5 Best Star Trek Board Games In 2021


No amount of online games can replace the joy of playing board games. Board games are a great way to spend some fun time with your friends and family. Moreover, if a game is based on your favorite series, it adds excitement and thrill.

Star Trek is one of the most loved sci-fi series of all time. If you are a fan of the Star Trek series, here are some of the best Star Trek board games that will challenge your love and knowledge for this fictional world and characters.

5 Best Star Trek Board Games

1. Looney Labs Star Trek TNG FLuxx

The family card game can be played and enjoyed by children and adults. Amongst other cards, this game comprises a rule card that you can change for every game. So, every game you play shall be different from your last game. Its playing duration is around 10 to 40 minutes, and two to six players can play simultaneously, making it suitable for a relaxed evening.


  • Not complicated
  • Easy storage
  • Expansion pack available
  • Detailed instructions


  • Cards may be flimsy

2. Gale Force Nine Star Trek Ascendancy

The galaxy is in your hands as you get to shape it the way you want through this exciting game. It contains three of the most popular races: Federation, Romulan, and Klingon Empire. The game requires a minimum of three players and is suitable for players aged 14 and above. It is an interesting game for players who would love to explore the Star Trek universe.


  • Allows players to expand their empires
  • Game lasts for an hour per player
  • Interactive command control
  • Good quality cardboard cutouts and system discs


  • Game mechanics may have issues

3. USAopoly Star Trek Panic Board Game

The game involves the U.S.S Enterprise ship model. Select the character you want to play and work with the crew members to save your ship from alien invasion. At any point in time, one hull of the ship needs to be safe. Destruction of all six sections means you have lost the game. This game is suitable for players aged 13 and above.


  • Cooperative board game
  • Allows six players to play together
  • Includes an instruction manual
  • Can be played solo


  • May be complicated

4. Modiphius Games Star Trek Adventures Starter Set

For those who are new to the gaming side of Star Trek, you can start with this starter set. It is a three-part adventure that revolves around the final frontier of the Galaxy. It is most suitable for gamers who are new to the Star Trek series or have limited knowledge. Children aged 14 years and above can play this game.


  • Good-quality gaming tokens and accessories
  • Simple to understand
  • Interesting storyline
  • Detailed instructions


  • Maps may be small

5. Star Trek The Next Generation: A Game Of Trivia Exploration And Discovery Board Game

Specially designed for ardent Star Trek lovers, this game involves hours’ worth of trivia about the popular television series. It tests your knowledge of the show. The aim of the game is to seek out new life and civilization. It requires a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. It is suitable for players aged 12 years and above.


  • Classic collector edition
  • Challenging
  • Long playing time
  • Contains colorful cards and accessories


  • Assembly might be elaborate

How to choose the right Star Trek board games?

If you are confused about which Star Trek board game to choose for yourself, here are some factors to consider before making your final decision.

  1. Type: There are different types of board games. Some contain placards with character details, some with rolling dice, and so on. Based on your preference, look for a game you would prefer playing.
  2. Players: When you choose a board game, remember to check the minimum and the maximum number of players that can play the game at a given time. If you want a game that your entire family can play, look for multiple-player games with your preferred number of players.
  3. Age: Every brand mentions the suitable age limit for a game. If you have children at home, look for games that children and adults can play.
  4. Duration: Some games can be wrapped up in ten minutes, while others go on for hours. If you want to spend the weekend indulging in some fun games with your family, pick a board game that lasts longer. For lazy evenings at home, opt for quick games.

Playing Star Trek board games can lighten the mood in your house and allow you to refresh your memory of the popular series. Some games allow you to play as characters from the show and experience their decision-making dilemma. Choose the best Star Trek board games for your family, and remember to brush up your knowledge of the sci-fi series before challenging them to a game.

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