11 Best Smart Water Bottles To Keep You Hydrated In 2024

Keep your hydration needs in check with the best smart water bottles for your everyday use. Staying hydrated is essential but often overlooked. These smart bottles remind you to stay hydrated and are a tried-and-tested way to track your hydration throughout the day. They are designed using smart technology to keep the temperature of your water constant all day long, allowing you to drink your favorite liquid the way you like it. These best-selling bottles also come with fun and functional features to keep you up and running all day. Here’s our list of the best smart bottles for on-the-go hydration.

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11 Best Smart Water Bottles

1. Best Rechargeable:HidrateSpark Steel Smart Water Bottle

HidrateSpark Steel Smart Water Bottle Image: Hidratespark

The smart hydration reminder bottle from HidrateSpark has new-age functionalities that allow you to keep track of your body’s hydration needs. This smart water bottle with a drink reminder can help you reach your hydration goals as the LED puck at the base illuminates as and when it’s time to take a sip. With a capacity of 17 oz, it is available in various colors.

Its vacuum-insulated body provides temperature stability as the bottle can keep water cold for up to 24 hours. You can connect this app-enabled water bottle to the dedicated HidrateSpark app to check your daily water intake, progress, and more. It is rechargeable, lightweight, and has a leak-proof lid. Watch this review video showcasing a tester’s experience for a thorough understanding of this smart water bottle with hydration coaching.

Color: Black | Material: Stainless Steel | Item Weight: ‎8.84 Grams | Shape: ‎Round | Product Dimensions: ‎2.73"W x 9.3"H | Color: ‎Black | Material: ‎Stainless Steel


  • BPA-free
  • Stainless steel
  • Fast-charging cable
  • Location-tracking
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe lid
  • Available in 21 oz capacity


  • Bottle body not dishwasher-safe
  • May not be suitable for storing hot water

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This bottle has resolved the challenge of staying hydrated with its tracking capabilities. It even gives the water that crisp taste, and the chug spout does not cause spills even when I drink on the go. The occasional Bluetooth glitch aside, this bottle has been a nifty find."

2. Best With Smart Tag:Hidrate Spark Tap Smart Water Bottle

Hidrate Spark Tap Smart Water Bottle Image: Hidratespark

The reusable smart drinking bottle by Hidrate Spark has a built-in smart tag at the bottom to help you track your daily hydration levels and water consumption and set personalized goals and reminders to drink the required amount of water per day. This smart water bottle with sensors also has customizable lights that glow when it’s time to take another drink from the bottle.

Additionally, the smart water bottle with personalized settings has an NFC Smart Tag to sync all your water-drinking data to your Android and iOS devices with the help of the HydrateSpark app for better tracking. This bottle is made of BPA-free and vacuum-insulated stainless steel and has a 20oz capacity.

Color: Wildberry | Material: Stainless Steel | Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Metal batteries required | Item Weight: ‎0.388 ounces | Product Dimensions: ‎3.94"W x 11"H | Color: ‎Wildberry | Material: ‎Stainless Steel


  • Lightweight
  • Chug lid for quick access
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes battery
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • Battery might drain quickly
  • Lid might cause water spillage at times

Our Reviewer's Experience

"In addition to keeping the water at the desired temperature, this bottle provides visual reminders for me to drink water. While the need to sync it manually was surprising, the bottle, on the whole, has been an affordable way to keep track of my hydration."

3. Best BPA-Free:Zak Designs Zak! Play Bluetooth Smart Water Bottle

Zak Designs Zak! Play Bluetooth Smart Water Bottle Image: Zak Designs

The smart stainless steel-made Bluetooth water bottle from Zak Designs offers long-lasting use and its double-walled vacuum insulation keeps the liquid cold for around 24 hours. It comes in a capacity of 17.5 oz, making it easy to carry or store. The bottle features a leak-proof lid and a carrying loop for easy handling.

Made of stainless steel and plastic, it is BPA-free to ensure safety. It has a removable and wireless portable Bluetooth speaker integrated with LEDs for timely visual reminders. You can connect the water-resistant speaker to your app and engage with music whenever you like. The bottle supports a rechargeable battery with a micro USB charging cable.

Item Weight: 14.4 ounces | Material: Stainless Steel | Item Weight: 0.9 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 3.82"W x 11.22"H | Color: Red


  • Hot beverages stay hot for up to eight hours
  • Press-in lid helps prevent splashes and spills
  • Micro USB charging cable included
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Available in three dynamic colors


  • May not be dishwasher-safe
  • Takes a lot of time to charge

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Setting up this bottle cum speaker was a breeze, and it has been fantastic at temperature retention. Its press-in sipper has also reduced spills, and the option to remove the speaker comes in handy when cleaning."


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 837 positive customer reviews on Amazon attest to the product’s quality.

HidrateSpark Steel Smart Water Bottle
Best Rechargeable
Hidrate Spark Tap Smart Water Bottle
Best With Smart Tag
Zak Designs Zak! Play Bluetooth Smart Water Bottle
Best BPA-Free
Color ‎Black ‎Wildberry Red
Material ‎Stainless Steel ‎Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Weight ‎8.84 Grams ‎0.388 ounces 0.9 Pounds
Shape ‎Round--
Dimensions ‎2.73"W x 9.3"H ‎3.94"W x 11"H 3.82"W x 11.22"H
Batteries- ‎1 Lithium Metal batteries required-

4. Best Stainless Steel:Philips Water GoZero UV Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle

Philips Water GoZero UV Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle Image: Philips

The UV GoZero self-cleaning smart water bottle by the trusted brand Philips features a vacuum-insulated, BPA-free, stainless steel body. It has a capacity of 20oz and its water-purifying, UV-C LED technology facilitates an effortless self-cleaning process and disinfects the bottle while preventing odor by destroying bacteria DNA. The bottle can keep stored water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, and its LED glows every two hours for a reminder.

Color: Black 20 oz | Material: Stainless Steel | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎3.82 x 9.76 x 19.58 inches | Product Dimensions: ‎3"W x 9.76"H | Color: ‎Black 20 oz | Material: ‎Stainless Steel


  • Leak-proof
  • Dishwasher-safe body
  • Two years warranty
  • Available in two colors


  • Lid may not be dishwasher-safe
  • May not stay charged for longer durations

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Although made of stainless steel, this bottle is lightweight, making it easy to carry on my travels. Besides, the UV sterilization feature provides peace of mind and makes it easy for me to clean it as it removes all odors and buildup."


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

Over 550 Amazon shoppers have left good reviews about this product, citing its quality features and benefits.

5. Best Medical Grade:Afrog Smart Kids’ Water Bottle

The Afrog Smart Kids’ water bottle is available in cute animal designs to ensure your child likes carrying it. With an 18 oz capacity, it has double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your drink hot for 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. It features an anti-scald design that helps check the water temperature with a simple press-in. This bottle’s medical-grade stainless steel construction resists oxidation and corrosion to ensure the water does not taste metallic.

The quality-tested smart water bottle features three lids – a portable cup lid, a smart straw lid, and a push-button flip lid. It has a classic powder-coated finish, and its cup sleeve protects it from dents or scratches.

Item Weight: 15.8 ounces | Material: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 3.35"W x 8.27"H | Color: Rabbit


  • Condensation-free
  • Leak-proof
  • Wide mouth to add ice or fruits
  • Eco-friendly and safe


  • May not be dishwasher-safe
  • May be a little bulky to hold

My Personal Experience

"My child is captivated by the pink hue of this bottle and is now drinking more water than ever. Its different lid options have also helped it grow well with her, and the temperature display is thoughtful."

6. Best Vacuum Insulated:Big Seller Smart Sports Water Bottle

The smart sports LED indicator water bottle from Big Seller can work as a coffee thermos, a storage bottle, a tea infuser, and more. It is double-walled and vacuum-insulated to keep your water or coffee temperature intact for up to 24 hours. The digital water bottle has a LED display that allows you to check the liquid’s current temperature at any given time.

With a capacity of 17 oz, it is made of 304 stainless steel and has a silicone bottom to prevent sliding or overflow. Its other parts are made of safe, BPA-free PP material, 100% copolyester plastic, and food-grade contact silicone.

Color: Silver | Item Weight: ‎8.8 ounces | Material: ‎Stainless Steel | Item Weight: ‎250 Grams | Product Dimensions: ‎2.5"W x 8"H | Color: ‎Silver


  • Anti-bacterial liner
  • Wide mouth to add ice or fruits
  • Comes with a mini cleaning brush
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in seven colors


  • Replacing batteries may be a little difficult
  • May not fit in some cup holders

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Impressed by this bottle's user-friendly design, I use it to carry my water and coffee. However, it had a strange odor when new, and some airing was needed to remove it. Still, features such as temperature monitoring have made it my favorite."

7. Best Scratch-Resistant:Rai Smart Water Bottles

Rai’s smart water bottle for hiking is designed as a thermos and has various features to keep you sufficiently hydrated. This smart bottle with a temperature sensor has a LED display that allows you to check the liquid’s temperature effortlessly. The vacuum-insulated stainless steel body helps keep the water hot or cold for up to 24 hours. The flask has a carrying capacity of 17 oz, making it suitable for outdoors.

Its leak-proof, BPA-free lid with silicone lining keeps the bottle secure, and it is waterproof. The bottle is easy to clean and has a powder coating for scratch resistance.

Item Weight: 15.8 ounces | Product Dimensions: 8.86 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches | Material: Stainless Steel | Item Weight: 0.99 Pounds


  • Odorless
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Food-grade silicone used
  • Can be refrigerated
  • Comes with a cleaning brush


  • Temperature doesn’t change from celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Batteries may not be changeable

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I've been using this bottle for a couple of weeks, and its performance has been praiseworthy. Its slim build fits my bag easily, too, and the temperature display is a nice feature. Plus, the included brush was a welcome surprise."

protip_icon Do remember
Clean your smart water bottles with a bottle brush to prevent germs and limescale buildup, especially in the nozzles.

8. Best Construction:Simeego Smart Water Bottle

The smart water bottle comes with an LED display at the top to display stored liquid temperature with a single press. With 360-degree rotation, you do not need to worry about water leakage from the flask. It features tight sealing and double-walled, vacuum-insulation, stainless steel construction to maintain the liquid temperature as desired. You can choose from five colors, including black, white, red, navy blue, and gold, to find a suitable one.

Item Weight: 10.8 ounces | Material: Stainless Steel | Product Dimensions: 2.7"W x 9.2"H | Color: Red


  • Beverage stays hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Long battery life
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Does not require charging
  • Easy to clean


  • Batteries may not be changeable
  • May not be drop-proof

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The highlight of this bottle is the integrated temperature display, which has prevented me from taking sips of too-hot beverages. Additionally, the leakproof design keeps me worry-free, and its quantity has been sufficient for my everyday hydration requirements."

9. Best Long-Lasting:Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottle

Bellabeat’s spring smart water bottle’s hydration monitoring system allows you to check the water intake, temperature and gives reminders. Made of glass, plastic, and silicone, it provides proper insulation with minimal condensation. With a 16 oz fluid capacity, the smart bottle with hydration goals is safe and long-lasting.

It uses Bellabeat’s proprietary tracking technology, suitable for women, to help you sync and back up other data for future reference. This wireless syncing water bottle with its tech-enabled features helps measure the necessary hydration requirements of your body and gives you timely reminders for water intake. You can also set your water intake goals with the Bellabeat hydration tracking app to meet your changing water intake goals.

Material: ‎Glass, Silicone, Plastic | Color: ‎Violet Ice | Item Weight: ‎0.42 Kilograms | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎2.69 x 2.69 x 9.14 inches


  • App available for iOS and android
  • BPA-free glass bottle
  • Modern design
  • Batteries last up to six months
  • Replaceable batteries


  • May not be able to keep drinks cold for longer durations
  • May not be condensation-free

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I got this bottle because of its glass build, and I am glad it's proven durable. The hydration reminder feature is also a boon, as I always forget to drink water. And even though I�d like it to keep my drinks cool for longer, the app connectivity has turned it into a little wellness tool."

protip_icon Point to consider
Opt for battery-operated smart bottles if your everyday routine requires you to be up and about without easy charging access.

10. Best With Smart Screen:Taishan UV Water Purifier

If you are looking for smart water bottles for your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and traveling, the Taishan rechargeable thermos water bottle may be the right fit. Made of stainless steel, the bottle has a carrying capacity of 16.9 oz. You can choose between black and silver.

The bottle offers strong sterilization with its UV-C cap to reduce the presence of microbes by up to 99.99%. It effectively breaks down the chemical binds of microbes to render them harmless, purifying your water readily. This bottle’s steel insulation ensures up to 24 hours of temperature control, and the smart screen on the lid reflects the current liquid temperature.

Material: Stainless Steel | Material: ‎Stainless Steel | Color: ‎Black | Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required | Item Weight: ‎14.9 ounces | Package Dimensions: ‎11.26 x 2.99 x 2.99 inches


  • Fast-charging
  • Portable sterilization cap
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Comes with a UV test card
  • Easy to carry


  • Temperature does not change from celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Instructions for use may be a little confusing

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This bottle is my preferred option for carrying hot and cold beverages as it keeps them at the desired temperature for hours. Its sterilization feature is also efficient, and the durable battery and snappy lid have made it even easier to use."

11. Best With Humidifier:LuxLumi H2O To-Go Smart Water Bottle

The smart water bottle from LuxLumi is available in soft blue and pink shades and is made of safe, tested materials, including silicone, polypropylene, and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It is portable and easy to carry, making it suitable as your travel companion. It is USB-rechargeable and supports a 1200mAh battery. With grips on the handle lid and bottom, it is easy to hold and doesn’t slip.

This bottle with ergonomic features has a built-in humidifier that helps control indoor and outdoor moisture levels in the atmosphere so your skin stays protected from dryness or cold. Its LED works as a reminder, pushing you to rehydrate every two hours.

Color: Pink | Material: ABS, Polypropylene, Silicone | Item Weight: ‎9 Ounces | Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎3.2 x 3.2 x 9.85 inches | Color: ‎Pink | Material: ‎ABS, Polypropylene, Silicone


  • Red LED light signals emergency SOS
  • Long-lasting battery
  • BPA-free
  • Ideal for gifting


  • Instructions for use may be a little confusing
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Smart Water Bottles?

Consider the following factors when choosing the right smart water bottles.

  1. Hydration tracking: Choose smart bottles equipped with a water intake tracker that measures your body’s water intake. It can help keep your body healthy and hydrated the entire day.
  2. Reminders: Ensure the bottles provide hydration reminders in regular intervals with pre-set LEDs, voice, etc., to maintain your daily water intake.
  3. Compatibility: Look for bottles that support your device and offer app compatibility to maximize their functionality.
  4. Sanitization: Choose bottles with deep sanitization and sterilization features, such as UV-C LED technology. You can also find some bottles with sanitizing and self-cleaning features.
  5. Construction: Smart water bottles are available in versatile designs, sizes, shapes, capacity, and construction. Choose the bottle as per your daily water intake needs.
  6. Material: Ensure it is made of expert-recommended safe materials, such as food-grade stainless steel.
  7. Insulation: Choose bottles with double-walled insulation to maintain the water’s desired temperature for up to 24 hours.

Alaina Bullock, an experienced product review blogger, says, “Smart water bottles come with a range of features. The more features a smart water bottle has, the more money you will spend. However, it’s worth investing in quality bottles, as they offer advanced and useful features such as self-cleaning modes, have antibacterial properties, and offer device/app compatibility.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should use a smart water bottle?

People who often forget to drink water and need to keep track of their water intake should opt for a smart water bottle. Some smart bottles can also play music and serve as a source of entertainment.

2. How should I use a smart water bottle?

Smart water bottles are quite easy to use. You need to charge them with a charging cable and then fill them with cool or warm water.

3. Can children use smart water bottles?

Yes, children can use expert-recommended smart water bottles that are lightweight and beginner-friendly.

Why Trust MomJunction?

The author, Wedetso Chirhah, is our in-house product writer and reviewer who has a knack for bringing you the best products, ranging from books and electronics to high-quality household items. He has thus made sure to carefully review the safety, durability, and functionality features before curating this list of the best smart water bottles for you. These best-selling bottles are well-equipped with timer, temperature, and tracking features to remind you to stay hydrated anytime, anywhere.

A smart bottle will not only store water but also assist you in tracking your water intake. Browse the top smart water bottles listed above and up your fitness game. Before making a decision, consider the various features of each product, including timely reminders and body hydration tracking. Moreover, the buying guide included in the article will help you categorize your preferences when shopping for the best smart water bottle. Make sure to read all reviews before making the purchase.

Infographic: Benefits Of Using Smart Water Bottles

Carrying your own drinking water is essential for staying hydrated all the time. While you can easily carry water in regular water bottles, smart water bottles have various features that help your daily hydration routine. Look through the following infographic to learn the benefits of using smart water bottles.

Why Should You Choose A Smart Water Bottle (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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