20 Best Kids Teepees In 2020

20 Best Kids Teepees In 2020

Have you noticed your child constantly building a cozy, little space for themselves, somewhere in the house, with the help of blankets and pillows? Then a teepee tent is just what they might need! Everybody needs a private sanctuary of their own — even the kids! A teepee is where your child can spend hours on end, reading, playing, and taking a nap.

Teepees are not only adorable, but they are portable and durable and can be set up either indoors or outdoors. However, finding the right teepee for your child might be difficult with so many options out there. But with a little help from us, you may be able to narrow down your list. In this MomJunction post, we have compiled a list of the 20 best teepees for kids.

20 Best Teepees For Kids

1. EQOYA Teepee Tent For Kids


This is one of the best teepee tents for kids and toddlers alike. Made of 100% cotton canvas, this soft cream color teepee features a door and 2 windows with curtains. It is supported by pinewood poles and a stabilizer device that provides extra stability. What we love the most is that the tent is literally a blank canvas that allows your child to get creative and customize it to their liking. This easy-to-setup teepee includes a carry bag and decorations such as a colorful flag banner and fairy lights.

2. Tiny Land Teepee Tent For Kids


Give your little one a place of their own with this cute gray chevron-patterned teepee by Tiny Land. It is made of 100% natural and non-toxic, unpainted cotton canvas that is supported by tent poles made of sturdy pine wood. It also includes a thick, non-slip, square padded mat that is as wide as the tent and provides extra comfort for your child to lie down and relax. This teepee tent can be set up at home or outside. While it is lightweight and easy to set up, it also disassembles and folds down seamlessly so you can store it away or carry it anywhere with you without taking up much space.

3. Sumbababy Teepee Tent For Kids


With the help of Sumbababy Teepee Tent, you can create a playspace anywhere for your child, be it the nursery, living room, or the backyard. It is made of 100% natural cotton canvas and includes sturdy pinewood poles and plastic connectors for support. This teepee is breathable, durable, and non-irritating, and offers plenty of space for your child to play, read, and nap. It is easy to assemble and features a tie-back flap door, a mesh window for ventilation, and inner pockets to store their favorite dolls, books, and snacks. Plus, it can be customized with paint, stickers, or lights.

4. OlarHike Teepee Play Tent For Kids


This teepee by OlarHike makes for a perfect space to have playdate sessions as it is stable and spacious enough to accomodate 2 to 3 children at once. Designed with Indiana style stripes, it features a tie-back flap door and a large window. It is made of 100% pure cotton and features durable pinewood poles and hemp rope that provides stability. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this teepee is easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with a carry bag for convenient packing and storage.

5. Anpro Kids Teepee Tent For Kids


Say goodbye to messy blanket houses and pillow forts, and give your child this teepee tent that provides a safe space for them to be creative and play on their own. It is made of 100% cotton canvas that is breathable and durable, which is supported by pinewood poles, a fixer, and a thick rope that provides stability against even robust play. This teepee comes with a flap door with Velcro stickers and windows that offer plenty of ventilation. Other add-on features include big pockets on the inside and outside of the tent, fairy lights, dream catcher, colorful banner flags, and a portable carry bag.

6. Tiny Land Teepee Tent


From the makers of some of the best home furnishings for kids, comes this high-quality teepee tent that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It is crafted from breathable cotton canvas and sturdy pinewood poles to ensure stability and durability. It features a window and a flap door that can be closed with a string. It is lightweight, and the wooden poles are easy to adjust, which makes it ideal for small rooms as well. It also includes a portable carrying bag for storage, a non-slip padded mat for extra comfort, and fairy lights for that extra sparkle.

7. Wilwolfer Teepee Tent For Kids


Don’t you think toddlers need a hideaway, whether it is for rest or play? If you agree with us, then give your child this all-white teepee by Wilwolfer. It is waterproof and durable as it is made of thick cotton canvas, which is also non-toxic. This teepee is easy to set up with the help of sturdy pine wood poles, and can also be disassembled, folded, and stored away in a corner when not in use. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this teepee features curtains, front flaps, and a mesh window.

8. Scriptract Teepee Tent


Whether you opt for the gray and white striped combo or the white feather arrow pattern one, this Scriptract Teepee Tent will surely bring a smile on your child’s face. It is made of 100% natural cotton canvas and is supported by high-quality pinewood poles and plastic connectors – all of which are eco-friendly, durable, and non-irritating. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this teepee is recommended for indoor use where your child can spend hours together reading or playing. It comes with a carry bag for convenient storage and portability.

9. Sumerice Teepee Tent For Kids


Let your child get creative by painting or decorating on this blank cotton canvas and create something fascinating. It comes equipped with kid-friendly features like a door curtain that is easy to open and close, a small window for ventilation, and pockets to store toys and books. This teepee tent is big enough to accommodate several kids, and adults, too. It is made of 100% natural, unpainted cotton canvas and sturdy pinewood poles, which are durable and non-toxic. It can be easily set up and folded and stored in a portable bag that is included with this set.

10. Lebze Teepee Tent For Kids


The lace and pom-pom design make this easy-to-assemble kids’ teepee tent a lovely addition to any living room. It features door flaps with tie-back strings and a small window that not only allows better air circulation but also enables parents to observe their child from outside. Made of non-toxic cotton canvas and supported by sturdy and durable pine wood poles, this teepee is suitable for outdoor use as well. It also includes a carry case for convenient storage and a colorful banner for decoration.

11. Rong Fa Classic Teepee Tent


This simple yet classic white canvas and 4-pole design make this teepee tent suitable for any style of living room or nursery. It is roomy and gives your child a comfortable space to play or relax. While the canvas is made of 100% natural cotton, the poles are made of pinewood, which makes this teepee sturdy and durable. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, it features a flap door design, a square window, 2 outer pockets, and includes a decorative banner and a carry bag. When not in use, it can be disassembled and folded like an umbrella and stowed away in the corner of a room.

12. LimitlessFunN Kids Tent


Whether you’re setting it up indoors or outdoors, this pink-violet play tent is perfect for your little one who wants a special place to draw, relax, and hang out. It features flap doors that can be tied on the sides and a peep-through mesh window. Quick and easy to assemble and take down, this teepee comes with a lightweight and portable zipper carry bag for convenient storage. Plus, the canvas is made of 100% pure cotton, and poles are made of durable pinewood. It also includes battery-operated star lights for decoration, which helps create a welcoming ambience for your child.

13. JOYMOR Teepee Tent


If you are looking for a teepee tent that provides more room for your child to play with his friends, opt for this 5-pole structured teepee tent. The canvas is made of 100% thick cotton and supported by sturdy wooden poles, which are fastened by 3 thick ropes for added stability. This navy and white striped-teepee includes 2 inside pockets to store toys and books, flap doors with straps, a mesh window and a banner flag. It can be placed in the living room, bedroom, and is even ideal for outdoor use. It is foldable and can be packed and stored in a portable carry case.

14. DalosDream Kids Teepee Tent


This navy and white striped-teepee tent is a fabulous addition to your kid’s room! It is easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with a bag for convenient storage. It is made of 100% breathable and durable cotton canvas and includes natural wooden poles and plastic connectors for support – all of which are flame-resistant. This teepee features flap doors and a mesh window that ensures air circulation inside the tent. It is suitable for children 3 years and above.

15. HAN-MM Teepee Tent For Kids


Create a cozy reading nook for your child with this beige cotton canvas teepee tent. It is brilliantly designed with front flaps, 2 inner pockets, and a square window. It is easy to install with the help of pinewood poles that are sturdy and durable, plus, it can also be folded and easily packed in a storage case. It includes a colorful banner, feathers, and battery-operated string lights that can be used to make this teepee more beautiful. Additionally, it comes with a floor mat that offers extra comfort for your child.

16. Little Dove Kids Teepee Tent


If you want maximum space and height, Little Dove Kids Teepee Tent is the one for your child. This 5-sided pentagon teepee is spacious enough to accommodate 2-3 children or a child and an adult comfortably. It is crafted with natural cotton canvas and supported with pinewood poles; both the materials are non-toxic and durable. The topmost part of this teepee features polka dot fabric while the entryway flaps are studded with white pom-poms. Further, decorate it with feathers and string lights (included in this set), and throw in some fluffy cushions, and let your child enjoy some ‘me’ time.

17. CO-Z Teepee Tent


CO-Z Teepee Tent is a comfortable and cozy teepee made of 100% natural cotton canvas. It includes 5 strong pinewood poles for stability and features 2 windows and a front flap door for ventilation, and a built-in floor cushion for comfort. Ideal for indoor use, this teepee offers a blank canvas that allows your child to paint or decorate as they wish. Plus, throw in some complimentary burgees and fur balls to add a little extra cuteness. Standing tall at 7 feet, this teepee tent is large enough to fit up to 3 children inside. It is CPST-certified for children’s safety.

18. Sorbus Teepee Tent


Nowadays, no kid’s room is complete without a teepee tent. And this gray and white rugby style striped-teepee by Sorbus adds a classic touch to your child’s room. It features a foldable design, which is easy to install and use, while also being portable and convenient to store in a carry case. It is made of polycotton canvas and uses natural pinewood poles for support. This teepee tent includes add-on features such as 2-flap front door openings with tiebacks and a peep-through window. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and is suitable for children aged 2-7 years.

19. IREENUO Teepee Tent For Kids


IREENUO Teepee Tent is made of 100% breathable natural cotton canvas and includes a floor mat to provide ultimate comfort for your child. It is easy to set up with the help of sturdy pinewood poles. This teepee features a flap door and a mesh window for good air circulation. This is a foldable teepee that can be conveniently stored in the provided carry case. It also includes string lights that can be added to create a whimsical effect. This tent makes for a great playhouse that can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

20. Senodeer Teepee Tent For Kids


Senodeer Teepee Tent is designed to suit any decor and ambience. It is ideal for bedroom, playroom, living room, and also suitable for outdoor use. Crafted with high-quality cotton canvas and supported with wooden poles, this teepee tent is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting. It features flap doors and a window that provides proper ventilation and allows you to keep a watch on your child when they are playing inside. Plus, it includes a floor mat for additional comfort and fairy lights as a decorative element.

When it comes to choosing which teepee tent is best for your child, there are a few important points to consider.

How To Choose The Right Teepee For Your Child

Given below are few key factors that can help you choose the perfect teepee for your child:

1. Size:

One of the first points to consider is the size of the teepee depending on how many children you would want to accommodate in it. Most of the products mentioned above have enough room to fit 2 to 3 children at once. That said, the 5-pole structure teepees are much larger than the 4-pole ones.

2. Age:

While some teepees are suitable for tiny tots and big kids, there are others that are only recommended for older children. So it’s important to go through the age recommendation of a teepee before you plan to buy it.

3. Installation:

Teepee tents are generally easy to assemble as most of them feature only 4 or 5 poles. The poles have to be inserted into the sleeves of the canvas, which then have to be stabilized at the top with a thick rope. Some teepees may also include a wooden piece that has to be connected at the intersection of the poles for extra stability.

4. Material:

A kid’s teepee should be durable, breathable, and free of harsh chemicals. So always opt for either natural cotton canvas or polycotton. As for the poles, most teepees feature poles that are made of natural pinewood, which is also a non-toxic material.

5. Design:

Most teepee tents for kids come in simple and traditional designs, maybe with slight differences. Some may feature flap doors, while others may include roll-up doors. Windows are an important element in a teepee tent as it provides ventilation. And if it is a mesh window, it is even better as it could also help keep bugs and insects away.

Encouraging your child to play independently may seem like a daunting task but it is one of the essential parts of a child’s development. And a teepee tent provides a perfect atmosphere for your child to play on their own. We put together a list of the 20 best teepees for kids. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and introduce your child to the world where their imaginations can run wild! Which is your favorite teepee tent? Do you prefer to set it up indoors or outdoors? Let us know in the comments below!

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