13 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Kids In 2022 And Buyer's Guide


Nintendo is an all-time favorite gaming brand, and if you are looking for some of the best switch games for kids, you have come to the right place. The Nintendo Switch was launched in 2022, and it contains some incredible graphics and motion-sensor controllers. These games have plenty to offer and can be enjoyed by children and adults. You can use it as a home console or carry it with you while traveling, making it convenient and fun. We hope our list below can help you find the right one to make your children’s gaming nights memorable.

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13 Best Switch Games For Kids

1. Best With Smart Steering: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Let your child compete with their friends or even battle them at any time in this definitive edition of Mario Kart 8. This game supports up to four players to play locally in 1080p on TV mode. The Inklings, as well as new guest characters, make an appearance in this version. In addition, it also has returning favorites such as King Boo, Bowser Jr, and Dry Bones. At 200cc, players can now use a new smart steering function that makes driving and staying on course simple.

2. Best In Customization: Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022 enables you to dance along and compete in dance-offs with six of your friends on over 500 popular song tracks. The collection includes Ed Sheeran, Daddy Yankee, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Blackpink, and many more artists. There is also a kids’ mode where children can listen to songs from Frozen II. Every purchase comes with a free one-month trial. You can also create and customize playlists.

3. Best Family-Friendly Collection: Carnival Games Nintendo Switch

Carnival Games is a family-friendly collection of fan-favorite and brand-new mini-games that can be played alone or with three other players. The game allows you to hit home runs, stack the highest stack of cakes, and lead your horse to victory. You and your friends will be stepping up to win a total of 20 mini-games.

4. Best Adventure: Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World Plus Bowser’s Fury improves the original game in terms of co-op gameplay, unique levels, and power-ups. Characters travel faster, and the dash recharges faster in the Super Mario 3D World segment. In addition, both adventures include the new Snapshot Mode, which allows you to pause the action and take the perfect snapshot while applying filters and stickers.

5. Best Muliplayer: Super Mario Maker 2 – Nintendo Switch

The game Super Mario Maker 2 is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch console. In the single-player Story Mode, players can enjoy built-in courses to rebuild Princess Peach’s palace. In addition, with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can share your courses, access an almost infinite amount of content created by others, play online with multiplayers, and more.

6. Best For Problem Solving: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors is a story-driven hack-and-slash combat game. In this story set 100 years before the events of Legend of Zelda, Link and Princess Zelda must gather friends from across Hyrule to battle forces led by the terrifying Calamity Ganon, who seeks to resurrect himself and destroy the country. The game includes ambient problem-solving, material crafting, and weapon upgrade mechanics from Hyrule Warriors.

7. Best For Two Players: Yoshi’s Crafted World

In Yoshi’s Crafted World, players control Yoshi, who travels around a large universe of everyday household items such as boxes and paper cups, solving puzzles and discovering hidden treasures. Players can play in two-player co-op mode with a teammate. You can also take your console gaming experience with you wherever you go, eliminating the need for television.

8. Best With Motion Control: Cooking Mama: Cookstar Nintendo Switch

With Cookstar, make a delicious meal by chopping, dicing, slicing, mincing, and rolling. Cookstar is a new name for the popular Cooking Mama series, and a brand-new cooking Mama experience has been created for the Nintendo Switch. Players can now master over 90 fantastic new recipes. The precise motion controls allow players to become wholly immersed in the action. In addition, players can now master over 90 fantastic new recipes.

9. Best Portable: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Players can enjoy Captain Toad in TV mode or Tabletop mode anytime, anywhere, even in a two-player mode using two Joy-Con controllers on a Nintendo Switch device. In portable mode, you can play by yourself. Whatever you do, look for hidden Super Gems and Power Stars in every puzzling course.

10. Best For Enjoying: Paw Patrol On A Roll

On Paw Patrol, players can help each pup use their unique abilities to save friends and keep their neighborhood safe in 16 different situations. Farmer Yumi’s Farm, Jake’s Mountain, a Desert Canyon, and Under the Waves are some settings that test a person’s mental ability. In addition, players can enjoy puzzle-platforming action that is suitable for all ages.

11. Best To Test Mental Ability: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

While playing Pokémon, talk to your favorite characters, make friends, and fight alongside them. The classic is relived on Nintendo Switch for the first time in this stunning first watercolor replica of Mystery Dungeon. To find out which of the 16 Pokémon beginners you’ll be, answer a series of questions about yourself. Then, encounter more than 386 Pokémon and join your carefully selected rescue team on an adventure to save the world.

12. Best Resolution: Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Play as SpongeBob Squarepants, Sandy, or Patrick and use their special abilities. Players can meet a series of beloved characters, while the high-definition graphics, current resolutions, and well-built gameplay are the highlights of this game. It has online and split-screen multiplayer games in the horde mode for two-player games.

13. Best With High-Definition Graphics: Race with Ryan

Fight for victory through the YouTube phenomenon Ryan’s colorful universe. In Career mode, you can put your skills to the test or race against friends in split-screen mode. The auto-acceleration, simple racing controls, tutorials, and auto-steering allow anyone to play the game. Unlock Ryan’s World toy characters and cars such as Peck, Moe, Alpha Lexa, Gus, and Ryan. The Toy Shop, Spooky Land, Wild West, and Home Sweet Home are a few of the fantastic places you’ll visit.

How To Choose The Right Switch Games For Kids?

Games are the most popular gifting options for children. So, here are some tips on how to select the right Switch games for kids.

  1. Age-appropriate: Ensure the game you choose is appropriate for the child’s age. Choosing what your child likes is critical and allows them to explore more in their areas of interest.
  1. Software updates: Many Switch games include regular internet updates for new features. Ensure that the game publisher you select distributes the updates regularly.
  1. Ratings of the game: Select the appropriate option from “EC” (Early Childhood) to “AO” (Adults Only). Allowing “M” rated (Mature) games for children and young teens are not recommended.
  1. Select a variety of games: Choose various games so that the children can participate in instructive and recreational activities. This allows kids to pursue their gaming interests while also learning.

Even as popular video games continue to trend toward gritty maturity, Nintendo remains committed to the innovative idea that youngsters should enjoy playing games. Games are an excellent way to teach a child essential life skills and concepts; therefore, it is critical to select the right games. We hope this list assists you in choosing the best switch games for your children.

Nintendo is a popular gaming brand that has a huge fan following across the world. These toys are interactive and will keep your wards engaged and entertained for hours. They also help develop their motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. If you are planning to buy a Nintendo toy, go for one that is age-centric, interactive, and suits your baby’s interests. So, help them have some fun time playing these iconic video games with their friends that can also help develop their essential life skills.

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