15 Best Teddy Bears Of 2022


Teddy bears are made of a soft, fluffy material, making them safe for children. If you’re looking for a fuzzy buddy for your child, you should always opt for the best teddy bears on the market.

Teddy bears are one of the best options for gifting to your child, regardless of their shape, size, or color. Your child can cuddle up to them while sleeping or play with them. They can also be a wonderful birthday gift for any child, regardless of gender.

Here’s a selection of high-quality teddy bears to consider for your child. They last for years and are perfect additions to your child’s toy collection.

15 Best Teddy Bears

1. Intelex Marshmallow Bear Warmies

Intelex Marshmallow Bear Warmies


This cute little teddy bear will have your children smiling and giggling. Its filling comprises natural grain and dried French lavender, which help provide warmth and comfort. The teddy bear also doubles as a cold pack and helps reduce body pain and swelling. Further, the super soft and cozy fabric feels soft on the skin and does not cause rashes. Use it as a travel companion, bedtime buddy, or for providing your children relief from stress or colic issues.


  • Microwave- and freezer-safe
  • Extremely snuggly
  • Nice color
  • Meets safety standards


  • Seams may require reinforcement

2. Teddy Ruxpin Storytelling Magical Teddy Bear

Teddy Ruxpin Storytelling Magical Teddy


There are numerous benefits of reading to children. Storytelling aids in your child’s cognitive development and boosts their imagination. It also helps your child understand sounds, language, and words better, and with Teddy Ruxpin, your child can fully understand the joys of storytelling. One of the most innovative teddy bears, Teddy Ruxpin, connects through Bluetooth and reads to your child from the inventory of storybooks on the Teddy Ruxpin App. It can be utilized in two ways. One can view digital books on the app and read along with Teddy Ruxpin, and when a digital book device isn’t readily available, the bear reads out the stories. The bear’s eyes light up and change with 40 different animations, and its mouth syncs with its speech. Your child can also change and control stories and songs by pressing the touch sensors on the bear’s body. The product has over 1,000 Amazon reviews. Watch this video to know more about the product.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Includes three preloaded stories and seven sing-along songs
  • Animatronic mouth to attune teddy’s speech
  • Animated eyes
  • Library control
  • No Wi-Fi required


  • Eyes may be slightly brighter than required
  • Batteries may exhaust quickly

3. Gund Fuzzy Teddy Bear

Gund Fuzzy Teddy Bear


This small teddy bear is super soft, plush, and incredibly fuzzy. Your child will take to it immediately and can sleep with it in their arms. It is made of a soft polyester blend and has long, floppy arms and legs. Its cute smile gives it an adorable appearance. It is ideal for both boys and girls, and the teddy bear is also easy to wash due to its surface-washable design.


  • Measures 13.5in
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Perfect for room decoration
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Lightweight and cuddly


  • Little one may feel warm in the summers
  • May shed fur after a few washes

4. Ikasa Giant Teddy Bear

Ikasa Giant Teddy Bear


Whether you are looking for the best giant teddy bears for your child or yourself, this one will not disappoint you. Measuring 6.5ft, this large teddy bear will bring a huge smile to your face. Made of soft and high-quality fabric, you can snuggle up to the teddy bear, use it as a backrest, or even rest comfortably on top of it. It is also designed for easy cleaning. As it meets the EN71 and ASTM safety standards, one can rest assured that it is safe for babies. With over 3,000 reviews, you can be assured of the product’s softness.


  • Made of surface-washable materials
  • Cuddly
  • Delightful eyes
  • Embroidered paw
  • Zippered back


  • Filling may be slightly less
  • Not Machine-washable

5. Yottoy Paddington Bear

Yottoy Paddington Bear


Every child needs a Paddington bear of their own so that they can go on a million exciting adventures together. Soft, plush, plump, and cute, this bear is made of washable surface materials. Inspired by the story created by Michael Bond, this stuffed teddy bear is dressed the way it was when Mr. and Mrs. Brown found it at the Paddington Station. This stuffed toy has a black flocked nose, and its smile and paws are embroidered. You can remove the bear’s red hat and hooded coat, and the bear also carries a sturdy paperboard suitcase with a metal handle of its own. This teddy bear stands 15-inch tall.


  • Wooden toggle buttons for an elegant look
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Ready for cuddling
  • Yellow boots


  • Bear may not stand without boots
  • Not machine-washable

6. Fluffuns Cute Teddy Bears

Fluffuns Cute Teddy Bears


These small teddy bears are extremely adorable and will settle into your child’s heart the minute they see them.  You can pick this set to keep your children engaged and entertained. These stuffed teddy bears are nine inches in height and are soft and huggable. Each of the three teddy bears wears a bow tie and is made of safe materials. This product has more than 1,500 reviews on Amazon.


  • Bead-free stuffing
  • Completely sewn design with no Velcros
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Eyes made of hard plastic


  • Ribbon may come in only single color for all the bears
  • Size may be a tad small

7. Kangaroo Your Baby 1st Teddy Bear

Kangaroo Your Baby 1st Teddy Bear


This teddy bear is perfect for decoration or as an addition to your child’s teddy bear collection. A true companion and friend, this one will surely bring a smile to your little one’s face. The giant teddy bear is super plush and ultra-soft, making you want to hug it all day. It adds a luxurious feel, and its color ensures it doesn’t get dirty quickly. It is also great for gifting on any occasion.


  • No buttons or exposed stuff
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fur is brushable
  • Elegant bow tie and endearing expression


  • Some may find it a little smaller than expected
  • Could have been softer

8. The Noodley Glow Teddy Bear

The Noodley Glow Teddy Bear


Now, here is a teddy bear that can not only be your child’s favorite toy but will also help them fall asleep quickly. Designed with the colors of the rainbow, it lights up in the dark. The LED lights change color in soothing patterns, and the light’s low voltage doesn’t emit any heat. If you are worried about the lights keeping them distracted, don’t worry, it turns off automatically in ten minutes. As it is made of 100% cotton, this teddy bear boasts of super-soft fur. It also includes 3 AAA batteries.


  • Plush stuffed bear
  • Paw doubles as a switch to turn on the lights
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Cute bow matching to the bear’s rainbow color


  • Not washable
  • Contains small parts

9. Yottoy Corduroy Bear

Yottoy Corduroy Bear


This teddy bear is inspired by the character from the classic storybook Corduroy and is a favorite among children. It looks cute and is exceptionally soft. Its caramel-colored fur looks classy and requires minimal maintenance. The teddy can help boost your child’s curiosity with the blue button tucked inside the loose overall strap, which they need to find.


  • Machine-washable
  • Made of soft polyester material
  • Textured overalls
  • Comes with embroidered eyes and nose


  • Some may find it smaller than they expected
  • Head might be slightly lopsided

10. Bearington Collection Angel Plush Teddy Bear

Bearington Collection Angel Plush Teddy Bear


Perfect for the little angel in your life, this angel teddy bear is cute, plush, and will melt your heart. The teddy bear is quite popular for its superior make, and it stands at 12 inches and is weighted. This hand-crafted teddy bear’s fur is soft to the touch and features angelic wings. It makes a great gift for comforting someone.


  • Cute bow with dotted print
  • Ears are designed as if they are ready to hear
  • Fluffy ears
  • Smiley face


  • Head may be disproportionate to the body
  • Wings may seem crooked

11. Wowmax 6-Foot Giant Teddy Bear

Wowmax 6-Foot Giant Teddy Bear


This as-large-as-a-human teddy bear can be an ideal gift for your loved one. It is made of ultra-soft plush material, making it cuddly and huggable. It also sports a child-proof zipper at the back to let you add or remove filling. The teddy could make your child’s playmate or bedtime companion and can also be used as a decorative item. It is always ready to give you a warm hug and bring a smile to your face. Both children and adults will love this one.


  • Unique paw design
  • Cute button eyes
  • Doesn’t lose shape
  • Warm facial expression


  • Stitching in certain areas may be visible

12. B. Toys By Battat Jolly Jelly Bear

B. Toys By Battat Jolly Jelly Bear


Just one look at this adorable face will carve a permanent spot in your heart for it! Jolly Jelly Bear features an incredibly soft cream coat, aqua-blue patterned ears, and bright mint paws. The cute teddy bear is machine-washable, BPA-free, PVC-free, and non-toxic. Standing at 12 inches tall, this plush teddy bear can accompany your child to tea parties or  the supermarket.


  • Made of great quality materials
  • Develops sensory touch
  • Ultra-soft and silky
  • Free of plastic beads
  • Button eyes


  • Eyes may be covered up with fur
  • Arms of the bear may be thin

13. Steiff 1920 Classic Teddy Bear

Steiff 1920 Classic Teddy Bear


Bring home this cute little furry friend for your child, so that they can tell their new friend all about the adventures they’ve been on. Made of the finest mohair, it is a classic, jointed teddy bear. This old classic stands at ten inches, is five-way jointed, and surface-washable.


  • Stays in position
  • Stuffed with great fillings
  • Arms, legs, and head can be moved
  • Well crafted


  • Has no bow or other attractive accessory
  • Expression may be dull

14. Vermont Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

Vermont Happy Birthday Teddy Bear


What can be a better Birthday gift than this adorable teddy bear from Vermont? Measuring four feet, this cute bear is soft, furry, and huggable. A thoughtful gift, it will remind your near ones of how much you love them and care for them. It features a Happy Birthday artwork on the red satin bow around its neck and is made of 100% recyclable stuffing and plush fur. It is a fantastic way to give someone a cuddly companion and lifetime friend on their special day.


  • Super soft
  • Comes with cute contrast muzzle and paws
  • Signature button eyes
  • Can be used as a backrest and pillow


  • Some might find it a little under-stuffed

15. Cuddle Barn Feel Good Glenn Stuffed Toy

Cuddle Barn Feel Good Glenn Stuffed Toy


Yes, Glenn will make your child feel good instantly and be a constant companion when days look dull and need a little sunshine. Dressed in hospital scrubs, Feel Good Glenn sings and dances to I Feel Good. The bear’s  mouth moves as it sings, and the top of the outfit is removable. It’s the little touches that make a teddy bear unique and exciting, isn’t it?


  • Washable outfit
  • Embroidered stethoscope
  • Brown nose and sparkling eyes make it cute
  • Easy-to-access battery compartment
  • Includes 3AAA batteries


  • May not sit still
  • Song may not play continuously

How To Choose The Right Teddy Bear?

Here are some important factors to consider when buying a teddy bear.

  1. Size: From small plushies that are easy to carry and cuddle to life-sized toys, you can choose a teddy bear according to your or your child’s preference. You can consider your child’s age to choose one suitable for them.
  2. Material: Choose teddy bears made of soft cotton fabric, plush polyester blend, skin-friendly fur, and more for a comfortable, soft feel. Ensure the bear has a fluffy and premium-quality lining. The material should be chemical-free, durable, and non-shedding for a cozy cuddling experience.
  3. Features: You can consider teddy bears with smart features and controls that make them engaging for children. From music and sounds to color-changing LEDs, these teddy bears can stimulate your child’s senses.
  4. Washability: Choose a teddy bear with washable fabric for optimal cleanliness and hygiene. Keeping the teddy bear clean is crucial to ensure your child’s safety.
  5. Safety: Look out for small parts that may come with these toys, as they can be hazardous for the little ones. Also, check for safety certifications to ensure high-quality material and construction.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is an experienced writer on all things related to toys and gifts. In this article, she has listed the best teddy bears and included all the specifications readers would need to know when making a decision. Her systematic research process involves going through various reliable sources of information to create informative and objective product lists. These teddy bears will delight your children and make the perfect snuggle partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean a Steiff bear?

Steiff bears can be easily cleaned by using

  • Lukewarm water
  • A mild cleanser sans bleach
  • A soft brush or sponge

2. Which color teddy bear is best?

While this depends on your child’s preferences, darker colors are generally low-maintenance as compared to lighter shades. If you’d like your child to get the benefits of color therapy, you’ll have to choose the color accordingly.

3. Do babies get any skin issues with teddy bears?

It depends on two factors – how sensitive is your baby’s skin and whether the teddy bear is made of skin-friendly, non-toxic materials.

4. How long do teddy bears last?

Teddy bears could last for years provided you choose the right brand and it is made of durable material, cleaned as per the instructions, and stored in a moisture-free, dust-free place.

5. Is it okay for my baby to sleep with a teddy bear?

Although teddy bears give a warm sense of companionship, it is better to avoid letting small babies sleep with a teddy bear to prevent mishaps, such as the teddy bear suffocating them or simply startling them to awaken.

6. Which is the biggest teddy bear in the world?

As per the Guinness World Records, the largest teddy bear hails from the city of Xonacatlán, Mexico. It measures 19.41 m (63 ft 8 in) in length, and was designed by Municipio de Xonacatlán and Ideas por México and Agrupación de Productores de Peluche.

7. What does the teddy bear symbolize?

Based on their nature of being super soft and cuddly, teddy bears can be synonymous with positive attributes like security, comfort, and friendship.

A teddy bear is a perfect gift to give someone, no matter the occasion. No matter how young or old we are, we could all use cuddling sometimes, couldn’t we? And for that, all we need is the best teddy bear. Whether it is a giant teddy bear, cute teddy bear, sweet-looking teddy bear, or the softest teddy bear you are looking for, you can pick the perfect one from the list above and have a cozier sleep every night.

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