17 Best Snack Box Subscriptions For 2021


Whether you are an adult or a child, delicious snacks are a constant in our lives. So, here’s our list of the best snack box subscriptions to have your monthly snack supply sorted. As adults, indulging in snacks between long hours of work or late at night is quite common. It might have become an important part of your daily routine while in school. Unfortunately, many of us might have been eating the same snacks again and again.

To all those looking forward to breaking the cycle and trying out something new, snack box subscriptions can help you out. These box subscriptions contain around ten to 50 items, and each package includes new and unique products. If you want to try it out, check out our review of such subscriptions to choose the right one.

17 Best Snack Box Subscriptions

1. TryTreats International Snack Box Subscription

This snack box is on a monthly subscription basis and comes in 2 variants, a standard and premium box. The brilliance of this lunch box subscription is its wide range of offerings. With options including Indian, Israeli, Taiwan, and Greek treats, you can try different treat boxes every month. Each country-specific lunch box consists of sweet and savory flavors that represent different cultures and histories. In addition, each lunch box consists of 5 special treats from a mystery international country.

2. Bokku Authentic Japanese Snack And Candy Box Subscription

This flavor-filled lunch box subscription by Bokku offers quality and authentic Japanese snacks based on Japanese customs, traditions, and festivals. Each box consists of 20-25 nacks, including rice crackers, cakes, chips, and candy. To ensure that these snacks are authentic, the company has them made by Japanese families. In addition to these tasty snacks, the lunch box also includes a culture guide explaining the origin of each product. Each delicious snack included in this bento box subscription is vegetarian-friendly.

3. SnackNation Ultra-Premium Healthy Snack Box Subscription

SnackNation has a fun-filled lunchbox that has tasty yet delicious snacks. Each monthly lunch box consists of 15 snacks and treats that are specially curated. Some of these treats include chips, nutrition bars, sweets, nuts, and jerkies. Every snack is made with love and nutritious ingredients that pass the company’s banned ingredients list. This lunch box is a perfect gift for friends, meetings, and celebrations. If 15 snacks don’t do the trick, you’re in luck because the company has other offerings with its contents varting from 8 to 150 delicious snacks.

4. Charloo International Snacks Variety Pack

Do you have children at home craving a taste of something new? Try this lunch box subscription by Charloo. The box consists of 17 taste delights that will satiate your hunger cravings at any time of the day. The company includes snacks that are hard to find in local stores and come hand-picked from Guatemala. If exotic flavors and chips tickle your palette, this lunchbox subscription is for you. It serves as a great gift box and teases your taste buds with its glorious flavors. The icing on the cake is that you also get a gift in this snack box.

5. Carnivore Club Hand Crafted Cured Meats Lunch Box

The variety of the contents in these lunch boxes make it one of the best on our list of the 17 best snack box subscriptions. Each box is carefully packed with 5-7 of the finest meats for carnivore lovers. Some of the Carnivore snack boxes include teriyaki beef jerky, BBQ beef jerky, spicy beef jerky, and garlic beef sticks. Carnivore works with a creative team of artisans working tirelessly on new recipes to bring new and memorable flavors. Each piece of meat has been ethically treated and locally sourced, bringing to you only the best that life has to offer.

6. BBQ Hand Selected Snack Box Subscription

The BBQ monthly snack box subscription offers 3-different kinds of boxes to satisfy all your cravings. You can bite into the juicy goodness of a BBQ beef ribs box or take a leap of faith and dive into the beer can chicken box. If neither of these appeals to your tummy, then there’s always the good old chipotle BBQ chicken box to boost your spirits. Some sought-after snacks include the cash cow beef rub, alder wood chips, and the stripling’s original beef jerky. Included in each snack box is a special BBQ sauce to go with your delicious treats. The unique recipes and hand-selected ingredients go into making this BBQ snack box a memorable experience.

7. Fit Snack Healthy Snack Box Subscription

Fit Snack offer fun and amazing theme-based boxes. Some of their theme-based boxes include a snack box for summer, a spring snack box, and even a snack box for life. Each healthy and nutritious snack box consists of 10 snacks like jerky, seed, nut blends, granola, fruit snacks, and healthy snack bars. This nack box serves as a good wellness package and a travel food package. Every snack included in the box is hand-selected by a nutritionist. Included with this delicious box of healthy snacks is a fit life guide that includes tips on nutrition, healthy diet, and fitness.

8. Bunny James Hand Selected Premium Snack Box

The Binny James snack box is a bundle of 15 treats that are tasty and healthy. The snacks are crafted after many hours of research on nutritious food. The savory options included in this box are breathtaking. Some delicious delights include dang coconut chips, banana jerky original, nature’s bandits’ apple, and mission meats beef bar. The best part about these treats is that they are made without refined sugar, grains, legumes, dairy or vegetable oils. The company includes a customized card written by you for your dear and near one to keep each box special and unique.

9. SnackSack Unique and Healthy Snack Box

SnackSack manufactures 3-different kinds of snack boxes, classic, gluten-free, and vegan. This classic snack box includes 11-15 tasty treats packed with love. The snack box subscription is every month, and each monthly box is filled with new and delicious delights. Some healthy snacks include baked chips, chocolate mint chips, red lentil sack crips, organic dark chocolate, and peanut butter protein bars. So if you want to try something new, give this snack subscription box a go.

10. Jerky Subscription Snack Box

Quality and tastiness go hand in hand when talking about this mouth-watering meaty goodness by Jerky Subscription. The beef jerky in this box is seasoned with special ingredients and made with selected lean meat. The meat is 96% fat-free and does not contain any MSG. This product is made from chosen cattle raised only in the USA. The 4-packets of beef jerky included in this box are rich in protein and energy. Each packet contains 12 gms of protein and 70 gms of calories. Some of the tasty beef jerky flavors included in this snack box are mango habanero ale beef jerky, bogeys premium beef jerky, and sesame teriyaki beef jerky.

11. Bunny James Keto Snack Box

If you’re on a keto diet but still want to try out some tasty treats, then this snack box by Bunny James is for you. Each box contains 7 new snacks from world-renowned keto brands. The products contain no added sugars, less than 5 gms of net carbs, and no maltitol to ensure healthy treats. Some snacks include legendary foods like almond butter, keto cookie coconuts, and Sonoma creamery parmesan. The mix of sweet and savory delights makes it appealing to most pallets. Last but not least, the products come packed in a cute-looking bunny box.

12. BRAV BOX Premium Healthy Snacks

The box contains 8-12 healthy treats to satisfy all your hunger cravings. The mix of dehydrated fruits, cookies, meal bars, chips, and puffs adds to the variety of the treat box. Each box contains different tasty delights that are carefully selected and changed every month. The company has monthly boxes, containing snacks that suit the weather. If the august box with its mixed nuts and milk chews don’t appeal to taste, then there’s always the next month’s July box that will have your tongue hanging and tummy craving the coffee shots, white cheddar popcorn, and crunchy granola bites.

13. Vegancuts Vegan Variety Snack Box

This monthly subscription snack box by Vegacuts is a work of brilliance. It contains a variety of different snacks, including both savory and sweet items. Each box is filled with more than 10-exciting snacks. These all vegan snacks are plant-based and made from all-natural ingredients. This meal box contains crisps, chocolates, sauces, and even drinks. If your vegetarian diet has been holding you back from tasting some of the best snacks, you should try this snack box by Vegancuts.

14. Korean Monthly Snack Box

Each monthly box consists of a different assortment of authentic Korean munchies. Some of the most popular snacks of Korean go into this 1 pound box. Snacks ranging from sweets, candies, and chocolate to savory items are included in this box. To keep your interest peaked, the company creates each monthly box based on a specific theme. These delicious munchies are made in South Korea and make an ideal gift for those who have never had to chance to taste such snacks.

15. KiwiGrub Snack Food Box

Believe it or not, but KiwiGrub is New Zealand’s first snack box company to make an appearance in the international market. The company provides these tasty delights to the rest of the world on a monthly subscription basis. Each high-protein food box contains 8-10 snack packets, with 1 out of the lot being a candy bar. The company chooses from among the tastiest snacks available in New Zealand to make a different box every month to give you a taste of something new. Each monthly premium box is filled with treats that range from spaceman candy, double chocolate brownies to smoked beef jerky. One of the highlights of this lunch box is the personal touch it offers in personalized handwritten letters.

16. The Russia Box Snacks

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the flavors of Russia and Eastern Europe with this snack box by The Russia Box. Each box contains 1-2 large items with 5-10 small packets of goodies. Some of the delicious items included in this box are cookies, tea, crisps, jam, pastilla, and chocolate bars. If you have a sweet tooth, you will not want to miss out on this snack box. But, if you thought that was all, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Along with this box of edible goodies are souvenirs that surround Russian customs and traditions. These include small figurines, carvings, and accessories.

17. The Care Crate Company Monthly Snack Subscription Box

If special treats and snacks are what you desire, look no further than the snack box by The Care crate. Its wide range of savory and sweet snacks earns it a worthy spot on our list of the 17 best snack box subscriptions. It makes for a perfect birthday gift, a surprise during a celebration, or just a tasty delight for your kids. Each one consists of products from well-known brands that you can trust. The monthly packages may include rice Krispy treats, planters peanuts, pop tarts, Fritos Twizzlers, and many more.

Now that you’ve had a look at an assortment of different snack box subscriptions, it’s time to choose the one you like the most. However, before you take that leap of faith, there’s still something that you need to know. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best snack box subscription.

How To Choose The Best Snack Box Subscriptions?

  • Size

Snack box sizes can range from a package of 5 treats to a bundle of 50 treats. The choice of snack box subscription depends entirely upon why you need it. If you want to get a taste of different snacks eaten around the world, then it’s best to opt for a small to medium-sized snack box. However, if you’re a foodie or you want to give it to a dear one, then a large-sized box would be worth it.

  • Type of snacks

Apart from the number of snacks included in a snack box subscription, one must also consider the kind of snacks included. Most companies like to have a mix of savory and sweet items. However, some packages cater to a specific type. Some packages contain only meats or tasty items. The kind of snack box you choose boils down to personal preference.

  • Snack box uniqueness

If you want to get a taste of many different snacks each month, you should purchase a snack box subscription that sends an extra snack box every month. That eliminates the monotony of having to receive the same snack packet month after month. Some companies even go to the extent of sending snacks from different countries every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I customize my snack subscription box order?

Unfortunately, most companies do not allow you to choose items. Most snack boxes contain a wide range of items selected by the company itself. While there might be a few companies that do allow you to do so, they are few. In most situations,  you will be guessing till your snack box arrives.

2. Are there gluten-free snack boxes?

Many companies have gluten-free snack box options. In fact, in most recent times, gluten-free snack boxes have become a popular choice. In addition to this, companies also pack snack boxes that are healthy, vegan, and for those on a keto diet.

The age-old saying, ‘You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jelly beans’ has held even till today. The snacks you eat tend to define the person you are. This itself reveals the importance that snacks have in present-day society. The best way to snack on treats and goodies is to subscribe to a monthly snack box package. What was once an impossibility is now made possible by so many countries across the globe. You can now get a feel of what it is like to taste treats from across the world without traveling. If you’ve been thinking of subscribing to one, it’s time for you to revisit our list of the 17 best snack box subscriptions.

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