17 Best Spice Jars To Keep them Fresh In 2022


When cooking food, it’s important to access the spices easily; therefore, storing them is necessary. Also, it’s important to store your spices in airtight containers to keep them fresh and not let them get spoiled. The best spice jars lets you preserve your favorite spices and other condiments, keeping them dry and retaining the original flavor.

When choosing the right spice jars, be sure that they fit your kitchen and can be easily opened and closed. You will find multiple options, from spice jars with spoons, spice jars with forks to hexagonal spice jars and ceramic spice jars. Read on to pick the best spice jars set and make your kitchen organized.

17 Best Spice Jars

1. Best With Labels: Talented Kitchen Gold Glass Spice Jars

Talented Kitchen spice jars are minimalist and made from premium quality materials. The set includes 24 glass jars, 12 coarse shakers, 24 pour and sift shakers, two types of pre-printed labels, a kitchen magnetic conversion chart, and a silicone funnel to refill your jars.

These glass spice jars are dishwasher-safe, with a four-ounce capacity. They will add a uniform look to your pantry and are water-and air-tight. These jars are 100% leak-proof, and the labels are also water-resistant.


2. Best Eco-Friendly: Gneiss Magnetic Spice Jars

The hexagonal spice jars from the Gneiss Spice Store are small and magnetic. These 24-set jars have a silver lid and are made from eco-friendly materials with 216 washable labels to stick on the lids or the bottom of the glass jar. The jars are air-tight to help keep your spices fresh for long.

The stainless cover helps separate the spices and the magnets. You can mount these jars above the stove or the counter or in the pantry. Since it is a hanging kitchen rack, it is space-saving, giving a clean and polished look. You can also order pre-filled glass jars with organic spices. This video review will help you understand more about the product.


3. Best Minimalist Design: CS Household Glass Spice Jars

The six-pack clear glass bottles are air-tight to help you store the traditional spices. Each jar measures 3.75×1.75 inches. Their shaker tops make them easy to use and are made from premium quality plastic.

The classic and minimalist design will blend into any kitchen decor. Since they do not have labels on them, you can store any spice in them. They have medium-sized holes that are convenient to use.


4. Best Non-Toxic: Yesland Plastic Spice Jars

Yesland’s 20-pack plastic spice jars are clear and have black lids. Each jar has a five-ounce capacity and measures 3.5×2 inches. The bottles come with the PET stamp and are BPA-free, making them safe for use. Convenient to use and space-saving, you can store them in spice racks, drawers, cabinets, organizers, kitchens, and pantries.

The two-sided lids allow you to shake and pour the spices. 100% recyclable and non-toxic, you can use these jars for domestic or commercial purposes.


5. Best Lightweight: Sxuda Square Spice Bottles With Shaker Lids

Long-lasting and durable, these 14-set square spice jars can hold up to four-ounce of spices each and includes 350 water-resistant labels, 14 shaker lids, airtight metal caps, and one collapsible silicone funnel. Out of the 350 labels, 340 are pre-printed, and 10 are blank labels. Made from premium quality, lead-and BPA-free glass, these jars are safe to use, lightweight and dishwasher-safe.

The jars’ inner lids enable you to measure with a spoon or shaker caps. You can use this set for DIY projects, seasoning, storing spices, homemade goodies, office supplies, etc.


6. Best With Silicone Funnel: Swommoly Glass Spice Jars

Swommoly set includes 12 glass spice jar bottles, 268 labels, a chalk marker, and a silicone funnel to help refill easily. Out of the 268 labels, 124 are chalkboards, and 124 are transparent labels. Also, 20 labels are blank, allowing you to write on them with a chalkboard pen and wipe when required. This pack of airtight spice jars will help keep your herbs and spices fresh for long. With a four-ounce capacity each, the jar’s inner lids will allow you to choose between measuring with spoons and shaking.


7. Best Dishwasher-Safe: Cucumi Glass Spice Jars

Dishwasher-safe and made from high-quality glass, these 25-set spice jars have a four-ounce capacity each. The set includes 203 reusable and waterproof stickers, one erasable marker, one test tube brush, and one collapsible silicone funnel.

Out of the 203 stickers, 140 are round, blank labels, and 63 are white, square, pre-printed stickers. The lid includes two sides to choose between shaking and pouring spices. Its test tube brush allows you to clean the glass thoroughly from the inside. You can store herbs, spices, tea mixtures, and materials for your baked goods in these jars and label them as per your convenience.


8. Best Lead-Free: Aozita Glass Spice Jars

Aozita air-tight spice jars with metal caps are available in square shape and are made from premium quality glass. The set includes 24 spice jars, 24 airtight metal caps, 24 pour-and-shift shaker lids, one collapsible silicone funnel, 378 pre-printed white labels with the names of various spices and 21 blank labels. The stickers are waterproof and reusable.

You can store these glass jars in your organizer, rack, drawer, cabinet, or pantry. The glass is lead-free and durable, and the stickers are pre-cut to use easily.


9. Best Multipurpose: Premium Vials Creative Packaging Solutions Mini Square Glass Spice Jar

With orange flip-top gaskets, this 24-pack mini spice jar set includes chalkboard labels and a pen. These wide-mouth spice jars can store upto 3.4-ounce of spices, jams, herbs, blends of various teas, etc. The rubber gasket offers a durable seal to help keep the water and air away and to keep your spices fresh for long.

Easy to wash and reusable, these jars are free of chemicals, lead, BPA, and toxins. They are impact-resistant and ideal for any kitchen, and the jars’ flip-top lids are easy to open and close.


10. Best With Flip Caps: Tuzazo Clear Plastic Spice Jar

Available in a set of 14, Tuzazo spice jar bottles have easy-to-open-and-close flip caps. Made from PET plastic, each clear bottle comes with a black lid, has a three-ounce capacity, and measures 4×1.7 inches.

The set includes 14 blank labels for you to write on them. This set of plastic spice jars is ideal for commercial and domestic use. The flapper cap provides a shaker and a pour function. You can use these jars to store dried spices, herbs, powders, etc.


11. Mainlythebrand Glass Spice Jars

The stackable spice jars will help enhance your kitchen and revamp the spice storage. The set includes bamboo lids with a tight silicone seal and 16 erasable chalkboard labels that are dishwasher-safe. Each jar can hold up to 6.7-ounce of liquid and 3.5-ounce of dry herbs, spices, and powders.

The jars’ wide mouths can easily fit measuring spoons or any other tablespoon. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, the ten jars are safe to use and easy to clean.


12. Comrzor Glass Spice Jars

Comrzor 25-pack glass spice jars with metal caps have a four-ounce capacity each. The set has plastic pour-and-sift caps, 45 black chalkboard labels, one funnel, and one sponge brush for easy refilling and cleaning. Made from high-quality glass, the jars are durable and lead-free. You can use them to store granulated spices, herbs, tea blends, peppers, etc. The air-tight metal caps will help keep your spices fresh for a long period.


13. Xsiuyu Glass Storage Jars

With air-tight bamboo lids, the glass jars from Xsiuyu measure 2.3×2.3 inches each. The set includes 20 jars, their lids, twenty blank labels, and one pen to write on each label. Manufactured from high-quality, lead-free, and durable glass, these jars have a rubber gasket around them to make them air-tight and leak-proof.

The jars are ideal for spice racks, kitchen shelves, pantry, cabinets, organizers, etc. They are easy to clean and require no harsh scrubbing. This set of glass spice jars are microwave-, fridge-and dishwasher-safe. The glass is 100% recyclable, free of chemicals, and eco-friendly.


14. Yugefom Glass Spice Jars

Yugefom glass jars are ideal for storing seasonings, spices, tea blends, and herbs. The set includes eight glass spice jars and double-flip lids to shake or pour.

The glass is heat-resistant and won’t crack easily. You can easily see the ingredients inside each jar as it is transparent. You can store them in the kitchen, pantry, cabinet, etc. This set is made from environmentally safe materials.


15. Elever Spice Jars With Label

The 24-pack square spice jars from Elever are easy to use anywhere and help elevate your kitchen look. These jars have four-ounce storage, and the set includes 200 spice labels, out of which 60 are blank. Each jar has a rust-free metal cap, a funnel, and a spice checklist for extra convenience.

The labeling system is easy to use and will make your countertop look organized and chic. They are waterproof and easy to peel off. You can stick them either on the bottle or on the lid, according to your ease and requirement. Premium quality, safe and durable glass is used to make these jars.


16. Lianth Sugar Can Stainless Steel Spice Tank

Lianth spice jars with spoons to offer convenience and comfort. These stainless steel spice jars measure 3.74×3.74×3.66 inches and have a spoon for easy usage. Made from 304 stainless steel, the jars are easy to clean and rust-free. They are indestructible, acid-proof, and antioxidant.

The lid will help keep the dust, insects, and water away. Its thick, round edges ensure no cuts and burns on the fingers. Elegant yet simple, this product will help elevate the kitchen’s look. The body has grooves so that the spoon can hold on to it easily and won’t slip.


17. Hwashin Hexagon Mini Glass Jars

Available in a pack of 30 pieces, these hexagonal glass spice jars can hold up to 1.5-ounce of spices, liquids, blends, seasonings, etc. The jars have high-quality, corrosion-resistant golden lids.

Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, the jars are wear-resistant and anti-rolling to prevent them from slipping off the shelf or the table. You can also use them to store buttons, candies, lotions, oils, beads, etc. The metal lid will help prevent leakage, and the smooth edges ensure no hurt or cuts. With a lug finish, you need a partial turn to seal each cap.


How To Choose The Right Spice Jars?

Consider the following points before buying spice jars for your kitchen.

  1. Material: Spice jars are made from plastic, stainless steel, metal, or glass. Plastic ones are sturdy and are break-resistant. Glass ones are delicate and might break when dropped. Stainless steel spice jars or glass spice jars with stainless steel lids are long-lasting.
  2. Design: You can choose from round, square, hexagonal, or other shapes available in the market. Consider your storage space and needs when selecting the shape.
  3. Functionality: Choose one that offers the sprinkle or the pour function, or both. You can also choose between a side-pour and a top-pour jar.
  4. Size: Some jars have a three-ounce capacity or more. Choose one that fits your requirement.

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Invest in the best spice jars to keep your spices fresh and prolong their shelf life. These jars come with airtight lids to ensure the original flavor of your spices remains intact. When choosing these jars for your kitchen, ensure they are made of durable materials while being functional and large enough for your needs. Besides, consider their shape and available space before choosing the ideal one. You may also pick those that complement the décor of your kitchen.

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