9 Best Tampons For Heavy Periods In 2021


Periods can be quite uncomfortable, and heavy flow can make it more difficult to deal with. With the struggles of cramps, discomfort, and rashes, we have made a list of the best tampons for heavy periods to provide some relief. Pads tend to restrict movement, whereas tampons are quite hassle-free. These small cylindrical products are easy to carry and use.

Most tampons are eco-friendly, made from organic cotton material, and are safe and healthy. They come in different sizes for different flow levels and offer a proper fit to prevent leaks and spills. So, explore our list to choose the right one.

9 Best Tampons For Heavy Periods

1. Playtex Sport Tampons

The unique design of the Playtex tampons fits comfortably with a protective leakage barrier. The multipack contains 50 unscented tampons. With flex-fit interlocking fibers, it can trap leaks quickly. It comes with a contoured applicator to help you insert the tampon without slipping. These tampons provide you with 360-degree protection and are approved by HSA and FSA.

2. Organyc Complete Protection Organic Cotton Tampons

Tested by dermatologists, these tampons are made without chlorine, dyes, chemicals, and perfumes, making them one of the best tampons for heavy periods. They are made from pure organic cotton with a cardboard applicator to give you superior absorbency and leak protection. The applicator has rounded tips and finger ridges for easy insertion. Suitable for sensitive skin, this pack of 16 does not irritate your skin.

3. Tampax Pearl Tampons

With super plus absorbency, the Tampax Pearl tampons will give you all-day comfort and protection. The box contains 50 unscented tampons, equipped with a BPA-free applicator which is anti-slip for easy insertion. It has a leak-guard braid to stop unwanted leakage. Tested clinically, these tampons are safe to use as they are free of dyes, latex, perfume, and chlorine bleach.

4. Rael Organic Cotton Compact Tampons

With an absorbent cotton build, the Rael organic tampons for periods can give you leak protection for up to eight hours. It is made from certified organic cotton, free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or toxins. The applicator has a compact design for easy portability. It is available in packs of two, and each box includes 18 regular applicators with an easy pull-and-click design for enhanced security.

5. U By Kotex Click Compact Tampons

U By Kotex tampons for heavy periods provide you with powerful protection during your menstrual cycle. Its Xpress-DRI protection makes your tampons leak-free. The individual box has 45 fragrance-free tampons, each wrapped in vibrant colors and designs. For ease of insertion, the tampons come with a pull-and-click design and a smooth tip.

6. Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons

With a plant-based plastic applicator, these tampons from Seventh Generation are made from certified organic cotton to protect you and the environment. Its smooth applicator allows ease of wearing and removing. For secured use, these tampons are tested by gynecologists and are free of dyes, rayon, and fragrances. They are also hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

7. Cora Organic Cotton Tampons

Simple in design, the Cora organic cotton tampons have an applicator-free design and are comfortable to wear. They are a quality-based product made from GOTS-certified organic cotton with high absorbency. Once inserted, it enhances width-wise for more absorption. The eco-friendly design is HSA- and FSA-eligible, and it is made without bleach, fragrance, rayon, or GMO.

8. Solimo Plastic Applicator Tampons

Available in a pack of 36, the Solimo plastic applicator tampons are designed to provide eight-hour superior absorption. It is wrapped individually to keep each tampon safe. The well-packed, compact design allows ease of carrying in your purse. These tampons are made from cotton, rayon, and polypropylene, free of chlorine bleach.

9. L. Organic Cotton Tampons

L. Organics’ cotton tampons come in a unique, transparent box with 30 tampons of regular absorbency. Each piece is wrapped individually to keep them hygienically safe. These tampons are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and are free of chlorine bleach, fragrance, dyes, and pesticides. They have a BPA-free plastic applicator for easy use.

How To Choose The Right Tampons For Heavy Periods?

Here are some important tips to help you choose the right tampons for heavy periods.

  1. Material: Ensure the material is organic and eco-friendly, free of pesticides, chlorine, or synthetic dyes. Organic products are safe for sensitive skin.
  2. Leak-proof technology: Choose tampons designed with leak-proof technology to provide you with adequate protection during heavy flows. They help prevent blood odor and last longer than standard tampons.
  3. Absorbency level: Choose tampons with a superior level of absorbency for heavy flow. Such tampons protect for up to eight hours for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  4. String length: Tampons with long, braided strings are better than those with small strings. Long strings are easier to locate while removing tampons.
  5. Applicator type: Choose BPA-free applicators with smooth tips and easy-to-grip ridges for easy use. Those with push-and-click operations can be a good choice.

Say goodbye to leaks and discomfort with our list of the best tampons for heavy periods. They are easy to use and protect you from allergies and rashes. With different options available, choosing the right one may be confusing. We hope our list can help you decide.

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