7 Best Tennis Ball Machines Of 2022


If you wish to practice for a tournament and don’t have a coach or partner, bring home the best tennis ball machine to up your game. If you have to be the best at something, you need practice. That applies to everything in life, including Tennis.

Your dedication determines your success, and we are here to help you. Keep scrolling to choose an ideal tennis ball machine, so you’re at the top of your game.

7 Best Tennis Ball Machines

1. Best Remote-Controlled: Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Player tennis ball machine can be used with your smart device. A variety of drills can be conveniently programmed, and you can easily control the speed, spin, height, angle, and feed rate of your favorite drills as per your choice. The machine also provides flexible power options. You may check this video for a better understanding of this product.


  • Easy to use
  • Remote control feature operated
  • Foldable ball hopper
  • Does not jam


  • Might be bulky

2. Best Child-Friendly: Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

The lightweight and portable tennis ball machine is easy to control and equipped with an easy-to-use knob and multifunctional speed control system. This horizontal oscillation model allows the ball to be randomly swept, and its watch remote-controllable machine features an adjustable top and backspin. It has a single switch for operation and is safe for use by children.


  • Easy to carry
  • 120-ball capacity
  • Smooth control panel
  • Adjustable ball delivery


  • `No custom drill option


3. Best Customizable: Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

The tennis ball machine offers all types of oscillation for realistic on-court practice. Available in battery-powered and AC models, you can pair the product with your smartphone for convenient control. You can set several options such as speed, angle, feed rate, and height of the ball on the app and can also program your custom drills. This compact design device is easy to carry around and is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level players.


  • Pre-programmed drills
  • Two-line function
  • Easy to store
  • Offers customizable oscillation


  • Short battery life


4. Best With Adjustable Ball Feed Rate: Sports Tutor Tennis Cube w/Oscillator

The Sports Tutor tennis machine offers random shots across the practice court and does not require pre-set programming. Equipped with an in-built battery, the device provides around two hour’s playtime in each cycle. It features a speed ranging from 10 to 50 miles per hour with an adjustable ball feed rate from two to ten seconds. The machine can easily hold up to 70 balls. This video review will help you learn more about the product.


  • Portable
  • Start-up delay feature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Random oscillation


  • May jam quite often


5. Best Portable: Sports Tutor Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

The portable, high-quality tennis machine from Wilson Sports has a wireless remote control that allows you to control the oscillation and practice various shots with efficient ball delivery. Other features include an adjustable top and underspin from light to heavy and ball delivery at 75 miles per hour. The machine can easily hold up to 110 balls and provides up to four hours of easy playtime. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.


  • Easy transport
  • Helps prevent overcharging
  • Foldable ball hopper
  • Electronic elevation control


  • Balls might get stuck


6. Best For Beginners: Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine

Including six pre-loaded drills, this machine can conveniently simulate a wide variety of styles played in tennis. Suitable for beginners, this machine is equipped with terrain wheels that make it smooth to move around. The battery-operated machine has been programmed to mix up ball location, speed, spin, and feed rate as per your experience level. Its narrow, medium and wide settings allow you to alternate between forehand and backhand strokes.


  • Long-lasting
  • Comes with a remote
  • Easy to transport
  • Allows drill customization


  • Might be noisy


7. Best Lightweight: Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate Tennis Ball Machine

The single-wheel tennis ball machine features a distance range of 50 feet and can make adjustments as per the needs of the court and ball. It can shoot balls at top speed from baseline to baseline and comes with a rechargeable battery that can perform for around five hours in each cycle. With an in-built handle, you can transfer the machine quickly from one place to another.


  • Prevents overcharging
  • High-quality aluminum outer shell
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Irregular ball feeding mechanism


How To Choose The Right Tennis Ball Machine?

Here are some features to consider before buying a tennis ball machine.

  1. Portable: A lightweight machine is easier to carry around the court and transfer from one place to another. Some machines come with a foldable design, making them easy to store.
  2. Capacity: With varying options, choose a machine with a capacity that suits your needs and experience level.
  3. Speed range: Beginners may want to opt for a slow-speed machine, while advanced-level players can opt for an ultra-fast device.
  4. Oscillation: Some models come with random oscillations that can throw the balls in all directions of the court, while several models come with a programming option that lets you set an oscillation routine for throwing the ball.
  5. Smart control: You can easily handle a smart control tennis machine using your smartphone or other devices.

With the right tennis ball machine, you can practice and improve your skills without depending on a partner or coach. These machines have pre-installed and customizable drills that allow you to set the pace. However, before selecting a tennis ball machine, you must ensure it is portable, has a large capacity, and comes with multiple speed and angle options to suit your needs. You can choose between battery-powered and AC models according to your convenience and check for additional features to enhance your practice session.

Why Trust MomJunction?

After going through various online platforms for user reviews and comparing products on multiple sites, we have shortlisted the best tennis ball machines for you to choose from. We have included detailed descriptions for every product and added a buying manual for choosing the right tennis ball machine based on portability, capacity, speed range, and other factors. These products are chosen based on user feedback to offer you an unbiased opinion.


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