13 Best Step Ladders For Safe And Easy Use In 2024, As Per Architects

Ladders are sometimes the most underestimated household tools. Yet, every house needs it at some point or the other. So, we have brought our list of the best step ladders to help you choose the right one. No matter if you are tall or short, some tasks around the house require you to climb a ladder. Although it is not a tool one would use every day, we need it to change a bulb or place a few things in the topmost cupboard. Some may like step ladders more than regular ladders.

A step ladder has an A-shaped frame that unravels a few steps when pulled open. It is more compact and durable than a regular ladder with four base points. The top of a step ladder has a seating plank to help you arrange items comfortably or get your work done. These ladders are versatile and portable. The latest designs offer stability despite their lightweight build.

Julio Arco, an architect and interior designer, says, “Thanks to my experience as a designer, I’ve learned that a step ladder is not just a tool but an essential element that affects how space is experienced and used. With a step ladder, you can easily access higher spaces for cleaning, maintenance, or decoration, contributing to the overall functionality of the space.

Take a look at the available options to choose a suitable one.

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13 Best Step Ladders In 2024

1. Best With Secure Locking System:Cosco Folding Step Stool


The Cosco Folding Step Stool is a well-designed piece giving the much-needed ease to reach the high shelves or to hang curtains etc. Made from durable and good-quality material, it is sturdy and safe and gives reliable support with the rear feet on all floor types, be it tiled or placed on dirt or grass. The steps being wide enough one can balance well while climbing and the handle is an added benefit that gives the security of climbing the ladder on to the next step. All in all, a great help for household chores.

Item Weight: 12 Pounds | Color: Green | Material: Rubber | Product Dimensions: 27.95"D x 17.72"W x 45.59"H.


  • Has a secure locking system
  • It is very light in weight and can be easily carried around.
  • The simple design and smooth foldable structure help to store in minimum space.


  • Prices vary in different countries

Our Reviewer's Experience

"It's been a valuable addition to my everyday tools. Once it's correctly locked, the stability it offers is so reassuring. The height is also quite decent as compared to my regular 2-step ladders."


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product boasts 14,445 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.

2. Best Lightweight:Little Giant Ladders Stepladder

Little Giant Ladders Stepladder Image: Little Gaint

The Little Giant Ladders Stepladder is made from lightweight aluminum metal. This tried-and-tested tall structure is an all-purpose ladder. Built with an extra-large standing platform, one can stand comfortably on the top step without the fear of losing your balance. This flip-n-lite ladder’s easy-release handle makes it easy to open and shut without any squeaky sound. Although a lightweight stool, it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of a well-built construction worker as well.

Item Weight: ‎5450 Grams | Color: ‎Black/Orange | Product Dimensions: ‎20"W x 60"H | Material: ‎Aluminum.


  • The extra-wide rungs prevent foot fatigue and are ideal for long-term use.
  • It is easy to transport, set up, and store after use.
  • Tool tray at the top rung benefits one to keep tools while working.


  • Slightly overpriced

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This ladder is lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver from one spot to another while being sturdy enough to support my weight. I like its wide, comfortable steps and one-handed fold feature."

3. Best Stable:Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder


Delxo Folding 4-Step Ladder has been tested and approved by TUV with a GS certificate. Designed with safety in mind, this fully assembled stepladder offers comfort due to its extra-wide steps, and the non-slip rubber footing makes this step stool stable. With its sleek, foldable design, it does not take up much space and is a trusted choice for compact storage. It has a convenient handgrip that makes it easy to climb and carry around too. Coming with extra height, it is a must-have when cleaning, painting, or changing bulbs. The extra-wide steps also offer comfort while working at a certain height.

Item Weight: 18.5 Pounds | Color: White | Product Dimensions: 16"W x 49"H | Material: Metal.


  • A perfect stool for both house and shop
  • The thickened and wide non-slip pedal is an added benefit.
  • The cross brace lever on the back provides extra stability and balance.


  • Slightly shaky with excess weight

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Despite the narrow steps, my new ladder offers a stable, secure foothold. And when not in use, it fits snugly next to the fridge. It has become a practical piece for my home."


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 5,199 positive reviews on Amazon are proof that this product meets customers' expectations.

protip_icon Do remember

Always check the maximum weight capacity specified by the manufacturer before using a stepladder to maintain the ladder’s stability and prevent accidents.
Cosco Folding Step Stool
Best With Secure Locking System
Little Giant Ladders Stepladder
Best Lightweight
Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder
Best Stable
Weight 12 Pounds ‎5450 Grams 18.5 Pounds
Color Green ‎Black/Orange White
Material Rubber ‎Aluminum. Metal.
Dimensions 27.95"D x 17.72"W x 45.59"H. ‎20"W x 60"H 16"W x 49"H

4. Best Durable:Louisville Ladder

Louisville Ladder Image: Louisville Ladder

This Louisville Ladder is a 2-foot step ladder that is as tough as nails. Coming with an elegant design and smooth finish, this supremely sturdy retro-style stool spells comfort and safety. Furthermore, it has rubber treads on all four legs to make it stand firmly on the floor without causing any damage and scratches to the tiles. The major feature of Louisville’s heavy-duty step ladder is the pro top, which includes a magnet tray, a hardware tray, a tools slot, and a bucket holder for easy access when at work. Click here to check out this YouTuber’s unbiased experience of testing the non-marring footstool.

Item Weight: ‎6 Pounds | Color: ‎Black | Product Dimensions: ‎16.63"W x 28.38"H | Material: ‎Aluminum.


  • Made from aluminum, it is light in weight
  • The product has an elegant look.
  • The plated steel braces give added stiffness and durability.


  • The lock tends to get stuck sometimes while opening.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"It is a solid aid for my everyday household tasks. Maneuvering it is a tad cumbersome but its compact, lightweight design makes it portable. It is a practical choice worth considering."


Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 1,586 reviews on Amazon indicate that this product has a loyal following.

5. Best With Sturdy Handrail:Acko Folding 4 Step Ladder

The Acko Folding 4-Step Ladder is a GS-certified and TUV-approved, time-tested product. Coming fully assembled, this 4-step ladder comes with more height than the regular ones for decorating, pruning, changing bulbs, and many more activities. Featuring a sturdy handrail and non-slip feet covers, this is a completely reliable companion for all homemakers. This alloy steel frame ladder with sturdy steps can hold a good weight. The wide steps offer heel-to-toe feet support thereby eliminating the pain that one experiences while balancing oneself on the ladder. Here’s a video to learn everything you need to know before buying.

Item Weight: 17.5 Pounds | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: 17"W x 52"H | Material: Alloy Steel.


  • Can be also used as a part of your furnishings
  • Comes with a safety lock
  • Opens and closes without difficulty


  • Safety latch has minor issues
Our Reviewer's Experience

"The robust design and high handle of this ladder ensure safety and stability. It also blends beautifully with our home decor. Just be mindful of the platform you're placing it on for better stability."

6. Best Foldable:Kingso 3 Step Ladder Folding Step Stool

The KINGSO 3-Step Ladder is made from high-grade heavy-duty steel that supports around 330 pounds. Ensuring quality and safety, it is certified by GS and approved by TUV. This adds strength and stability to the stool making it a great companion for kitchen, laundry, and home repairs. The rubber hand grip and anti-slip pedal make it a secure buy. The easy folding and simple locking mechanism make it a convenient tool for storage and transportation.

Item Weight: 4 Pounds | Color: Black | Material: Alloy Steel, Plastic, Rubber


  • Can also be used as a chair
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • The rubber feet help keep floors from scratches.


  • Slightly overpriced
protip_icon Point to consider

Store the ladder away from moisture and corrosive materials. Also, regularly lubricate its hinges to help them move smoothly and prevent rust and corrosion.

7. Best Portable:Luis Ladders Folding 3 Step Ladder

The Luis Ladders Folding 3 Step ladder is an elegantly looking colorful step stool giving you that extra edge to reach heights unreachable. Made from heavy-duty powder-coated iron construction, it is a safe and durable buy. With a convenient handgrip, this lightweight step tool is easy to carry around. The sturdy wide pedal makes for an easy and safe climb to complete the task at hand. Available in adorable color combinations, this time-tested ladder can be a part of your beautiful furnishings as well.

Item Weight: 10.56 pounds | Color: Black, Orange | Material: Alloy Steel, Rubber.


  • Features easy storage and transport
  • Portable 3 step ladder is a super space saver
  • It is super lightweight and easy to transport.


  • The quality of steps are not up to the mark.
Our Reviewer's Experience

"This ladder's wide treads and top handle make it extra safe and comfortable. The best feature is its secure step lock mechanism—once properly fixed, it offers excellent stability. The only disappointment is the rubber grip, which tends to wear off over time. Regardless, this will always be a reliable choice for me."

8. Best Slim:Xtend & Climb Step Ladder

The Xtend & Climb Step Ladder is a slimline 3 step ladder. Made out of industrial-grade, premium-quality aluminum, it is a trusted household essential. The re-designed extrusions and small steps make it extremely light and easy to carry around as per your work area be it indoors or outdoors. Being a slim and lightweight step stool, it can be easily stored in minimum space. This Xtend & Climb Ladder is a perfect choice for the ongoing construction projects as well.

Item Weight: ‎11.3 Pounds | Color: ‎Aluminum | Product Dimensions: ‎19"W x 42.2"H | Material: ‎Aluminum.


  • Strong and durable
  • The ladder can reach up to the height of almost 8.5 feet.
  • With just 10lbs weight it is super light in weight and easy to transport.


  • Some users found the ladder unstable

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Its slim and lightweight profile allows me to fit it into tight spaces and store it with ease. I would have liked its steps to be more broad, but holding onto the handle has kept slips and tipping at bay."

protip_icon Quick tip

Opt for stepladders with buffers or slip-resistant feet to reduce the risk of the ladder slipping or sliding on smooth surfaces.

9. Best For Commercial Use:Hasegawa Ladders Lucano Step Stool

Hasegawa Ladders Lucano Step Stool Image: Hasegawa Ladders

The Hasegawa Ladders Lucano Step Stool is the best invention by any means. Made from 90% anodized aluminum and 10% resin it is available in 4 different sizes. The step height varies from 9.5 inches to 42.5 inches. The Lucano step -2 and step-3 ladders have wider platforms and are suitable for commercial use. They can carry up to 300 pounds with ease. As per reviews, the unique feature of this two-step step stool is that when folded together, the angle creates a perfect balance, making the ladder stand by itself without any support. Featuring a simple design, this elegant-looking extension ladder can easily pass as a furnishing object, be it your living room or kitchen. The safety bar under the platform when extended makes a clicking sound for the safety of its users.

Item Weight: 6.6 Pounds | Color: White | Material: Aluminum


  • It stands on its own when folded.
  • The safety bar when lifted gently folds up the ladder back together.
  • With its broad platform, it can act as an additional seat .


  • The first step is a little narrow.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"The self-standing design of this ladder makes it super convenient to store, and sometimes, it doubles as a seating surface too. Plus, it adds charm to our home decor. So, this could be a worthwhile investment for those prioritizing design and functionality."

10. Best With Rubber Handgrip:HBTower 3 Step Ladder

HB Tower 3 Step Ladder is a folding ladder made of a high-grade steel frame that spells strength and reliability. The metal safe buckle gets locked when one steps on to the ladder. The horseshoe-shaped rubber feet are sturdy and stay firm and prevent any scratches on the floor. The back cross brace structure gives extra support making one feel secure and safe when climbing onto it. The non-slip rubber handgrip makes the stool stable and safe to climb on.

Item Weight: 11.44 pounds | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: 20.1"W x 44.5"H | Material: Iron and PP.


  • Easy to carry for indoor and outdoor activity
  • Wide pedal patterns offer heel-to-toe foot support
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • A few had issues with the overall weight

Our Reviewer's Experience

"What makes the ladder our family favorite is its large step surface, safety railing, and top shelf. It is also easy to assemble and store. I'd say, it's a practical option for those seeking safety and convenience in one."

11. Best Easy-To-Store:AmazonBasics Folding Step Ladder

The AmazonBasics Folding Step Ladder is a 5-step aluminum step ladder. Built at a good height, it helps reach high shelves, ceilings, and more. Coming with a 200-pound weight capacity and space-saving design, it can be easily stored with minimum fuss. This must-have home item features extra-wide steps giving it the durability that it deserves. The locking mechanism makes it a safe and reliable tool to climb on, making it the perfect kitchen step ladder to invest in.

Item Weight: 9.5 Pounds | Color: Silver | Product Dimensions: 25.2"W x 34"H | Material: Aluminum.


  • Anti-slip rubber feet provide traction and stability
  • The step ladder folds flat for easy storage
  • Perfect for reaching kitchen upper shelves


  • The product stability is a cause of concern.

12. Best With Non-Slip Pad:Good Life Folding Step Ladder

Good Life Folding Step Ladder is made from good quality steel. Having a maximum capacity of 330lbs, this ladder comes fully assembled. It is a perfect tool for every household and homemakers to reach those oh-so-high shelves. This performance-tested product has been certified with EN131 Certification for Industrial Quality and Strength. The snap-lock latchgives one the benefit to climb without any fear when on it.

Item Weight: 16 pounds | Color: Black | Product Dimensions: 10.25"W x 15"H | Material: Alloy Steel, Rubber.


  • Can be efficiently carried around
  • The non-slip pad on each step is an added benefit.
  • The wide pedal gives stability and safety when you step on it.


  • Slightly heavy to carry

My Personal Experience

"Reaching those higher spots for cleaning or changing bulbs has become easier with this ladder. It is sturdy and comfortably holds my weight, and I also like that it folds flat for easy storage. I find it a reliable option for my everyday tasks."

13. Best Aluminum:Hasegawa Ladders Slim Step Ladder


The Hasegawa Ladders Slim Step Ladder is an incredibly slim ladder when folded and occupies minimum space for storage. Even though slim, it is sturdy and makes one feel safe while climbing on it. Made of aluminum, this Hasegawa ladder comes secure with wide legs thereby ensuring stability. Loved by many reviewers, the large platform steps make it an ideal step to sit on it as a stool.

Item Weight: 14 Pounds | Color: White | Product Dimensions: 19.25"W x 43"H | Material: Aluminum.


  • It can be carried around easily.
  • Opens and shuts smoothly
  • A good buy for office use too


  • Priced a little high

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I love the stability and quality build of this ladder—it feels secure every time I step on the wide platforms for various tasks. Its slim profile simplifies storage and adds to its aesthetic elegance. I would recommend it for its everyday utility."

*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Step Ladder?

Keep these pointers in mind when choosing a step ladder.

  • Style- Choosing the step ladder depending on its style is important as there is a wide variety of step ladders available in different styles ranging from platform to tripod. Each style has a certain weight and height limit and therefore choosing your ladder style depending on your needs is the best option for you.
  • Height- On a step ladder, the highest permissible limit is 2 steps lower than the topmost step to avoid slipping and falling. Choosing a step ladder keeping your height requirement preferences in mind is important.
  • Material-Keeping in mind the nature of the use of the step ladder is important while deciding the material of the step ladder. Most step ladders are made using fiberglass and aluminum, which are durable and quality materials that offer maximum safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a ladder and a step ladder?

A ladder needs support to stand upright whereas a step ladder stands upright by virtue of its design.

2. How do you carry a step ladder?

To carry a step ladder simply detach the safety lock, close it and carry it around to its desired spot.

3. What is the difference between a type 1 and type 2 ladder?

The main difference between a type 1 and type 2 ladder is the weight capacity. Type 1 ladder is heavy duty with a weight capacity of approximately 250 pounds, whereas type 2 ladder is a medium-duty ladder with a weight capacity of approximately 225 pounds.

4. Which is better, an aluminum step ladder or a fiberglass step ladder?

Both ladders have their own benefits. An aluminum step ladder is more durable and stronger, whereas a fiberglass step ladder is a lightweight option.

5. What angle should a ladder be at when in use?

A ladder should be at an angle of approximately 75° from the ground for the proper safety of the user.

6. How do I keep a ladder from slipping?

You can keep your ladder from slipping by placing it at an appropriate angle on even ground and ensuring that it is stable before stepping on it. You can also tie the ladder with a rope to a stable point to secure it in place.

7. What is the difference between a ladder and a step ladder?

A ladder needs support to stand upright whereas a step ladder stands upright by virtue of its design.

8. How do I carry a step ladder?

To carry a step ladder simply detach the safety lock, close it and carry it around to its desired spot.

Why Trust MomJunction?

We have compiled this list of some of the best step ladders after searching through numerous websites and evaluating hundreds of reviews. Keeping your requirements and quality parameters in mind, we have listed high-quality products highlighting the features and unique aspects along with a pros and cons list. The article also includes a buying guide and a FAQ section to help you choose the right one.

The Bottom Line

The best step ladders come with a lightweight build and are sturdier than a regular ladder. Make sure you choose a quality ladder with an adequately padded seat and convenient footrests and rungs to check foot fatigue. Each ladder has a maximum permissible height and weight limit, so don’t forget to check these pointers before you buy one. The ones we have reviewed in this article come with certification for quality, a locking mechanism, and can strike a balance with minimum support to help you.

Our top picks include the Hasegawa Ladders Lucano Step Stool with a wide platform, the Little Giant Ladders Stepladder for its easy-release handle, and the Good Life Folding Step Ladder for its snap-lock latch.

Infographic: Key Safety Points About Using A Step Ladder

A step ladder is a versatile household tool. It lets you reach hard to reach surfaces and places in your home. Most step ladders are foldable, allowing you to store them discreetly. However, not using the ladder correctly can cause falls and injuries. Read through the infographic to learn how you can make step ladders safer.

Safety Tips For Using A Step Ladder (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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