11 Best Tennis Rackets For Kids To Have A Perfect Start In 2022


It is essential for children to play sports to keep their minds sharp and bodies healthy. One such sport that you can introduce to your child is tennis, which can help improve flexibility, coordination skills, problem-solving, and more. So, here’s our list of the best tennis rackets for kids to make playing tennis easy and fun. Children’s tennis rackets are designed to suit their requirements, and they weigh much less than adult rackets. They also offer a good grip so that it is easy to hold onto them while playing. So, browse the options listed below to choose the right one.

11 Best Tennis Rackets For Kids

1. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

This aluminum racquet is especially popular amongst little tennis enthusiasts. They are designed to suit kids aged up to five years, and available in different sizes and colors, so it becomes easy for your child to change the racket without having to change the racket type. This video will tell you more about this racquet’s features and benefits.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight frame
  • Highly durable
  • Offers good grip


  • Does not come with a cover

2. Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet


Created to suit junior players, this junior tennis racket is made of aluminum and features an o-beam construction, which makes it sturdy yet lightweight for kids to use. Its head light balance feature minimizes vibration when the racket hits tennis balls. It also promotes stability. The brand offers rackets in multiple sizes so you can choose one according to your child’s comfort and preference.


  • Durable build
  • Offers good grip
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Head size is perfect for kids


  • Tennis balls may not bounce off adequately from the racket

3. Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids


The cute smiley face on the strings of the racket can bring a smile to your child’s face when playing. This is available in three sizes so that your child can keep playing with the same type of racket for years before switching to a full-size racquet. Made of aluminum, this lightweight racket can help in developing your child’s stroke techniques.


  • Thick gauge strings help hit the tennis balls well
  • Small handle is perfect for better grip and control
  • Made of good quality, durable material


  • Expensive
  • Grip may lack durability

4. Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket

Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket


If your child has the habit of hitting or dropping the racket on the court, then this racket with special head protection should be in your shopping cart. Besides absorbing the ball-to-racket connection shock, this racket can also last long despite poor handling. Made of premium quality aluminum, this racket weighs 150 grams and is easy to hold and swing.  It can help hone your child’s tennis skills.


  • PU-foamed grip makes holding racket easy for kids
  • Large hitting point helps kids learn faster
  • Comes with a pretty black cover


  • Brand offers only two color options

5. Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet


This pearly-pink racket is created for sweet little fans of Hello Kitty. The cute Hello Kitty bow design on the strings of this racket can make your child want to play with it. Even its grip is pink with Hello Kitty design on it. The racket is available in different sizes so your kiddo can pick the one that suits her the best. It is durable, and easy to play with, and is best suited for kids aged five years and below.


  • Attractive design
  • Grip suited for small hands
  • Appropriate size for kids


  • String may not be very durable

6. BabolatNadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

BabolatNadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet


If your kid wishes to pursue tennis at a professional level, then you might have to get them a racket like this one, which is similar to an adult racket. This entry-level racket is especially for those kids who wish to play tennis at the junior level and wish to become professional players soon. At 26 inches, it is suited for kids aged between nine and 11 years.


  • Reasonably priced for an entry-level packet
  • Comes with half cover
  • Perfect size for young players


  • Can seem heavier than most other tennis rackets
  • Strings may not be as tight as required

7. Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet

Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet


Want a kids’ racket that stands out? Get this one with unique looks and great functionality. The cool Spidey eyes colored on the strings can be a good gift for fans of Spider man. Even the grip contains the Spider-Man logo. With this red and blue tennis racquet, you will always be able to spot your child even in a crowd.


  • Sturdy build
  • Lightweight
  • Solid and comfortable grip


  • May not include a shock absorber

8. Insum Junior Tennis Racquet

Insum Junior Tennis Racquet


Do not take your child’s love for tennis lightly as this passion can be turned into a full-fledged career someday. Getting them a racquet like this one can help them up their game against the best of opponents. It comes with a head protection system that takes on the shock when the ball connects with the racket. Its triplet-type damper and the soft grip protect the hands from vibrations. It looks nice and feels even better when used.


  • Tennis cover comes with shoulder straps
  • Available in a variety of colors schemes and sizes
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Grip may not be very sturdy

9. Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet


When the tennis racket is strong and stable, your child can play on for hours enjoying the game. This junior tennis racquet is available in three sizes and is suitable for kids aged nine to ten years. Made of aluminum, this racket is lightweight, making it easy for kids to swing and strike. It comes in different colors, indicating the size of the racket.


  • Comes pre-strung, so your child can start playing right away
  • Strong grip helps in better shock absorption
  • Perfect size for amateur players


  • Handle wrap may not be of the best quality

10. Senston 19″ 23″ Kids Junior Tennis Racquet for Kids

Senston 19 23 Kids Junior Tennis Racquet for Kids


Your toddler may not be able to speak well, but they sure can try playing tennis with this junior racquet. It is impervious to endless smashing and hitting as it has been created with aluminum integration molding technology that gives it a strong frame. It is built to withstand high-intensity play and last long. With a grip size of four inches, your child can hold and use it comfortably.


  • Aluminum alloy frame is impact-resistant
  • Protects wrists from vibration and shock
  • Comes with attractive full cover


  • Grip cover may lack durability

11. Pink Streak Junior Tennis Racquet – Strung with Cover

Pink Streak Junior Tennis Racquet - Strung with Cover


If your little one loves pink, then here is a pink racquet meant only for them. It comes with a large head so that your child never misses a shot. The grip measuring 5in long is easy for kids to hold and swing. Its sturdy frame can withstand shocks and last long. The brand offers different sizes so the racket can grow with your child.


  • Comes with half cover
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not have a symbol marked on the strings

How To Choose The Right Tennis Racket For Kids?

The criteria that kids lay for racket selection is very different from what adults consider when buying the same racquet. For parents and kids to reach a consensus, it is necessary that the criteria of both parties are fulfilled. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right racket for kids.

  1. Color: This feature is most important because it has been observed that kids often tend to pick rackets that are most attractive. They do not always consider other features when they have made up their mind on wanting their racket to be in their favorite color. Look for brands that offer good rackets in attractive colors.
  2. Theme: Brands offer rackets in a variety of themes, such as Hello Kitty and Spider-Man. If your child is reluctant to play tennis, you can try luring them with a racket that follows the theme of their favorite cartoon or game.
  3. Size: Tennis rackets for kids are available in sizes from 19 inches to 26 inches. As the size varies, so do the weight and grip measurement. It is important to give your child a racket suited for their age and height, so they can learn and enjoy tennis. Buying the appropriate size makes it easy for them to use and swing the racket.
  4. Grip: If your child is struggling to hold the racket, it means that the grip is lacking. A poor grip can cause damage to your child’s wrist. It is better to look for tennis rackets with shock and vibration-absorbing features.
  5. Balance: This refers to the balance between the head of the racket and its handle. Some rackets come with larger heads and smaller handles. These lightweight rackets give children better stability.

Rackets that come with smaller heads and larger handles are heavier than other rackets, and they tend to teach children better control and striking power. A balanced racket is one with weight distributed equally between the head and the grip, and it offers both stability and good control.

For this, you can ask your child’s tennis coach to see where your child is lacking and change the racket accordingly.

What Is The Right Age For Children To Start Playing Tennis?

The best age for kids to start playing tennis is when they have developed their motor skills and the strength to control their bodies. Kids aged four years are old enough to grasp and understand instructions. Their bodies are also developing, which makes it easy for them to adapt to the game’s demands.

Tennis is an exciting game for both the players and the audience. If taken seriously, your child can make a career out of it. However, it is possible only if your child has an interest in it. Forcing your child to play a game they do not like will only cause them mental stress and even injuries if their heart is not in the game. Make your child play tennis only if you see them having the knack for it. If not, then there are several other games your child can try a hand at and also master.

Why Trust MomJunction?

To compile this list of the best tennis rackets for kids, we scoured various websites and went through numerous product reviews to offer an unbiased opinion. These rackets will help improve your children’s flexibility and coordination. They are lightweight, durable, stylish, and colorful. You can select the right one after going through the detailed specifications of each product and the buying guide provided here for your convenience.

If your child enjoys playing tennis or wishes to learn, they need a high-quality tennis racket to play well. As tennis helps enhance motor skills, fitness, and coordination, it is a great hobby to pursue. However, choosing the right tennis racket is essential to playing a good game. While buying a racket, consider your child’s comfort and preference, especially the handle grip, weight, balance, and more. Lastly, choose a durable, appropriately sized racket for long-lasting use. We hope our list of the best tennis rackets for kids can help you understand the available options.

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