15 Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids In 2021


The festive season is marked by joy and merriment, and children look forward to gifts and treats. So, make their day by getting them the best stocking stuffers for kids. Stuffing gifts in stockings is an age-old tradition that many follow even today and a fun way to spread holiday and Christmas cheer.

Happiness is all about enjoying the little things. Therefore, if you are looking for creative stuff to add to these stockings, take inspiration from the gift ideas listed here and purchase a few that can bring a smile to children’s faces.

15 Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

1. Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle playing cards are known for their quality and make an ideal stocking stuffer gift for kids who love card games. They are available in a pack of two featuring the historic rider back. Each standard card deck consists of 52 traditional playing cards, two jokers, and two additional ad cards. They have air-cushion finish and feel good while handling and shuffling.

2. BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen

BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens come in a variety of designs and colors, which makes them an interesting and useful gift for your child. The four-color pen lets you write in four colors, namely red, blue, black, and green ink. For added convenience, the pen comes with long-lasting refills and contains a lanyard hole so they can carry it anywhere and not lose it. There are three pens in one pack.

3. BYB Super Bright 9 LED Mini Aluminum Flashlight with Lanyard

BYB Super Bright 9 LED Mini Aluminum Flashlight

These versatile flashlights that are available in a pack of four assorted colors could make a practical gift for children. They are compact, featuring an aluminum body that gives proper illumination. Your kid could use it while taking the dog for a walk or as a camping light. They work on three AAA batteries and include a simple on-off button for operation.

4. Sooper Beads Water Beads Rainbow Mix

Sooper Beads Water Beads Rainbow Mix

The water beads could make one of the best stocking stuffers for kids, as they help improve fine motor skills in children. The pack is a rainbow mix of 8oz high-quality crystal water beads that are non-toxic, non-flammable, and 100% biodegradable. They are sensory toys that enlarge when soaked in water and engage the kids in sorting, matching, or mixing the colors and textures. They may use them in the pool, bathtub, or put them in a vase for decoration. These are not suitable for toddlers and younger kids.

5. AUSTOR 50 Pieces Game Dice Set

AUSTOR 50 Pieces Game Dice Set

The six-sided dice game is quite addicting to play and could be a cool stocking stuffer for kids. This set includes 50 pieces in five translucent colors that come in a velvet drawstring bag. They are made of eco-friendly acrylic materials, and each dice measures about 16mm. Your child could use them for playing games such as Liar’s Dice, Tenzi, Farkle, Yathzee, Bunco, and Casino.

6. Avery Removable Print or Write Color Coding Labels

Avery Removable Print or Write Color Coding Labels

The Avery removable color coding labels could make your child’s playtime and learning fun. The labels can be used to sort, process numbers, and identify shapes. You can also use the free templates available on their website to personalize the labels. Kids can also learn to create board games, memorize patterns, and practice basic math with this color coding label set. They can also be used to help the child organize their things in the room.

7. Crayola Color Bath Dropz

Crayola Color Bath Dropz

Make your child’s bath time a blast with this Crayola Color Bath Dropz that some as 60 tablets in a bottle. Each tablet is tinted with a different crayon color and dissolves when added to the bathwater. They are made with citric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, polyethylene glycol, lactose, and mineral oil.

8. Post-it Super Sticky Notes

Post-it Super Sticky Notes

Post-it super sticky notes, available in five different rainbow colors, could be one of the best stocking stuffers for kids. Your child would love to use these colorful stickers for making a to-do list or leave notes for you or themselves around the house. They are double-adhesive, recyclable sticky notes that can be stuck to doors, walls, or windows. The paper is sourced from renewable, certified, and responsibly managed forests.

9. Learning Resources Magnetic Wands

 Learning Resources Magnetic Wands

These colorful magnetic wands from the Learning Resources might be another stocking stuffer idea, especially for visual and tactile learners. They are simple STEM tools that encourage learning through hands-on exploration of magnetic properties. Available in a set of six assorted colors, these wands can be used at science fairs, physical science learning centers, and primary science labs.

10. Alex Toys Artist Studio 12 Inch Paper Roll

Alex Toys Artist Studio 12 Inch Paper Roll

Introduce your child to a creative world of art with the Alex Toys paper roll. The blank roll can be used as a canvas for drawing, painting, or other art forms. The 12-inch wide paper roll is 100 feet long and made of heavy-duty white bond paper. You may also teach your child to use it as a paper dispenser or as a cover for the table to avoid any mess while working on art projects.

11. Renook 3D Puffy Stickers

Renook 3D Puffy Stickers

Another fun stocking stuffer idea for kids are these colorful stickers they may use for decorating their diaries, scrapbooks, calendars, or to create a customized birthday or holiday card for their friends. You get 20 different sheets with 50 3D puffy stickers on each sheet. The various prints and -23designs include hearts, stars, animals, cars, cartoons, cakes, and more. These stickers are non-toxic, reusable, and easy to peel and stick.

12. Crayola Washable Watercolors

Crayola Washable Watercolors

Let your child create beautiful art with this Crayola washable watercolors set. It contains eight watercolors and a paintbrush, which are safe and non-toxic. They are suitable for children aged above five years. These art supplies are ideal for home works, classrooms, and a variety of creative arts and projects. Also, these are washable, and the color can be easily removed from skin and clothing.

13. Creativity Street Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners

Creativity Street Chenille Stems

If your child loves making creative stuff, you may give add this chenille stems or pipe cleaners in their Christmas stocking. The polyester stems are crush-resistant and enable a variety of crafting opportunities such as linking, building, twisting, and more. These classic art stems can be straightened and reused for several projects.

14. Crayola Large Crayons Tuck Box

Crayola Large Crayons Tuck Box

The non-toxic Crayola crayons make excellent Christmas stocking stuffers for kids. The crayons are long-lasting and come in a pack of eight assorted colors of red, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, and purple. The crayon colors on the walls are easily washable with soap and warm water.

15. U.S. Toy Assorted Rain Forest Animal Figures

U.S. Toy Assorted Rain Forest Animal Figures

Consider this U.S Toy assorted animal figurines as a stocking stuffer for kids. The pack has 12 easy-to-hold figures that measure about 1½ to 2 ½ inches. These toys also help your child in recognizing and understanding about each animal included. The animal figures are made of non-toxic plastic and are safe for kids to play with.

How To Choose The Best Stocking Stuffers For Children?

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right stocking stuffers for your child.

  • Age: Consider buying something suitable for your child’s age.
  • Personality: Understand your child’s likes and dislikes by studying their skills, passions, and talents. Some may be artistic, while some are into music, sports, or crafts. Buy a present accordingly.
  • Practicality: Try choosing a gift that adds value and also fun. It should actively engage the child and not end up being unused or forgotten.
  • Development: Choose toys, games, or materials that are appropriate to your child’s developmental level and promote social, cognitive, or creative development.

Though stocking stuffers are small, these adorable treats are sure to leave your child pleasantly surprised. The above list of the best stocking stuffers for kids and the buying guide could help you buy your child’s favorite gift. Take some time, have patience, and study about a particular gift before purchasing it.

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