55 Hilarious And Silly Summer Jokes For Kids To Laugh

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Make your little ones laugh out loud by reading them summer jokes for kids from this post. They say, ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ And nothing sounds sweeter than children laughing.

So, cherish such sweet moments with them and keep them entertained throughout the summer. It also unleashes the inner child in you and keeps you happy. You may share these jokes while soaking up the sun or during road trips.

55 Summer Jokes For Kids

Here is a collection of silly and funny summer kids jokes that can make your child laugh out loud.

1. Which tree can fit in your hand?

Palm tree

2. What do you call a coconut with sunglasses?

A coconut on vacation

3. What is the father’s name of baby corn?

Pop corn

4. Which animal likes to play baseball?

A bat

5. How do you know that the ocean is friendly?

Because it waves!

6. What is the favorite summer food for ghosts?

I Scream

7. Which is the favorite picnic spot of the sharks?


8. Where do the sheep go for vacation?

The Baaaa-hamas

9. What would you call a seagull that lives near the bay?

A Bagel

10. Why is ice cream always invited to all the parties?

It’s cool

11. What do the mermaids use to call their friends?

Shell phones

12. What do the detectives find on a beach?

Something fishy!

13. How can you differentiate between a piano and a fish?

You can tune a piano, but you cannot TUNA fish!

14. What would you pay for spending a day on the beach?

Sand dollars

15. Which sandwich would you get on a beach?

Peanut butter with some jellyfish

16. Which is the favorite vacation spot for the math teachers?

Times Square

17. Why did the science teacher jump to the pool?

To test the water

18. Why are the mountains a funny place for vacation?

They are hill-arious!

19. Why didn’t the oyster share its pearl?

It’s shellfish!

20. What does a toddler wear for swimming?


21. Why doesn’t the sun go to university?

It already has millions of degrees.

22. What has ears but still cannot hear?

A cornfield

23. What does a pig say on a hot summer day?

I am bacon!

24. What starts at the green and ends at red?

A watermelon

25. What did the newspaper ask about the ice cream?

What’s the scoop!

26. What do the bees say in summer?

It Swarm!

27. How can you prevent the summer cold?

By catching it in winter.

28. Why do the robots need holidays?

To recharge their batteries.

29. Why did the professor put on his sunglasses?

Because his students were bright.

30. Which letter is the coolest one?

Iced T

31. Which glasses are used by the sun?


32. What is the best way to make the octopus laugh?

By ten tickles

33. What do the sheep do in summers?

They go for Baa-Baa-que

34. What’s grey and has four legs with a trunk?

A mouse going on a vacation

35. Why doesn’t an elephant take a suitcase to the vacation?

Because it already has its trunk.

36. Why don’t the fish go on holiday?

Because they are always in school.

37. Where does a cow go for vacation?

To Moo York

38. What happens when a snowman crosses a shark?


39. Which school teaches you to make ice cream?

The Sundae school

40. What would you call a dog standing outside on a hot summer day?


41. What types of witches are present on the sea beach?


42. What would you call a snowman standing out on a hot day?

A puddle

43. Which candy is given at the airport?

Plane chocolate

44. What travels throughout the world but remains at one corner?

A postage stamp

45. What’s full of black, white, and red all over the body?

A zebra with sun-burn

46. Which is the favorite music of killer whales?


47. Why do the fishes live in saltwater?

Because they would get sneeze on pepper water

48. What is the combination of an elephant and a fish called?

A swimming trunk

49. What does bread do on vacation?

It loafs around

50. Why do bananas use sunscreen?

Because it peels

51. Why do the fish like worms?

Because the fish get hooked on the worms.

52. How do the wasps go to school?

By school buzz

53. What type of water does not freeze?

Hot water

54. What happens when you dip a white hat in an ocean?

It gets wet!

55. What do the frogs like to eat in summers?


Share these silly summer jokes for kids and fill the atmosphere with humor. Be it on a road trip, picnic, or just a family dinner, these funny jokes are sure to get your kid cracking. Have oodles of fun this summer!

Infographic: Comedy Books For Children To Read During Summer

Here is an infographic containing a list of books that your little one can enjoy reading during their summer holidays. You could take a printout of this list and stick it to their to-read list so that they can keep a check on which books they are yet to read.

comedy books to double your child’s summer fun [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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