11 Best Smart Plugs To Modernize Your Home In 2024, With Buying Guide

Smart plugs are one of the best accessories for automating home appliances. The power sockets allow the device’s automated operation when connected to an appliance or light. By simply connecting it with the Wi-Fi, you can turn on/off the appliance using your smartphone, a remote control, or even voice control using Alexa or Google Home. Most smart plugs feature a timer or scheduling option to operate your device at a particular time, even while you are not at home.

With several smart plugs having single or multiple sockets and various other features, we have curated a list of some of the best smart plugs to buy.

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11 Best Smart Plugs

1. Best Voice Controller: Esicoo Smart Plug


This set of four smart plugs can be paired with Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to control electric ovens, toasters, fans, and air-conditioners using voice control and a smartphone or tablet. It is powered by 2.4Ghz WiFi and mobile data connection and has a wide range of uses. The plugs are compatible with devices up to 240 volts and also come with a timer function that can turn off devices intelligently and automatically. Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Check out this video to understand how the product works.

2. Best Weather-Resistant: Kasa Smart KP400 Outdoor Smart Plug by TP-Link


The smart outlet plug with two sockets can be connected to Wi-Fi and installed without a hub. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home and allows you to operate two outdoor devices simultaneously. The weather-resistant plug has a Wi-Fi range of up to 300ft and can be used from anywhere through your smartphone or voice commands to operate your appliances connected to it. You can set timers or use the away mode to run a light or appliance while you are away. The black-colored plug measures 4.9×2.38×2.29in. This video review will help you learn more about the product.

3. Best With Child Lock Feature:  Treatlife Smart Plug


The pack has four smart plugs compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and allows you to operate power 15A and 1800W. You can connect it to your home Wi-Fi to set a timer on your appliance or to activate an away mode for your lights to keep your house safe from intruders. The smart plug has a child lock feature for safety and allows you to operate the appliances using voice command with ease. The smart plug is compact, smartly designed, and easy to install without a hub. Here’s a brief video you can watch to make the most out of this product by understanding its features..

4. Best To Control Lights & Appliances: Wemo Smart Plug


The Wemo Wi-Fi smart plug allows you to control lights and appliances with just a click on your smartphone or voice commands. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can set schedules, timers and activate away mode to protect your home from intruders while you are away. The smart plug can fit your electrical outlet without blocking other sockets and is easy to mount. It measures 1.34×2.05×1.81in.

5. Best With Two-Pack Plug:  Refoss Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet


The Refoss smart plug is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. You can easily install it without using a hub. The 16A plug has a smart socket that works well with a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and a timer function to schedule your device operations. Once the device is connected to the smart plug, you can operate it using a remote or voice control. It is a two-pack plug and measures 3.19×2.91×2.64in each.

6. Best For Easy Setup: TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Mini


The pack has four Wi-Fi smart plugs that requires no hub and can be operated using voice commands or your smartphone. It is compatible with Alexa Echo and Google Home. Multiple users can access the smart plug using the Tape app, which is easy to set up using Bluetooth. The smart plug has a sliding safety cover for toddlers and has a timer feature to schedule your appliances’ operations throughout the day. The plug measures 2.15×2.15×53.1in.

7. Best With Timer: Juoyou Smart Plug With USB Ports


The two-pack smart plug compatible with Alexa and Google Home has two USB chargers and a 16A wireless output. You can operate it using voice commands or remote control. It has a timer feature to schedule any appliance or light operation. The two sockets fit in one outlet on the wall and can conveniently allow charging while using various appliances. It is made with ABS and PC material and has high-temperature resistance and flame retardancy. The product includes a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. It measures 5.43×1.02×1.89in.

8. Best Waterproof Plug: Meross Outdoor Smart Plug


The Meross Wi-Fi outlet smart plug has three sockets to independently connect to appliances for operating them with voice commands or remote control. The plug is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. It is weatherproof, fire retardant, and waterproof to operate outdoors even while it is raining. The smart plug works well with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and allows you to set a timer to schedule your appliance’s operation. The plug measures 3.9×3.8×1.9in.

9. Best Surge Protector: Gosund Smart Power Plug


The smart multi-plug extender offers three sockets for operating your appliances with ease and features three USB ports for charging your phone or other devices. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, which works well with 10A power and operates with voice commands and remote control. The plug requires no hub and works well with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. It is made from high-quality materials to withstand high-temperature devices and electronics. The smart plug has a surge protector to prevent causing damage to the appliances. It measures 3.9×3.9×1.1in.

10. Best Petite Design: Teckin Smart Plug


The two-pack smart plug works at 15A power and requires no installation hub. It is compatible with Alexa and can be operated with a voice command or remote. It offers the timer function to schedule the device’s operation and is connected through a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. The plug measures 3.3×1.97×1.18in due to its petite design and is easy to install in your home.

11. Best With Built-in Thermal Sensor: KMC Wi-Fi Smart Plug

The smart plug has four sockets for operating four appliances simultaneously and with ease. It requires no hub for installation and is compatible with Alexa and Google Home using a remote or voice command. It features a surge protector to prevent appliance damage due to high voltage. Out of the four sockets, one socket remains on while the other three allow you to set timer and schedules. The smart plug is made from ABS flame-resistant material and has a built-in thermal sensor. It uses 16A power and operates well at 2.4GHz Wi-Fi while also allowing you to track your appliance’s real-time energy utilization. The product has an encryption chip, includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a year-long warranty.

How To Choose The Right Smart Plug?

Here are a few features to consider while buying a smart plug.

  1. Size: Consider the shape and size of the smart plug and the spacing between its sockets before buying. It should not block other sockets and has to offer enough space to connect to multiple appliances.
  2. Compatibility: A smart plug should be compatible with most devices to allow voice command operation. If it has its app, it will work well in your phone to operate the plug anytime.
  3. Power: Consider its power limitation before buying to understand the type of devices you can connect with it.
  4. Indoor/outdoor: Most smart plugs are waterproof and are designed to be installed outdoors, while few may not have this feature.
  5. Hub requirements: Some smart plugs may require a hub, while others require no hub. Consider your preference since having a hub has its pros and cons. 

Smart plugs make your life easy. They allow you to operate your appliances from any place without hassle. Moreover, scheduling your appliance operation saves electricity and helps you maintain a routine. Your devices can work on automation without undergoing a complete installation or replacement of automated lights and appliances. We have listed the best smart plugs available to save you the trouble of researching the best one for your house. Go ahead and buy one that fits your requirement.

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