15 Best Socks To Keep Feet Cool And Dry in 2021


Sweaty feet are a common problem, especially for people who exercise for a long time or wear shoes for prolonged hours. The countless sweat glands on our feet can absorb bacteria, leaving a foul smell. Wearing socks and shoes can prevent the smell because it absorbs all the sweat on the feet.

Socks with moisture-wicking properties can cover your feet and also meet your sports or leisure needs. The best socks should give you comfort, keep your feet dry, and prevent the forming of blisters. You need to choose absorbent fabrics to achieve odorless and comfortable wear. We have carefully selected 15 best socks to keep your feet cool and dry.

15 Best Socks To Keep Feet Cool And Dry

1. CS Celer Sport Socks

CS Celer Sport Socks

These moisture-wicking socks are made from high-quality combed cotton blended with polyester and spandex. CS Celer is a sports socks ideal for male and female ankles. Thick yarn is used to cushion the soles and reinforce toes to improve durability and softness. The arch support provides perfect stability and protection for walking. Mesh ventilation prevents heat and keeps the feet at an ideal temperature. The socks are available in all sizes from S to XL.

2. Saucony No-show Socks

Saucony No-show Socks

The breathable and comfortable Saucony is a high-performance sock with mesh and right fit. The ultra-soft moisture-wicking yarn can prevent moisture on the feet and offer breathability. Simultaneously, the cushioned sole absorbs shock to protect the feet from any impact while running. Arch support provides stability. The sock is made of high-quality polyester and spandex for maximum durability and is machine washable.

3. Carhartt Work Crew Socks

Carhartt Work Crew Socks

Carhartt socks are made of high-quality polyester and spandex to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They are lightweight and have a good cushioning effect on your feet throughout the day. The moisture-wicking function prevents sweat from running off the feet and keeps them dry. Arch support with reinforced toes provides durability and softness. A unique feature of odor neutralization technology allows your feet to smell fresh in any situation. The socks are machine washable.

4. Fun Toes Socks

Fun Toes Socks

Suitable for men, Fun Toes socks are lightweight and breathable, ideal for men. They keep each toe apart to reduce friction. Polyester, nylon, and spandex make the socks comfortable to wear. This moisture-wicking yarn prevents sweat and keeps the feet dry and cool. They come in sizes of 10 to 13, perfect for shoes between six to 12.5 sizes. These barefoot running socks can prevent blisters by improving blood circulation.

5. Hanes Ankle Socks

Hanes Ankle Socks

Hanes ankle socks are specially designed for women. The moisture-wick yarn is a rich blend of cotton and spandex, which offer durability and softness. The cushioned foot bottom gives comfort without increasing bulk, while the perfect toe seams provide comfort. These long-lasting socks are suitable for machine washing.

6. Kodal Copper Infused Socks

Kodal Copper Infused Socks

Kodal socks are made of high-quality combed cotton and copper yarn fabric, specially designed for men and women. The anti-bacterial socks infused with copper can protect you from wounds caused by friction. The soft fabric with mesh venting keeps your feet cool and dry. Moisture-wicking materials can refresh your skin and keep it odor-free. The socks are available in crew and ankle size to fit sizes from seven to 14.

7. Randy Sun Socks

Randy Sun Socks

The unisex socks, Randy Sun is made of waterproof nylon a that can keep your feet dry. These lightweight socks provide comfortable wear without adding bulk. The reinforced heel with soft cushioning ensures lasting comfort. The seamless toe cap prevents yarn chafing and irritation. The breathable properties make them comfortable to wear in summer. The ultra-lightweight cushion sole provides flexibility. The US size is 5 to 16.

8. Yuedge Crew Socks

Yuedge Crew Socks

Yuedge hiking socks are designed with Y-shaped heel stitching, specially created for women. Reinforced cushions in the heel and toes can provide excellent foot comfort. Elastic rubber bands that are used in the welt and foot arch hold the socks in shape. The breathable mesh uses moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet cool and dry all day long. The high-performance fabric is a blend of cotton, polyamide, and spandex, which can absorb moisture and prevent foot odor.

9. Sunew Bamboo Socks

Sunew Bamboo Socks

Sunew offers super absorbent and breathable socks made of bamboo, polyester, and elastic. These thick, warm bamboo ankle socks are designed to prevent friction and blistering. The ribbed textured sole provides an anti-slip feature. The mesh on top reduces heat and keeps the feet at the perfect temperature. The cushioned sole reduces foot pressure, and arch support provides stability for an ideal fit. These unisex socks are available in the US sizes four to 15.

10. Huso Socks

Huso Socks

Huso socks are designed for men and women. The no-slip cuff prevents the socks from slipping or sliding, while no toe seam prevents blisters. The socks are well-cushioned at the right places for comfort. Designed with arch support, they provide comfort and protection while walking. The moisture-wicking technology keeps the feet breathable. With seamless toe features, the socks prevent blisters.

11. R-Gear Crew Socks

R-Gear Crew Socks

R-Gear offers super dual-layered breathable socks. Flat seams make toes and heel light and comfortable. The socks made of dry max t-olefin, polyester, nylon, and elastic with fast absorption technology are available in three types of underlayment, namely thick, medium or thin, to suit your shoe size. The crew-sized socks with moisture-wicking can prevent blisters and irritation. The arch bands with Y-heels make the socks comfortable to wear.

12. Fox River Mills Liner

Fox River Mills Liner

Fox River socks use high-performance fibers such as coolmax polyester nylon and spandex to help absorb moisture. The moisture-wicking function can dry quickly and make your feet odorless. These ultra-lightweight socks have flat-toe seams that do not rub against each other when worn. The flat knit construction provides breathability and keeps the feet dry in all weather conditions. The socks are suitable for machine wash.

13. Farm to Feet Socks

Farm to Feet Socks

The over-the-calf sporting socks, Farm To Feet, are made of Merino wool, nylon, and spandex to absorb moisture and keep the feet dry. Merino wool is soft and non-itchy, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. The seamless toe closure eliminates friction and does not add bulk. The middle arch compression supports the foot to reduce fatigue throughout the day. It is fully ventilated to ensure adequate air circulation and quick drying.

14. Body Glove Low Cut Socks

Body Glove Low Cut Socks

With engineered arch support, Body Glove socks are specially designed for men. The socks are made of polyester and spandex and have moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet dry. Its design is breathable to keep your feet cool and dry. These low-cut socks are easy to maintain and suitable for machine washing.

15. New Balance Low Cut Socks

New Balance Low Cut Socks

New Balance socks with flat knit technology are specially designed for women. Reinforced heel and toe seam prevent friction and make wearing comfortable and smooth. The fabric, made of poly and spandex, has moisture-wicking properties and can keep your feet dry all day long. The material is light, soft, and comfortable to wear. You can machine wash these low-cut socks.

How To Choose The Right Socks To Keep Feet Cool And Dry

  1. Material: Merino wool is a light and soft fabric with antibacterial properties. It wicks away the sweat from the feet instead of trapping heat. Coolmax is combined with cotton, wool or spandex, and can be used for providing warmth during extreme physical exertion. Polyester and dry max fiber also absorb sweat feet cool.
  1. Activity: For sports and physical activities, choose socks with sole cushioning and minimum bulk. Walking socks should have a cushion effect with wicking properties. Casual socks should be lightweight and use materials like Merino wool.
  1. Purpose: Some specially designed socks, such as toe socks, are worn like gloves on feet to reduce friction between toes. They are made of synthetic fibers, which can absorb moisture and can be used as wear-alone socks.

Air permeability is significant in fabrics used for making socks. Moisture-wicking socks can prevent sweat and keep your feet dry. High-quality socks with anti-bacterial properties can make your feet odorless. To make your choice easy, browse the 15 best socks listed above to keep your feet cool and dry and provide the feet with the comfort they deserve.

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