11 Best Tennis Books To Improve Your Performance In 2024

A game of tennis can be a fun way to have an active lifestyle. However, it is only with practice that one develops in-depth expertise in this game. Besides practicing or playing the game, one can also read the best tennis books authored by renowned tennis players and coaches to ace the game or stay motivated. Thus, we have compiled a list of some top tennis books here, along with a small synopsis of each best-selling book, to enable both players and sports fans to make an informed purchasing decision.

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11 Best Tennis Books

1. Best Autobiographical: Rafa

Those interested in tennis would surely have heard of Rafael Nadal Parera, the famous Spanish tennis player. This book about tennis, co-authored by him and award-winning journalist John Carlin, is an autobiography of tennis great, Rafael Nadal. This tennis player biography gives an insight into the incredible story of Nadal’s life as a sportsman while capturing moments from Wimbledon 2008, French Open, and US Open 2010, along with a little sneak peek into his personal life.

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2. Best Inspiring: Winning Ugly – Mental Warfare In Tennis

Want to know how you can become a better player by being mentally tough? If yes, you must read The Winning Ugly, co-authored by Brad Gilbert and Steve Jamison. In this book about tennis, Brad Gilbert, a former professional tennis player who held the world rank 4 in 1990, uses his inside access to analyze current stars like Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams. Coming from an expert with a winning streak of 20 single titles, this book is a must-read for avid tennis lovers. Here’s a little more about the book from the author in the form of a video.

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3. Best New York Bestseller: The Master

This book is one of the must-haves if you are looking for tennis memoir recommendations. The author, Christopher Clarey, one of the top international sports writers, has covered Roger Federer since the start of his professional tennis career. It provides a fascinating and complete portrait of the sportsman while demonstrating how and why he became a tennis superstar. This book will surely capture the attention of readers fascinated with Federer or professional tennis. This video sheds some more light on the book.

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4. Best Insightful: String Theory

If you are a tennis fan looking for a captivating tennis book, look no further than this book by David Foster Wallace. It contains a collection of five enthralling essays, of which the very first one speaks about Wallace’s background in the sport. Here, many will be surprised to know he was a junior player in Illinois. The book further includes real-life incidents like a tornado crashing through the middle of a practice session and essays on tennis stars Michael Joyce and Roger Federer. So, if you love tennis, you will find it hard to skip this one! To know more about the book, watch this video.

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protip_icon Trivia
The longest match of tennis lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes. Nicolas Mahut and John Isner played it over three days at the 2010 Wimbledon.

5. Best Detailed: Strokes Of Genius

Did you watch the engrossing Wimbledon men’s final 2008? Many have compared it to a Shakespearean drama. In the last 4 hours and 48 minutes, the 22-year-old Rafael Nadal takes the cup away from the five-time champion Roger Federer through his hard fight. This tennis match is considered one of the greatest of all times, and to get a better insight into it, this book by L. Jon Wertheim is a must-read!

6. Best Historic: US Open: 50 Years Of Championship Tennis

Bringing you unforgettable personalities and key moments from the US Open championship’s 50 years of history, this is one of the best-selling tennis books you can get your hands on. This classic tennis book gives you expert commentary on the lives of renowned professional tennis players such as Roger Federer and Serena Williams and the early years of tennis legends such as Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King. Original contributions from fellow players, coaches, notable sports fans, and journalists make this a perfect buy or gift for any tennis fan.

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7. Best Instructions-Based: Essential Tennis

If you are looking for a slightly different tennis book that tells you what stops you from playing your best tennis, this one’s for you. Authored by Ian Westermann, the founder of EssentialTennis.com, this one lets you know interesting facts like the biggest obstacle to playing good tennis is the tennis ball! It also helps you understand how to improve at tennis, play stronger shots, and lower errors, making it one of the most wholesome tennis instructional guides. For tennis fans and players alike, this book is among the best tennis coaching books that you cannot miss.

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8. Best For Movement Skills: Tennis Anatomy

Familiarize yourself with ways to dominate the court by improving your speed, strength, and agility with the help of this comprehensive tennis conditioning resource authored by Roetert. E Paul. The tennis skill development book includes over 75 exercises that help maximize power to meet the unique physical demands of tennis. The exercises are descriptive, with each step clearly written and supported by visuals, and they cover every area of the body, including arms, wrists, back, lower body, core, and shoulders. Doing these exercises consistently will help you with your body conditioning for tennis, and help you cover the court with strength and efficacy.

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9. Best With Illustrations: Wimbledon: The Official History


As many of you know, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. But how many of you are aware of its history? Did you know that its story goes back to 1877, when an all-England croquet club held a tennis tournament on their grounds in Wimbledon to raise funds to repair a broken pony roller? If you’re keen to know more about this championship and its glorious and celebrated history, get your hands on this glorious tennis history book.

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protip_icon Quick tip
Strengthen your child’s interest in tennis and create a stronger connection to the sport beyond the court by giving them books by players they admire.

10 Best For Kids: Chocovela Plays Tennis

This tennis book for beginners is a must-read for kids who are tennis fans or plan to learn this sport. It tells us a story about a 4-year-old crocodile Chocovela who goes to the tennis court to learn to play tennis. However, thanks to his coach and tennis, he learns an important lesson on a positive attitude. It further speaks about how playing sports help kids channel their negative feelings positively. So, get your hands on this super interesting book on tennis.

11. Best Lifestyle-Oriented: The Stylish Life: Tennis

Tennis has always been a social pursuit where who you are playing with and where you are playing matters. This book unquestionably deserves recognition among the best tennis literature, effectively emphasizing the alternative aspect of the game—tennis as a stylish and sophisticated sport. From tennis sports brands to stylish players, such as Maria Sharapova and Arthur Ashe, this book about tennis is a must-read to also view this sport from the point of view of style and sophistication.

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How To Choose The Right Tennis Book?

Here are a few points you should consider when selecting the right tennis book.

  1. Purpose: Are you a tennis fan or a competitive tennis player? Are you looking for tips to improve your game, or are you looking for ways to enhance your strength? Is it for a kid or some adult? Answers to all these questions will help you choose the right tennis book.
  1. Author: Every author is different with a different style of writing. You can select the tennis book based on the type of writing you prefer to read. While some authors with in-depth expertise are more explanatory, others can be humorous. You need to select the style that you love to read the most.
  1. Your interests: Are you interested in knowing more about the history of tennis, or are you eager to know some tricks that can help to defeat the opponent in a tennis match? Again, if you are a beginner, you would be looking for a book that is more suitable for beginners than one for a professional player. A female tennis player might prefer a book written by greats like Serena Williams to relate to her experiences as a woman in this sport. So, it is your interests that will help you select the right tennis book.
  1. Your level: If you are a beginner, you would be seeking a book more tailored to beginners rather than one designed for professionals.
  1. Players you love: If you are a fan of Roger Federer, you will likely pick up a book that revolves around him and his game rather than one that speaks about Maria Sharapova. It is natural that you would be more inclined to read about your favorite players and the tips shared by them. Therefore, you should pick a book based on who inspires you.
  1. Reviews: Go through online reviews and testimonials by genuine readers for an accurate book assessment. You can also check the book’s critical evaluations to make the right pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I improve my game by reading a tennis book?

Most tennis technique guides and tennis strategy handbooks speak of strategies to improve your game. And some of them also talk about tips to understand your opponent and their game, which helps you tackle them easily to win the match.

2. What are the benefits of reading tennis books?

Whether a tennis game fan or a player, a tennis book helps you get more insight into the game than you can. Be it books or tennis strategy manuals, they cover important topics such as how to improve your game, tips from world players, real-life experiences, inspirational anecdotes, exercises, and tips for improving mental toughness and physical strength, all of which are highly informative and interesting to read.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Wedetso Chirhah, our product writer and reviewer, specializes in writing about books and kids’ products. He is an avid reader himself and has a knack for identifying the best books for each age group. Using his experience and knowledge, he has curated this list of the best tennis books by referring to various trusted sources and websites. He has also provided a brief description of each of these best-selling books, along with a comprehensive buying guide, to help you choose the right one based on your interests.

The best tennis books can help you improve your game, master its technique, and make for an interesting read for tennis fans and players alike. Whether your interest lies in history, short essays, techniques, strength-enhancing exercises, or ways to understand your opponent, you have many best-selling options to suit your interests. Also, they make perfect gifts to give to a tennis fan or a little one who is all set to step into the world of tennis. So go ahead and pick the book you love most to add to your tennis book collection.

Infographic: How To Improve Your Tennis Performance?

Improving your tennis performance requires a combination of skill, proper equipment, and physical fitness. By implementing the right training program and making minor adjustments to your game, you can take your tennis game to the next level. Refer to the following infographic to discover the basic factors that can help you up your game.

Tips To Optimize Your Tennis Performance (infographic)

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