11 Best Snowmobile Gloves of 2021


It’s a universal rule – if your hands are freezing, your entire body will feel the chills, no matter how many layers you add to your OOTD! And this is why you need snowmobile gloves. Especially for winter adventures, sports, and other riding and driving activities, snowmobile gloves are indispensable. Protecting hands from unforgiving cold winds, icy water, and providing a firm grip over motor-sled handles, these gloves even prevent frostbites!

So, What Are Snowmobile Gloves?

With thermal, waterproof, and thick insulation layers providing optimum warmth, snowmobile gloves are go-to for those who travel on snowmobiles or partake in winter adventures like snowboarding, skiing, hiking, etc. These gloves are also waterproof and preferred for their anti-skid design and high tenacity.

Now that you know what snowmobile gloves are, check out our list of 11 best snowmobile gloves of 2021 below.

11 Best Snowmobile Gloves of 2021

1. MCTi Ski Gloves

MCTi Ski Gloves

Brace yourselves through cold winds like a pro with MCTi Ski Gloves. Protecting hands with 3 layers of insulation, these gloves are made of 3m durable Thin sulate, warm cotton, and 100% polyester that keeps the temperature endurable inside. Plus, these snowmobile riding gloves also have a waterproof TPU membrane that eliminates the moisture due to heat accumulation. One of the best winter gloves to add to your winter sports collections, it has a zipper pocket too for heat packs, money, etc.


  • The outer shell is windproof and coldproof
  • Keeps hands warm even at -20F
  • Wear-resistant with reinforced anti-slip rubber fingers for a good grip
  • Durable and soft nubuck palm offers high flexibility
  • It has a nose-wipe fabric on thumbs.
  • The adjustable wrist strap with buckle and drawstring closure allows a custom fit.


  • The gloves are thick and may lower dexterity.

2. OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves

OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves

Is fishing or snow shoveling giving you chills in winter? Try on these waterproof gloves with artificial suede leather on the outer shell that protects even through -30 F. Insulated with a full-hand membrane lining which is waterproof, the material is breathable and ultra-protective too. So much that the brand claims one can easily insert hands in icy water and not feel an inch of dampness! And the best part— it has goatskin fingertips, so you can use your smartphone easily without removing the gloves.


  • Multiple coldproof and windproof layers insulated with thick sponge
  • Thermal polyester cotton lining keeps the hard warm and comfortable
  • Anti-slip silica gel on the palms offer a great grip
  • Elastic and knitted cuffs make it an easy-wear
  • Durable, thick and dexterous
  • Suitable to during snowfall, rains, winter sports, snowmobile, skiing, cycling, etc


  • Screen sensitivity may disappoint
  • The waterproof feature may keep hands dry but not warm.

3. Terra Hiker Winter Warm Ski Gloves

erra Hiker Winter Warm Ski Gloves

Ladies, stay warm and stylish with these snowmobile gloves for women. One of the best insulated gloves with an ergonomic design and breathable woolen lining, they ensure to keep your hands protected and comfortable anytime, anywhere. Designed to provide extra insulation with 3m Thinsulate, Taslan fabric shell, and thick cotton, the PU coating on the palm is anti-slip and waterproof too. Speaking of waterproof, these snowmobile gloves boast about their hydrophobic effect that keeps hands dry and warm, on cold days.


  • Windproof, coldproof and wear-resistant
  • Premium-quality, durable and lightweight
  • Highly flexible with enhanced grip for extra security
  • Wrist straps are adjustable
  • Knitted cuffs block cold winds
  • It has an anti-lost buckle for convenient storage.


  • May not be moisture-proof
  • Not recommended to wear during harsh winters

4. Kemimoto Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Kemimoto Winter Motorcycle Gloves

When it comes to riding a motorcycle or snowmobile, the grip is essential. Keminmoto Winter Motorcycle Gloves are lightweight, with an anti-slip grip material that offers high dexterity. And besides acting as a second layer on hand, the outer shell is highly-robust. The extra shield on the knuckle also protects during falls or accidents. But what makes these snow gloves all the more superior is that you don’t have to remove them to use a smartphone or GPS screen! These gloves have a conductive leather on three fingertips (forefinger, middle, thumbs) that makes it touchscreen-sensitive.


  • Made of microfiber material
  • Cotton lining is comfort-inducing and warm
  • Waterproof, durable and wear-resistant
  • Warmth-inducing with a snug fit
  • The wrist buckle and elastic band prevent cold winds.
  • Gloves for women have reflective strips for driving safely at night.


  • The inner liner might be a hassle while wearing and removing gloves.

5. LANYI Winter Gloves

LANYI Winter Gloves

Are you looking for lightweight snowmobile gloves? LANYI Men Waterproof Winter Gloves are super light, durable, and ultra-warm with 3m Thinsulate! And given how Thinsulate gloves are known to be warmer than other material, these have a super soft and comfortable cotton in-lining too. Protecting your skin against temperature as low as -30 F, they provide a snug fit and also a good grip. So, whether you are a beginner or an expert, these snow gloves will ensure no chills, only thrills on all your winter adventures.


  • Coldproof and windproof with thick insulation
  • Snow-proof and waterproof with TPU membrane insert
  • Highly durable, flexible, and wear-resistant gloves
  • Anti-skid PU coating for enhanced grip
  • Moisture-wicking and skin-friendly inner liner
  • Adjustable drawstring and elastic wrist cuffs
  • Ideal for all winter activities like using a snowmobile, snowboarding, hockey, downhill skiing, fishing, etc.


  • Bulky
  • Thickness may lower dexterity

6. Palmyth Winter Gloves

Palmyth Winter Gloves

Is the fear of icy water keeping you from water sports? Don’t give up; wear the right gloves instead. Palmyth Winter Gloves are designed with 4 layers of windproof insulation, including a waterproof TPU membrane that keeps the hands warm and dry. Providing optimum warmth even at temperature -10 F, these snowmobile gloves are heat-pack compatible too with a built-in pocket. Ideal for shoveling snow, fishing, skiing, and snowmobiles – don’t let the harsh winds keep you from enjoying the beautiful weather, this season.


  • Made of 3m Thinsulate, orange fleece, and warm cotton
  • Nose wipe on thumbs and touchscreen compatible gloves
  • Highly-dexterous and durable
  • Ergonomic leather and premium silicone on palm for enhanced grip
  • Protects from blisters, insect bites, and calluses
  • Offers a snug, warm and comfortable fit
  • Elastic cuffs blocks snow, rain, and cold winds


  • Not recommended for extreme temperature
  • The elasticity on cuffs may wear off.

7. Keegud Ski Gloves

Keegud Ski Gloves

Like warm hugs for your hands, Keegud Ski Gloves is what your winter collection deserves! Insulated with thick warm cotton, Thinsulate, and spandex, the brand promises coziness like no other. And while keeping you warm inside with its skin-friendly lining, the outer polyester material acts as a shield against wind and water. One of the best gloves to have if you enjoy hiking, snowboarding or skiing, they also make ideal gifts for your loved ones.


  • Ultra-soft, thick, and warm
  • Provides optimal warmth even at -30 F
  • Windproof, waterproof, and snow-proof
  • Wear-resistant, flexible, and durable
  • PU leather non-slip palm offers great grip
  • Knitted cuffs allow easy wear and take off


  • May not be moisture or sweat-proof
  • Low dexterity

8. Yobenki Ski Gloves

Yobenki Ski Gloves

What is unique of Yobenki Ski Gloves? Its multiple layers of insulation comprises 3m breathable Thinsulate, thick warm cotton, waterproof TPU membrane, and the softest fleece lining. Consider your hands warm and protected through all your winter adventures with Yobenki Ski Gloves. And in addition to this, the gloves also have a polymer film that prevents water absorption. So, the next time you plan to hit the hills for some thrills, you know what you need to beat the chills!


  • Keeps hands warms at -34 F
  • Windproof and prevents frostbites
  • Firm and anti-slip grip made of PU leather
  • Durable, anti-tear, and flexible
  • Touchscreen-friendly with a conductive fabric on forefinger and thumb
  • Zipper pocket for convenient storage
  • Adjustable drawstrings and wrist buckle that prevents cold winds


  • Not recommended for harsh winters
  • Bulky

9. Anqier Ski Gloves

Anqier Ski Gloves

Why choose bulky and boring gloves, when Anqier Ski Gloves can add some glam to your winter OOTD! One of the best combinations of style and security, it comprises 5 composite layers of insulation. Windproof and waterproof (with TPU membrane), the gloves are also highly durable and wear-resistant. And if you are looking for gloves with maximum grip, then you are in for a treat because these gloves have PU coated palms that are durable and anti-tear too. So, this winter, along with your adventure side, show off your trendy gloves in those gram selfies!


  • Insulated with premium-quality and breathable Thinsulate
  • Warm cotton and inner fleece offer comfort and optimal warmth
  • Wear-resistant, flexible, and ergonomic fit
  • Drawstring closure blocks cold winds and snow
  • Adjustable wrist strap with buckle
  • Wrist leash is removable
  • Ideal for mountaineering, skiing, driving, riding, snowmobile, etc.


  • They may not last long.

10. Issayauto Motorcycle Winter Gloves

Issayauto Motorcycle Winter Gloves

Motorcycle and snowmobile enthusiasts, these gloves might interest you. Given how the grip is a vital feature, Issayauto Motorcycle Winter Gloves will not disappoint. Besides providing a firm grip, it also guarantees anti-shock and anti-impact during accidents or falls with a 3mm Eva palm pad. Giving the rider a good hold on the handles, it has a sturdy shell on the knuckle for extra protection too. Wondering about the fit? It is comfortable, soft, and ideal for all those long and adventurous winter rides.


  • Made of breathable nylon and carbon fiber
  • Guarantees optimal warmth and protection
  • Windproof, waterproof and wear-resistant
  • Touchscreen-compatible
  • Ergonomic design, durable and lightweight


  • Not recommended for harsh winters

11. Castle X Epic-G1 Snowmobile Gloves

Castle X Epic-G1 Snowmobile Gloves

Are you planning to try extreme winter sports? You will need something epic to stand out! Like heated gloves from Castle that despite their lightweight can withstand strong cold winds, freezing temperature, and icy water effortlessly. With a nylon layer on the outside and insulated 3m Thinsulate platinum on the inside, it has a firm synthetic grip too that’ll keep your hands from slipping. Premium-quality and durable to last through many adventure sports with you, these snowmobile gloves are a must-try.


  • Windproof, waterproof, and wear-resistant
  • High tenacity and durability
  • Insulated with a breathable and water-resistant membrane
  • Anti-skid design with comfort fit
  • Elastic cuffs with buckle straps protect you from cold winds and snow.


  • May not be warm enough during harsh winters

That all folks! Those are the 11 best snowmobile gloves for you. If you still can’t decide which one to pick, read on.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Gloves?

Here are some features you must look out for:

Material: Most of the snowmobile gloves are designed with 3m Thinsulate insulation that keeps the hands warmer than other materials. You can also look out for warm cotton and skin-friendly fleece lining for optimum comfort and long wear.

Wind, Moisture & Waterproof: The gloves should be windproof, waterproof, and moisture-proof for best and long-term usability. Though windproof and waterproof are ideal, the moisture-wicking feature is also important to prevent sweat due to heat accumulation. So, you must look out for this feature.

Comfort: Other than the inning lining being soft and comfort-inducing, the design should be a good fit for the hand too. Choose gloves with an ergonomic design for a comfortable and snug fit.

Tenacity: A firm grip is all you need to keep your snowmobile or motor sled on the right track. Look out for PU leather coating or PU coating on the palm for enhanced grip. Also, it should be anti-slip.

Cuff Closure:  Pick gloves with an elastic or buckle wrist strap that allows adjustability and good closure. Also, they block, snow, wind, and rain from entering and ruining the whole purpose of the gloves.

Benefits Of Snowmobile Gloves

Protect Hands From Freezing Temperature – Participating in winter sports or traveling on snowmobiles without the right gear can be downright dangerous. Snowmobile gloves are a must to protect your hands from cold winds, snow, and of course, frostbites!

Give A Good Grip Over Handles – A good grip over the handle is necessary to keep your motor sled on track and avoid accidents. Snowmobile gloves offer a firm grip with an anti-skid design, so you don’t lose control of the motor sled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Maintenance Is Ideal For Snowmobile Gloves?

Ideally, you must toss them in the dryer after every use to get rid of the stench or moisture if you perspire a lot, or if your gloves do not have a moisture-wicking feature. But, if you don’t use them often, washing them once a season should suffice.

How Much Insulation Should My Gloves Have?

It depends upon the activity you are partaking in. If it involves too many physical activities, then multi-layered insulation may get stuffy for you. But on the other hand, too little can give you the shiver. So, choose depending upon your activity.

Are They Waterproof, Windproof, And Breathable?

Yes, most of the snowmobile gloves are waterproof, windproof, and breathable. However, it is advisable to check out the features before purchasing.

Give your hands; the perfect gear this season! Quit rubbing heat packs, when these snowmobile gloves are claiming to keep your hands warm and protected through minus temperatures! So, what are you waiting for? Call your squad, plan those treks and adventures, and grab your snowmobile gloves today.

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