15 Best Soccer Balls in 2021

15 Best Soccer Balls in 2021

Soccer is a serious sport, a game of the mind and body, agility and concentration, practice, and fun. A player’s age, skill level, and seriousness in soccer will determine the ball. The soccer ball will help you perform better, depending on its size, durability, air pressure, spherical design, softness, and visibility. Here are some of the best soccer balls to up your game today.

15 Best Soccer Balls

1. Impel L30P Soccer Ball

The Impel soccer ball is an ideal ball for all weather conditions. It is a soft-touch training ball that helps players get the best out of practice sessions. It has an organic shape with graphic designs for powerful visual impact. The foam-backed TPU material is machine-stitched and well-balanced that works on grass too. It accommodates a precision-engineered 32-panel design that offers optimum reliability. This ball is available in sizes two to five. It comes deflated and has a high-retention bladder that helps to maintain the ball shape and pressure.


2. Adidas Starlancer V Club Soccer Ball

The Starlancer soccer ball from Adidas is made of 100% polyurethane. It is durable and sturdy and can withstand scrimmages and rugged terrains. The ball is hand-washable. It is supported by a butyl bladder that maximizes air retention and requires minimal pumping. The ball has attractive graphics and comes deflated.


3. Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball

Champion Sports Viper soccer size five ball is recommended for ages 12 and above. You can use the ball for indoor and outdoor play. It is constructed from four-ply PU synthetic leather for extra softness. The butyl bladder is air-locked for better retention of air and shape. The blue/black and white ball is machine-stitched for superior durability and quality control. It comes deflated and requires inflation before use.


4. Franklin Sports Soccer Balls

The Franklin Sports soccer balls come in sizes three to five. These are traditional soccer balls for youngsters and adults. The balls have a soft cover made of foam cushion that gives them a responsive feel. They have PVC covering, making them water-resistant and playable in all weather conditions. The precise stitching and official sizing facilitate training and skill-building at all skill levels. The high-quality bladder offers maximum air tightness and retention and helps prevent any leaks and deflation.


5. Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball

The Nike Pitch Team soccer ball is made of shock- and tear-resistant material with a durable coating. It is designed with contrasting graphics that allow high visibility on the field. The attractive soccer ball facilitates precise touch due to its clear visibility. It lasts longer, and you can use it for regular practice sessions or team games.


6. Wilson NCAA Copia Soccer Ball

The Copia soccer ball from Wilson NCAA is made of composite leather with a TPU cover for optimal durability. It is stitched with carcass windings that offer maximum shape retention. The 20-panel design enables the player to strike with precise accuracy. Its butyl bladder offers lasting air retention and also keeps the ball balanced and consistent. It is designed with three vibrant stripes that allow the player to track the ball’s rotation while running. The high-performance ball enhances spin identification and control with every kick.


7. GoSports Premier Soccer Ball

GoSports Premier brings you a single soccer ball or a set of six balls, perfect for schools, camps, training sessions, etc. The machine-stitched construction offers long-lasting durability, and the internal butyl bladder provides maximum air retention, tightness, and sustained performance. Their synthetic leather cover gives an optimal feel and are abrasion-resistant. They include air pump for easy inflation and maintenance of air pressure. The six-ball option includes a premium mesh bag for portability and storage.


8. CubicFun Kids Soccer Ball

The kids’ soccer ball from CubicFun is a size three ball with glitter effects. It is suitable for children from two to five years. This glitter design stands out, increasing visibility while playing and induces interest in young kids. The ball helps to increase coordination, increase strength, improve flexibility, and enhance cardiovascular health. It is durable and soft with a thick synthetic leather outer cover. It is abrasion-resistant and waterproof. The machined-stitched construction allows children to have control and play rough with the ball. Reinforced internal rubber bladder facilitates excellent air retention and protects the ball shape. This soccer ball for girls is made of eco-friendly rubber and toxic-free materials, making it safe for kids.


9. Crocodile Creek – Unicorn Soccer Ball

Crocodile Creek Unicorn soccer ball is designed for children from four to eight years. The seven-inch diameter ball is easy to handle, durable and can be used indoors and outdoors. Constructed from a high-quality synthetic leather free of PVC and latex, it comes in eye-catching colors of purple, pink and white with unicorn design. It has a sturdy rubber bladder for better air tightness. The product material meets International safety standards.


10. PP Picador Kids Soccer Ball

PP Picador offers a sparkling cartoon imprinted ball, great for toddlers, kindergarten or school-going boys and girls. It can be used indoors or outdoors in the yard. The glittering ball sparks a child’s interest and inclines them towards sports at a young age. It is made of safe and durable TPU material with toxic-free, eco-friendly rubber. The size three ball reaches a diameter of 7.4 to 7.7-inch on inflation. The inner rubber bladder offers excellent air retention to keep the ball in shape longer. It has a machine-stitched construction and inner nylon wound carcass for maximum durability. The ball comes with a small pump for inflation.


11. MacGregor Rubber Soccer Ball

The soccer ball from MacGregor is ideal for practicing and polishing your soccer skills. It is suitable for training sessions to improve every move. The molded construction of the ball offers longevity and durability. It comes deflated and needs to be inflated with a pump.


12. Western Star Official Match Game Soccer Ball

The size five soccer ball from Western Star is an outdoor and indoor training ball. The size and weight of the ball could be perfect for serious players. It has a four-ply thick outer covering that is resistant to any weather and terrain conditions. The internal bladder offers superior air retention and keeps the ball in shape. This indoor soccer ball has the trademark helix design on it for authenticity.


13. Senston Soccer Ball

The soccer balls available from Senston are training balls for kids and adults. They come in various sizes for different age groups and levels. The high- quality balls are made durable with PU sewing. Thick foam EVA with high elasticity provides a soft touch. Butyl bladder nylon winding provides good air retention. The construction is comfortable on the feet and protects feet from fatigue. It has a safe, water-proof, and abrasion-resistant surface. The ball is suitable for training, football teaching, and regular competitions, and is suitable for outdoors and indoors. It has a classic design with 12 regular pentagons and 20 regular hexagons.


14. Vizari Hydra Soccer Ball

The soccer ball from Vizari Hydra is a 32-panel MST ball. It accommodates a reinforced rubber bladder for optimal air retention. The brightly colored ball has unique graphics that allow maximum visibility on the field. You can use it for everyday practice sessions.


15. Wisdom Leaves Traditional Soccer Balls

Traditional soccer balls are best crafted by Wisdom Leaves. These balls are fit for all ages and come in different sizes. They can be used outdoors or indoors. The ball is designed with a PU surface that is resistant to abrasion and water. It has a machine-stitched outer cover that makes the ball durable and tough. A high-strength butyl liner inside the ball offers air tightness, retention and prevents any leakage. It helps to enhance a player’s athletic ability and is good for practice dribbling, shooting, or kicking.


Features To Consider Before Buying A Soccer Ball

Here are some features to keep in mind to choose the right soccer ball.

1. Type: There are three types of soccer balls depending on usage.

  • Professional balls are the highest quality and most expensive soccer balls, used by professional players.
  • Match balls are high-performance balls, used on all playing grounds. These are used by all age groups and are suitable school matches, etc.
  • Training balls are durable and are meant for all playing surfaces, age groups, and skill levels. These balls are tough and built to withstand extended periods of use on rough surfaces, including concrete, clay, or asphalt.

2. Size: Soccer balls are available in sizes three, four, and five. These sizes are differentiated according to the age or skill level of the player.

  • Size five balls are meant for age 11 and above and are often used for matches. They are most widely used by serious players.
  • Size four balls are a bit smaller and are meant for players between ages 8 and 11.
  • Size three balls are even smaller and used for beginners below the age of 8.

3. Bladder: The bladder is made of either butyl or latex rubber. It should offer maximum air retention to keep the ball tight and in shape once inflated. Latex bladders offer better bounce, touch, feel, and responsiveness than butyl but have lesser air retention capacity.

4. Lining: Lining is the element found between the bladder and the casing. It is responsible for the ball’s structure and shape and plays an important role in controlling the ball. The more the number of lining layers, the better the quality.

5. Cover: Soccer ball covers are typically made of PVC or PU. PVC is cheaper, more durable, and more resistant than PU but are harder balls. They last longer and are used for scuff-resistant training balls. PU is used mainly in premium match ball and official match ball covers. PU balls are softer with better controllability and responsiveness but are more expensive and less durable.

6. Panels: The panels are the segments that compose a ball’s cover. The number of panels and their construction affect the flight of a ball. Fewer panels mean lesser seams, allowing the balls to become near-perfect spheres, making them faster, decreasing their water uptake, and allowing them to curve more and better. In the case of training purposes, a ball with more panels helps increase controllability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the optimal air pressure for a soccer ball?

The optimal air pressure for a soccer ball should generally lie between six and eight pounds per square inch. However professional balls have higher air pressure.

2. How is a soccer ball affected by temperature?

Temperature affects the bounce of a ball which in turn affects the distance it travels. In hot temperatures, a soccer ball tends to travel and bounce more than once in colder conditions. This happens because, in hot temperatures, the molecules inside the ball expand, thereby increasing the energy.

Gone are the days when a soccer ball was any attractive ball in the store. If you are or intend to become a serious soccer player, there are features and specifications of the ball you should consider. The above list might help you to pick a suitable ball for your next soccer game.

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