11 Best Spinning Toys Of 2022


Spinning toys have a quaint charm to them and are loved by people across generations. The best spinning toys provide ample opportunity for children to get creative and competitive. Whether it is the traditional tops and dreidels or the newer battery-operated toys, children and adults love them and like to indulge in some spinning action.

If you’ve been thinking of adding some thrilling new toys to your child’s toy shed without spending a fortune, bring home some spin toys. Keep scrolling and have a look at some of the best options you can gift your child on this list. They come in vivid colors and bright patterns to attract all.

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Benefits Of Spinning Toys

  • Excellent motor skills – As your little ones hold the spinning toy and spin it, the tiny muscles around their fingers get to work and become strong. In this way, your little ones get a better finger grip and improve their fine motor skills.
  • Learning concepts – Spinning tops and toys make kids learn concepts of physics like force, speed, rotation, and more in the simplest way. They focus on these things and understand the not-so-easy concepts in play.
  • Entertainment – Let your child play with a kids’ spinning toy alone or in a group as it will leave no room for boredom. Spinning toys can keep your kids entertained and engaged for long periods. Join your kids for a quick round of spinning a toy or use them as party favors and bring a smile to the faces of other kids.
  • Destress – Spinning toys like fidget spinner toys and classic spinning tops are the best toys to calm down cranky kids who have anxiety issues by diverting their attention.

11 Best Spinning Toys

1. Best Durable: Playskool Sit ’N Spin Toy

Do your kids love to whirl and twirl? Here is an amazing spinning toy from Playskool that comes with a spinning base as the seat. Your child can sit on it and spin to the left or the right by holding the attached stationary wheel handle. The handle can be pushed and pulled up and down to control the speed and your kids can have a gala time spinning in it. Made for kids who are 18 months and up, it is a safe indoor and outdoor toy. Get this for your little ones to enhance balancing and coordination skills.


  • Durable
  • Unique colorful pattern
  • Easy and damage-proof packaging
  • Quick assembly


2. Best Lightweight: PROLOSO LED Light Up UFO Spinning Tops – Pack Of 15

Any toy that lights up will have children engrossed and this pack of LED spinning tops can be an excellent choice. These spinning tops come with a gyroscope or what you call a launcher. Attach the top to the launcher, twist thrice, and release it on a flat surface by pressing the gyroscope button. Turn off the lights in your room to see the LED lights of the tops glow beautifully.


  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Strong and durable
  • Colorful pattern and design
  • Lightweight


3. Best Easy-To-Use: Schylling Little Tin Tops

The old classic spinning tops that you played with as kids now come with a new twist in the form of Schylling Little Tin Tops. The body and base of the top are made of tin, making it lightweight and keeping it spinning for long periods. Make the top spin by pushing down on the plastic handle and watch it spin gracefully. As they measure at only  5 inches, these tops for kids are easy to grasp and play with.


  • Classic and colorful pattern
  • Blunt and safe spinning base
  • Twirls with a hustling sound
  • Easy to use


4. Best Handmade: GoodPlay Handmade Painted Wooden Spinning Tops – Pack Of 3

Twirl this wooden spinning top once and watch it spin for the longest time. These wooden spinner toys are handmade, lightweight, and will keep your children active and engaged for hours. Considered one of the best spinning tops for toddlers  they provide good finger exercise and improve their fine motor skills. Each pack has 3 tops that are brightly colored with non-toxic paints and lead-free glossy lacquer.


  • Blunt edges for safety
  • 5 inches in size
  • Easy to grasp for a child
  • Handmade


5. Best BPA-Free: Fat Brain Toys Spinny Pins

Looking for the perfect spinning baby toy for your toddler? Turn your gaze towards the Fat Brain Toys Spinny Pins that not just spins but wobbles too. A set of 5 wobbly spinny pins measuring 3.75 inches sit snugly in slots in a 7.5-inch wobbly bowl. Each of the spinny pins is brightly colored, so your child can learn colors by sorting and arranging them in the matching slots of the bowl. The tilted bowl has a hidden chime and makes a pleasant sound as it moves. With this toy, you can help improve your child’s sensory and fine motor skills.


  • High-quality BPA-free material
  • Weighted base
  • Blunt edges
  • Patterned for better finger grip


6. Best Eco-Friendly: Shumee Spin Tops – Pack Of 3

Shumee Spin Tops are made of natural wood and these tops are smoothened to perfection and are painted with lead-free bright colors. The spinning base is designed to spin over any flat surface and keeps the momentum going for quite a long time. If you see that your child has a hard time concentrating on something or is feeling anxious, you can use these spin tops as alternative to fidget spinners to relieve stress and anxiety.


  • Eco-friendly wooden spinning toy
  • Long grasping handle and angular tip
  • ASTM certified
  • Non-toxic paints


7. Best High-Impact Resistant: AzKrafts Handmade Wooden Spin Tops – Pack Of 6

Do you wish to relive your childhood days? You can do so by getting your hands on these wooden spin tops from AzKrafts and invite your kids to join in on the fun too. Each top is handmade and painted using natural colors by craftsmen from India. The blunt wooden handle is smooth and offers a comfortable grip for children.


  • Natural white wood
  • Safety tested as per ASTM F963 standards
  • Painted with vegetable colors
  • High-impact resistance
  • Smooth and splinter-free body surface


8. Best ASTM Certified: Ipidipi Toys Spinzee UFO Spin Toys – Pack Of 12

If you are in search of cute little toys that keep your little ones happily engaged, the Ipidipi Toys Spinzee UFO Spin Toys are just perfect. Fix the spinning top to the handle, turn it 4 times, and release it to watch them twirl. The design is inspired by UFOs and the body of the toy spins with LED lights being cast in every direction. Available in a host of funky and vibrant colors, this top gaming spinning toy is sure to brighten your kid’s day.


  • LED lights change patterns
  • Beautifully packaged
  • ASTM certified
  • Spectacular light show in dark


9. Best Colorful: M MUGIT Wooden Spin Tops – Pack Of 10

The M MUGIT Wooden Spin Tops are classical vintage tops that come in a pack of 10 and need no batteries to function. They are designed with an easy-grip size of 1.8 inches. With vibrant and unique color patterns in red, blue, yellow, orange, and more, these spin tops are sure to be appealing to little kids. Little children get curious to see how they twirl and keep trying tirelessly using their fingers to get a perfect spin. This improves their finger grip and coordinates the eyes with their hands. Along with hand-eye coordination, your kids easily understand concepts like speed and force. Let your kids play with the tops alone and stay engaged, or you join them to indulge in a fun family game.


  • Natural wooden body
  • Eco-friendly paints
  • Lightweight
  • Colorful pattern


10. Best Attractive: WeGlow LED Spinning Light Up Wand – Pack Of 2

Not all spinning toys are designed for the floor and flat surfaces. The WeGlow LED Scrambler Wand is a handheld spinning toy made with fiber tubes that light up in bright and neon colors. Your kids can even change the light patterns by looping the tubes and inserting them in the holes provided in the wand. When your little ones hold the wand and see the changing LED patterns, they get attracted towards it and stop being cranky, making them attractive pacifiers.


  • Handle with good grip
  • Sliding button to turn it On/Off
  • Batteries included
  • The wand is light and easy to use.


11. Best Gyroscopic Design: KIDDO KOO Tornado Spinning Tops

Watch and get mesmerized by the little tornado that spins on your table surface with the help of the wind. Yes, the KIDDO KOO Tornado Spinning Tops are powered by the wind and twist and twirl on the magnetic surface provided or on any flat surface. Your kids will love to watch it as it spins in silence and watching this twirl can be a great stress buster for you too. The spin tops have a blunt spinning base and a blunt handle and do not hurt kids in any way.


  • Gyroscopic design
  • 5 inches
  • Works without batteries
  • It comes with a metallic body that looks like glass.


These are some of the top spinning tops that your kids will love to play with. Here is a buying guide to help you choose a spinning toy for your little one.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Toys For Kids

Getting a spinning toy in vibrant colors may not be enough, so here are some aspects you need to take a look at before getting a spin toy for your little ones.

  • Size

The ideal size of the spin tops must be 2-5 inches. If you have a toddler, avoid getting spin toys that are too tiny (1-1.5 inches). There might be a problem when little kids put such toys into their mouths and choke. Get spinning toys that are lightweight and a little big in size for them to hold easily. If you have bigger kids who love to watch the tops spin fast, get them small tops that are light in weight, and watch them enjoy endlessly.

  • Material

Spin toys are made of wood, plastic, and even metals. You need to choose a spinning toy that is safe for your kids. Spin tops made of ABS plastic can be durable just like wooden ones. The ones made with  are generally not recommended as some of them might be toxic. Pick a toy that is painted with non-toxic paints that do not fade.

  • Spinning action

There are spin toys that come with a spinning base or even a spinning top with a handle. Some spin toys can carry your kids and spin along. While a few work on their own, some function with batteries and even with the help of wind.

  • Additional features

Some of the common additional features to the spinning tops are the lights, changing color patterns, external gyroscopic handles, and more. While classic spin tops and toys are a lot of fun, a spin toy with additional features could be more exciting for kids.

These are some of the best spinning toys for kids that you can get. The buying guide would have given you an insight into how you can choose the best one of all. You can select an attractive and colorful spin toy for kids, so that they can play with it all day and not get bored. But if your children are a little older, ask them and understand what they would be looking for in spinning toys. It could be of a particular color, perform a special function, or even have their favorite cartoon character on it. Choose a spinning toy that is very close to the requirements they describe and watch them play with it in joy!

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