11 Best Staple Removers In 2021


If you want a staple remover for your upholstery project or reorganizing your office essentials, here’s our list of the best staple removers to choose the right one. Staple removers are handy tools that help you remove pins effortlessly and ensure maximum safety. They also help ensure there are no dents or marks on the previously stapled surface. There are various staple removers available that you can choose from. With multiple features to suit your needs, there is something for everyone. So, explore our list to know more.

Benefits Of A Heavy Duty Staple Remover

The benefits of a heavy-duty staple remover include the following.

  1. Easy unbinding of thick document stack: A staple remover makes it easy to unpin thick stacks of documents when rearranging them.
  2. Versatile: Their uses are not limited to offices and workspaces; you can use them in a home set-up or any place outdoors where stapling has been used for holding items together.
  3. Specific industry-level uses: A heavy-duty staple remover can also serve some specific industry-level uses. For instance, it could help you with removing or renovating stapled fences, roofing, and carpentry finishing.

Types Of Heavy Duty Staple Removers

Heavy-duty staple removers can be categorized based on their design and mechanism. The most prominent types available in the market include the following two.

  • Blade-style staple removers

A blade-style staple remover is designed with a blade at the tool’s end. It requires you to hold the handle and push the blade forward manually to lift the pin from an object.

  • Teeth staple removers

These staple removers are fitted with a teeth-like structure that pulls out a stapler pin embedded in an object. These are efficient and require minimal manual effort.

11 Best Staple Removers

1. Ktrio Professional Magnetic Staple Remover

The Ktrio staple remover is a professional-grade tool designed with a simple push-style mechanism for easy staple removal. Each Ktrio set contains three staple removers. The blade design and magnetic handle allow for fast extraction and support the removal of various types of staples and pins.


  • Removes staples from a stack of up to 20 sheets
  • No damage to paper or any other stapled object
  • Durable steel jaws
  • Strong magnet for efficient staple pick-up
  • Ergonomic design for improved comfort of use
  • Simple control function


  • Some might not like the hollow handle design

2. ZZTX Professional Magnetic Staple Remover

The ZZTX professional magnetic staple remover comes in a pack of six, with each tool available in a different color. The handle is rubberized, and this tool is designed for use at home and offices. Further, its steel body makes it unbreakable and long-lasting.


  • Push-style mechanism
  • Rust-resistant make
  • Long easy-to-hold handle
  • Extracts staples fastened on a paper stack of up to ten sheets
  • Supports easy clean-up
  • Ergonomic design


  • Narrow metal lift blade may not support all staples

3. Thinkwork Staple Gun With Stapler Remover

The three-in-one staple gun set from Thinkwork includes a staple remover as well as 2,100 staple pins. The staple remover allows you to manually extract staples with minimum effort and comes with a power adjustment function.


  • Non-slip and ergonomic handle
  • Durable and long-lasting use
  • Handle lock
  • Quick-view window


  • May require excessive manual pressure

4. Mroco Staple Remover

The Mroco staple remover is a thoughtfully designed tool that requires manual operation for extraction. It works on the push-up mechanism and is easy to use with a simple and sleek design. The staple puller is designed to remove flat staples from upholstery, carpentry, furniture, and flooring.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Made of durable stainless steel material
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Rubber-covered handle for better grip
  • Thin and sharp point
  • Wide-application


  • May not be great for removing deeply embedded and wide staples

5. Vercca Heavy Duty Upholstery And Construction Staple Remover

Vercca’s staple remover is a heavy-duty and industry-grade tool with wide application. It is well-designed and comes with a tack puller that makes it easy to extract staples from hard surfaces. The tool’s smooth and flat head ensures zero damage to floors, walls, and furniture.


  • Efficiently removes deeply embedded staples
  • Works on leverage mechanism for easy extraction
  • Has a non-slip and ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight frame
  • Made of hardened steel for durability


  • Blade may not be sufficiently sharp

6. WolfWill Upholstery And Construction Heavy Duty Staple Remover

The WolfWill upholstery and construction heavy-duty staple remover is designed as a tack lifter for use in offices and homes. It has a simple design with a unique grey and yellow exterior. The tool features a dual rubber-covered handle for non-slip use and good grip, and the stainless steel blade is highly durable.


  • Suitable for extracting staples deeply ingrained in hard surfaces
  • Quick extraction saves time
  • Minimal damage to the stapled surface
  • Easy lifting through a leverage mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Thick tip may make it difficult to remove deeply embedded staples

7. Swingline 37021 Heavy Duty Staple Remover

Swingline’s 37021 heavy-duty staple remover is an ergonomically designed tool that combines efficiency and convenience. It is well-designed for efficient functioning and has a satin chrome finish that lends it a metallic look.


  • Well-contoured design
  • Works through spring-loaded lever handle
  • Extra durable with a strong all-metal construction
  • Sturdy base
  • One-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Blade might be slightly thick

8. Crain 126 Staple Remover

The Crain 126 staple remover features an ergonomically designed handle that fits well into your hands to offer comfort and convenience. The simple design makes it highly efficient, and the tool is specially designed to remove wide-crown upholstery staples.


  • Works on a simple lever mechanism
  • Minimal strain on the hands
  • Supports easy and quick staple removal
  • Lightweight frame


  • Does not work very well for extremely thin staples

9. Max Heavy-Duty Black Staple Remover

The heavy-duty black staple remover model RZ-3F from Max USA Corp is a thoughtfully designed everyday tool that is highly portable. It is based on the spring leverage system, making it convenient to use without straining your palm. You can easily use this tool to remove staples from upholstery and office folders.


  • Suitable for removal of deeply embedded staples
  • Removes staples from hard surfaces
  • Supports staple extraction from a paper stack of up to 150 sheets
  • Ideal for removing both heavy-duty and standard staples
  • Has a lightweight make


  • May not be suitable for small staples

10. Mateng Staple Removers

Mateng’s heavy-duty staple remover is an everyday tool designed for manual removal of staples. Its ergonomic, curved, and non-slip plastic handle ensures maximum comfort when holding. Further, the hardened interior made of steel reduces the risk of breakage and makes the tool long-lasting. Each set contains two staple removers, one in pink and the other in blue.


  • Easy on the stapled surface with zero damage
  • Rust-proof make
  • Improved holding grip with non-slip coating
  • Sturdy base
  • Suitable for use in schools, offices, and homes
  • Powerful and easy-to-use spring-loaded lever handle


  • May not be great for walls and furniture

11. Nova Glacier Effortless Staple Remover Tool

The Nova glacier staple remover is thoughtfully designed for effortless use and comes with a magnetic function for picking up removed staples. The tool ensures minimal manual strain while removing staples. This convenient tool is suitable for everyday use in homes, schools, and offices.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Saves power by as much as 30%
  • Aids in quick and easy removal of staples
  • Expert extraction through its spring-loaded handle
  • Durable and long-lasting metal and plastic construction


  • May not be great for use on thick documents

How To Choose The Right Staple Remover?

Consider the following factors to ensure you pick the right staple remover.

  1. Scale and speed: The efficiency of a staple remover is determined by how fast it can complete a removal. Some staple removers can easily remove staples from ten different stacks within 20 seconds of use.
  2. Safety: As the working of a staple remover involves sharp objects, which carry a high degree of risk, it is a must to choose tools that offer safety.
  3. Ease of use: A staple remover must also be easy to use and not involve too much manual interference for staple removal from thick stacks.
  4. Magnetic mechanism: Some of these tools come with a magnetic mechanism that helps you pick the removed staples effortlessly.
  5. Ergonomic: As these tools are used daily, and often, multiple times a day, they must be ergonomically designed to ensure they do not cause strain to your hands.
  6. Staple size: Choose a staple remover based on the size of the staple pins you need to extract.

Finding the best staple remover from a long list of competitive products becomes easier if you know which features to look for in one. Reviews from previous customers can also help you select the right tool. Choose a staple remover from this list and complete your projects and tasks effectively.

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