20 Best Sun Hats Of 2021


Summer or winter, it is always good to soak up some sun at least for a few minutes a day to acquire the daily dosage of vitamin D. But, excess sun exposure could be damaging. Hence, it is safe to carry one of these best sun hats whenever you are outdoors. Sun hats are an excellent way to protect the face from the harsh rays of sunlight. In addition, they protect the eyes from sunburns and can be used to avoid heat-induced headaches and discomfort.

With these hats, you can relax near the beach, poolside, or go on a hiking trip without worrying about the after-effects of excess sunbathes. Pair these hats with other sun protection accessories such as sunscreen and sunglasses, and you’re good to go. Read to know about our picks of sun hats.

20 Best Sun Hats Of 2021

1. Ordenado Waterproof Sun Hat

Ordenado Waterproof Sun Hat

If navy blue is your favorite color, you should get your hands on this cool and comfortable sun hat that fits most head sizes. Although it has a wide brim, it offers a snug and tight fit. It is made with a double fabric design that keeps your head and face protected from 99% of the harsh rays of the sun. It also has sweat-absorbing mesh panels to keep your head cool and ventilated. Ideal for both, men and women, this waterproof polyester sun hat comes with an elastic drawcord for maximum adjustment and an adjustable chin strap. It is lightweight, dries quickly, and the top collapses completely for easy packing.

2. Comhats UV Protection Sun Hat

Comhats UV Protection Sun Hat

Travel to the hottest of lands in style without breaking into a sweat with the help of this sun hat that offers UPF 50+ protection. Made of 100% cotton, this sun hat provides 98% sun protection and is available in a range of colors like beige, white, and grey. The wide brim of the hat comes with a moisture wicking sweatband and a comfortable lining. The hat also features a waterproof and detachable chin strap, which is adjustable for a better fit. If you like to tie your hair in a ponytail, you’re in luck as the hat has a ponytail hole too.

3. Lenikis Unisex Sun Protection Hats With Neck Flap

Lenikis Unisex Sun Protection Hats With Neck Flap

If you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors, engaging in activities like trekking and hiking, this sun hat will be the perfect headgear for your nature-loving family. It is made using a UPF 50+ fabric that blocks out 98% of the harmful UV rays. It features an extra-wide rim and a long flap on the back, which keeps your ears, neck, and the back of your head covered. The breathable mesh panels on the sides allow good ventilation. This lightweight sun hat is made of high-quality polyester, dries quickly, and is also water and stain-resistant. You can also pack it in small bags as it is foldable.

4. Funky Junque Embroidered Floppy Sun Hat

Funky Junque Embroidered Floppy Sun Hat

Get ready for the beach and some Insta-worthy pictures with this floppy sun that provides great coverage. This one-size-fits-most straw hat has a 4-inch brim and the inner circumference measures 23 inches. It comes with an internal drawstring closure that is adjustable. It is made of synthetic material and is thick yet soft and incredibly lightweight. The words “Hello Sunshine” are printed on the backside of the brim in bold cursive lettering, which adds an aesthetic appeal to the hat making it a great choice for all your summer outfits.

5. Camoland Sun Visor Hat For Women

Camoland Sun Visor Hat For Women

A sun visor hat like this one is all you need to keep your face protected from harmful sun rays and the scorching sun. It is made of 100% cotton anti-UV material, which makes it soft and breathable, and the moisture-wicking feature offers good ventilation. It comes with an extra-wide brim measuring at 4.8 inches, which is more than sufficient for protecting your entire face, ears, and neck. The hat also features an elastic closure on the back and is fully foldable for ease of packing.

6. Furtalk Women’s Foldable Travel Sun Hat

Furtalk Women’s Foldable Travel Sun Hat

Add an effortlessly chic quality to your summer outfits with this travel sun hat that is made of a high-quality paper straw material and is tightly-woven to shield you from the sun. It’s not only a great fashion accessory but also a functional and great sun hat that offers UV and UPF protection. The wide brim covers your face and neck, while the wicking sweatband keeps you cool and comfortable. It also features a removable chin strap that keeps the hat on your head on windy days. This foldable hat comes in medium and large sizes, and the Velcro patch inside the sweatband helps you adjust the size to your liking.

7. Lanzom Wide Brim Hat For Women

Lanzom Wide Brim Hat For Women

If you are traveling to a destination known for its hot climate and its fantastic beaches, don’t forget to pack a hat such as this. It’s made of lightweight straw material, which makes it soft and its breathable design keeps your head and face cool at all times. The wide and floppy brim makes it a great choice to shield your face, ears, and neck from the sweltering heat. Do remember only to wash this packable sun hat by hand to extend its wearability.

8. Comhats UPF50 Cotton Packable Sun Hat

Comhats UPF50 Cotton Packable Sun Hat

UV protection hats are favored by many and raved about for a good reason. They protect your face from the sun, keep your head cool, and prevent skin problems like premature aging, dark spots, and wrinkles caused by the sun’s rays. That is why you should keep a hat like this one for extra sun protection. Made of 100% cotton, it folds easily to become a compact hat that fits in small purses. It comes with a detachable chin trip, which is adjustable for a better fit. This hat is also available in pink and navy, and the dainty ribbon on the side of the hat is a cute addition.

9. Furtalk Summer Beach Sun Hats For Women

Furtalk Summer Beach Sun Hats For Women

Don’t you just hate it when you finally reach your beach vacation destination and the sun’s harsh rays seem solely concentrated on burning your skin and giving you a headache? This sun hat will immediately speak to those with great style. Perfect for beach-loving fashionistas, this summer floppy hat is all things adorable and functional. It is weaved of a knitted lace ribbon design in 100% cotton. To keep your head from feeling sticky and stuffy, it features a sweatband that absorbs sweat. The inner rim also features an adjustable Velcro that offers a perfect fit. In addition to these qualities, the hat also comes with a detachable tie string in brown.

10. Jane Shine Outdoor Sun Hat

Jane Shine Outdoor Sun Hat

This practical sun hat is a good option for those who like to spend time outdoors engaging in activities like traveling, hiking, gardening, or boating. It is made of high-quality 100% polyester material and features a breathable mesh to keep your head from feeling sticky and heating up. The internal circumference of this hat measures 24 inches. However, the hat also features an internal adjustable drawstring to fit different head sizes. It offers superior UPF 50+ sun protection along with wind protection, making it one of the best sun hats for outdoor enthusiasts. The hat is waterproof, dries quickly, and is easily foldable. It also features an inner cotton sweatband, which absorbs sweat and water like a pro.

11. Muryobao Sun Protection Hat With Ponytail Hole

Muryobao Sun Protection Hat With Ponytail Hole

With this colored adventure hat, you will never need to shield your eyes with your hand from the unrelenting heat, nor have to worry about sudden bouts of heat-induced migraines. The brim of this hat is 3.35 inches and is wide enough to cover your face and neck. The top portion of the hat features a mesh design, which allows for excellent ventilation keeping your head feeling cool and dry. The built-in sweatband is designed to absorb sweat and prevents sweat from streaming down your face and neck. It’s a foldable hat that can be tucked into narrow spaces in your travel bags and comes with foldable side flaps. For those of you who like to tie their hair, this hat also features a ponytail hole.

12. Brooke+Bay Sun Hat For Women

Brooke+Bay Sun Hat For Women

If you think there aren’t enough sun hats that come with extra-wide brims, this hat will rise to the occasion and prove you wrong. This hat is foldable and packable and an excellent choice for your travels. It blocks out 95% of unwanted UVA and UVB rays, and the wide brim can be folded upwards. Crafted with high-quality cotton, it comes with a ponytail hole, an adjustable drawstring, and you can choose this hat in a host of awesome colors like black, beige, navy blue, and olive green among others.

13. C.C Women’s Paper Weaved Crushable Floppy Sun Hat

C.C Women’s Paper Weaved Crushable Floppy Sun Hat

If you are the queen of puns or love the pun-game, this hat will be ideal for you. It features the words “Alcohol you later” printed on the back in cursive lettering, which is the right balance of fun, flirty, and cheeky. Perfect for a beach vacation or a summer cruise, this floppy hat with a wide brim is made of 100% paper. It also comes with an internal headband that keeps your head cool and an adjustable drawing to keep the hat firmly planted on your head on windy days.

14. Comhats Siggi Women’s UPF50+ Sun Hat With Face Shield

Comhats Siggi Women’s UPF50+ Sun Hat With Face Shield

A uniquely designed sun hat, this one goes that extra mile to shield your head, face, and neck from the sun. It comes with a protective, fog-free transparent plastic sheet that provides 270° protection for your face. The detachable face shield protects your face from unwanted pollutants from traveling towards you, without hindering your breathing ability. The shield is easy to clean with detergent and is reusable. The hat itself offers UPF 50+ protection and comes with an adjustable drawstring built into the sweatband. Although it is foldable and crushable, it regains its original shape instantly.

15. Anycosy Panama Straw Hat

Anycosy Panama Straw Hat

If you love a Fedora, you’ll certainly fall in love with this hat too. It’s the perfect balance of casual, sleek, formal, and a dash of fun. Made with natural paper straw, this lightweight Panama hat for women features an interior elastic sweatband and an adjustable ribbon to fit the size of your head. This UPF 50+ straw hat folds comfortably and is convenient to carry everywhere. The durable polyester in the hat retains its shape, even after being folded. You can flaunt different sides of your vibrant personality in this hat as it comes in exciting colors like water blue, mint green, black, and brown, among others.

16. Furtalk Sun Visor Hat With Open Top

Furtalk Sun Visor Hat With Open Top

Are you looking for cute sun hats? You need not look any further than this. A must-have accessory in every fashionista’s wardrobe, this hat will take care of you and your skin. It comes with a hook and loop adjustable Velcro closure and an open top, making it the perfect hat for a day out at the beach or a pool party. This sun visor hat is made of high-quality paper straw and quickly rolls up for convenient packing and storage. As the back of the hat is only half-enclosed, you can let your ponytail hang freely. For windy days, you can use the detachable strap that comes with the hat.

17. Verabella Women’s Beach Hat

Verabella Women’s Beach Hat

Elevate your summer fashion with the help of this cool and practical woven straw hat that’s perfect for a summer day. Owing to its lightweight and breathable qualities, this sun hat is as comfortable as it is stylish. It features an adjustable band in the inner circumference, making it ideal for most head sizes. It also features a beautiful black bow in the back, which adds a cute charm to the hat. You can fashion a low ponytail while wearing this hat as the back has a slit design.

18. Toppers UPF 50+ Wide Brim Bucket Sun Hat

Toppers UPF 50+ Wide Brim Bucket Sun Hat

Black has been a statement color for all of time, and this large women’s hat is a statement piece in itself. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection, even during the hottest of days, blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. It is crafted with premium quality polyester and is lightweight, foldable, and waterproof. The breathable mesh on the sides allow for better airflow and keeps your head cool and well-ventilated. The back of the hat features a long flap that helps shield your neck and shoulders from the heat.

19. Mifulgoo Mesh Sun Hat

Mifulgoo Mesh Sun Hat

This hat is an ideal choice for your outdoor trips as it features a 4.5-inch wide brim. The brim is also wired, making it easy to shape upwards or flipped downwards, depending on your level of heat protection comfort. The crown is designed with a double-layer mesh and has vented openings for good air circulation. You will also find little ribbons in the built-in sweatband, which you can adjust to get the best fit. The hat also comes with a detachable chin strap.

20. Gelante Cotton Booney Sun Hat

Gelante Cotton Booney Sun Hat

If you are searching for the best sun hats for travel, you should take a look at this one. This one is sturdy, comes with a large visor, and provides excellent protection from UV rays. It is made of 100% cotton and features an adjustable drawstring. If you want to switch up your look, you can snap the side brims upwards to create a different look.

Now that we have looked at the 20 best sun hats, let’s find out how you can find the right sun hat.

How To Choose The Right Sun Hat?

  • Comfort

The first and foremost thing to check when buying a sun hat is to gauge how comfortable it is. The aim objective of the hat is to keep you comfortable and protect your face and head from the hot sun. Choose a breathable material like cotton and ensure that it comes with adjustable straps to help you find the best fit.

  • Sun Protection

Look for a sun hat with a wide brim. This protects your face and neck. Another way to figure out if the hat offers optimum sun protection is by finding out if it has been tested for UPF 50+ protection. A hat with a black flap is an added advantage and also keeps your shoulders protected.

  • Breathability

If you wear a hat for a long time, you will notice that your scalp is sweaty. To avoid this altogether, choose a sun hat that has a mesh design on the crown or sweat-absorbing mesh panels. This helps in good airflow and keeps the inside of the hat well-ventilated.

  • Adjustability

Although most hats are advertised or sold as standard “one size fits all” hats, it may not offer the best fit. A good sun hat should have adjustable straps to make the circumference of the hat smaller or larger for the perfect fit. The sun hat should also feature a detachable chin strap to keep the hat firmly placed on the head, even on the windiest of days.

  • Foldability

A sun hat is something that most people carry as an essential part of their outdoor journeys, travels, and adventures. This is why you should choose one that is easily foldable but springs back to its original shape.

Get ready to face the sun and enjoy the day with your family and friends with the help of these 20 best sun hats. These hats will protect your face, head, and neck from the glaring sunlight and its harmful rays.

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