui smart mirror does not require any assembly, round in shape, and measures 24x25x1.22in. It is made from silver-plated material and has a round LED dimmable light. You can control the light with an on/off touch button, and it has a life span of 50,000 hours. The product has passed various tests, including impact, heavy, pressure, and drop tests.


  • Built-in anti-fog function
  • A safe housing covers the electronic parts
  • 80% energy-saving LED light
  • Plug compatible with a 110V electric outlet


  • Mirror gets warm when the anti-fog is turned on

9. Tevise Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

Tevise Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

The table-top smart mirror with dimensions 31.5×23.6in guarantees high quality and great value. It is constructed from an advanced seamless metal frame. The three-tone LED dimmer helps you adjust to nature light, cool white, and warm white brightness. The life span of LED bulbs is 50,000 hours.


  • USB charging port
  • Smart touch switch button
  • Ideal for small desks and vanity
  • Solid and a sturdy construction


  • Light bulbs may require frequent changing

10. Rinkmo Vanity Makeup Mirror

Rinkmo Vanity Makeup Mirror

Made from wood, this table-top mirror comes in gold color. It measures 22.7×17.7in and is wide enough to give you a clear view. This smart mirror has three lighting modes to meet various makeup needs. It has a compact detachable base that takes less space on the table-top. It requires only three screws to remove the mirror from the base.


  • Remote control can control the brightness and color
  • 12W LED light strip
  • Presents the best visual field
  • Made from a high-quality MDF frame


  • The electric wire is not well-built
  • Has a low brightness

11. Best Choice Products Vanity Mirror

Best Choice Products Vanity Mirror

Made from metal, plastic, and glass, this smart mirror lets you adjust the temperature and the brightness according to your requirements. You can choose warm white, warm yellow, or cool white tones. The product measures 14.5×3.5×18.75in, and is crafted to withstand for years. This smart mirror is lightweight, and you can move it quickly from one place to another.


  • 12 LED light bulbs
  • Equipped with 360° rotational feature
  • Adjustable mechanism and a large frame
  • Made of high-quality, sturdy, and durable metal
  • Ideal for grooming and dressing


  • LED bulbs are not replaceable
  • Adjustment areas might stop working after some time

How To Choose The Right Smart Makeup Mirror?

Here is a checklist you must refer before buying a smart mirror.

  1. Installation and setup: Be it for your vanity or bathroom, the installation of the mirror is supposed to be easy, sturdy, and long-lasting. Invest in a mirror with an easier setup of weather, date, time, etc.
  1. Size: Pick a mirror that fits in your dresser and blends well with the room size.
  1. Lighting: Most smart mirrors have built-in LED bulbs. Buy a mirror with adjustable lighting features and various tones.
  1. Bluetooth capabilities: A mirror with built-in Bluetooth will allow you to listen to your favorite music, answer calls, and compatible with Siri or Google.
  1. Budget: From various smart mirrors available in the market, ranging from tech mirrors to Wi-Fi mirrors, you might get confused. Decide on the budget, so it helps you in making the right purchase.

Are Smart Mirrors Easy To Install?

Yes, smart mirrors are easy to install. Most mirrors can be directly put on the table-top, mounted on the wall, while some need electrical assistance. You can call an authorized electrician to install the mirror correctly and safely.

Smart mirrors are not only confined to show your beauty but also give your home/vanity/bathroom the much-needed upgrade. This list will provide you with insights on which smart mirror to pick.

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