15 Best Table Fans for home & office in India in 2024

If you are looking for a compact and portable solution for cool flow air in a small space, a table fan could be a good choice. It is an electrical device that circulates air to keep the targeted area cool. It is a useful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use appliance, suitable for small spaces like an office cubicle or bedroom. While a ceiling fan pushes the air downwards, a table fan moves air in an outward direction and can be fixed anywhere you want. It doesn’t require any wiring or installation and works when plugged into a power outlet.

If you wish to have a table fan for yourself, we bring you a list of some of the best table fans in India, suitable for your home or office use.

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Types Of Table Fans

There are a plethora of options to choose from while buying a table fan.

  1. Regular electric table fan: The regular table fan works efficiently, giving you excellent airflow. It generally has high-speed options than the others and needs an electrical power supply to work.
  1. Battery-operated fan: It is similar to the regular electric fan but works on electric power and battery. The battery fan works efficiently even when there is no electrical power source, making it a perfect choice for travelers.
  1. Bladeless table fans: As the name suggests, this type of fan doesn’t have blades attached to it. It is safer and convenient for children to use.

15 Best Table Fans

1. Bajaj Ultima Table Fan

The white-colored, elegant, and classy Bajaj fan functions at 200mm sweep and 36w power to offer an air delivery of 50ccm (cubic meters per minute). It is one of the best fans that provides an impeccable speed, suitable for home and office use. You get a warranty card and an instruction manual with the fan.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Two-year warranty
  • Made of good quality material
  • Less power consumption
  • Overload thermal protector to maintain the speed


  • Could be noisy
  • Up and down adjustable screw doesn’t function properly

2. AmazonBasics High-Speed Table Fan

The AmazonBasics table fan has aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep size of 400mm. It offers an air delivery of 65 to 73cmm and has three angles of vertical tilting. You can adjust the direction of the table fan conveniently as per your preference.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Automatic oscillation
  • Motor made of100% copper
  • High functionality offers a smooth flow of air
  • Safe to use and store


  • Assembly could be difficult
  • May consume high electricity

3. Piesome Rechargeable Table Fan

If you experience frequent power failures in your area, you can get your hands on the Piesome rechargeable table fan. It can be charged with solar panel boards to work efficiently. With dual speed and 21 LEDs, it can become a table lamp too. Its small and portable features let you carry it anywhere you go.


  • Extra battery backup up to eight hours
  • Saves electricity
  • Can be adjusted vertically
  • Brightness can be adjusted to high or low


  • Doesn’t have a swing option

4. Crompton HiFlo Eva Table Fan

The Crompton table fan has 400mm sweeps and is equipped with 50w power to give you an air delivery of 60ccm. Its wide oscillation with motorized control makes it one of the best fans available in India. The wider and sturdy plastic base makes it a durable option.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Beautifully suited for urban households
  • High-speed feature
  • Doesn’t make much noise


  • Blades may crack with time
  • Could be difficult to assemble

5. Enamic UK Happy Home Table Fan

If you love classic and vintage-styled goods, the black table fan from Enamic UK can be a good pick. It comes with three-speed control modes and has a 100% copper high-speed RPM motor. The device features a new highspeed low voltage (HSLV) technology, making it a unique appliance.


  • One-year warranty
  • Comes with a heavy close mesh guard, making it safe with around children
  • Wide and stable base
  • Suitable for home and office use


  • Could be noisy

6. Usha Mist Air ICY Table Fan

The Usha mist air table fan is aerodynamically designed for high air delivery. Its motor is made up of 100% copper and works on 50w power, making it efficient and powerful. The smooth features of the fan provide uniform and jerk-free oscillation with easy and convenient tilting.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Backed with two years of warranty
  • Features air delivery with 67cmm
  • Gives high performance
  • Rust-free body


  • No remote control
  • Could be a little noisy

7. H Hy-tec (Device) Copper Mist Air Table Fan

With aerodynamically designed ABS blades, the H Hy-tec fan offers excellent air delivery and keeps the room cool. The portable design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. The fan has 225mm sweeps and works with a motor speed of 2400rpm.


  • Fuse auto-protects motor during thermal overloading
  • Good wattage and power consumption
  • Motor designed for Indian weather conditions
  • Silent operation and maximum airflow


  • May produce the nasty odor of burning plastic

8. Havells Swing Table Fan

The Havells table fan works efficiently, looks elegant, and is available in five vibrant colors. It has an aerodynamic design with balanced PP blades. The jerk-free oscillation ensures that the fan keeps you cool without any interruptions. Also, it comes with a pivot arrangement for tilting and oscillation.


  • Backed with a two-year warranty
  • Comes with 120 ribs guard for safety
  • Good air delivery with 73cmm
  • Wide base for stability
  • Has three-speed buttons
  • Equipped with thermal protector


  • Assembly may not be easy
  • Could be noisy

9. Enamic UK IS Laurels Wall Cum Table Fan

With a three-speed air control mode, the fan performs efficiently. The blades are aerodynamically designed with unique lubrication to promote better delivery and longevity. The table fan is equipped with 48w power with225mm sweep.


  • High-speed, low voltage (HSLV) technology
  • One-year warranty
  • Powerful motor designed for Indian weather
  • Comes with motor overheating protection


  • Maybe too noisy
  • Three-speed mode may not work efficiently

10. Digismart High-Speed Mini Pedestal Fan

The table fan from Digismart is equipped with an extra heavy-duty motor and works at22w power. It has a low power consumption feature that makes the fan work on an inverter even though there’s a power failure. The motor is designed with a double ball bearing, making it relatively less noisy.


  • X-flow technology to generate more air
  • Adjustable height
  • Seven powder-coated tanks protect from corrosion
  • One-year warranty


  • May be difficult to assemble

11. Evolt Rechargeable Table Fan

The Evolt table fan has a solid structure and a unique design with a pressure-resistant feature. It is portable, and you can carry it with you anywhere you go, be it for a picnic or camping. The fan comes with two speed settings: standard and high speed.


  • Efficient performance
  • Doesn’t make a loud noise
  • Features rechargeable battery operation
  • Lightweight and creative design


  • May not be durable
  • May have poor battery backup

12. Jiyana Rechargeable Table Fan

The 7-inch table fan works smooth and fast even when the power fails. It also features 21 LED lights with low and high brightness settings. You can mount it on the wall or place it on a table easily as it is lightweight.


  • Easy to store
  • Easy to charge
  • Adjustable speed
  • Made of good quality material
  • Portable and durable


  • May not work efficiently without its charger

13. Wozit Portable Table Fan

If you want something portable that works even during a power failure, you should get this fan from Wozit. This leaf table fan works in AC and DC and can be charged using the solar panel boards. You can mount it on the wall or place it on a tabletop. It has an LED feature that makes it functional as a table lamp to brighten your workspace. The fan is available in vibrant colors.


  • Comes with a charging cable and a lithium-ion battery
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to recharge and use


  • May have a poor battery backup

14. Cinni Sri H.S Table Fan

The Cinni fan has a sweep size of 400mm that gives excellent airflow. It is fully designed with metallic material, making it sturdy and long-lasting. The fan weighs 6kg and is heavier than the standard ones due to its build.


  • Powered with 85w battery
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Excellent performance with good air-delivery
  • 2000rpm speed


  • May be difficult to assemble
  • Power pin could be flimsy

15. Zonoxo Rechargeable Table Fan

The Zonoxo table fan works both as a fan and light. You can either mount the fan or place it on a table. The fan’s lightweight feature allows you to carry it anywhere and adjust it vertically too, when standing.


  • Convenient night light too
  • Unique and versatile
  • Can be charged from PC, mobile battery, and a USB battery charger
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use


  • Could be too small for some
*The prices provided in this article are based on the latest available information. However, they may vary due to changes in pricing by the seller and/or promotional offers.

How To Choose The Right Table Fan?

You should consider numerous factors before buying a table fan.

  1. Size: Choosing the right size is essential because the fan’s ability to cool depends on it. If you have a smaller area, then small-sized fans will do the job. However, they won’t help if the room is large.
  1. Noise: Nobody likes noise, especially if you want to use the fan when you sleep. So, look for a fan that doesn’t make loud, disturbing noise that can disrupt your sleep or work.
  1. Build-quality: An electric item is a long-term investment, and you would want it to work for more than a year. So, look for the fan’s quality and the materials used to prevent it from breaking apart after a few months of usage.
  1. Variable speed control: Most table fans have a three-speed setting: low, medium, and high. If your fan doesn’t have this feature, you wouldn’t be able to set its speed according to the current room temperature.
  1. Warranty: Generally, fans are backed by one or two years of warranty. Check for this feature and get a fan with at least one year of warranty to claim in case of damage or malfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I switch off the oscillation movements of the fan?

Yes, you can easily switch off the oscillation of the table fans when the need arises. They come with various options such as speed control, inclination adjustment, and control of oscillation.

2. Where should I place the table fan?

It’s best if you place a table fan near an air window as it increases the air circulation, which cools down your room instantly. But you must ensure that the window has access to cool air. If not, there is no use in placing the fan near a window.

3. Can I use a table fan as an exhaust fan?

An exhaust is a powerful fan with a heavy-duty body. If you believe your fan possesses this quality, you can use it as an exhaust fan.

4. Does a table fan need oiling?

If your fan has a two-ball bearing, then it doesn’t need oiling. But if the fan has a mini hole near the motor, you can put three-four drops of oil.

5. Can I run the table fan for a long time?

Yes, if the fan is built to use for long hours. However, if you notice any smoke emitting from the fan or if the fan gets heated up more than usual, switch it off instantly.

6. Does a table fan consume a lot of electricity?

It depends upon the type of table fan. A good-quality table fan can work for eight hours, consuming less energy. However, if you are concerned about the electricity, you may opt for a rechargeable fan or a solar table fan.

With the right table fan, you can stay cool and refreshed all day long, whether you’re at home or in the office. However, you need to consider important factors like size, noise, build, and speed control to find a high-quality that suits your needs. Also, ensure it is lightweight, compact, and portable. Easy to use and install, these fans can be mounted or placed on an elevated surface for optimal airflow and cooling. So, beat the summer heat with a premium table fan, available in various sizes and designs for your convenience.

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