9 Best Swing Sets For Small Yards In 2024, With A Buying Guide

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Having a garden or a yard around your home is a boon. Children can have fun riding bicycles, playing with remote-controlled cars and there will be guaranteed fun and brimming energy. Playing with the best swing sets for small yards can add thrill and fun, and no other activities can bring the joy a swing brings. In addition, they provide the opportunity for skill development. Here is our curated list of some tried-and-tested swing sets from a wide range of swings available in the market that are suitable to install in your garden.

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9 Best Swing Sets For Small Yards

1.Best Eco-Friendly:KidKraft Andorra Swing Set

KidKraft Andorra Swing Set Image: Kidkraft

Your small yard can be the right place for your little one to pursue physical activities if you set it right. The KidKraft Andorra swing set is the ideal mini swing set for a small yard. With a footprint of only 80 sq ft, this fits any small outdoor space and is child-friendly. Made with the best quality cedar wood, this swing set is safe for kids and is eco-friendly too. It can accommodate 6 kids weighing 110 pounds at once. Designed with a chalkboard and a sandpit, the safe and effective swing set is one of the best outdoor playsets for small yards, making it ideal for summer.

Frame Material: China Fir | Item Weight: 130 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 108"D x 123"W x 95"H | Material: Wood, Plastic | Color: Brown


  • Fine and gross motor activity playset
  • Canopied play deck
  • Rock wall included as slide steps
  • Includes a slide


  • The wood may not be weather-treated.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"I adore this set's design and quality. But assembling it tested my patience. However, the final result was a robust swing set that my kids love, so I'm relieved. It is a reliable choice to keep the kids engaged during the holidays."

2.Best High-Quality: Trekassy Swing Set

Trekassy Swing Set Image: Trekassy

Kids love to swing, but how nice would it be if you could join them? The saucer-shaped swing from Trekassy is definitely one of the best petite swing sets for the entire family that comes with impressive support. The A-shaped stand comes with ground anchors to keep the swing intact to the ground. The swing set is made of high-quality steel and the toughest fabric seat. It weighs over 700 pounds and can easily accommodate 440 pounds of overall weight. You can hang the swing with two ropes for a back and forth movement and hang it to the center hook for a 360° rotation movement. This review video will give you a better insight into the product.

Frame Material: Alloy Steel | Item Weight: 44.09 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 72"D x 67"W x 71"H | Material: Metal | Color: Blue


  • Swivel and to-fro movement
  • Easy to assemble
  • UV ray-resistant
  • The swing comes with high-quality hanging ropes.


  • Parental supervision is mandatory.

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The 1,069 positive customer reviews on Amazon are a testament to its quality and reliability.

3.Best Durable:Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set


The wood swing set from Gorilla Playsets is considered one of the best compact playground sets for small yards and comes with a package of fun-filled activities. You can climb up to the Alpine wave slide using the ladder or the trekking wall and rope. A monkey bar comes between two amazing swings that can take you high up from the ground. The roof is protected with a canopy to give a treehouse effect to the swing playset. This multi-functional swing set is designed to fit into your small yard and make your child excited. Made of amber-coated cedarwood, the one-of-a-kind swing set is weather- and insect- resistant.

Frame Material: Cedar | Item Weight: 320 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 150"D x 180"W x 114"H | Material: Wood, Plastic, Metal | Color: Amber


  • Ready-to-assemble design
  • For children between 3-11 years
  • Improves fine and gross motor skills
  • A play telescope with a working compass is attached.


  • You will need an expert to assemble the parts.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"While the overall build seems solid, the canvas top is not as robust. But I'm glad that the assembly instructions were simple, so I could manage it by myself. Despite some minor issues, this swing set has brought immense to my kids, so I recommend it."

protip_icon Quick fact
Children attain numerous benefits from playing on slides and swings. It helps supply their muscles with oxygen and releases endorphins that enhance their mood.(2).

KidKraft Andorra Swing Set
Best Eco-Friendly
Trekassy Swing Set
Best High-Quality
Gorilla Playsets Outing Wood Swing Set
Best Durable
Frame Material China Fir Alloy Steel Cedar
Weight 130 Pounds 44.09 Pounds 320 Pounds
Dimensions 108"D x 123"W x 95"H 72"D x 67"W x 71"H 150"D x 180"W x 114"H
Material Wood, Plastic Metal Wood, Plastic, Metal
Color Brown Blue Amber

4.Best For Safety:Sportspower Power Metal Swing Set

Sportspower Power Metal Swing Set Image: Sportspower

This is the best-in-class small swing set for backyards, engineered for safe play. It comes with two swings and a 5 feet long slide. The metallic body provides a sturdy and safe and effective set up to let your child play on it for the longest time. The ladder for the slide has two steps and is a great start for beginners. The sleek design fits any of the small yards and your kids can enjoy thoroughly with it. This safety-tested swing set for small yards accommodates three children at one go.

Item Weight: 60 pounds | Product Dimensions: 65 x 75 x 89.5 inches


  • Sturdy and strong swings
  • Wave-like slide
  • Meets ASTM safety standards
  • The chairs are vinyl-coated to provide comfort.


  • The body of the slide may not be sturdy enough.

Our Reviewer's Experience

"This compact swing set fits snugly in smaller spaces and is a hit with my kids! It was pretty easy to assemble, although the swing needs regular anchoring with rigorous play. Overall, it’s been a great addition to our backyard."

5.Best For Family-Friendly:Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set

Backyard Discovery is one of the trusted brands for kids and the Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set is the ideal pick for your small yard. This can be your child’s favorite outdoor companion during the pandemic. The roof of the slide set gives the feeling of a castle and the bench and chair set attached to it makes it the best picnic spot. The wave slide, two swings, and a monkey bar make this swing set the perfect energy burner for your children. Watch this review video to learn about this tester’s experience with the product.

Frame Material: Cedar | Item Weight: 720 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 200.79"D x 263.78"W x 149.61"H | Material: Wood, Cedar | Color: Natural


  • 8 feet super safe ladder
  • Comes with the sandbox area
  • Coffee table with safety corners
  • The entire set can accommodate seven children at once.


  • Frequent weather and water treatments are required to keep the set long lasting.

protip_icon Quick tip
If you want to improve your child’s flexibility, upper body strength, and cardiovascular flow, allow your child to indulge in monkey bars (2).

6.Best For Backyard:ZENY Rope Web Swing Set


Not all the webs belong to spiders. You can get the ZENY Rope Web Swing Set for your yard and watch your child have a gala time in it. The smaller-scale yet sturdy swing set for the backyard has a safe and effective structure that lets you sway in it too. Swing in the wind with the strong hooks of the swing attached to the stand or a strong tree that grows in your backyard. The A-shaped stand provides utmost safety as you sway to and fro. Make it your first choice if you are planning to bring home a web swing, as it is the best kind of swing set for yards.

Product Dimensions: 86.6 x 64 x 71 inches | Frame Material: Alloy Steel | Item Weight: 36 Pounds | Material: Steel | Color: Black


  • Promotes balance
  • Easy attachment and detachment
  • Weight limit of up to 400 pounds
  • The swing body comes with a steel-frame and PE rope.


  • Metal frame stand has to be anchored with concrete as it can slip and move on the ground

Our Reviewer's Experience

"My husband and I could easily put together this swing set in a couple of hours. The kids love it, and it is strong enough to endure heavier weight–enabling us to join in on the fun. I'm quite happy with this purchase!"

7.Best Versatile:Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set Image: Backyard Discovery

The Buckley Hill swing set by Backyard Discovery offers various playing options and is suitable for children within the age range of three to six years. This safety-tested swing set is made of sturdy cedar wood and includes two traditional belt swings, a slide, a rock climber, and a covered fort to protect children from the sun during summer. The pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-stained set is simple to assemble and comes with detailed instructions available on the Bilt app.

Item Weight: 25.1 pounds | Frame Material: Cedar | Product Dimensions: 107"D x 123"W x 92"H | Material: Wood, Cedar | Color: Green


  • ASTM-certified
  • Mesh panel sides for visibility
  • Suitable for small yards
  • Grippers on the swing rope to protect the fingers
  • Includes a chalkboard
  • Non-toxic materials


  • Drilled holes may not align properly
  • May be smaller than expected

Our Tester's Experience

"This swing set fits well into our small yard and has been great for my kid's physical development. Although its durability is yet to be tested, the design and features have won us over. It has served us well so far."

8.Best For Secure: Funlio 3-In-1 Swing Set

Funlio 3-In-1 Swing Set Image: Funlio

The Funlio three-in-one swing set is made conforming to CPSC and ASTM safety standards and features a durable steel metal frame for stability. It can be converted into three different styles to suit different age groups—you can remove the backrest and front bar for six- to ten-year-olds, use the backrest with the seat for three- to six-year-olds, and use it all together for six- to 36-month-old babies. Its adjustable seat belt keeps your child secure in the seat. In addition, the safety-tested swing set has four sandbags to keep the swing stable.

Item Weight: 18.06 pounds | Frame Material: Metal | Product Dimensions: 62"D x 47"W x 61"H | Color: 3-in-1 Swing Set


  • Adjustable rope length
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Double lock carabiners
  • Anti-skid rubber footrests


  • Seat belt may fray with time
  • Assembly instructions may be a bit complicated

Our Reviewer's Experience

"Seeing my kids enjoy their evenings playing on this swing in our backyard has been a delight. It doesn't take too much space and has been great for both my kids–a toddler and a five-year-old. I'm glad I got this; it makes my kids' playtime more active and fun."

protip_icon Did you know?
Swinging can help your child develop their physical abilities because the activity helps improve their motor skills, grip strength, core muscles, and balance.(2).

9.Best For Long-Lasting:Trekassy Two-Seat Swing Set

Trekassy Two-Seat Swing Set Image: Trekassy

Trekassy brings you this set with two swings—a saucer swing that can hold two children at a time and a traditional belt swing. Crafted with high-quality 900D Oxford and non-slip EVA material and featuring a weather-resistant steel frame, this set offers long-lasting use. The swing set supports easy installation and stands stable on the ground with the support of ground anchors and stakes and supports weight limit of up to 440lb, making it a trusted choice for parents. It is suitable for backyards, playgrounds, and gardens.

Frame Material: Alloy Steel | Item Weight: 49.16 Pounds | Product Dimensions: 67"D x 90.5"W x 71"H | Material: Plastic, Metal, Steel


  • Powder-coated paint
  • Zinc-plated chains
  • Includes additional metal connectors
  • Height-adjustable ropes
  • Frame is compatible with other regular swings


  • Saucer swing material may fray gradually
  • Belt swing may be slightly stiff
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Swing Sets For Small Yards?

Choose the best swing set for your lawn based on the pointers given below.

  1. Size: The first thing that you need to look at in the swing set you are going to buy is the amount of area it takes. Make sure that the swing set you will be buying fits your garden space and also allows enough space for walking around.
  2. Activity: Each swing set comes with different features. There might be a slide, a monkey bar, a basketball hoop, and more. Your choice of swing set must depend on the add-ons you would want the set to have.
  3. Safety feature: In case you are buying a swing set for little children, get one that has been safety-tested. There are safety swing sets that come with anchor hooks and anti-skid bases. The baby or toddler swings set for small yards must have a safety belt too to avoid the risk of falling.
  4. Assembly: There are swing sets that are permanently fixed and there are a few that can be dismantled and assembled. Choose a durable option that can be easily fixed and assembled by you rather than calling someone to assemble it every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are backyard swing sets worth it?

Apart from providing your child the thrill of swinging in the air and helping them learn to maintain their balance, experiencing the phenomenon of swings can help instill a scientific temper in most children (1).

2. Is a metal or wood swing set better?

Durability of a wood swing depends on the type of wood or metal used in the swing set. Most wooden sets, when made of solid, seasoned, high-quality pieces of cedar, or redwood, are long-lasting. Those with no burr are safer. In the case of a metal set, the thicker the gauge of good-quality steel, the better the swing set. Also, metal options are lower maintenance.

3. What type of swing set is best?

While a regular flat or sling swing is meant to accommodate only one child, a web swing could accommodate more than one kid at one go. For small spaces, a single swing set is more practical while, for a spacious backyard, a slide-cum-swing set could be adequate.

4. What swing sets last the longest?

Apart from the quality of the wood or metal used to make the swing set, a lot depends on the weather conditions of your place. The durability may vary as per the amount and duration of rain, snow, and sunlight the swing set is exposed to. In general, metal sets may last longer than wooden sets.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah is a writer and reviewer of children’s products and household items. He prioritizes users’ ease and convenience when compiling products. After conducting thorough product analyses and going through customer reviews, he has suggested the most popular swing sets for small yards. A cozy swing set can be great for enjoying a fun evening with your family. Wedetso has also included some important points to consider before choosing the right swing set.

Research on children’s mental health suggests that children who spend more time playing outdoors than indoors tend to have better concentration and focus as they are exposed to more stimuli. The best swing sets thus encourage activities such as climbing, stretching, and running, promoting children’s optimal physical and mental growth. Further, these swing sets come in a variety of designs and with multiple attachments to make playtime a lot more fun and exciting for your little one. Your child will thus be able to exercise their body without stepping out of the backyard.

Infographic: Points To Consider When Using Protective Surfacing For Swing Sets

Protective surfacing is the surface added on the ground below a swing to protect children from injuries due to accidental falls. Its impact-absorbing properties offer peace of mind to parents and caregivers. Check out the following infographic to learn more about applying protective surfacing under swing sets.

Tips For Using Protective Surfacing For Swing (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team


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  1. A swing and a child: how scientific phenomena can come to matter for preschool children’s emergent science identities:
  2. Just A Swinging, Sliding And Climbing!

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