13 Best Spongebob Toys For Kids In 2022


Spongebob Squarepants is a beloved cartoon character that continues to be popular to this day. The search for the best Spongebob toys is a never-ending quest for its fanatics. Be it soft and fluffy toys or battery-powered interactive ones, choices can be many.

In this post, we try to find the best Spongebob themed toys available online and rounded up some options for you to consider. Let’s scroll down and discover more.

13 Best Spongebob Toys To Buy In 2022

1. Fisher-Price ImaginextSpongebob Figure 6 Pack

This six-figure playset can be a delight for your little one because it includes the central characters of Spongebob cartoon such as Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Plankton, and SpongeBob. Your child can create their own stories and make the characters act the way they want them to.


  • Figurines come with movable limbs for more effective play.
  • Playing with favorite characters promotes imaginative thinking in kids.
  • Contains collectible characters.
  • Characters are designed accurately as per the cartoon.
  • Toys are durable to withstand rough handling.


  • Characters in some of the packages may be faulty.

2. SpongeBob SquarePants Surprised Patrick Masterpiece Meme 4.8/109

Patrick is an adorable starfish that most kids love. And a surprised Patrick looks a lot more cuter with his mouth opened wide enough to show his tonsils. This meme is a part of a collection of SpongebobSquarepants cartoon characters.


  • Collection is designed to suit kids who love collecting Spongbob memes.
  • Kids can create a collection of vinyl Spongebob character figures.


  • Some buyers received slightly damaged product.

3. Fisher-Price ImaginextSpongebobSquarepants, KrustyKrabKastle

The secret recipe to Krabby Patty formula is in danger, and Spongebobhas to retrieve it from Plankton, who has stolen it. With the mere twist of the powerpad, this restaurant turns into a castle and launches spatulas to attack and imprison the thief.


  • Role-play with tiny toys enhances storytelling skills.
  • Helps improve fine motor skills in kids.
  • Can keep kids engaged in imaginative play.


  • Restaurant design may not be accurate.
  • Some parts of the toy may be dysfunctional.

4. Fisher-Price Imaginext Spongebob Bikini Bottom Playset 4.6/319

Time for a fun battle. This playset includes Bikini Bottom playset, SpongeBob, Squidward, and three jellyfish projectiles. Spongebob slips out of bed through the slide to launch a jellyfish attack from Patrick’s house. Also, turning the disk on squidward’s house prompts him to make funny faces. This video takes you through this product’s details.


  • Pressing button and twisting disks strengthens finger muscles in kids.
  • Launching jellyfish helps improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Can keep the child engaged for hours with interesting play.


  • Does not include Patrick’s figurine.

5. NKOK Remote Control Krabby Patty Vehicle with Spongebob4.6/301

It is time to send Spongebob for a cool ride outdoors. This car comes with Spongebob sitting inside it while your child controls it with a remote. It has functioning headlights and can move forward, backward, and take right turns. This toy is only suitable for kids aged six years and above. For a more detailed review of this product, here’s a video.


  • The car comes with rubber tires and adjustable front-wheel alignment so your child can easily maneuver it.
  • Unique designs with Spongebob figurine resemble the cartoon character.
  • The car can be controlled through a remote.
  • Helps develop spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.


  • Remote control may require frequent battery consumption.

6. Burping SpongebobSquarepants Game4.5/1009

In this game, children can play ‘pass the parcel’ with Spongebob being the parcel. He burps after a few seconds, and each time he burps the person holding him must pick a token. The person with the least number of tokens wins. Suitable for kids aged six years and above.


  • Encourages kids to play in a group.
  • Ideal for family bonding time.
  • Helps strengthen social skills.


  • The game does not last long
  • Sound quality may not be clear

7. Mocking Spongebob Masterpiece Meme4.5/108

This Spongebob masterpiece meme is a part of its vinyl figurine collection that caters to those obsessed with this popular cartoon character. The mocking Spongebobwas seen in one of the episodes titled ‘Little Yellow Book’ of season 9.


  • Different figurines help encourage creative thinking in children.
  • Figurines related to specific episodes allow children to relive the story in their own way.


  • The large body may not be able to stand on its own.

8. Fisher-Price ImaginextSpongebobSquarepantsKrabby Patty Wagon4.5/104

Let your child drive their favorite Spongebobaround in his krabby patty wagon and launch some patties in the air.Load the patty on the large spatula and see it flying through the air. Suitable for kids aged between three and eight years.


  • Playing with the launcher helps improve hand-eye coordination.
  • Helps keep kids engaged in play for a reasonable duration.


  • The toy size may be smaller than expected.

9. SpongeBob SquarePants–Spongeheads4.4/61

Have a Spongbob theme party for your little one? Then do not forget Spongeheads. Available in four Spongebob characters these Spongeheads will only add more fun to your theme party.


  • Inflatable characters designed to fit snugly atop children’s heads.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • Does not leak air.


  • Some buyers found the size a little too big.

10. SpongeBob SquarePants, Stretchpants Figure4.2/133

Pull cute little Spongbob’s hands and legs, and it will just keep stretching. While you do that, he will blurt out something funny leavingyou in splits. Suitable for kids aged four years and above.


  • It makes over 30 silly sounds and speaks funny phrases.
  • The rubberized limbs are durable.


  • The material may not seem of good quality

11. Mega BloksSpongebobSquarepants Pirate Figure Pack Building Playset4.2/60

This is a collection of Spongebob figurines but all in a pirate theme. The set comes with five characters in pirate accessories. This is a great way to encourage your child to come up with different stories to fit in their favorite Spongebob characters. Suitable for kids aged five years and above.


  • The set comes with a buildable water raft, treasure map, and other accessories.
  • Promotes creative thinking and story-building in children.
  • Can keep kids engaged for long.


  • The plastic material used seems of poor quality.
  • The raft does not float on water.

12. Imagination Spongebob Masterpiece Meme 4.2/53

If your child is obsessed with collecting Spongebob figurines then they should not miss the Imagination Spongbob meme. It is based on a memorable scene from an episode from season 3.


  • Spongebob comes with a colorful rainbow before his eyes recreating an iconic scene from the cartoon.
  • Good size. Easily fits next to a PC on a desk.


  • Buyers complained of the rainbow, attached to Spongebob’s hands, being likely to slip off easily.

13. SpongeBob SquarePants Officially Licensed Exsqueeze Me Plush4.1/56

What happens when Spongebob has a hearty meal? He gets gassy. And what if you press his belly? He will fart. This plush Spongebob toy makes funny belly sounds and speaks phrases that can make your kids laugh.


  • Big size and cuddly body makes it a good soft toy.
  • It makes many funny sounds like burping to keep your kids entertained.
  • Even with plush body sound comes loud and clear.


  • Some buyers were disappointed that Spongebob had an embroidered nose instead of a 3D nose.

How To Choose A Spongebob Toy For Your Child?

When looking for a Spongebob toy, you may consider three factors:

  1. The child’s age: Every Spongebob toy in the market mentions the age limit on its box. Some toys can become choking hazards or might be too complicated for young children, so buy a toy that best suits your child’s age.
  1. Their preference: Whereas some kids may like the character of SpongebobSquarepants or Patrick, some may enjoy the entire show and love all the characters. Check what your child likes and buy a game that includes that character. If your child loves to create their own Spongebob stories, then you may get them themed sets to indulge in some interesting storytelling.
  1. Your budget: Your budget shall determine your choice. Spongebob toys are available in all price ranges. You may check the list above and see what suits your purse.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Many children worldwide are fans of Spongebob and love playing with cute figurines of their favorite characters. Priti Bose, a toys and gift writer, highlights the best Spongebob toys for kids to keep them entertained for hours. She enjoys writing product recommendations based on extensive research and comparison between hundreds of products. She also considers consumer reviews across e-commerce websites in order to create transparent and unbiased articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age is considered appropriate for kids to play Spongebob toys?

This depends on the age at which your child wants to play with Spongebob and the age range mentioned on the toy. Most toys are suitable for children aged three years and above.

2. Is there any negative news about Spongebob for kids?

Spongebob cartoon has often been in the news for its influence on kids. A study on a small group claimed that since the cartoon is fast-paced, it negatively impacted kids’ problem-solving skills and focus. Professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, Angeline S. Lillard, says, “The children who watched the cartoon were operating at half the capacity compared to other children.” However, she also added that such effects were not specific to kids who watched Spongebob Squarepants.
Moreover, the criticism is for the show and not the toys. Your kids can always play with Spongebob toys if they like them.

3. Why are Spongebob toys so expensive?

Not all Spongebob toys are expensive. If you check out the Spongebob playsets and toys given above, you will observe that the price differs from brand to brand. You may always choose the toy as per your budget.

Your child will treasure the Spongebob toy you get for them if they’re a huge fan of the show. These toys come in various forms, from fluffy and soft toys to robotic, battery-operated ones. These options make it easier for you to choose one based on your child’s preference. And if they have a favorite character besides Spongebob, you can get them what they love as brands manufacture toys based on various characters from the show.

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