11 Best Sprinklers For Kids In 2024, As Per Toy Experts

Playing in water is a favorite summer activity for children. But, if kids’ pools and tubs are not suitable options for you, our list of the best sprinklers for kids can help you out. They are specially designed for children and are easy to use and safe. These sprinklers come in different fun designs and bright colors that attract children.

Depending on the available space, you can install them in your lawn or backyard. A water sprinkler can promote outdoor play and keep your child occupied and away from electronic gadgets. So, scroll through our list of best-selling water sprayers or sprinklers with their pros and cons to make an informed decision.

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11 Best Sprinkler For Kids

1. Best Adjustable Water Pressure:Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler Image: Melissa & Doug

Fitting the garden theme, this Sunny Patch Blossom Bright Sprinkler from Melissa & Doug is parent-recommended for its safe use and fun elements. It is a bright and flowery outdoor water spray sprinkler that can be attached to a garden hose to spray streams of water in all directions. This adjustable sprinkler for kids could be recommended for children aged three to six years.

Color: Pink and Fuchsia | Material: Plastic, Rubber | Item Weight: 1 pounds | Product Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 7.7 inches


  • Made of a durable rubber material
  • Promotes active play, and waters the plants too
  • 12 spouts that spray water evenly
  • Adjustable water pressure to sprinkle water higher or lower
  • Easy to set up with any garden hose


  • May form puddles since the flowers are firm
  • May need high water pressure

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I bought it for my nieces, and it charmed them both with its adorable design. The water pressure is safe for kids, and the various streams are pretty amusing. I also like that the water stream height is adjustable."

protip_icon Point to consider
Placing a sprinkler near plants or dry patches in the lawn can help water areas that most need water, while avoiding excessive watering of areas that are adequately hydrated.

2. Best Easy-To-Use:Fun Splashers The Fire Hydrant Sprinkler

A significantly smaller version of real-life fire hydrants, this fun splasher could give your children immense joy. This backyard sprinkler for children could be connected to any garden hose and spray water up a certain distance. It measures 8.9 x 5.2 x 4.21in.

Material: Plastic | Color: Red | Item Weight: 8.2 ounces | Product Dimensions: 8.94 x 5.31 x 4.92 inches


  • Could splash water up to eight feet
  • Easy to use
  • Has a stable and durable base
  • Spins and sprays water to cover the entire lawn


  • Spins only with high pressure
  • Color may fade when exposed to sunlight
Our Reviewer's Experience

"This fire hydrant sprinkler caught my attention with its whimsical design. The sprinkling output is also powerful, although a tad overwhelming for my youngest. It's also durable, making it a dependable option for water fun in summer."

3. Best For Improving Coordination:Melissa & Doug Splash Patrol Sprinkler


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 2,284 reviews on Amazon indicate that this product has a loyal following.

This is another fun kids’ water sprinkler from Melissa & Doug. This tried-and-tested sprinkler is easy to set up, preferably in the outdoor area, and features around 12 splash projections that spray water finely. This outdoor water spray sprinkler is suitable for children aged three to six years, and it measures 6 x 7.5 x 8in.

Color: Multicolor | Material: Plastic | Item Weight: 0.01 ounces | Product Dimensions: 22.75 x 16.5 x 13.25 inches


  • Promotes outdoor play and improves coordination
  • Easy to hook up and remove
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Fun design and brightly colored
  • Made from soft plastic materials


  • Flowers are stationary
  • Low water pressure
Our Tester's Experience

"My children and the puppy love to play in the backyard with this sprinkler. The water stream is perfect for them, and we like to pair it with the kiddie pool to enhance the fun. Also, the colorful worms make it look adorable."

4. Best Durable:Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler

Little Tikes Beach Ball sprinkler combines the action of a beach ball with water play. All you need to do is inflate and hook it up to a water hose for some splashing fun. It is recommended for kids aged from 18 months to four years. This water sprinkler for toddlers and children could be used on a glass surface or also a trampoline and holds well on any surface.

Color: Multicolor | Material: Plastic | Item Weight: 0.01 ounces | Product Dimensions: 22.75 x 16.5 x 13.25 inches


  • Sprinkles water in all directions
  • Offers hours of summertime fun
  • Durable and soft plastic material
  • Easy to fix to any garden hose
  • Could also be used like a beach ball


  • May require high water pressure
  • Could accumulate water inside and may be difficult to drain

5. Best For Children Over Three Months:Joyin Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product boasts 1,430 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.

If your child shows an interest in mythical creatures, then this age-appropriate animal-themed sprinkler for kids could be one of the best water sprinklers for them. This inflatable sprinkler is four feet tall and rightly hooks up to the hose. Inflate the water spray sprinkler before use and connect it to a regular-sized garden hose to begin the fun.

Color: Mulicolor | Item Weight: 2.34 pounds


  • Adjustable by changing the pressure of the PVC tube
  • Suitable for all ages over three months
  • Made of high-quality thick material
  • Ideal for backyard water play, pool party, unicorn-themed party


  • May droop when full of water
  • May not withstand the weight of the hose sometimes

Our Reviewer's Experience

"My granddaughter received this water toy for her sixth birthday. Assembling it was straightforward, and the hose connectors worked impressively to avoid leaks. While not the sturdiest, it delights her and adds a touch of fun to her summers."

protip_icon Remember
Watering the lawn early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is low can help reduce evaporation and ensure the lawn gets the water it needs.

6. Best Adjustable Spray Angle:Buyplus Lawn Sprinkler

The Buyplus Lawn sprinkler may also be used for agriculture, grass irritation, nursery, cooling, and greenhouse watering. This entertaining and effective sprinkler for kids features three 360° adjustable rotating arms and 12 built-in nozzles that can spray up to 32.8 feet and cover around 3,600 square feet of lawn.

Item Weight: 10.4 ounces | Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 inches | Material: Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Color: Lawn Sprinkler


  • Covers large area, and sprays at a long distance
  • Spraying angles are adjustable from 45° to 60°
  • Made of durable ABS plastic and rustproof polymer
  • Sturdy base that allows easy placement
  • Mimics rainfall effect


  • May not spray farther in a larger yard area
  • Sprinkler ends may pop up if water pressure is too high
Our Reviewer's Experience

"It is lightweight and easily connects to the hose without any leaks. My kids can set it up themselves and enjoy various water activities. The coverage is also decent, and I'm glad it comes in handy for watering the plants."

7. Best For Summertime:Matty’s Toy Stop Henry The Hydrant Water Sprinkler

Henry, The Hydrant Water Sprinkler, could make an ideal gift for your child to enjoy the summertime. It could be attachable to any garden hose to spray water up to ten feet high and 16 feet wide. It measures 10.8 x 7 x 7in and could be used by children over six years.

Color: Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue | Material: Plastic | Item Weight: 12.4 ounces | Product Dimensions: 10.75 x 7 x 7 inches


  • The sprinkler can be set up easily
  • Spins and sprays water everywhere
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic and lasts longer
  • Could be attachable to any standard garden hose
  • Larger sprinkler


  • Water may spill from the hose connection.
  • Speed and pressure levels are not adjustable
Our Reviewer's Experience

"While it brings pure joy to my kids, it makes me nostalgic about my childhood. It is small but powerful, and my kids enjoy playing with it. The materials seem sturdy, too, but pay attention to the connection point to prevent leaks."

8. Best Compact Design:glorden Flower Design Circular Spot Sprinkler

The Glorden Circular Spot Spray is a portable sprinkler for kids made of aluminum. The sprinkler head produces streams of water that could reach up to seven feet. It, therefore, makes an ideal choice for children to play fun games on a hot summer day. It is an effective sprinkler for versatile use and also helps control water usage. In addition, this summer play sprinkler could sprinkle water up to 30 feet in height and 30 feet in width, making it a trusted choice.

Material: Aluminum | Color: Yellow


  • Sturdy and durable sprinkler
  • Ideal for small yards
  • Compact design and portable
  • Gentle water spray
  • Simple and suitable for younger children


  • May not be compatible with a heavy hose
  • May not withstand high water pressure
Our Tester's Experience

"This little sprinkler has been performing way better than my expectations! It's stable enough to hold its ground and distributes water evenly in our small backyard. The color has started chipping, but it is a minor issue, given the joy it has brought to my children."

9. Best Easy-To-Setup:B. toys by Battat Whirly Whale Sprinkler

Here is an ocean-themed sprinkler that is an award-winning choice for endless fun, compatible with a standard garden hose. The effective sprinkler features adorable fishes who spray the water, making the kids excited for a whimsical water show. It includes three easy-to-connect adapters and measures 9.6 x 8.4 x 8.2in.

Material: Plastic | Item Weight: 2 pounds | Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 8.4 x 8.2 inches


  • Eight fishes that spin around the whale splashing water all around
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Promotes good outdoor fun
  • Made of durable and worry-free materials
  • Ideal for kids from two to eight years


  • Tube that passes from the hose may not hold enough pressure
  • Water may leak at the hose connection
Our Reviewer's Experience

"This whimsical sprinkler toy kept all the kids engaged at our recent family gathering; even the adults joined the fun later on. The set was a bit puzzling to assemble but manageable. Storing it after use was a breeze though."

10. Best Easy-To-Store:MeiGuiSha Inflatable Shark Yard Summer Sprinkler Toy

This Inflatable Shark Yard sprinkler from MeiGuisha is over six feet tall and makes a fun sprinkler toy for kids to play with on a summer day. According to the reviewers, it has to be fixed with a rope in front and behind so that it remains stable. This giant water spray sprinkler for kids measures 15 x 11.9 x 4.5in.

Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) | Item Weight: 5.15 pounds


  • Water pressure is adjustable
  • Made of high-quality PVC material and durable
  • Compact and easy-to-fold and store
  • Replicates the experiences of standing under a waterfall
  • Compatible with a standard garden hose


  • Requires support to stand
  • May not hold high water pressure
Our Reviewer's Experience

"I�ve spent weeks testing this product with the kids, and honestly, I'm impressed. Assembly is a breeze, and the size is larger than I expected, providing a generous splash zone. Plus, the water reaches high, with consistent pressure."

11. Best Funny Sprinkler:Matty’s Toy Stop Nelson The Narwhal (Blue Unicorn of The Sea) Water Sprinkler

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

This is another themed water sprinkler that your child may love to play with. It sprays water up to 12 feet high and 16 feet wide, depending on the water pressure. Measuring around 10.8 x 6 x 6in, this fun sprinkler for kids is ideally suited for ages three and above.

Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Gold, White, Black | Material: Plastic | Item Weight: 15 ounces | Product Dimensions: 10.75 x 6 x 6 inches


  • Easy to setup
  • Sprays water to a wide area
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Compatible with any garden hose


  • Relatively a smaller number of spray outlets
Our Reviewer's Experience

"Thanks to this sprinkler, my grandson's summer visit to my place has been a blast. He loves the cute whale design, and I find the spray height adjustment quite convenient. It's a delightful find for keeping him and his pals entertained."

How To Choose The Right Sprinklers For Children?

Some features you may have to consider before purchasing a sprinkler for your children are as follows.

  1. Spray capacity: A sprinkler with several spouts is fun. It sprays water all over the yard, and children can enjoy it in groups.
  1. Design and color: Sprinklers that have a bright and charming color, along with a fun design, could make a difference. Children get attracted to such themes and enjoy playing with it.
  1. Varied water heights: Consider a sprinkler that has an adjustable height option. In that case, high pressure can be used for the older child and a small amount of water for a younger child.
  1. Material: Check if the material is of high quality so that it lasts for a longer time. It should not be something made of materials that could be harmful to the child.
  1. Multi-directional: Get the sprinkler that oscillates or rotates rather than a stationary one. It adds more fun to the play.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I also use a kid sprinkler for garden watering?

Yes, you may use a kid sprinkler for watering your garden if you have a small garden area. However, they are not an ideal choice for water gardening due to their limited coverage.

2. How are kids’ sprinklers different from regular lawn sprinklers?

Kids sprinklers are made for entertainment purposes to promote active outdoor play. They can also encourage your child to water the plants. Whereas, lawn sprinklers are ideal for regular use and have large motors to facilitate sprinkling in different directions at different pressures.

3. Can high water pressure break a kid sprinkler?

While kids’ sprinklers might not break with high pressure, they might topple or leak when connected to a hose with very high pressure. It is better to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimum use of these sprinklers.

4. How should I get water for my water sprinkler for kids?

To install outdoor sprinklers for kids, all you need to do is to connect the sprinkler to the garden hose and turn it on.

5. What is the ideal location for using a water sprinkler for kids?

Water sprinklers for kids should be used in an outdoor setting that has a non-slip surface to keep your children safe while they run around.

6. Can I adjust the spray of my water sprinkler for kids?

Some kids’ water play sprinklers have a feature that allows you to adjust the spray height and distance. However, this may not be the case with all the sprinklers.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Our team of experienced writers and reviewers brings you this list of the best sprinklers for kids that can be installed on the lawn or backyard. We have chosen each product after considering the durability of the material, adjustable water pressure, and ease of use. All these products are chosen based on reliable user reviews and product ratings from various trusted websites and online forums to ensure high quality and an unbiased opinion. Moreover, we have also mentioned the pros and cons of each sprinkler and included a buying guide to help you make an informed choice.

The Bottom Line

The best sprinklers for kids can help your children have the time of their lives, thanks to the incredible fun experience they can offer. You can beat the summer heat and spend time outdoors away from your gadgets. To pick a sprinkler, consider durability, material, minimum age criterion, and ease of installation. Understanding the spray capacity, the direction of the spray, and the water heights will help you pick a sprinkler that suits your space. Also, since they come in different shapes and sizes, pick one based on your taste and your child’s preferences. Choose the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom for its bright colors; the Fun Splashers Fire Hydrant Sprinkler for a caricature style, and the glorden Garden Sprinkler for a handheld variant.

Infographic: Different Ways To Play With Water Sprinklers

Water sprinklers for children offer endless summer fun, turning the backyard into a refreshing water wonderland. With playful designs and adjustable spray patterns, these sprinklers provide a delightful way for children to cool off and enjoy outdoor water play. Take a look at the following infographic to explore different game ideas with water sprinklers, ensuring an exciting playtime.

Game Ideas Using Water Sprinklers For Children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

Download Infographic in PDF version

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