7 Best Sports Board Games In 2021


Whether it’s the scorching summer heat or the fear of a raging pandemic, going out is an option that we are not really very comfortable with anymore. Here is where the best sport board games can come to your rescue. You can play most of your favorite sports at home with sports board games without compromising on the fun and excitement. Thanks to these board games, you can even teach your kids the rules and regulations of different sports from the comfort of your living room. We all know how important sports are for a child’s overall development. After all, we have all heard how all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. However, given that several outdoor games can also be played indoors on a board at home, which game would be the best pick for your child? Or even for your family game nights? Here is a curated list of the best sports board games that you can choose from for your child as well as your own friends. Family nights need not be about movies alone.

7 Best Sports Board Games

1. Zobmondo Go Hoops Basketball Dice Game

Go Hoops is a basketball dice game designed for kids aged 6 years and above. It is an award-winning board game from Zobmondo- a reputed brand that has sold over 1 million games. This board game bears all the action you crave from a real basketball match, right from fouls to 3-pointers. It is designed to be fun for all ages and can be played with family members too. You can now play this game in 4 modes. Whether you are a basketball enthusiast or not, this game has got you covered and guarantees fun while playing with the people around you.


  • Easily portable
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Helps improve decision making
  • Easy to learn and play


  • Tough to maintain as it contains multiple small parts

2. Merchant Ambassador Slammin Sluggers Baseball Game

Made to look like a real baseball game, Slammin Sluggers Baseball Game by Merchant Ambassador is a 2 player game. The stadium setup makes it look like a real baseball game! This game can improve your basic knowledge of math. You can play this game by choosing your favorite baseball team, from the Yankees and the Mariners to the Red Sox to the Marlins. Slammin Sluggers is a fun way to learn about baseball. Suitable for people aged 6 years and above, you can pitch, run and bat like a mainstream baseball game. In other words, you can experience the thrill and excitement of a real baseball game.


  • Sharpens motor skills
  • Highly interactive
  • Boosts concentration levels
  • Easy to track match stats


  • Contains small parts that can be choking hazard

3. Buffalo Games NFL Showdown Football Board Game

NFL Showdown is the officially licensed board game of the NFL. Known to be one of the major sporting leagues in the world, you can now play the NFL at the comfort of your homes, but with the hype and excitement of a typical gridiron football match. Players can play this game with all 32 NFL teams. Thanks to the game board’s realistic design, the field goal post, and the football it looks like a real NFL game. This is a dice and card game that comes along with a Flicker Kicker which you can use to kick the ball from the line of scrimmage. This game is suitable for children aged above 8 years.


  • Suitable for professionals and rookie players alike
  • Suitable for bonding across different age groups
  • Customizable game plans
  • Allows players to play both offense and defense


  • The game might get predictable after a point of time.

4. FoxMind Games Sports Dice Baseball

FoxMind Sports Dice Baseball is a dice game specially made for baseball lovers aged above 7 years. This is a fast-paced strategy game involving some intense playing, like striking out your opponent to hitting the home run. Although this is a game based on dice duels, it retains the excitement and action of the real baseball game. You can play this game either in 2-player mode or 4-player mode. The game is portable and you can carry it anywhere and anytime, be it a home or party. If you are looking for a game that is easy to carry around and fun to play, this game is for you!


  • Suitable for new and experienced players
  • Comes with various teams to choose from
  • Easy-to-understand rules
  • Can be played in less than 30 minutes


  • Parts may wear off easily

5. R & R Games 1st And Goal

Are you obsessed with the frenzy of the Super Bowl? What if you can lead your football team to victory at the comfort of your homes? 1st And Goal is a game involving goals, penalties, and onside kicks with a new twist! It is a dice and card game topped with the excitement of a classic gridiron football match. In this game, you are the coach, so you get to call the shots. Your decisions can lead your team to victory. Since you get to decide your team strategies, this game can help you enhance your decision-making and thinking abilities. Suitable for children aged 13 years and above, you can play this game as a 2-player or 4-player game.


  • Suitable for those who want to play for long durations
  • Helps develop interest in football
  • Clear layout of the board
  • Easy-to-track game statistics


  • The cards may tear easily.

6. MindWare Store Sports Trivia Challenge

This is a game that involves answering questions related to different types of sports. It is divided into 3 parts- See It, Know It, or Name It. See It involves looking at a close-up image of a sports object. Know It is about answering general trivia about sports through multiple choice questions and Name It is about naming the sports term. Those who answer a lot of correct questions and score more points win. Suitable for those above 8 years and you can play it casually or even at a party. Whether you are a rookie or a pro in sports, you are assured of having fun.


  • Suitable across different age groups
  • Encourages logical reasoning and problem-solving
  • Suitable for different sports fans
  • Suitable for solo play


  • May get boring over time

7. Funko Games ESPN Trivia Night

ESPN Trivia Night is a card game that seeks to sharpen your knowledge about sports through its 1000 questions. This is a high octane game involving questions related to sports, mascots, logos, and more! This game is suitable for 2 to 10 players and people aged 10 years and above. You can learn a lot of trivia about games like baseball, football, and ice hockey. This game comes with dexterity challenges, like shooting a field goal for football to shooting a basketball into the hoop. These challenges are known to be fun filled that you won’t find in a typical trivia game. The rule is simple— the first team to score 4 points in each of the 5 sports wins.


  • Improves decision making through strategy
  • Suitable for team play
  • Suitable for a wide variety of sports fans
  • Less set-up time


  • Some may find the rules complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are sports board games easy to play for beginners?

Many of the games listed here are suitable for beginners. If you have basic knowledge about the games like basketball, baseball, or football, you will be able to play the game. These games are known to bring together both beginners and experts.

  1. How many people can play sports board games?

Many games listed here require at least 2 people to play. While some games can be played as a team, the maximum count can go up to 10. We recommend playing the game with the maximum count of people to make it more interesting and fun-filled.

Whether you’re sports enthusiasts or not-so-passionate about sports, we all have at least one favorite game that keeps us entertained. However, when it’s not feasible to go out and play, sports board games save the day. Thanks to these games, you can now play your favorite sports in the comfort of your home or carry them around to places like parties and have fun with your friends. You can now learn about your favorite sports and play them at the comfort of your home with the same hype. We hope that our compilation of the best sports board games will help you make the right choice regarding which one to buy for a fun-filled time.

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