15 Best Spiderman Toys To Buy In 2021

Best Spiderman Toys

Spider-man is one of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel universe. He is strong, flexible, humorous, and nerdy. And most of all, his web-slinging power makes him a charming one loved by most people, including children and teens. If your kid is a Spidey fan and likes all things related to him, then you can bring a smile on their face by giving them a Spider-man toy.

Here, MomJunction brings you a list of the best Spider-man toys, along with their pros and cons, to make your selection easier.

15 Best Spider-man Toys

1. Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Figure

Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Figure

A Spider-man figurine as a gift would never go wrong for a fan. This 12 in figure is made of good quality material and is designed attractively. The hands and legs of the toy are movable to let your child indulge in imaginative play.


  • Measures 2x4x12in
  • Designed with attention-to-detail
  • Comes well-packed in a box
  • Ideal for children aged four years and above


  • May not last long

2. LEGO Marvel Spider-man

LEGO Marvel Spider-man

The action-packed Spider-man toy set contains Lego blocks and objects to form a bike, weapons, and a lot more. It is a creative toy but also allows the child to think and build. The toy is recommended for children aged six years and above.


  • Contains 235 pieces
  • Has three mini-figures
  • Intelligently-designed
  • Can be customized for play
  • High-quality and durable


  • Some pieces are too small in size
  • May not be useful for younger children

3. Spider-man Web Shots Nerf Powered Blaster Toy

Spider-man Web Shots Nerf Powered Blaster

The Spider-man Nerf toy comes with three darts and is easy to play with. You have to pull and push the handles to launch the darts. The toy is designed to give the Spider-man-loving kids a good time.


  • Designed in web style
  • Creative and attractive
  • Durable and functional
  • Printed with attention to detail
  • Effective blasting feature


  • Dart may not go too far
  • Not suitable for very young children

4. LEGO Superheroes Spider Mech Vs. Venom

LEGO Superheroes Spider Mech

Your child can have an adventure at home by building the Lego Spider-man and Venom figures. The toy is suitable for children aged eight years and above. It includes four mini-figures of the characters from the movie – Spider-man, Venom, Aunt May, and Ghost Spider.


  • Contains 604 pieces
  • Customized construction
  • Includes toy weapons and mini-figures
  • Premium-quality Spider-man toy
  • Promotes imagination and creative thinking


  • Has very tiny pieces that may get lost easily

5. FDM61 Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web Car

FDM61 Hot Wheels Spider-Man

This high-speed Spider-man car could be an ideal gift choice for any Spider-man fan. It comes with a launcher that has the Spider-man graphic print along with a silver-colored hot wheels car, which makes it the ultimate Spider-man vehicle toy.


  • High-quality and durable
  • Sturdy and speed
  • Bright and attractive design
  • Smooth push-down feature
  • Measures 4.3x11x3.9


  • Launch handle may not work for long

6. Spider-Man Far from Home Spider-Jet

Spider-Man Far from Home Spider

The Spider-man homecoming toy is innovative in design and fun to play with. The spider jet comes along with a small Spider-man toy, which can be launched from the cockpit of the jet. The jet toy can also be used to launch darts.


  • 6in Spider-man figure
  • Bright-colored and good-quality
  • Comes with two missile projectiles
  • Adventurous and fun play
  • Inspired by Spider-man: Far From Home movie


  • May not be durable
  • A few parts may come off

7. Swim Ways Marvel Spider-Man Dive Characters

Swim Ways Marvel Spider-Man

The value pack includes three Spider-man toys or dive characters that your children can play with, in the water. These toys are fun and could also encourage the child to practice swimming to find the toys in the water. They are bright in color and can be easy to spot.


  • Flexible and soft toys
  • Sinks to the bottom
  • Ideal for children aged five years and above
  • Includes Spider-man, Miles Morales, and Iron Spider


  • Paint may come off
  • Could be too small to play with

8. Jada Toys Marvel Spider-Man & Die-Cast Car

Jada Toys Marvel Spider-Man & Die-Cast Car

The high-quality die-cast car is a 2017 Ford GT model that has rubber tires and working wheels. The car comes with an open bonnet and door features. It also comes with a Spider-man figure that is polished and has a neat design on it.


  • Comes with an authentic license
  • 75in die-cast figure
  • Detailed interior and exterior
  • Comes well-packed in a box


  • Figure doesn’t fit in the car

9. World Tech Spider-Man Flying Figure

World Tech Spider-Man Flying Figure

The Spider-man helicopter toy for kids works on a motor-sensor technology. It can fly up to 15ft and can be charged with a USB charger. Children aged six and above can enjoy playing with it.


  • Can control with hand
  • Comes with a power remote
  • Has a Marvel license
  • Durable and flies easily
  • Improves the child’s hand-eye coordination


  • May not be durable

10. Spider-Man Marvel Figure with Cycle

Spider-Man Marvel Figure with Cycle

The stylish Spider-man toy for kids is attractively designed and includes a Spider-man toy on a motorcycle. It is suitable for children aged four years and above and makes a cool toy for pretend play or storytelling.


  • 6in Spider-man on cycle
  • Made of good-quality material
  • Comes neatly packed
  • Ideal as a gift


  • May not be long-lasting

11. Playskool Heroes Spider-man Jetquarters

Playskool Heroes Spider-man Jetquarters

This super-powered high-flying jet Spider-man toy is a Marvel collectible that comes with a small Spider-man toy. The jet plane toy can open its wings and accommodate the figure in. It has a vibrant design that makes it appealing to kids and adults who are ardent Spider-man fans.


  • Measures 5in
  • Action-packed and durable
  • Ideal for children aged three and above
  • Encourages creative and imaginative play
  • Comes packed in a box


  • Some parts may not fit in well

12. Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero

Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero

The awesome Spider-man figurine can be an appropriate choice as a gift to a fan. It comes with a power launcher that can be joined on the hand. The bright-colored figure has a clean design with attention to detail.


  • Measures 2.5x8x12in
  • Has a classic design
  • Has movable elbows and knees
  • Made of good quality material
  • Comes in a gift box


  • May not be durable

13. Spider-Man: Far from Home Deluxe Action Figure

Spider-Man Far from Home Deluxe Action Figure

The three-in-one action figure toy of Spider-man is an impressive one and sure to win your child’s heart. It comes with two chest pieces and alternative masks that can be joined to make a new Spider-man stealth suit. This toy is inspired by the movie Spider-man: Far From Home.


  • Measures 13in
  • Creative action figure
  • Neat and bright design
  • Comes in a gift box


  • May not be sturdy

14. O3 Kids Toy Spider-Man Mask & Glove

O3 Kids Toy Spider-Man Mask

The Spider-man toy set includes a mask, glove, and a transmitter. All of these have a bright red and blue Spider-man design on it. The set is designed to impress children who love watching Spider-man. It is a practical and fun toy.


  • LED luminous mask and glove
  • Ideal as a Halloween costume
  • Activates with a button
  • Fits children aged 12 and younger
  • Safe and high quality


  • May not work after some time

15. Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero

Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero

The Spider-man toy comes on a black and silver bike. Your child can use their imagination and make the figure sit on the bike for an action scene. The figure comes with basic articulation and packed in a gift box.


  • 12in in dimension
  • Creatively designed
  • Made with good quality material
  • Can be a good choice of gift 


  • May not last for long

Tips To Choose The Right Spider-man Toy

Here are a few tips that you may keep in mind when looking for the appropriate Spider-man toy for a child.

  • Quality is one of the most important aspects to look for. Read the labels on the toy to see if it is made with good quality materials.
  • Do pick a Spider-man toy as per the age of your child. If they are too young, then simple Spider-man figurines would be a good choice. If they are eight-years-old and above, then creative toys such as a Lego set can be an ideal gift.
  • Try to know what your child likes about Spider-man. If they like a costume, then you can get a Spider-man mask. If they like to play, then some funky figurine toys would be appropriate.
  • Compare the features and price of the Spider-man toys before deciding on the best one.

Let your child play with their favorite Spider-man toys and enjoy their childhood. Pick one or more best toys from the list and surprise them on any day. Encourage them to use their imagination and be creative in their games for an active lifestyle.

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