25 Best Baby Teething Toys For A Soothing Experience In 2024

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If your child’s baby teeth are arriving, we have created a list of the best baby teething toys to help you choose the right one. Although you must be delighted with this new development, your little one might have a tough time during this phase. When new teeth grow, the gums tend to get sore, making it difficult and uncomfortable for your child.

These teething toys soothe the painful gums and stimulate your child to help ease the pain. They are soft, chewy, and made of child-friendly materials to ensure your child’s safety. So, explore the list of products to choose one that suits your child’s requirements.

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When Should I Give My Baby Teething Toys?

Most babies start the teething process around four to six months, so that’s a good time to give them their teething toy to help relieve the pain.

Types Of Teething Toys

There are many styles and varieties of teething toys available today. Let’s learn more about them.

  1. Rings: Circular in shape, solid teething rings are a classic for babies as they are easy to hold.
  2. Toys: These toys can come in many interesting shapes and sizes for your little one, such as animal shapes or other objects.
  3. Toothbrushes: These are one of the most intuitive teething toys with tiny nubbins and a comfortable handle for your little one to hold all day.

Safety Tips When Giving Your Baby A Teething Toy

  1. Choose solid toys: While there are some liquid-filled options for teethers, it’s safer to give babies one that is solid and does not expose them to possibly toxic chemicals.
  2. Check the contents: Ensure the toys are high quality and safe in terms of their materials. The toys should be BPA-free, non-toxic, and free of allergens and irritants.
  3. Avoid small toys: Anything that can be a choking hazard for children may not be a great teething toy. Therefore, avoid giving them beady toys like jewelry or necklaces to ensure they don’t swallow any piece.

25 Best Baby Teething Toys Of 2021

1. Best Easy-To-Grasp Baby Teething Toy: Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether with Bristles


Shaped like a fish, this teether has a hole in the center, so your baby finds it easy to grasp and hold.


  • Made of BPA-free soft silicone
  • Comes with a carrying case for safe storage
  • Helps clean gums and soothe pain before the eruption of teeth
  • Available in different colors

2. Best 2-In-1 Feeder Baby Teething Toy: Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

It's no wonder that this quality product has earned over 7,042 positive reviews on Amazon.

Introducing solid foods to babies can be quite challenging. This 2-in-1 pacifier works as a feeder and a teether so your baby can have fruit or vegetable purees while the teething surface soothes their gums.


  • Free of BPA, latex, petroleum, lead, and phthalates
  • Textured surfaces and soft silicone ease teething pain
  • Tiny holes in the feeder ensure only bits of foods enter the baby’s mouth
  • Helps build the baby’s mouth muscles
  • Easy to clean

3. Best Wearable Multipurpose Teething Toy: Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy

This toy can be easily attached to strollers and car seats. It can have multiple uses as the baby grows.


  • Removable textured teething toy wearable around the wrist
  • Bright colors help in visual stimulation
  • Crinkly texture of ears helps develop a sense of touch
  • Rattling rings keep babies entertained
  • Free of PVC and phthalate

4. Best Teething Toy With Pacifier Clip: Sweetbee Buzzy Bee Silicone Teether Toy

This bright yellow honey bee shaped teether toy can keep your baby engaged for long and soothe their aching gums.


  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Textured wings help soothe painful gums
  • Pacifier clip prevents it from dropping
  • Wings designed for easy gripping
  • Dishwasher-safe

5. Best Ergonomically Designed Teething Toy: Baby Elefun Baby Teething Toy

This adorable elephant-shaped teether comes with bristled legs to help soothe baby’s gums and promote teeth development.


  • Made of food-grade silicone
  • Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Ergonomically designed for easy grasp and hold
  • Teethers comes in two different colors

6. Best BPA-Free Cuddly Baby Teething Toy: Infantino Cuddly Teether

This cuddly, fox-shaped teether is made from a BPA-free material with textured plastic feet that your baby can chew to relieve aching gums.


  • Comes with textured teething feet and neck ring
  • Soft body ideal for cuddling
  • Makes crinkling sounds when squished
  • Free of BPA

7. Best Textured Silicone Teething Toy: Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether

Bright orange carrots look tempting even for babies. So why not give them this tasty looking carrot when they want to chew on something?


  • Made from BPA-free silicone
  • Textured surface on both sides
  • Designed for easy grasping and holding

8. Best Freezer-Friendly Baby Teething Toy: Bambeado Little Bambam Giraffe Teether Toys

It is a single molded toy with no cracks, thus eliminating any bacteria build-up and chance of choking hazard.


  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Free of harmful chemicals like BPA and lead
  • Dishwasher-safe and freezer-friendly

9. Best Easy-To-Clean: Tulamama Teething Toys

This adorable raccoon-shaped teether is both functional and entertaining. It is soft, chewy, and provides an easy grip to infants.


  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Comes with a pacifier clip
  • Not a choking hazard, non-toxic, and free of BPA and phthalates
  • Most suited for soothing the front and middle teeth
  • Easy to grip
  • Easy to clean with water and soap

10. Best Easy-To-Attach Baby Teething Toy: Leayjeen Baby Teething Toy

A teether in the shape of a biscuit is an ideal toy to get your baby warmed up to solid foods.


  • Made of BPA-free silicone
  • Biscuit shape makes it look tempting
  • Chewy texture makes it easy to chew for a long time
  • Comes with clamps to attach to the baby’s dress
  • Easy to clean and hold
  • Available in three colors

11. Vuminbox Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

You need not worry about your baby soiling their clothes with this unique teether as it comes attached to a bib.


  • Bib made of cotton on the front and polyester fleece at the back
  • Nickle-free snaps make the bib fully adjustable
  • Textured teether is detachable from the bib
  • Bib is washable in machine, while the teether is dishwasher safe

12. Ike & Leo Teething Toys

This set of four colorful silicone teethers lets the baby soothe their sensitive gums.


  • Made of FDA-approved food-grade silicone
  • Free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates
  • Helps soothe front and back gums
  • Comes with a pacifier clip
  • Comes in multiple textures and bright colors

13. Ashtonbee Silicone Baby Teething Toy

It is made from medical-grade silicone, and it is completely safe for the baby. The teether is designed to enable your baby to hold it easily.


  • Each pack includes five toys with different textures
  • Soft and smooth edges
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Devoid of harmful chemicals such as BPA, latex, and phthalates

14. PBnJ Baby Infant Mitten Teether Glove

This teether glove by PBnJ is designed to make your little one’s early months easier and more comfortable. It is made of soft, smooth, and stretchable fabric with three textures and is designed to contour your baby’s hands.


  • Meets strict safety standards
  • Breathable inner material
  • Adjustable and flexible fabric
  • Stimulating crinkle sounds
  • Machine-washable

15. Little Toader Teething Toys LOL! Sucker

The fun sucker toy is made of 100% food-grade silicone and is one solid piece to prevent choking hazards.


  • Machine-washable
  • BPA-free
  • PVC-free
  • Lead-free

16. The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn Teether

This corn-shaped teether comes with a massaging feature to help soothe your baby’s teething troubles.


  • Comes in an attractive yellow and green corn design
  • Vibration feature soothes sore gums
  • Helps baby learn cause and effect

17. Green Toys Twist Teether Toy

Green Toys has made this eco-friendly teether with food-safe recycled material. This teething toy is shaped differently from any other teething toy. It offers an easy grip to infants.


  • Twisting body with multi-surfaced teethers
  • Made from recycled plastic milk containers
  • Three-dimensional design
  • Makes a rattling sound when shaken
  • Colorful teether promotes visual and tactile stimulation

18. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Shaped like a bunch of keys, this teether offers a variety of textured surfaces for the baby to chew easily.


  • Multi-surface teether helps with the eruption of the front, middle, and back teeth
  • The teether can be cooled in a refrigerator for an extra soothing effect
  • Easy grip to suit the tiny hands of babies
  • BPA-free
  • Comes in bright colors to stimulate the senses

19. RaZbaby RaZ-Teether

This teether is shaped like a bunch of grapes and is easy to grasp for small hands. Your baby can chew on it safely to soothe painful gums.


  • Made of soft silicone
  • Useful for massaging front and back gums
  • Can be refrigerated for extra soothing
  • Textured body helps promote the teething process
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be used as a hands-free teether by attaching a string to it

20. NatureBond Baby Food Feeder

This teether is approved by USFDA and certified by Bureau Veritas USA. This teething toy works as both as a teether and a feeder.


  • Comes in three customizable sizes
  • Comes with six silicone teats
  • Adjustable knob helps squeeze the juice out from the food
  • Detachable parts for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Free of phthalates, BPA, latex, and lead

21. Nuby Bug-A-Loop Teether

This teether toy is a delight to play while it also helps soothe baby’s irritated gums.


  • Comes with multiple textured surfaces
  • Easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Colorful design promotes visual stimulation
  • Made from BPA-free plastic

22. Vulli Sophie la Girafe Teether

This cute giraffe teether toy comes with a textured body and limbs so babies can play with it and chew on it.


  • Soft body made from natural rubber
  • Colored with food-grade paint
  • Lightweight and easy to grasp
  • Free of phthalates and BPA

23. Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

This teether makes a rattling sound that can attract your baby’s attention. The unique shape makes it further entertaining.


  • Comes with four different textured surfaces
  • Designed for easy grasping and holding
  • Twistable body makes it fun to play
  • BPA-free

24. Green Sprouts Cooling Teether

When gums are inflamed, a chilled teether helps provide some relief. This cooling teether works best when cooled.


  • Filled with distilled water
  • Made of BPA- and PVC-free plastic
  • Textured surface soothes aching gums
  • It can be cooled in the freezer to provide extra relief to gums
  • Available in different colors and shapes

25. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Why We Think It's Worth Buying

The product has garnered more than 36,577 positive reviews on Amazon.

You can introduce your growing baby to healthy foods such as mashed vegetables, fruits, and puree with this food feeder and teether.


  • Colorful grip handle keeps the mesh tightly shut
  • Made of BPA-free material
  • Easy to clean with warm water or in a dishwasher

How To Select Teething Toys For Babies?

Consider the following factors before selecting a teething toy for your little one.

Type of material: Like most other baby toys, teething toys are also made of plastic. Most of the time, the plastic used is non-toxic and BPA-free. However, if you are not sold to the idea of giving a plastic toy to your baby, then wooden and silicone teething toys are also available.

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Toys with filling: Some teething toys are filled with cold gels that help alleviate sore gums. These gels become more effective when refrigerated and can provide more relief to sore gums. Brands usually use extra-durable material to make these toys leak-proof. But, if you do not want to take even the slightest chance of your baby ingesting the gel, then avoid this toy.

Clips for safe use: Babies lack the grip to hold a toy for too long. They will drop the toy and then put it back into their mouths. To avoid this, you can buy toys that come with a clip to attach the toy to your baby’s dress.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Vibha Navarathna writes about children’s products, such as toys, gifts, and games, and conducts comprehensive research and analysis to offer her readers the finest options. Her list of the best teething toys was compiled based on user input and included toys made of high-quality material, durable, safe, and offer a range of options. When a baby’s teeth begin to erupt, teething toys might help relieve the discomfort in their gums. She’s also included each product’s unique characteristics as well as a handy buying guide to assist you in selecting the right option for your baby.

These are the essential features that you can consider before picking a teething toy. Now let’s have a look at some of the best baby teething toys.

It is natural for babies to put their toys in their mouths during teething.  Teething toys are better suited for this purpose. The best teething toy for your baby is one that not only helps massage your baby’s inflamed gums but also keeps them engaged and entertained.

These are some of our favorite baby teething toys. Which one did you like best? Do share your answer in the comments section below.

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