15 Best Smokey Eye Palettes For An Attractive Look In 2022


Get ready for your next party with our list of the best smokey eye palettes and make your eyes look attractive and bright. A smokey eye look works for all occasions, effortlessly giving your eyes intensity and glamour. The trick behind creating the right look is knowing when to blend and smudge. As a beginner, you might make mistakes, but you can create the look easily with enough practice and patience.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will need a suitable eyeshadow palette to work with. These palettes should have enough nude, brown, and black shades to create a smokey look. With multiple shades, sufficient pigmentation, and other features, choosing the right palette can be challenging. So, we have reviewed multiple products to bring you high-quality ones for dramatic, bold eye makeup that exudes confidence and style.

Our Top Picks

15 Best Smokey Eye Palettes

1. Best Long-Lasting: Lamora Nudes Exposed Eyeshadow Palette

Lamora’s gorgeous eyeshadow palette comes with 16 pigment-rich colors, with incredibly long staying power, and blendability. Created with good-quality ingredients and the most updated, ultra-micronized formula, this set is luxurious. This 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and waterproof eyeshadow palette comes in a variety of colors from rose gold to dark browns in both shimmery, natural, and dramatic finishes. Its velvety smooth application gives it a flawless finish and it can be used both dry and wet depending on the look you are going for. This easy-to-apply eyeshadow comes packaged in a small, portable sleek case with a magnetic lid so it can conveniently accompany you on all your travels.

2. Best For Smoky Eyes: Milani Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is a combination of 12 cool, iridescent, neutral metallics and smokey velvet mattes. These cruelty-free eyeshadows are never tested on animals and can be easily layered and blended. This long lasting, sultry palette is perfect for creating smokey eyes— all you need to do is apply the rich, deep shades from the fourth row of the palette and then apply a shimmery shade on top of it for the perfect dramatic look. You can try a wide range of looks with this compact and convenient eyeshadow palette.

3. Best For A Shimmery Effect: Vodisa Matte And Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

This professional eyeshadow palette is a combination of 18 matte shades and 7 shimmer eyeshadows. It’s perfect for day and night use with its mix of cool and warm mattes with neutral shimmer hues. This easy-to-wear, long-lasting, waterproof eyeshadow is made of safe and high quality ingredients. The 25 colors of this makeup palette enable you to go from subtle to dramatic depending on your mood and occasion. Made from highly pigmented, natural, and nourishing ingredients, it’s suitable for both normal and oily skin. The soft textured powders with their super blendability give you a seamless finish. The colors are dye-free and range from cream colors for highlighting to dark colors for smokey eyes. This palette comes with a set of 6 eye makeup brushes to make application a cinch.

4. Best Highly-Pigmented: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner

This highly pigmented 6-eyeshadow palette has multi-reflective shimmer shades for a glamorous look for any occasion, and can be worn both during the day and night. These 6 shimmery shades are creaseless, long lasting, and have a blendable formula. Made with safe and healthy ingredients, they are suitable for even those with sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. In fact, this product is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, and allergists. This hypoallergenic product is devoid of 150+ harsh ingredients usually found in makeup products. It’s also cruelty-free, so you can use this product without an iota of guilt.

5. Best For All Skin Tones: W7 Ultimate Collection Eye Color Palette

Say yes to variety as this collection features 4 high quality palettes with eyeshadows that are long lasting with minimal creasing and fall-out, and the best part is that they don’t require a primer. These highly pigmented colors come in mattes, duo-chromes, and metallic shimmers and are suitable for all skin tones and types. The colors are nudes, browns, pinks, and golds that are ideal for day and night makeup. This collection also makes a great gift for those who love makeup. This product is free of any animal testing and gives you access to a good quality eyeshadow at an affordable price.

6. Best Smudge-Proof: Almay Smoky Eye Trios Eyeshadow – Lavender Haze

This eyeshadow is ideal for every occasion and comes in a unique and compact eye-shaped palette. The velvety and rich texture of these eyeshadows are sure to enhance your eye makeup. These long-lasting shades last for up to 16 hours so you can wear it for work or to party without worrying about it smudging, creasing, or fading. It’s hypoallergenic and cruelty-free and therefore safe to use— especially since it’s ophthalmologist tested and non-irritating to all skin types. You can make gorgeous blends with the 3 colors of this palette and create a bold and beautiful look.

7. Best Blendable: BYS Eyeshadow Palette – Nude Smokey

The matte and metallic shades of the berries collection help accentuate the beauty of the eyes. It comes with a dual applicator blender as well as a brush which makes its application very quick and easy. This palette features 12 shades ranging from barely visible nude to deep smoky tones, so you can create a subtle or dramatic look that’s suitable for every occasion. These velvety, highly pigmented eyeshadows shade, define, and brighten your eye and are extremely long lasting and blendable. This cruelty-free, and easy to apply eyeshadow palette comes with a full width mirror that enables you to apply these matte to shimmer shades on the go whenever you please.


8. Best Soft-Textured: Ucanbe Luxury Gathering 60 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

This smokey eyeshadow palette has 60 nude spectrum eye colors with soft and blendable textures, high pigmentation, and is very long lasting. This vegan and cruelty-free eyeshadow palette has soft mattes and shimmery metallics to suit your mood and occasion, and makes for a great starter palette. It has a good balance of cool and warm tones and can create both a glamorous smokey look or an everyday look with equal panache. The ingredients used in these waterproof eyeshadows are of high quality and they have an ultra-micronized pigmented formula, soft and silky texture, and can also be used as a liner and for contouring your eyes.


9. Best With Natural Mineral Oil: Shany Smokey Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best eyeshadow palettes for smokey eyes, it comes with 12 shimmer and highly pigmented smokey colors— 3 shades of white to off-white, 3 shades of grey to silver, 3 shades of browns, and 3 shades of black to jet black. Each eyeshadow is made from a natural mineral oil base that creates their vibrant color, allows smooth application, and is resistant to smudging or fading. It comes in a compact, slender, sturdy, and portable design which makes it an ideal travel companion. The high quality, buttery soft colors of this palette are blendable and smooth to apply and are ideal for both day and night use. A combination of light and dark shades, you have a wide range of shades at your disposal to experiment with different smokey looks.


10. Best For Full-Coverage: L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection – Smokey

A bold and smoky 12-color eyeshadow palette, they offer full coverage and have a super soft texture. Its blendable and buildable formula gives your lids a beautiful look in shimmer, metallic, and matte finishes. There are 4 basic brown matte shades, a light gray, a deep navy blue, 2 highlighting shades in cream and silver, and 4 shimmery colors— gray, taupe, brown, and purple. Together, these pretty shades can be mixed and matched for different smokey looks. This cruelty-free product has good pigmentation, and long staying power. In addition, it has a great texture with subtle, dimensional shimmer, so you have none of that chunky glitter on and around your lids. These eyeshadows stay on for up to 4 to 5 hours without creasing or fading. If you ask us, the cool toned colors are ideal for creating the perfect smokey eyes! This palette comes in a magnetic case that includes a mirror and a double-sided eyeshadow applicator, making it easy to use while on the go.


11. Best Customizable: Palladio Eyeshadow Quad – Smokey Eyes

This smokey eye palette has 4 highly pigmented eyeshadows, and is a combination of matte and shimmery shades, which can be customized to suit all occasions. The off white, light grey, dark grey, and pink colors of this palette can be used all year round and for both day and night wear. It comes in a compact with a dual sponge applicator for convenient and on-the-go application. The formula is infused with aloe vera and shea butter which keeps the eyes hydrated and gives these eyeshadows a silky smooth texture. And you can use this product guilt-free as it’s cruelty-free too!

12. Best 100% Vegan: Seprofe New Elegance Nude Eyeshadow Palette

This elegant smokey eye palette offers you 18 nude and funky, highly pigmented colors with matte, shimmer, duochrome, and metallic finish. The brown and golden shades are great for a natural or dramatic look with a touch of shimmer, while the neutral shades work well for nude or smokey eye look. These eyeshadows have a long wear, smooth finish, and are waterproof. These super soft colors are blendable and can be used both wet and dry for a hassle-free application. Its 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula has a silky and creamy texture, and won’t fade or smudge as easily. This palette is made of high quality extracts and ingredients for an extremely soft texture.

13. Best Water-Infused Texture: Sumeitang Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Set

This eyeshadow set with its 10 colors is designed for shimmery and glittery eyes and contours your eyes for that added wow factor. This vegan and cruelty-free product is made of healthy and safe ingredients, is hypoallergenic, and is easy to apply and wash off. Its waterproof formula is quick drying, glides on smoothly, and neither smudges nor fades, so its glossy luster stays on through the day. Its pearlescent diamond formula adds a sparkle to your face, and as it contains natural plant ingredients, it’s very safe to use. This versatile product with its lightweight, and its water-infused texture is suitable for all occasions and makes a great gift item as well.

14. Best Healthy And Safe: Onmay Sunset Glory Eyeshadow Palette

A combination of 20 buttery matte colors, 13 shimmer metallic eyeshadows, and 2 glitter eyeshadows, this waterproof makeup palette is long lasting and stays on all day. These wearable shades can be used alone or combined to make your eyes look vivid and 3-dimensional. This smokey eyeshadow palette is a right balance of warm and bright tones, and is great for a simple everyday look or a glamorous, sultry look. Its vegan and cruelty-free formula is hypoallergenic and contains high quality, safe, and healthy ingredients. It has a super creamy formula that is long lasting, easy to wear, highly pigmented, and blendable. And it also makes a great gift which would be appreciated by anyone who has a love for makeup.


15. Best Travel Companion: Ecofavor Nude Gold Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

This smokey eyeshadow palette contains 15 naked, warm neutral shades for that perfect smokey eye look. These highly pigmented colors are extremely blendable and come in a matte, shimmer, and metallic finish for super dimensional looks. This long lasting and waterproof eyeshadow palette comes in a compact and convenient size which makes it an ideal travel companion. The velvety and silky soft powders blend evenly and smoothly, adhere easily to the eyes, and give a great smoky eye effect. This vegan and cruelty-free brown smokey eye makeup palette has an organic and creamy formula which glides along your eyelids, giving full coverage, and is suitable for all skin tones.

Now that you have been through our review of the 15 best smokey eye palettes, it’s a good idea to go through some pointers to help you choose a eyeshadow palette that works the best for you.

How To Choose The Right Smokey Eye Palette

  • Texture and finish

Before you choose your eyeshadow palette, you need to be sure whether you want a matte, creamy, shimmery, or metallic palette. A matte finish is good if you have oily skin, as it has no shine or sparkle and has a long wear. If you have sensitive skin, a natural mineral based eyeshadow palette is a good choice. Creamy eyeshadows are great for dry skin, while a shimmer and metallic palette is ideal for those late night parties.

  • Eye color

Brown and black eyes look their best with burgundy, but warm browns also work well if you want to go for a more neutral look. Midnight blues and rich navy blues give a very dramatic look to brown and black eyes. Warm peach and mustard hues brighten up green eyes. Blended with colors like milk chocolate, cool taupe, or gold, they do a good job of highlighting and adding richness, intensity, and dimension to your eyes. Those with blue eyes can get a greyer tone for a smokey eye effect with shades of lavender and a purple eyeshadow. But if you want a more electric look, go for rust colored eyeshadows.

  • Versatility

A nude eyeshadow palette is very versatile and goes with most outfits and is also a good choice for beginners. It helps you to understand the difference in the colours that should be applied to the crease, the outer corner of your eyes, the eyelid, and brow bone. However, palettes that offer a wide range of shades are great too.

  • Quality over quantity

Sometimes you may get tempted to buy a palette because it has 30 different colors in it, but they may have no pigmentation to speak of. Choose an eyeshadow palette that contains highly pigmented shades that go with your eye color, skin tone, as well as personality. Also don’t choose a palette just because you happen to like one color in it. If you are not going to use at least 80% of the colors in your eyeshadow palette, then it’s better to go for single colors. Make sure your palette has a good mix of textures and colors— a light shade, a dark shade, a neutral shade, and one with shimmer.

Eye makeup instantly changes your look from subtle to dramatic, and getting a dramatic smokey eye look has never been easier. Once you have mastered the art of blending and smudging, you need to shade your eye in gradients to get the right look, and for this, you need the right eyeshadow palette. Organized eyeshadow palettes with all the shades you need is a great time and money saver, and also saves you from the bother of rummaging through various single eyeshadows. Towards this end, we hope our review of the 15 best smokey eye palettes will help you in making the right choice so that you achieve that intense and bold smokey eye look you have been craving for.

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