15 Best Socks To Buy For Babies In 2020


Socks are essential to keep the baby warm when the weather is cold. They can also be used to keep the baby’s feet clean when they start to take their first steps. These little socks, available in multiple colors, are appealing to the eye and make your baby all the more adorable.

But not all cute socks are perfect for your baby. There are options you should choose from depending on several factors.

15 Best Socks For Babies

Most socks on our list are unisex, but a few of them are exclusive for boys or girls. Let’s begin!

1. Rative RB-71112 Crew Socks For Boys

The socks are of the ideal length for active toddler boys.


  • These crew-cut socks are ideal to be worn by toddlers wearing shoes.
  • The tiny rubber nodes at the base of the socks provide the toddler with grip.
  • The fabric is 95% cotton, which makes the socks soft and breathable.
  • The pack contains 12 pairs of socks, each with a unique color and pattern that will surely appeal to a toddler.
  • Parents stated that the grip offered by the rubber node is just perfect for preventing skidding and falling.


  • Many parents either found the socks to be too tight or loose for their little one. Make sure to buy the right size suitable for your child’s age.
  • The socks tend to shrink after a wash. A quick wash in mild detergent with hands may be an ideal alternative to washing them in a washing machine.

2. Tiny Captain Toddler Baby Girls Socks

The ankle-length socks are great for a baby girl who has just learned to stand up.


  • The cuff of the sock comes with an elastic band that wraps around the leg. The band provides extra grip to prevent the sock from falling off a baby’s feet.
  • The sole consists of rubber bumps arranged in a close pattern for maximum grip to support the walking baby.
  • The socks are great for first-time walkers who do most of the walking inside the house.
  • The pack consists of six pairs of adorable socks, each in a different color.


  • The actual size of the socks can be bigger than the size of the baby’s foot. You may consider going a size below to get a perfect fit.

3. Flanhiri Baby Boys Non-Skid Socks

These non-skid socks are highly useful and come in several designs.


  • The fabric of the socks is 95% cotton, which makes them soft and comfortable. The socks are also breathable, which prevents sweaty feet.
  • One pack consists of 12 pairs of socks, and you can choose from six different design options.
  • The sole of the sock has rubber grippers. Many parents found the grip to be excellent even when the child was running around.


  • Some parents noticed that the elastic of the socks could come across a bit tight for the baby.

4. Jefferies Socks Non-Skid Turn-Cuff Baby Socks

This pair of stylish socks goes along with any footwear worn by the little one.


  • The cuffs of the socks turn outwards to create a slick look and make it easy for the parent to pull the socks up.
  • Rubber bumps at the base of the socks create an anti-skid sole, which provides a good grip to the walking baby.
  • Each pack consists of six pairs of socks. You can buy the socks in infant and toddler sizes with an option of two colors.
  • The fabric is 80% cotton, which makes the socks quite gentle to the baby’s skin.
  • The socks don’t slip off the baby’s feet easily.


  • The socks are available only in “Infant” and “Toddler” sizes, and a wider range of size options would have been better.
  • A few parents felt that the quality of the fabric could have been better.

5. LA Active Grip Ankle Socks

These are perfect for babies who just stepped into toddlerhood and are taking their first steps at home.


  • The sole of the socks has a pattern of rubber nodes that extend from the toes to the heel, for a superior grip.
  • There is a pull tab at the back of the foot, over the heel. It makes it easier for parents to slip the sock easily over the foot.
  • The fabric is 80% cotton, which makes them quite breathable. The socks also contain spandex, which makes them adequately stretchable.
  • You can pick the socks in seven color options and for babies as young as six months old.


  • The socks can be too thick to be worn with shoes. It is best to use them only at home.
  • Some buyers found that the socks tend to shed lint after every wash. A few buyers experienced the socks fraying away after a couple of washes. Hand washing the socks would be better than machine washing.

6. Epeius Baby-Girls Eyelet Frilly Lace Socks

If you are looking for something fancy to go along with your baby’s frock and sandals, then you must consider these stylish socks by Epeius.


  • The cuff of the sock has lace edges that frill out and sway when the baby girl walks. Your little one will surely look adorable!
  • It is made from fabric that is 80% cotton, which makes them soft and breathable.
  • The small amount of spandex added to the fabric keeps the socks adequately stretchy for a good fit.
  • You can get the socks in 11 design options. The socks are available in a pack of two, three, or five pairs, depending on the size you pick.


  • Some parents noticed that the socks tend to be a bit large for newborns, despite them picking the right size.

7. Jefferies Socks Eyelet Lace Trim Baby Socks

These charming set of socks have some fancy frills that will look great on both baby boys and girls.


  • The cuff has the right amount of elasticity to stay comfortably on the baby’s feet and prevent falling off an active baby.
  • There is a piece of tiny adorable eyelet lace beneath the cuff. The lace frill increases the cuteness factor of the socks.
  • The socks contain a blend of cotton, nylon, and elastane (also called Lycra), which provides the right mix of comfort, durability, and stretchability.
  • There are a variety of sizes available, and you can pick socks for infants as young as a month old.


  • A few parents noted that the socks tend to be slightly larger than desired, but fit perfectly as the baby grows older.

8. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Socks

The best socks for your little one’s feet since you get a variety of design options here.


  • The socks are a mix of cotton, nylon, and spandex. These materials offer the best mix of softness, comfort, and stretchability to fit the baby’s little feet.
  • The socks are available in a set, and each set consists of eight pairs. They are available in two size ranges: birth to six months and six months and above.
  • You have 34 color options for each set. Each of the eight socks has a different pattern. It means you have a pair of socks to match every dress that the baby wears.
  • The socks have good quality elastic that lets them stay put on the baby’s feet.


  • Some parents noticed that the socks tend to fray after a machine wash, even though they’re meant to be machine-washable. It is advisable to wash the socks by hand, considering their small size.

9. Fasker Unisex Knee-High Baby Socks

The knee-length socks are functional and also pretty.


  • A pack of socks contains six pairs, with each pair featuring a stitched design of an animal. There are also two cute buds of fabric extending from the top of the cuff to form ears of the animal.
  • The knee-length height of the socks prevents them from slipping even when the toddler is active and running.
  • The fabric is a combination of cotton and spandex to give the user the perfect mix of comfort and stretchability.
  • You can buy them in multiple size options. You get two design choices, with each pair of socks in the set featuring a unique animal design.


  • Some feel that the quality of the fabric could have been better.
  • The socks may not go knee-high for taller toddlers or those with chubby legs.

10. Simple Joys By Carter’s Socks For Baby and Toddler Girls

A cute-looking set of socks for your baby girl that will certainly last for a long time.


  • The socks have reinforced fabric around the toes and the heels. It prevents wear and tears when the baby walks in them and also while washing.
  • The sole has a pattern of anti-skid grips, which provides maximum grip while walking.
  • The fabric of the socks contains cotton, which makes them soft and breathable.
  • The cuff of the socks has the right amount of elasticity to prevent the sock from falling off even when the toddler girls are actively playing.


  • Many parents reported that the size of the socks could be large. You may consider going a size down.
  • A few buyers felt that the fabric is a bit thin and the socks could have been thicker.

11. Gerber Baby Girls’ Sock

This is the right pair of socks to keep your baby girl’s little feet covered, whether at home or outdoors.


  • The range of sizes offered is incredible since you can pick a pair of socks even for preemie babies.
  • The socks are available in a pack of six pairs, with eight design options in each pack.
  • The elastic of the socks forms a rolled cuff, which is soft and not too snug.
  • The thickness and softness of the socks are perfect for keeping the little one’s feet warm.


  • Many parents state that the socks tend to run a bit small despite them selecting the right size. You may consider going a size up for your baby.

12. Luvable Friends Baby Basic Socks

Ideal to be a baby’s first socks, these come in multiple unisex designs and patterns.


  • One pack consists of eight pairs of socks.
  • The socks come in over 40 design and color options. The multiple design options make it an excellent gift idea for moms-to-be and new moms.
  • It is available for newborns, babies, and toddlers up to the age of three years.


  • Some parents felt that the quality of the socks’ fabric could have been better.

13. Touched by Nature Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Socks

If you like natural organic cotton products for your baby boy, then these socks meet that criterion.


  • The cotton is enriched with polyester and spandex. Polyester adds durability while spandex allows the sock to stretch comfortably.
  • The socks are comfortable thanks to the use of organic cotton. Many parents found the socks to be exceptionally soft and ideal for their baby’s delicate skin.
  • The socks come in a set of six, and you can pick from over ten design options.


  • The fabric only contains 78% organic cotton, and the product would have been more impressive if cotton content would have been at or more than 90%.
  • A few parents found that the socks tend to run small and tight. You may consider going one size up to be on the safe side.

14. Gerber Baby Girls Wiggle Proof Sock

It is designed for little feet that tend to slip away a sock or two while playing and crawling.


  • The fabric and fitting of the socks are such that they allow for maximum grip around the baby’s feet. It prevents the socks from falling off when the baby moves their legs excitedly or crawls quickly.
  • It’s impressive how well the socks stay on the feet, in spite of the baby being active and moving the feet too much.
  • The pack consists of eight pairs of socks. You can choose from six design options, including a design where the cuffs of the socks feature cute animal faces.


  • The anti-slip, wiggle-proof design can make the sock a bit tight for some babies. Double-check to pick the right size and avoid socks that are too small for the baby.

15. Bassion Non-Slip Baby Socks

These stubby ankle-length socks can significantly increase your little one’s cuteness factor.


  • The pack consists of ten pairs of socks, each with a unique color. Each pair of socks has a charming animal face knitted near the foot.
  • There is a small string of lace around the cuff of the socks to complement the cute design further.
  • Rubber patterns at the base provide optimum grip to a baby taking their first steps at home.
  • The elastic around the cuffs is tight enough to prevent the socks from slipping, yet very uncomfortable.
  • The combination of cotton, nylon, and elastane provides a solid mix of softness, durability, and stretchability.


  • The socks are not machine-washable.
  • Many parents report that the socks tend to shrink even after washing with hands. Washing them with a mild detergent and then placing them under the sun may be a good option.

How Can Socks Help Babies?

Socks keep the baby’s feet warm during the chilly winter and rainy months. Cotton socks absorb sweat and can be used when your child begins to wear shoes. A pair of socks also provide the much-needed cushion to the feet when the baby starts to walk.

Types Of Baby Socks

Here are the most common types of socks that you are likely to see while shopping.

  1. Standard ankle-length socks: These are the tiny socks that we picture in our minds when we think of baby socks. A standard baby sock is likely to come a little bit over their ankles or just around the ankles. These socks are multipurpose and can be used indoors and outdoors while the baby wears baby sandals.
  1. Crew-length socks: Crew-length socks are the ones that are about halfway across the lower leg, or halfway around the calf muscle. These socks suit toddlers who wear shoes when they’re outdoors.
  1. Knee-high socks: The cuff rises almost to touch the knee. Knee-high baby socks are suitable to be worn during winter and chilly nights when you want maximum warmth for your baby.
  1. Socks with grippers: Some baby and toddler socks have small rubber nodes/bumps arranged in a pattern on the soles. These rubber nodes are made to provide grip to a baby who is beginning to take their first steps. Socks with grippers are excellent for babies who do most of their walking indoors, on smooth flooring.

The type of socks you pick could depend on certain factors.

How To Pick The Right Socks For A Baby?

Selecting the right pair of socks for your baby can depend on several factors. Keep the following essential points in mind when you buy socks for your baby.

  1. Purpose of usage: For babies aged less than a year old, socks are usually required to keep the feet warm. For toddlers, socks can provide the necessary cushion and grip while they walk around the house. Conventional baby socks are great while wearing shoes.
  1. Material: Check the material before you make a purchase. Cotton-blended socks work well in hot and humid months while wool or fleece protect the baby’s feet during peak winters.
  1. Grip and length of the elastic: If you have an active toddler who loves playing outdoors, then pick socks that are knee-high and have a firm elastic.

Socks are an essential part of your baby’s attire. They provide comfort to your baby’s feet when they begin to wear footwear for the first time. Pick a pair of socks depending on the purpose: to keep their feet warm, steady walking or as fancy accessories for a party.

How do you choose socks for your baby? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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