13 Best Stuffed Animals For Adults To Relieve Stress And Anxiety In 2022


The best stuffed animals for adults come in various shapes and designs and are crafted using premium fabrics and fillings to offer you good comfort and support. Further, their lifelike and realistic facial details and furry and soft body make them extremely endearing and huggable.

We have collated a list of the softest and most cuddly stuffed animals that will bring back your sweet childhood memories. Whether you want to relive your childhood or make new friends, these stuffed animals make great companions when traveling or just before you hit the sack after a long day. The stuffed animals on this list also make great gifts for relatives, friends, and colleagues.

13 Best Stuffed Animals For Adults

1. MaoGoLan Giant Teddy Bear Big Stuffed Animal

Give a big surprise to your loved ones with this extra-large teddy bear measuring 47-inch tall. The extremely soft and huggable stuffed animal for adults is made of a plush cover and filled with recycled and fluffy stuffing. This life-sized teddy bear can be placed in your bedroom or living room and is perfect for hugging or decoration. Further, the MaoGoLan teddy comes with a zipper on the back to let you adjust the stuffing. Its buttoned eyes, detailed nose, checkered sewn-in bow tie, and cute smile will melt your heart each time you look at it. Besides, it comes packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag and makes a great gift on any occasion. The stuffed animal is available in five different colors, and its fur can be wiped clean with a clean cloth.

2. Gund Grahm Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed Animal

This stuffed animal for adults is one of the softest teddy bears you can find online. The plush teddy bear by Gund Grahm is made of a polyester blend and well-stuffed with fluffy and soft material. This caramel-colored plush toy is 12-inch tall, making it a perfect-sized teddy that you can carry with you wherever you go. The plush and cuddly teddy bear comes with textured fur, sparkly buttoned eyes, extra-large bear nose, and paw pads, making it adorably cute. This furry buddy makes a great gift for people of all ages, and it is surface-washable. Besides, it is available in 18-inch size.

3. ARELUX Stuffed Animal Shiba Inu Plush Pillow

Here’s a versatile stuffed animal plush pillow you can use when napping, reading, watching TV, or studying. The 15-inch tall plush toy can also be used to support your lumbar. This plush and squishy pillow from Arelux is made of premium polyester and acrylic fabrics and filled with high-quality 3D rebound cotton. The embroidered eyes, eyebrows, and nose and the fluffy ears, tail, and paws add to its cuteness, and the pillow conforms to various shapes to offer you good comfort. Moreover, the pillow can be hand-washed, comes vacuum-packed in a sealed bag, and is available in several colors.

4. Kids Preferred Curious George Learn To Dress Stuffed Animal

While this multi-colored and soft stuffed animal by Kids Preferred is specifically designed to teach young children how to dress, it can also be used by teens and adults to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Curious George is 14-inch tall and is the perfect size for cuddling when napping, lounging, or traveling. The curious monkey has been dressed in its iconic red and yellow hoodie sweatshirt with two large pockets, a large button, a snap, a tie, and a zipper. Moreover, the smiling monkey’s facial details have been done to perfection, and its sweatshirt is removable and washable.

5. Pillow Pets Disney Winnie the Pooh Stuffed Animal Plush

No list of the best stuffed animals for adults would be complete without including Winnie the Pooh. Pillow Pets’ Disney Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal plush is just what you need as a comforter and friend after a tiring day. The warm and cuddly buddy also doubles up as a pillow at night, thus making it an ideal companion during travel. The fluffy stuffed animal is made of ultra-soft and premium plush and chenille that is free of BPA and phthalates and is machine-washable. The 16-inch tall pillow is also well-stitched to make it durable, and the facial details add to its cuteness, making it a good gift for children and adults alike on special occasions.

6. Aurora Labradoodle Plush Stuffed Animal

Aurora’s Labradoodle plush stuffed animal is crafted to melt the hearts of even the stony-hearted. The cuddly and super-cute puppy is one of the most huggable stuffed animals you could find out there. It is made of premium plush material, and the furry friend’s sparkling eyes and smiling face makes it extremely lovable. The stuffed puppy comes with four legs and weighted front feet and measures ten-inch tall and weighs just 0.5lb, making it a perfect travel companion. Further, the golden-brown pup makes a perfect gift for animal lovers and people of all ages.

7. Joy For All Freckled Pup

This lifelike puppy is crafted to bring joy to everyone in the family. The Freckled Pup by Joy For All is irresistibly cute with its freckled muzzle, protruding tongue, sparkling eyes, and floppy ears. Furthermore, its white and brown fur is extremely fluffy and soft. The interactive puppy has been designed using built-in sensors, thus allowing it to respond to your voice, touch, and movements. Further, the Barkback technology gives you an authentic and realistic feel. This furry companion makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for the elderly.

8. Living Nature Soft Toy – Grey Sitting Lop Eared Rabbit

Here’s an adorable and cuddly bunny waiting to be adopted by a kind-hearted person like you. The Grey Sitting Lop Eared Rabbit by Living Nature measures approximately eight-inch tall and is the perfect size for you to carry along during travel. It is made of natural materials that are ultra-soft, and the bunny is born to live in a house with a roof. The bunny comes with sparkling round eyes that hold your gaze instantly, and its huge floppy ears, round face, and furry nose make it irresistibly endearing. This little bunny is machine-washable and comes packaged in a gift-ready carry case.

9. Xixixi Cute Plush Cats Soft Stuffed Animal Pillow

This cute and soft stuffed cat pillow by Xixixi makes for a great companion while napping, sleeping, lounging, reading, or traveling. The stuffed animal is made of premium material and filled with 100% natural cotton that is breathable, stretchable, soft, and free of toxins, lint, and smell. The quality stitching makes it durable, and the detailing on the face and paws add to its cuteness. This plush cat is an excellent gift for people of all ages, especially those who need a comforter and friend. The plush cat is available in grey and orange and sizes ranging from 50 to 90cm.

10. HongMall Pink Whale Shark Cute Stuffed Animal

Bring home this cute and stuffed whale that loves to be cuddled. The versatile and huggable stuffed animal from HongMall can be used as a pillow, cushion, or backrest. It is made of premium plush that is soft and elastic and filled with feathery PP cotton that is breathable, mildew-resistant, and moisture-proof. Further, the materials used are free of phthalates, lead, and BPA. The stretchable and huggable pillow adjusts to your body shape to offer you good comfort and support when sitting or sleeping. Moreover, the giftable stuffed animal measuring 19in comes packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag and is available in blue and pink.

11. Generic Poodle Plush Stuffed Animal

Cast all your worries and burdens on this pink poodle by Generic. The loyal poodle makes a great companion when reading, sleeping, or traveling and is perfectly sized for cuddling. It is made of high-quality plush fabric and filled with feathery PP cotton that offers good support to your head, neck, and lumbar region. The stuffed dog is 16-inch long and can be made to sit up straight on its own. In addition, the ultra-soft and fluffy plush toy is machine-washable, and its bright eyes, pointed nose, and floppy ears make it super cute. The pink plush puppy makes for a great gift for anyone on any special occasion.

12. Voploy Cute Kitten Stuffed Animal

This ultra-soft and cuddly stuffed kitten from Voploy makes a perfect gift for both children and adults and is suitable for use in the bedroom, lounge, or office. You could use the stuffed kitten for cuddling, supporting your neck or lumbar, or decorating your room. This soft kitten is made of plush fabric and filled with premium elastic cotton. Its embroidered facial details and pink collar kerchief make it super adorable, and the kitten comes complete with two ears, four legs, and a tail. The kitten is available in two colors, and you can choose between the 12-inch kitten or the larger 20-inch kitten. Moreover, the kitten is machine-washable.

13. Zhidiloveyou Lovely Giraffe Stuffed Animal

Let this stuffed giraffe be your source of comfort when you feel under the weather. The lovely giraffe plush toy by Zhidiloveyou is sure to bring a smile to anyone who cuddles it. Moreover, its innocent expression will melt anyone’s heart, and its unique shape will make anyone proud to be its owner. The giraffe is made of plush fabrics and filled with 3D PP cotton that is skin-friendly. You can choose from the 9.84-inch or 13.78-inch plush toy, and this buddy, besides offering you warmth and comfort, also makes for a perfect gift or decoration piece. So, gift this to a loved one on any occasion.

How To Choose The Right Stuffed Animals For Adults?

Consider the following factors when choosing stuffed animals for adults.

1. Fabric and filling: Ensure the stuffed animal you choose is made of fluffy, skin-friendly, and high-quality fabric. The stuffed animal should also be filled with breathable, elastic, and soft filling that is free of toxins, lint, and smell.

2. Versatility: You would want a stuffed animal that meets your various needs, so choose one that can be used as a hug pillow, sleeping pillow, backrest, or seat cushion.

3. Design: Ensure the furry friend has a cute and realistic expression, unique shape, and perfect lifelike details.

4. Ease of maintenance: The stuffed animal you choose should be washable in a machine or by hand to ensure it is clean and free of germs.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is an experience writer and researcher with a penchant for reviewing toys and gifts for people of all ages. She has handpicked the best stuffed animals for adults that are guaranteed to offer you warmth and comfort. The products are made of premium and skin-friendly fabric and feature realistic details that make them extremely adorable. They are also extremely versatile and portable and can be used when traveling, reading, lounging, or napping. Furthermore, Priti has analyzed the features of several products available online to bring you the best ones and help ease your search from the many options available.

No matter your age, one of the best ways to wind down or comfort yourself after a long day or when you are a bit under the weather is by cuddling with a stuffed animal. These furry friends also make for great friends and companions and patient listeners. So, choose a stuffed animal from this list to ease your anxiety and reduce stress. Further, these stuffed animals also make great gifts, and so, you could give one to someone who may need good company.

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