10 Best Sunglasses For Light Sensitive Eyes in 2022


Photophobia (also called light sensitivity) is a neurological disease that can cause discomfort and throbbing when one looks at light. The best sunglasses for light sensitive eyes can be a blessing in disguise for those who suffer from this condition. Sunglasses are specially designed to filter unwanted wavelengths from outdoor and indoor lights. To help you choose the right sunglasses for light sensitive eyes, we have compiled a list that you can consider.

10 Best Sunglasses For Light Sensitive Eyes

1. Best Retro-Style:Joopin Polarizeded Sunglasses For Women

Joopin Polarizeded Sunglasses For Women

The retro-style sunglasses from Joopin helps in lowering light sensitivity. These glasses have an anti-glare feature that reduces the reflection from the shiny objects outside. They offer accurate color perception due to their neutral color coating. The 61mm UV4000 polarized lenses offer UVA and UVB radiation blockage of almost 99% to 100%. They shield the eyes against all long-term UV damages, promoting eye health. Relaxing and strengthening the eyes, these sunglasses are also resilient due to their high-quality materials.

2. Best With UV Protection:Colossein Sunglasses with UVA/UVB Protection

Colossein Sunglasses with UVAUVB Protection

Featuring UV400 lenses, these sunglasses are mirror-coated, protecting the eyes from UVA and UVB rays’ hazards. The polycarbonate frame and temples look modern and trendy with unbreakable metal hinges. This durable product safeguards the eyes and keeps the migraines and headaches away caused due to light sensitivity. It is a refined piece of eyewear with unmatchable craftsmanship. Check out this review for a detailed understanding about the product.

3. Best Anti-Glare:Gear District Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Gear District Polarized Sport Sunglasses

The polarized sunglass by Gear District offers a UV400 shield that obstructs the three UV radiations; UVA, UVB, and UVC. These anti-glare sunglasses are formed from a heavy-duty, soft-silicone frame, giving a sporty look. The anti-fog coating inhibits fogging in cold ambiance.

4. Best Impact-Resistant:Hornz Polarized Sunglasses For Women

Hornz Polarized Sunglasses For Women

The 1.1mm TAC polarized, FDA impact-resistance lenses offer clear vision while experiencing the amiable sunlight. Their hypoallergenic polycarbonate frame provides a secured fitting and is scratch-resistant. There is no possibility of the frame falling off while driving or enjoying a ride under the sun. They offer total UV400 protection and are free from lead, phthalate, and nickel. This lightweight product has 61mm wide lenses with anti-reflective properties.

5. Best Wide Lens:Shadyveu Round Sunglasses UV Protection

Shadyveu Round Sunglasses UV Protection

The Shadyveu sunglasses have a 61mm wide black lens that offer great privacy, prohibiting others from glancing into your eyes. Constructed from fully black lenses, they protect your sensitive eyes, averting any chance of triggering a migraine. These premium lenses with UVA, UVB safety have the 80’s style polycarbonate frames of high durability. The metal hinges allow easy and convenient fitting, giving a classic retro appearance.

6. Best Wind-Resistant:Grinderpunch Mens Black Super Dark Sunglasses

Grinderpunch Mens Black Super Dark Sunglasses

These super black sunglasses by Grinderpunch are 50% darker than the standard sunglasses. They offer 100% protection from UVrays and are super-absorbent. The non-polarized 62mmwide lenses are mounted into a plastic frame that promises a comfortable fit. They are wind-resistant and suitable for outings and hiking.

7. Best Lightweight:LVIOE Cat Eye Sunglasses For Women

LVIOE Cat Eye Sunglasses For Women

The latest cat-eye sunglasses by LVIOE feature a super lightweight and durable frame with nose pads to avert any pain. The UV400 lenses offer protection from UVA and UVB radiations. These anti-reflective mirror lenses will give you a clear vision and flexible fitting, suitable for outdoors. Without scattering your vision and the light, these sunglasses make your experience superior, relieving you of any photophobic symptoms.

8. Best Fitting:Sunny Pro Fitover Sunglasses

Sunny Pro Fitover Sunglasses

Shaped for a cozy fit, the Sunny Pro sunglasses safeguard your sensitive eyes from every angle. The mirrored and fully dark glasses won’t deform or twist your vision. They offer UV400 protection, enhancing your peripheral vision and fortifying your eyes. The lenses are strengthened with spring hinges fit into a polycarbonate frame.

9. Best Dark-Tinted:Rapid Eyewear Sunglasses For Sensitive Eyes

Rapid Eyewear Sunglasses

The Nimbus dark sunglasses feature 100% UV protection and category four-smoked lens, being the darkest tint lenses. Mounted on the impact-resistant TR90 frame, these sunglasses are made of polycarbonate lenses with UV-shield coating.  They are suitable for climbing and hiking. The sunglasses obstruct the uncomfortable, sharp blue light, keeping migraine headaches away. Hand-sprayed in attractive matt black, the frame has sprung sidearms.

10. Best Comfortable:Maxiaids Solar Shields

Maxiaids Solar Shields

The Maxiaidssolar shields are molded with a polycarbonate lens, offering complete protection from harsh UV rays. These glasses provide optimum protection to post-cataract patients and contact lens wearers. The product is lightweight, fits conveniently, and erases any discomfort on the nose. They possess the capability to eradicate the insensitivity caused by fluorescent or blue lights. The design is made to wrap the eye from all sides, impeding any light from entering.

Things To Consider While Buying Sunglasses For Light Sensitive Eyes

Here are some factors to keep in mind while buying sunglasses for light-sensitive eyes.

  • Lenses: Consider polarized lenses with anti-glare property and have an anti-reflective coating on the back to inhibit the light from reflecting on the lenses. If the lenses are mirror-coated, then they will control the light penetrating the lenses, enhancing comfort.
  • UV protection: Sunglasses should provide 100% blockage against all harmful UV radiations. This quality will avert any damage from dangerous UV rays on photophobic eyes. It will provide utmost safety and optimum fortification.
  • Frame: The frame can be of metal or polycarbonate. It should be durable, long-lasting, and sturdy. The fitting should be snug to your face and nose.

The best way to reduce soreness from photophobia is to plan and invest in the best sunglasses for light-sensitive eyes. They provide insulation from outdoor and indoor light. The above list can help you choose the best sunglasses for light sensitivity to soothe and pacify eyes.

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A sudden flash of light could cause discomfort for people who have light-sensitive eyes. An appropriate pair of sunglasses could be of great help in such scenarios. We have scoured several websites and buyer reviews before compiling this list of best sunglasses for light-sensitive eyes. These sunglasses are high-quality, effective, durable, and available in various designs. Moreover, the article also has a buying guide highlighting the different factors you should consider before making a selection.

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