9 Best Swing Sets For Small Yards In 2022, With A Buying Guide


Having a garden or a yard around your home is a boon. Children can have fun riding bicycles, playing with remote-controlled cars and there will be guaranteed fun and brimming energy. Playing with the best swing sets for small yards can add thrill and fun, and no other activities can bring the joy a swing brings. Here is our curated list of some swing sets if you plan to install them in your garden.

9 Best Swing Sets For Small Yards

1. KidKraft Andorra Swing Set

Your small yard can be the right place for your little one to pursue physical activities if you set it right. The KidKraft Andorra Swing Set can be the perfect small yard swing set for you to include in it. With a footprint of only 80 sq ft, this fits any small outdoor space and is child-friendly. Made with the best quality cedar wood, this swing set is safe for kids and is eco-friendly too. It can accommodate 6 kids weighing 110 pounds at once. Designed with a chalkboard and a sandpit, the swing set is one of the best backyard playsets for small yards.


  • Fine and gross motor activity playset
  • Canopied play deck
  • Rock wall included as slide steps
  • Includes a slide


  • The wood may not be weather-treated.


2. Trekassy Swing Set

Kids love to swing, but how nice would it be if you could join them? The saucer-shaped swing from Trekassy is definitely one of the best small-yard swing sets for the entire family that comes with the impressive support. The A-shaped stand comes with ground anchors to keep the swing intact to the ground. The swing set is made of high-quality steel and the toughest fabric seat. It weighs over 700 pounds and can easily accommodate 440 pounds of overall weight. You can hang the swing with 2 ropes for a back and forth movement and hang it to the center hook for a 360° rotation movement. This video will give you a better insight into the product.



  • Parental supervision is mandatory.


3. Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set

The wood swing set from Gorilla Playsets is considered to be one of the best outdoor playsets for small yards and comes with a package of fun-filled activities. You can climb up to the Alpine wave slide using the ladder or the trekking wall and rope. A monkey bar comes between 2 amazing swings that can take you high up from the ground. The roof is protected with a canopy to give a treehouse effect to the swing playset. The entire product is designed to fit into your small yard and make your child excited. Made of amber-coated cedarwood, the playset is resistant to weather and insects.


  • Ready-to-assemble design
  • For children between 3-11 years
  • Improves fine and gross motor skills
  • A play telescope with a working compass is attached.


  • You will need an expert to assemble the parts.


4. Sportspower Power Metal Swing Set

This is the best-in-class swing set for small yards that is engineered for a safe play. It comes with 2 swings and a 5 feet long slide. The metallic body provides a sturdy and safe set up and your child can play on it for the longest time. The ladder for the slide has 2 steps and is a great start for beginners. The sleek design fits any of the small yards and your kids can enjoy thoroughly with it. This swing set for small yards accommodates 3 children at one go.


  • Sturdy and strong swings
  • Wave-like slide
  • Meets ASTM safety standards
  • The chairs are vinyl-coated to provide comfort.


  • The body of the slide may not be sturdy enough.


5. Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set

Backyard Discovery is one of the trusted brands for kids and the Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set is the ideal pick for your small yard. This can be your child’s favorite outdoor companion during the pandemic. The roof of the slide set gives the feeling of a castle and the bench and chair set attached to it makes it the best picnic spot. The wave slide, 2 swings, and a monkey bar make this swing set the perfect energy burner for your children. Watch this video for a thorough understanding of the product.


  • 8 feet super safe ladder
  • Comes with the sandbox area
  • Coffee table with safety corners
  • The entire set can accommodate 7 kids at once.


  • Frequent weather and water treatments are required to keep the set long lasting.


6. ZENY Rope Web Swing Set

Not all the webs belong to spiders. You can get the ZENY Rope Web Swing Set for your yard and watch your child have a gala time in it. The sturdy and safe structure of the swing set lets you sway in it too. Swing in the wind with the strong hooks of the swing attached to the stand or a strong tree that grows in your backyard. The A-shaped stand provides utmost safety as you sway to and fro. Make it your first choice if you are planning to get home a web swing as the best swing set for yards.


  • Promotes balance
  • Easy attachment and detachment
  • Can handle 400 pounds of weight
  • The swing body comes with a steel-frame and PE rope.


  • The frame stand has to be anchored with concrete as it can slip and move on the ground.


7. Mosunx 3-In-1 Toddler Play Set

Have a toddler at home? Nothing can be better than the Mosunx 3-In-1 Toddler Play Set for your little one. This is an all-safe swing, a slide, and a basketball hoop designed as one product. Your child can have an all-around growth and development with it. The base of the swing set comes with an anti-slip stand that keeps the swing in place. The ladder of the slide comes with an anti-slip design and the edges of the entire set have no sharp corners. It can be placed indoors and outdoors and will not consume much space. The basketball hoop improves the eye and hand coordination of the child.


  • Smooth sliding surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Complete activity playset
  • Comes in many color variants


  • The color of the playset can fade with time in the sun.


8. KLB Sport Basic Backyard Swing Set

Are you looking at a basic swing set for your yard to just let you swing and feel the fresh air? The best and the simplest of all the swing sets for yards is the KLB Sport Basic Backyard Swing Set. Made from powder-coated steel, the swing comes with an A-shaped frame and just one swing that can be fixed with strong ropes. It sways to-and-fro to take you high up in the air. The swing is designed for kids of ages between 3 and 8 years.


  • Resists rusting
  • Features UV protected polyethylene plastic
  • Does not have rough edges
  • Height adjustable ropes
  • The swing meets ASTM Safety Standards.


  • Not suitable for kids weighing over 110 lbs


9. LadyRosian Hand-Knit Swing Set

Are you looking for a safe swing for your little one? Here is the LadyRosial Hand-Knit Swing Set designed for kids who weigh less than 70 pounds. The swing can be easily fixed on any hook, tree, or stand and your child can sway happily in it. It comes with a safety bar that can be detached if your child does not wish to use it. The swing body and rope are quite sturdy and safe. Your little one will feel super comfortable in it and will also fall fast asleep.


  • Easy assembly
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor play
  • Adjustable seat height
  • The swing comes with safety bars and hasp.


  • Some may find the seat too shallow.

These are some of the best swings that can fit perfectly in small yards. You can choose the best one for your lawn based on the guide that our next segment is about.

How To Choose Best Swing Sets For Small Yards?

  • Size

The first thing that you need to look at in the swing set you are going to buy is the amount of area it takes. Make sure that the swing set you will be buying fits your garden space and also allows enough space for walking around.

  • Activity

Each swing set comes with different features. There might be a slide, a monkey bar, a basketball hoop, and more. Your choice of swing set must depend on the add-ons you would want the set to have.

  • Safety

In case you are buying a swing set for little children, get one swing set that meets all the safety standards.There are swing sets that come with anchor hooks and anti-skid base. For toddlers, the swings have a safety belt too. The safest swing sets are the best ones for kids.

  • Assembly

There are swing sets that are permanently fixed and there are a few that can be dismantled and assembled. Choose a swing that can be easily fixed and assembled by you rather than calling someone to assemble it every time.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah writes on children’s products and household items and prioritizes users’ ease and convenience when compiling products. After conducting thorough product analyses, he has suggested the most popular swing sets for small yards. A cozy swing set can be great for enjoying a fun evening with your family. Wedetso has also included some important points to consider before choosing the right swing set.

This is the list of the best swing sets for small yards. Studies on child’s mental health have proven that kids who are exposed to outdoor play build focus and concentration better. Features in swing sets that include climbing, stretching, running, among others help promote optimal physical and mental growth. With all of these, your child will have complete physical training without having to step out of the house. Besides all of this, there is no better joy in watching your children play in the yard or even joining them for a quick outdoor game!

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