13 Best Smell Proof Bags To Buy In 2022 And A Buying Guide


Smell-proof bags are convenient, waterproof, and durable cases or pouches that are used to keep food items, medicines, and perfumes. Our list of the best smell-proof bags includes several pocket-friendly options made using activated carbon technology to keep them 100% odor-free. Besides, they have combination locks that ensure your items or belongings are safe, secure, and out of reach for children and pets.

Scroll down as we list the best odor-free bags available in different shapes and sizes. The post also includes a buying guide to help you find the right smell-proof bag for your home.

13 Best Smell-Proof Bags

1. Best Activated Carbon Lining:Smell-Proof Bag Stash Storage Pouch & Case By Tus

This smell-proof bag is manufactured by Tus and is an ideal travel accessory to carry medicines, toiletries, keys, or even delicate items. The bag measures 11in x 6in and features an activated charcoal lining. It is also 100% smell-proof tested. The product comes with dual Velcro closure whereby the top unfolds to open and then rolls back to close, ensuring a secure and tight fit. Check out the review of this product on YouTube to know why it is one of the best out there.


  • Comes with activated carbon lining to keep the bag free from any smell or odor
  • Contains dual mesh pockets to keep your belongings organized
  • Has secure dual Velcro enclosure ensuring the safety of your items
  • Made with superior quality polyester material
  • Comes with a functional wrist strap


  • May not be as durable as advertised
  • The threads/stitches around the Velcro strap may become loose

2. Best Weatherproof:Smell-Proof Bag + Grinder Card by Helmet Head

If you are looking for a durable smell-proof bag, then this product by Helmet Head is worth giving a try. The product, measures 7.5in x 2.5in, is 100% smell-proof, tested, and approved. The durable, weatherproof bag has a combo lock accessory kit, ensuring the safety of your belongings. An ideal product to carry herbs, pipes, rolling paper, and vape, the odor-proof bag comes with a smell-protective Velcro zipper and two divider pockets (interior) to keep your things well organized.


  • Comes with superior odor-proof control
  • A durable, lightweight, weatherproof, smell-proof bag
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Manufactured using 100% smell-proof activated carbon technology
  • Comes with a combination lock to keep the items secure and protected
  • Comes with a complimentary grinder card


  • The Velcro zipper may not be very durable and get damaged easily

3. Best Water-Resistant:Upgraded 2022 Smell-Proof Bag By Enjoy Native

The smell-proof stash bags are made of superior quality and durable 600D polyester fabric. The product contains a large 11in x 9in smell-proof bag, five 4in x 6in plastic resealable bags/pouches, and a security lock. Resealable plastic pouches are ideal for carrying herbs, spices, tea, and coffee. This product, with its heavy-duty carbon lining, ensures that the smell remains confined within the bag. The large odor-proof bag is water-resistant, comes with a Velcro safety buckle, and an easy carry handle.


  • Ideal for travel
  • Made from durable 600D polyester with an activated carbon lining
  • Comes with a set of five airtight plastic resealable bags that keep the contents dry and fresh
  • A water-resistant bag that comes with a double zipper lock, moisture and odor safety valve, and Velcro safety buckle
  • Comes with two inner pockets to keep things organized
  • Smell-proof-tested, dog-tested


  • The Velcro buckle may not be durable
  • The plastic resealable bags may not be 100% odor-proof

4. Best Tear-Resistant:Smell-Proof Bags By Impresa Products

This is a set of 15 smell-proof bags that can be used to store a variety of items, including herbs, coffee, tea, and food items. The bags are tear-resistant and come with a dimension of 4in x 6in. The black color bags keep the UV-light away, making the bags a great choice for storing products that may degrade in the presence of the UV-light.


  • Comes in a pack of 15 smell-proof bags
  • Ideal for trekking, camping, and other such activities
  • The bags are tear-resistant and come with a heavy-duty zipper
  • Keeps the item fresh, dry, and flavorful
  • Best pick for products or food items that degrade with UV-light


  • The zipper may not be long-lasting
  • The bags may not be able to conceal the smell as effectively as advertised

5. Best Lightweight:Upgraded Waterproof Smell-Proof Bag Case By Stanker

From medicines, herbs, to grinders, you can store a host of essential items in this superior quality smell-proof bag case by Stanker. The product is lightweight and measures 8.3in x 6in x 3in. The interior of the bag case is made using activated carbon technology that traps the odor and keeps the items fresh and flavorful. You can store the bag case in a suitcase or a backpack conveniently.


  • Comes with a waterproof exterior and carbon lining interior
  • Contains detachable interior compartments/dividers to keep the items organized
  • Lightweight, ideal for trekking, traveling, camping, or hiking
  • Comes with cold and frost-proof zipper, front zipper pocket, and a high-quality combination lock
  • Dog-tested smell-proof bags
  • Comes with detachable interior mesh pocket


  • The zipper tabs may often come off while opening or closing the bag case
  • The locking mechanism may not be very efficient

6. Best Five-Layer Protection:Smell-Proof Bag Set by H5

The H5 smell-proof bag with lock comes laden with many accessories and storage space. In addition to the stash bag, the product also contains four airtight resealable bags/pouches, a smell-proof jar (50ml), and an additional superior quality combination lock. The smell-proof bag comes with five protective layers that include a waterproof outer layer, followed by a non-woven fabric layer, an activated carbon layer, an insulated foam layer, and finally, a protective mesh lining.

The bag measures 8in x 5in x 4in, has two removable dividers, a removable middle compartment with three slots, and a mesh pocket (inside the lid), thus providing adequate storage space.


  • Comes with five-layer protection so that the smell remains fully concealed within the bag
  • Contains multiple compartments for better storage
  • Comes with a 50ml smell-proof jar, four resealable bags, and an additional combination lock
  • Made of superior quality polyester fabric
  • Comes with a water-tight premium zipper
  • Ideal for storing medicines, herbs, spices, cannabis, cigars


  • The handle of the smell-proof bag may not be very sturdy

7. Best Optimal Storage:Smell-Proof Bag by Smart Stash

The smell-proof bag by Smart Stash is a small, lightweight product that measures 8in x 6in x 3in. The bag comes with a heavy-duty carbon lining and contains micropores, ensuring the absorption of even the strongest of odors. The bag contains inner mesh divider pockets and durable case divider with elastic pockets for better and optimal storage of multiple items and accessories. The product comes with high-quality zippers and a built-in combination lock system. The smell-proof bag fits easily into a duffle and also a backpack.


  • Manufactured using high-quality 1680D polyester fabric
  • Durable bag keeps the item fresh and provides a protective cushioning for delicate or fragile glass items and vials
  • Contains detachable dividers and separators to ensure the herbs and spices remain well-separated from other goodies
  • Made with activated carbon technology
  • Comes with built-in combination lock security
  • Ideal for camping, hiking, traveling


  • The zippers may break or get damaged after a few uses

8. Best Superior Quality:Smell-Proof Bag by Middle Fork Market

If you are looking for a smell-proof bag for your medicines, perfumes, or cigars, this product will be worth giving a try. The smell-proof bag, made by Middle Fork Market, has been manufactured with superior quality, durable, and waterproof PU leather. It comes with built-in waterproof zippers and a three-digit combination lock (you can customize the code as per your convenience). The bag contains dual inner divider mesh pockets for better organization of the things.


  • Made from premium PU leather
  • Contains an inner Velcro locking strip and a waterproof zipper
  • Smell-proof-tested, dog-tested
  • Comes with an activated charcoal inner lining to block the smell from going out
  • Ideal for medicines, perfumes, and food items


  • The leather used in the product may not be 100% genuine

9. Best Heavy-Duty:Smell-Proof Bag with Alloy Grinder by Kullurs

The product by Kullurs is an ideal heavy-duty, carbon lined smell-proof barrier bag with a water-resistant fabric. It comes with an alloy grinder for herbs. The smell-proof bag comes with a mesh storage pocket and two inner divided compartments to store the smoking accessories. The complimentary grinder that comes with this product is a four-part alloy grinder that contains a metal lid and a pollen remover, ensuring easy and smooth grinding of the herbs.


  • A water-resistant, weatherproof bag
  • Comes with an alloy grinder to mix herbs
  • 100% smell-proof tested, dog-tested
  • Contains activated carbon lining
  • Comes with long-lasting waterproof dual zippers, a protective Velcro, a combination lock, and a strong and durable carry handle


  • The combination lock may not be of high quality and may stop working after a few uses

10. Best Lock System:Luxurious Smell-Proof Bag By Wilnocon

It is a high-quality smell-proof bag for storing herbs and medicines. This product by Wilnocon measures 11in x 6in. The waterproof dual zippers go the extra mile to ensure the smell remains trapped within the bag. Stylish, durable, and easy to carry, the product contains two Mylar bags measuring 4in x 6in for better and secured storage of the items.


  • Comes with activated carbon fiber technology inner lining to ensure the smell does not escape
  • Capacity of up to 2oz
  • Ideal for keeping herbs, spices, and prescription medicines protected from children and pets
  • Comes with a built-in, user-friendly combination lock system


  • The zippers and the combination lock may not be as durable as advertised

11. Best Vegan Leather:Smell-Proof Bags and Container by Sindicase Supply

If you are looking for a stylish smell-proof bag, then this is the product worth giving a try. Made from high-quality vegan PU leather, the bag comes with activated carbon technology, thereby concealing even the strongest smells/odor. The smell-proof bag contains a unique military-grade key lock system built into the zipper.


  • A stylish, luxurious, and waterproof, smell-proof bag made from premium vegan leather
  • Comes with heavy-duty carbon lining
  • Can hold up to 2oz
  • An ideal travel accessory to store your valuables (cash, medicines, herbs, grinders, pipe, perfumes, lighter)
  • Comes with a flared bottom for increased space


  • Though stylish, the bag doesn’t contain any inner compartments or pockets

12. Best Easy Handle:Formline Smell-Proof Bag with Combo Lock

Formline smell-proof bags come with superior quality activated carbon lining with millions of micro pockets to trap the odor twice as hard as other brands. A waterproof bag, the product comes with five-layer protection that includes an outer polyester fabric with PVC backing, filterable non-woven fabric, an activated carbon lining, and an inner protective polyester mesh. The bag contains a user-friendly, three-digit built-in combination lock.


  • Contains twice the amount of activated carbon lining as compared to the other brands/products
  • Has a five-layer protection
  • Contains an easy handle and carabiner
  • Ideal for traveling and in the car use
  • Comes with inner storage compartments and mesh divider pockets


  • Quite small in size

13. Best Spacious:Smell-Proof Bag/Stash Bag By Uaxum

The smell-proof stash bag by Uaxum is made from durable and waterproof fabric with superior, activated carbon lining. The bag comes with not one or two, but eight-layer protection to keep the smell from going outside. The smell-proof stash bag measures 6in x 4.5in x 9.75in.

The organizers present inside the bag are flexible and come with configurable dividers for better and more space. The zippers are easy to open with waterproof, odor-proof, sealed, and durable zipper teeth. Perfect for home storage, short trips, getaways, the bag has a built-in combination lock system.


  • Comes with an eight-layer smell protection cover
  • Easy-to-open and durable zippers
  • Heavy-duty carbon lining to trap/absorb the smell better
  • Ideal for carrying medicines, dispensary items, strong-odor food items, herbs, spice
  • The bag is quite spacious and comes with flexible dividers


  • The combination lock may not be very sturdy

How To Choose The Right Smell-Proof Bags?

Mentioned below are a few tips that will come in handy when choosing the best smell-proof bags to store your herbs, medicines, spices, cigars, and cannabis.

  1. Purpose of use: Most smell-proof bags can store a variety of aromatic items without letting the smell out. However, a few products are item-specific. For example, some smell-proof bags are specially designed to absorb the smell of cannabis and cigars, while a few others may be ideal for herbs, medicines. Buying a product specific to your needs will result in better and effective results.
  2. Quality and protection: Many smell-proof bags are made from premium quality, durable, weatherproof, waterproof materials, including leather and polyester. The ideal smell-proof bag comes with activated carbon lining capable of absorbing even the strongest smell/odor. Many bags boast of five to eight-layer enhanced protection to keep the smell inside the bag. Make sure the purchased product comes with a 100% smell-protection test, including a dog test certification.
  3. Built-in features:  Most high-quality smell-proof bags come with premium features that include, durable, airtight, and water-resistant dual zippers, easy-to-use built-in combination lock system, sturdy and stylish carry handle, and Velcro locking strips.
  4. Storage space:  Make sure the product you purchase has sufficient storage space to hold all your essentials efficiently. Most smell-proof bags come with many dividers and pockets to keep your items safe, fresh (in the case of food items, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, cannabis) and organized.
  5. Additional accessories: Nothing beats the excitement of getting free products with the main purchase. Many smell-proof bags come with complementary accessories such as grinder jar/grinder card, resealable airtight pouches/bags, and smell-proof cannabis bags. Knowing the utility of these products helps purchase a bag that comes laden with the free accessories.
  6. Product pricing: The odor-proof bags come at a variable price range. Choose the product keeping your budget in mind.

When purchased right, the smell-proof bags make traveling with herbs, medicines, food items, cannabis, a lot easy and convenient. Bags with superior locking system, ensure the items (especially medicines and cannabis) are not misused, especially when you have kids at home.

Why Trust MomJunction?

In this post, we have included the best smell-proof bags that are multifunctional. They can be used as a travel accessory to store perfumes, food, medicines, and more. They come with safety locks that will keep you relaxed and your contents safe throughout the course of the journey. To help you choose the right bag, we have also included a buyer’s guide. These bags are convenient, durable, and mostly water-resistant. A few of them also come with in-built pockets to keep things organized.

The uses of smell-proof bags are infinite. Whether you want to store food items, spices, medicines, or perfumes, these bags come in handy. The options listed here include a variety of stylish bags and pouches that are not only odor-resistant and waterproof but also convenient to carry and highly durable. When choosing the right bag for your needs, determine the purpose of use and factor in the quality of the product, storage space, and any other additional features you might be looking for.

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