11 Best Stroller Boards To Buy In 2021


If you have a single seat stroller and two children, then it may be a predicament to decide who spends the time in the stroller. The obvious solution is that the older child walks, while the younger one sits. But if the older is a toddler, they are likely to complain and grumble about having to walk. So how do you solve this problem without buying another stroller?

11 Best Stroller Boards

1. Baby Jogger Glider Board

Baby Jogger Glider Board

If you have a Baby Jogger’s City Mini series stroller, then this stroller board goes perfectly with it.


  • Simple and easy attachment through two brackets that connect to the rear axle of the stroller.
  • The attachment bracket and the rod are adjustable so that you can control how far the buggy board extends out from the stroller.
  • The board can flip and fold inwards, thus taking it out of the way when not in use.
  • The board has an anti-skid surface, providing the child with adequate grip.


  • It works only with a stroller manufactured by the brand.
  • Some users might find it difficult to turn the stroller.

2. Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi

Are you looking for a buggy board that can be attached to just any stroller? Then this universal stroller board could the one for you.


  • It works with most strollers; the manufacturer claims that it works with 99% of strollers available in the market. You do not need specific tools to fit the board into the stroller.
  • The board is designed to absorb bumps when going over uneven surfaces.
  • The large wheels enable easy maneuverability. The board is also designed with enough clearance space to provide sufficient room for movement of the parent’s feet.


  • Some parents found it hard to attach the board to some strollers.

3. Britax Stroller Board

Britax Stroller Board

The Britax buggy board provides excellent stability for a smooth ride.


  • The board has three wheels that keep it stable, especially when you’re turning the stroller.
  • Each wheel gets an independent suspension that soaks bumps better and keeps the ride smooth for the toddler.
  • The board can be folded out of the way when not in use.


  • It only fits strollers made by Britax and a few other brands.
  • Many users noted that the wheels tend to stick to certain surfaces of the ground, which makes it hard to push the stroller.
  • Assembling the board is a bit complex and requires a careful reading of the instruction manual.

4. Uppababy Vista Piggyback Ride-Along Board

Uppababy Vista Piggyback Ride-Along Board

If you are looking for a stroller board with a modern design, then you should certainly consider this stroller board from Uppababy.


  • The sleek product is made of wood and plastic, which give it a stylish, urban look.
  • A quick snap feature allows you to attach and detach the board quickly.
  • You can fold and stow away the stroller with the board attached to it.
  • The board can support a maximum of 55lbs (25 kilograms), which is a comfortable weight limit for toddlers.


  • The wheels are small, which can make it hard to push the stroller on surfaces like grass and loose gravel.
  • Some users did not find the product well-designed and were unimpressed by its durability.

5. Bugaboo Stroller Board

Bugaboo Stroller Board

It is an ideal ride-on board for parents with toddlers who often prefer sitting to standing.


  • There is a single, saddle-style seat that you can detach when not in use.
  • The board, even with the seat, is light in weight. So you don’t have to worry about adding considerable weight to the stroller.


  • A single wheel may not be as stable as two wheels, especially on uneven surfaces and while taking turns.
  • You will have to buy an adapter separately to attach the board to a different brand of stroller you have.

6. Englacha Cozy 4-Wheel Rider

Englacha Cozy 4-Wheel Rider

Englacha’s stroller board provides excellent stability along with comfort for the child.


  • The board has a single, comfortable toddler seat with a five-point harness for safety.
  • It comes with a large handlebar at the front, which the toddler can hold to stay put.
  • The four wheels ensure a stable ride even over undulating surfaces.


  • There is not much place for the toddler to stand when you remove the seat. Also, the child will have to hold the handlebars of the stroller for support.

7. Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board

Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board

It is specially made for parents who prefer a compact stroller board that takes little space.


  • An easy-to-install, clamp-based attachment makes it easier to fix the board to the stroller.
  • The standing surface has an anti-skid design to make the ride secure for the child.
  • The board can hold a maximum weight of 44 pounds (20 kilograms), which is quite impressive considering its compact size.


  • It is compatible with some strollers from Bumbleride and some strollers from a few other brands.
  • The board does not fold away when not needed, which means you will have to remove it.

8. Guzzie+Guss Hitch Stroller Board

Guzzie+Guss Hitch Stroller Board

The board is designed to stay high above the ground, for the convenience of the parent pushing the stroller.


  • It is compatible with most strollers and doesn’t always need a specialized adapter.
  • The height of the platform makes it ideal for parents who want enough space between their feet and the stroller board while walking.
  • It is easy to disassemble the board. You can also remove the wheels when the board is not in use.


  • A few users felt that the board tends to get unstable due to excess weight.

9. Peg Perego Ride with Me Board

Peg Perego Ride with Me Board

The Peg Perego glider board is compact and suitable for younger toddlers who take less space while standing.


  • An adjustable attachment point creates extra space for the toddler.
  • The board folds when not in use. You can also fold the stroller with the board attached to it.
  • A ridged pattern on the board provides grip to the standing toddler.


  • It works with a few branded, single and double strollers.
  • Some users did not find the folding mechanism to be smooth.

10. Beberoad Glider Board

Beberoad Glider Board

Beberoad makes this stroller board a highly adjustable one, particularly when it comes to the toddler’s seat.


  • The seat comes with a front handle for added security. There are three height options for the removable seat.
  • The seat has a sponge cushion for a comfortable ride on the stroller board.
  • There is plenty of foot space for the child, even when the seat is attached.
  • You can fold the board along the back of the stroller after removing the seat.


  • A few customers did not find the board’s wheels to be sturdy.

11. Whys giving Stroller Board

Whys giving Stroller Board

This stroller board is extra wide and provides a lot of space for the feet of older toddlers.


  • The board is set high and wide so that there is sufficient space for the toddler’s feet.
  • Strong metal brackets attach the board to the frame of the stroller. The board has a non-slip surface for grip.
  • The board installs on nearly 95% of strollers available in the market.


  • Some users felt that the bracket and the bolts were flimsy and loose.

What Is A Stroller Board?

A stroller board is a standing board with wheels and attachment points that you can fix to a stroller. Most stroller boards resemble a skateboard, while others with a handle look like a kids’ scooter. The purpose of a stroller board is to provide a standing or sitting surface that moves around with the main stroller.

Stroller boards make it easy for parents to carry two children at once without having to buy a double stroller. Stroller boards are also called ride-on boards, gliders, and buggy boards.

Most stroller boards are made of plastic and usually attach to the rear axle of the stroller. Some variants may come with a different attachment point and weight limit. It is vital to check these specifications before buying a stroller board.

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What To Look For In A Stroller Board?

Keep the following five-point checklist handy while shopping for stroller boards:

  1. Type of attachment: Several stroller boards connect to the rear wheel axle of the stroller while some can be fixed to the stroller’s frame. Check this feature and its compatibility with your existing stroller. Some manufacturers make stroller boards with proprietary connectors that work only with the strollers of the same brand. Boards that connect to any stroller are called universal stroller boards.
  1. Weight limit: Stroller boards come with a limit to the weight they can hold. So check if your toddler falls within that range and choose accordingly.
  1. Seat or no seat: If you stroll for long, then you can consider a board with a seat. It can help prevent the child from getting tired by standing for too long.
  1. Types of wheels: If you intend to use the stroller board while jogging or going over uneven surfaces, pick a buggy board that has the right set of wheels to soak bumps. A good suspension is also essential.
  1. Leg and foot space: The board should have adequate place for the child’s feet. Also, the toddler’s knees should not bump into the backrest of the stroller’s seat.

A stroller board is a simple item that offers enormous convenience, especially if you take both your children outdoors alone. Choosing the right one, keeping in mind the weight limit and compatibility with your stroller ensure that the board is convenient for you and safe for the toddler.

Which stroller board did you pick for your toddler? Do tell us about it in the comments section below.

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