5 Best Tampons For Swimming In 2022, With A Buyer's Guide


If you are on your periods on a beach vacation, it could be a mood spoiler. However, the best tampons for swimming can save you so much hassle and embarrassment. Tampons specifically designed for swimming will protect you from unwanted leaks and keep you at the top of your swimming game.

If you don’t want your periods to cause you disappointments, choose the tampons listed below. Keep scrolling to know about the swimming tampons that can make your life easy and stress-free.

5 Best Tampons For Swimming

1. Best Waterproof: Softcup Softdisc Menstrual Discs

The Softdisc menstrual discs are waterproof tampons with a fluid capacity of five tampons. With 14 discs in a box, these tampons are suitable for heavy or light periods. These tampons are FSA-eligible and do not cause any itchiness, dryness, or sensitivity. This video review will help you understand more about the product.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Phthalates- and BPA-free
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable


  • May be tricky to remove
Quick Tip: Although leaks are rare when using tampons, wear a dark-colored swimsuit or swim shorts if you are worried about stains and leaks.

2. Best Hypoallergenic: Flex Menstrual Discs

The best tampons for swimming are the ones that will allow you worry-free time in the pool for a long duration. Flex’s menstrual discs are designed to provide you with 12-hour protection and can be disposed of conveniently after use. Crafted from body-safe materials, these products are free of BPA and phthalate and are vegan. If you are still unsure, check out this honest review.


  • Easy to use
  • Leak-proof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • FDA-approved


  • May be difficult to remove

3. Best 360-Degree Protection: Playtex Sport Tampons

The unique design of the Playtex sports tampons fits correctly with a protective leakage barrier. The multipack contains 48 unscented tampons. With flexfit interlocking fibers, it can trap leaks quickly. To insert precisely, it comes with a contoured tip and smooth applicator that does not slip. Click this video to learn more about the product.


  • 360-degree protection
  • Approved by HSA and FSA
  • Comfortable
  • Superior absorption


  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin
Quick Tip: Consider changing your tampon after your swimming session to keep yourself clean and free of the pool water.

4. Best Ultra-Thin: Lumma Reusable Menstrual Disc

A unique tampon for swimming, the Lumma menstrual disc features a silicone string, a patent-pending design, for easy removal. You can use the durable discs consecutively for 12 hours without causing leakage. They are hypoallergenic and made from ultra-thin, medical-grade silicone.


  • BPA- and phthalate-free
  • Latex-free
  • Plastic-free
  • Available in three sizes


  • Cup material may be firm

5. Best All-Day Comfort: Tampax Pearl Active Plastic Tampons

Tampax’s Pearl tampon will give you all-day comfort and protection with its super absorbency. The box contains 36 unscented tampons with a slim applicator. It also has a leak-guard braid to stop unwanted leakage. These applicators provide you with eight hours of comfortable protection.


  • Anti-slip applicator
  • Motion-fit protection
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to use


  • May not be suitable for heavy bleeding

How To Choose The Right Tampons For Swimming?

Here are a few suggestions to consider when choosing the right tampons for swimming.

  1. Absorbency level: Consider the different absorbency levels while buying tampons. When choosing tampons for swimming, it is important to buy tampons with a superior level of absorbency.
  2. Leak-proof technology: Certain products are designed with leak-proof technology to help prevent blood odor and mess. Such products can be used for a longer period than average.
  3. Easy to use: While some women prefer string options, others prefer non-string ones. String options are easier to locate while removing tampons.
  4. Eco-friendly material: Ensure the material is organic and eco-friendly, free of pesticides, chlorine, or synthetic dyes. Organic products are safe for sensitive skin.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After extensive analysis, comparison, and research, we have created a list of the best tampons for swimming to help you enjoy your swim or beach outing comfortably. These tampons are waterproof and are suitable for heavy and light periods. In addition, we have described the features of each product briefly to help you pick the right one. These products have been chosen based on customer reviews to ensure quality and efficiency. We have also included a buying guide to provide you with more relevant information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I swim on my period without a tampon?

Swimming during your periods may not be an issue; however, with tampons, you can prevent bleeding on your swimsuit.

2. Can I swim in the ocean on my period?

Yes, you can safely swim in the ocean during periods without the risk of infection.

3. Do tampons soak up pool water?

Tampons can absorb the pool water while you swim; therefore, ensure to change your tampon after you come out of the water.

4. How long can I keep a tampon in while swimming?

Depending on the quality of the tampon, you can wear them for four to eight hours in the water.

5. How often should I change my tampon when swimming?

To prevent any infection, it is important to change your tampon every eight hours. However, always wear a new tampon while swimming and remove it once you come out.

6. Do tampons leak when swimming?

Tampons do not leak while swimming. However, choose a tampon with high absorbency if you have a heavy flow.

7. What size tampon should I use for swimming?

Tampon size is based on the amount of fluid they absorb, so if you have light periods, you can wear a small-sized tampon and vice versa.

You don’t have to cancel your fun beach outings and swims when you are on your periods, as the right tampons have got your back. These tampons are specifically designed for swimming to help avoid any mishap. Buying tampons with higher absorbency levels and leak-proof technology ensures a hassle-free swimming session. Such tampons lock in the blood and help seal the odor. However, ensure the tampon is free of pesticides, synthetic dye, chlorine, and more and meets the necessary safety standards to prevent rashes and itching.

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