13 Best Steam Inhalers In 2022 For Relief From Congestion

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If you frequently experience respiratory conditions such as cold and cough, you should consider investing in one of the best steam inhalers. These devices use water vapor to relieve nasal congestion, sore throat, and respiratory infections. They are convenient, have a compact design, and are portable. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best steam inhalers that you can purchase. We have also listed the pros and cons of each one so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Benefits Of Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation or steam therapy is a common home remedy. Here are some reasons why it is used:

  1. Temporary relief: Although steam inhalers do not cure any infection, they help in relieving the symptoms of cold, cough, sinus, allergies, and other respiratory problems. The warm and moist steam eases the swollen blood vessels and irritation from the nasal passages.
  2. Natural and safe: Most of the steam inhalers use only water, which is converted to steam. Steam inhalers are safe for use by both children and adults as no chemical substances are involved.
  3. Relaxation: Steam inhalation also helps in relaxing the throat muscles and clearing congestion. It can also be used for facial spa treatment to open the pores, brighten the skin, and relax facial muscles.

13 Best Steam Inhalers

1. Best For Cold And Allergies: Vicks Steam Inhaler

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler comes with a soft and flexible hood that effectively delivers steam to the throat, mouth, and nose. It is effective against congestion and relieves irritation caused due to cold and allergies. You may use the inhaler with Vicks VapoPads for better results.


  • Lightweight, compact, and flexible
  • Has a variable steam control feature
  • Comes with dual scent pad slots
  • Features an on/off indicator light
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Hot water may spill over if the machine is not handled carefully


2. Best For Non-Medicated Therapy: Vicks Sinus Inhaler

Vicks Sinus Inhaler  claims to offer 99.99% germ-free steam to provide relief from cough, congestion, and allergy symptoms. It comes with a comfortable and soft face mask that is convenient to use. The inhaler is compatible with the Vicks VapoPads.

Also Recommended By: Kansascity has also listed the Vicks Sinus Inhaler.[1]The Best Steam Inhalers for Decongestion and Easier Breathing https://www.kansascity.com/reviews/steam-inhaler/


  • Comes with adjustable steam control
  • Features dual scent pad slots
  • Shuts off automatically when there is no water in it
  • Suitable for non-medicated, natural therapy
  • No filters required
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Hot water may spill over if the machine is not handled carefully
  • Size could be small for some

3. Best With Mesh Technology: AVYA Portable Steam Inhaler

AVYA Portable Steam Inhaler is designed to clear any obstruction in the nasal, throat, and sinus passages, relieving you from cold, flu, sinusitis, and allergy symptoms. It delivers a warm nanoparticle saline steam and addresses complex conditions related to nasal and throat congestions.


  • Compatible with AVYA Sea Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt) solutions
  • Uses a patented vibrating mesh technology and is powered by a battery
  • Temperature can be adjusted using the built-in buttons


  • Slightly more expensive than other inhalers.


4. Best For Natural Mist: MyPurMist Handheld Vaporizer and Humidifier

MyPurMist Handheld Vaporizer and Humidifier claims to deliver germ-free steam to relieve you from symptoms of cold, allergy, and sinus congestion. It can be conveniently used by keeping it close to your nose, throat, and sinus area. It can be switched on instantly and requires no maintenance. You may use it with the Mypurmist ultrapure sterile water refills for better results.


  • Doesn’t require boiling water
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers immediate and natural mist
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Package includes a latex-free soft mask, bottle of distilled water, and portable carry bag


  • May not be long-lasting


5. Best For Kids And Adults: Tangxia Handheld Vaporizer Machine

Tangxia Handheld Vaporizer Machine can be powered by either two AA batteries or a power cable. The machine comes with a kid’s mask and an adult’s mask and is useful for treating cold and cough symptoms.


  • Uses mesh technology to give you a fine mist
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Lightweight and portable


  • May not produce mist if distilled or purified water is used


6. Best Humidifying: Crane steam inhaler

This inhaler from Crane can be converted to a humidifier. It offers quick relief from congestion, flu, sinus irritation, and other allergies. It comes with an auto-off safety feature, and the warm mist helps in killing bacteria in the water.


  • Easy to use and effective
  • Runs in whisper mode for around eight hours
  • No filter required
  • Adjustable steam control


  • Heats up too quickly


7. Best Sauna Spa Steamer: Hann Steam Inhaler

This  sinus steam inhaler by Haan works as a sauna spa steamer too. You may use it to clear congestion due to cough and cold or to moisturize and deeply cleanse your face. The inhaler uses ion automization technology, and the set includes a facial steamer, nose inhaler, handy measuring cup, and manual.


  • Features a single button for convenience
  • Comes with an automatic shutdown feature.
  • Delivers nano-ionic steam deep into the skin.


  • Takes a longer time than usual to heat up


8. Best Atomization Rate: Yevlldoo Handheld Steam Inhalers

Yevlldoo Handheld Steam Inhaler is specially designed to ease difficult breathing. This steam inhaler has a faster atomization rate, which helps turn the medicine into tiny particles of mist to work effectively. It comes with a removable cup that can hold up to 8 ml of medication. The device works with two AA batteries or USB cable and produces sound less than 25 dB.


  • Power indicator indicating water level
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Container may leak


9. Best For Children: Mayluck Portable Steam Inhaler

The steam inhaler by Mayluck has an in-built water detection technology that shuts its operation when the water level is low. Therefore, it is safe even for children to operate. The product comes with masks of varied sizes making it compatible for people of all ages.


  • Has a self-cleaning mode
  • Noise-less function
  • Produces fine mist particles
  • Includes a mouth piece


  • May not be durable


10. Best Portable: Unoseks Stem Inhaler

By utilizing the latest MESH technology, this personal steam inhaler creates fine mist to help relieve respiratory problems. The miniature inhaler fits into the pockets and hence is portable. The device with a low-noise build, is a convenient way to relieve allergies, sore throat, or congestion while on the road.


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Easy maintenance
  • Has an indicator for the airway
  • Works with batteries and USB cable


  • The power button may not work well


11. Best For Therapies And Facials: Veridian Steam Inhaler

If you need a steamer for therapies and facials, then this dual-steamer by Veridian is for you. Its convenient design targets the airways. The hot steam released can help relieve sore throat, allergies and congestion. These hot vapors also help open skin pores and eliminate dirt, thus preparing your skin for a skincare session.


  • Comes with masks of two sizes
  • Ideal for a quick therapy session
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance


  • The steam produced may be too hot


12. Best Noise-Friendly: Mgifmly Steam Inhaler

With a stylish design, this personal steam inhaler is pocket-friendly. The device is easy to hold and comes with a button that instantly releases steam. Designed to work below a sound level of 25dB, the steamer could be used during travels or at home. It can be used with tap water.


  • Can be powered with batteries or USB cable
  • Offers convenient grip
  • Easy maintenance
  • Includes mouthpiece atomization attachment


  • May drain batteries


13. Best For Aromatherapy: Gurin Steam Inhaler

The Gurin Steam Inhaler has a convenient design and can be used by children and adults. It has an adjustable steam level that can relieve congestion. The machine can be used in conjunction with oils for aromatherapy, enabling you to use it as a diffuser for the room.


  • Comes with one-year of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Has an extension tube
  • Easy cleaning due to its draining tub
  • Simple operation


  • The cord may be delicate


How To Use A Steam Inhaler To Relieve Congestion?

The modern-day inhaling machines or devices are easy to use. You need to just

  • Set up the machine. If it is powered by batteries, insert them. And if it is powered by a cable, plug it in.
  • Pour water in the machine and put in a vaporizer if required. Some devices have a separate slot for the vaporizer pads.
  • Switch it on. You will notice the steam after a few minutes.
  • Inhale for about 15 to 20 minutes, and you might find a positive difference.

Safety Tips To Remember When Using A Steam Inhaler

Here are some safety measures that you need to keep in mind when using a steam inhaling machine.

  • Keep the machine on a steady table and not on your lap or shaky surface.
  • Keep your eyes closed to avoid irritation.
  • Make sure that there are no pets or children around when you are taking steam therapy.
  • Choose a safe steam inhalation machine (with a mask or with an enclosed surface) when you are using it for children.

Dr. Safia Munawar, a GP and certified aesthetic physician, says, “Besides following all these tips, follow the instructions mentioned on the box or kit so that you do not harm yourself. If you experience any discomfort, stop using the inhaler and consult your doctor.”

How To Choose The Right Steam Inhaler?

There are different kinds of steam inhalers available in the market. You need to pick one as per your requirements.

  1. Convenience: Choose a machine that has an ergonomic design. It should be easy to set up and easy to hold. Inhalers that require only water and take only a few minutes to provide the steam could be easy to use.
  2. Size: You may find both big and small steam inhalers. Try to choose a compact inhaler that can be easily transported and stored as well.
  3. Purpose: Some inhalers are designed only for relieving cold and cough symptoms, while some are made for facials. However, a few can be used for both purposes. Ask yourself if you need a multipurpose inhaler and then pick the suitable option.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After considering different steam inhalers’ quality, safety, and features, Vibha Navarathna, our in-house writer and reviewer of health and wellness products, has shortlisted the best ones for you. As these products provide you relief from nasal congestion or any other blockage of your respiratory system, you should pick the most suitable one. Vibha has also prepared a buying guide to make your purchase easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are steam inhalers safe for kids?

Buy a steam inhaler that is specifically made for kids. For instance, choose a device that comes with a child’s mask or ensure that it has an enclosure so that hot water does not spill over. Also, adult supervision is required for operating an inhaler.

2. Is a steam inhaler the same as a nebulizer?

No, a steam inhaler is compact and usually a hand-held device that is used to get temporary relief from cold and allergy symptoms and congestion. It doesn’t require any medication as it converts water to steam. On the contrary, a nebulizer converts liquid medicine or drugs to mist so that it directly goes to the lungs. Also, a nebulizer helps to make breathing normal, while an inhaler is used to relieve congestion.

3. Can I use tap water in my steam inhaler?

This varies from product to product. In general, the harsh chemicals in tap water may corrode the metal contents of the steamer. However, a few products are tap water-compatible. Refer to the instruction manual to know about this compatibility.

4. How do steam inhalers differ from humidifiers and vaporizers?

Humidifiers release cool mist that is produced after application of ultrasonic vibrations on water. On the other hand, steam inhalers work by releasing hot mist that is produced by heating water. Steam inhalers and vaporizers are the same.

5. Can steam inhalers help with asthma?

A steam inhaler may provide relief from asthmatic symptoms. The hot vapors, when inhaled, may clear the airways and make breathing easier. However, steam inhalation may worsen asthma in a few. Hence, it is wise to know your personal triggers and consult a pulmonologist before using a steam inhaler as a relief for asthma.

The best steam inhalers are an excellent investment for your health as they allow you to deal with respiratory issues such as colds and cough naturally and effectively. The options listed here are compact, convenient, and portable, so you can take your inhaler with you during trips and enjoy relief from nasal congestion or sore throat. In addition to offering temporary relief, these inhalers can help you relax and are safe for children and adults. Ensure you consider factors such as size, the purpose of use, and convenience to make the right choice for your needs.


MomJunction's articles are written after analyzing the research works of expert authors and institutions. Our references consist of resources established by authorities in their respective fields. You can learn more about the authenticity of the information we present in our editorial policy.
  1. Steam Inhalation Therapy: Severe Scalds As An Adverse Side Effect.

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