13 Best Tennis Shoes For Women In 2021


In any physical sport, the right footwear can make or break your game. Tennis is no exception to this. Even when going in for basic tennis shots, a player may have to make swift movements, and only the right kind of tennis shoes ensure that kind of movement. Tennis shoes are designed to function on the court, which can either be clay, grass, or hard courts, as well as suit the requirements of the player, whose focus should remain on the game and nothing else.

If you’re a tennis pro or play the game for enjoyment, this list of the best tennis shoes for women by MomJunction could be worth a look.  

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13 Best Tennis Shoes For Women

1. K-Swiss Women’s Hyper court Express Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Women's Hyper court Express

This pair of tennis shoes by K-Swiss is designed for swift and responsive play. Made of synthetic material and with molded polyurethane for its upper, these shoes give you the firm fit you are looking for. The lightweight textile collar lining helps keep feet warm yet dry. The out sole is made of Draggaurd rubber and Aosta rubber, which makes the shoes durable and flexible.

2. Wilson Women’s Rush Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoes

Wilson Women's Rush

With Wilson’s tennis shoes, you can rest assured that your shoes will not weigh down your performance. Its Df2 technology gives you premium comfort without compromising on the performance. It comes with asymmetrical and elongated medial side TPU heel counter, which ensures that you have stable footing and also good arch support. The engineered mesh allows the feet to breathe and remain dry. Its 4D support chassis at the forefoot control supination while allowing you to take on some complicated shots.

3. Adidas Women’s Asmc Court Boost Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women's Asmc

Like most women, Adidas too does not like boring white tennis shoes. Hence, it got this pair of women’s tennis shoes designed by renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney. It feels as good as it looks. It comes with a synthetic sole that keeps it lightweight while allowing better breath ability. Its supportive 360-degree TPU upper ensures that you have a firm footing while at your game. Its superior, stabilizing torsion system protects your feet when taking risky strides.

4. Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes

Prince Women's T22

Prince Women’s T22 tennis shoes offer great comfort for players who want to ace their game. It offers improved ventilation so that your feet stay fresh throughout the game. Its TPU forefoot straps ensure stable movements on the court. The shock eraser midsole takes all the impact so that your feet are fully protected. The rash toe cap keeps the toe safe from abrasion.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel

If you have just started to play tennis and are looking for good tennis shoes that can support you to play better, then these shoes are for you. The ASICS shoes come with a fabric lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable. The padded tongue and collar provide good protection to the feet, while the unique forefoot gel-cushioning system absorbs shocks to prevent injury to feet.

6. Adidas Women’s Solematch Bounce Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women's Solematch

You can count on Adidas to come up with some really comfy tennis shoes. Like this pair of bounce tennis shoes that come with flexible bounce cushioning on the midsole to keep feet safe from landing impacts. Its TPU chassis ensures firm movements, while its non-marking rubber out sole provides superior traction on tennis courts. The soft textile lining gives your feet extra comfort.

7. Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis Shoes

Adidas Women’s Adizero

Designed specifically to fit women, these tennis shoes come with a lace closure that give a snug fit. Its mesh synthetic upper and synthetic sole keep the feet comfortable. It comes with Adituff toe provision to safeguard the toe area from abrasions. The non-marking rubber out sole gives you good traction on any court.

8. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes

Nike Women's Air Zoom

Nike’s tennis shoes come with a textile upper, making them lightweight and comfortable. Its padded collar provides extra support for the feet. Its Phylon midsole gives premium cushioning for the feet while the TPU midfoot shank offers good support and stability. The herringbone pattern on the outsole gives you relatively better traction on hard courts.

9. Babolat Women’s Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoe

Babolat Women's Propulse

This pair of tennis shoes come with double straps to firmly lock the feet and provide support to the midfoot, which is essential during a game. It provides premium shock absorption with the help of  the Ortholite insole and Kompressor system. The outer sole is made with a Michelin compound that enables stable landing and movement.

10. Adidas Women’s Game court Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women's Game

Looking for a pair of shoes that cushion your feet on the inside, while acting like a shield on the outside? Have a look at these Adidas tennis shoes then. Like most from Adidas’ range of tennis shoes, this pair also has a women’s specific fit and is equipped with adituff to protect the toe region from abrasion. Its cloudfoam midsole can absorb the shocks to your feet while providing it comfortable cushioning. The rubber out sole is flexible and durable.

11. New Balance Women’s 896v2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women's

This pair of New Balance tennis shoes come with a synthetic mesh upper that offers better breathability for comfortable play. REVlite midsole gives the foot good cushioning support. The outsole comes with the herringbone pattern that ensures a firm grip on tough courts. Its full-length endurance out sole keeps your balance in check even during the most difficult shots.

12. Adidas Women’s Courtjam Bounce Wide Tennis Shoe

Adidas Women's Courtjam

To keep your feet comfortable and fresh, these shoes come with soft textile lining and flexible upper mesh. Its welded TPU overlays ensure that your feet are fully supported. Flexible bounce mid sole cushioning shields your feet from landing impact. Its rubber outsole offers superior traction on the toughest tennis courts. Its wide-fit design allows you to play comfortably.

13. New Balance Women’s 996v3 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women's 996v3

Its heat fused upper nylon fabric offers competitive strength. REVlite mid sole provides good underfoot cushioning while ensuring ideal stability. It is equipped with PROBANK technology to ensure that your feet are secure even when you go for the most difficult shots. The non-marking out sole gives you good traction on the tennis court. Its full-length, endurance-engineered out sole helps maintain balance and makes the shoes highly durable.

How To Choose The Right Tennis Shoes For Women?

When looking for tennis shoes, you can consider the following pointers.

  1. Type of outsole: The out sole gives you traction, balance, and grip on the court. Buy a pair of shoes with the outsole suited for your playing court. For instance, when playing on hard courts, you need a better grip for which you can opt for an outsole with herringbone pattern. Similarly, while playing on grass, you can opt for shoes with rubber studs like the ones you find on football or hockey shoes.
  1. Mid sole cushioning: Your feet take a lot of impact when you land on a hard ground while running or jumping. Shoes with good quality cushioning help absorb the shock on landing and keep your feet protected from unwanted injury.

Tennis shoes usually come with EVA mid soles that are lightweight and provide soft comfort to the feet. However, in the matter of shock absorption polyurethane, is considered far more superior because it is not only soft but also very stable.

  1. Lateral support: When playing on the court, you are required to make swift movements in all directions, for which your shoes need to be extremely stable. So, look for shoes, such as those with lace-up design, that provide lateral support and ensure the shoes remain firm on your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between tennis shoes and running shoes? 

Tennis shoes and running shoes differ in several factors, some of which are mentioned below:

Padding: Tennis shoes have less side padding compared to running shoes that are heavily padded. This is because running shoes ensure smooth forward movement only, while protecting the ankle with padding on either side. Tennis shoes are designed with light padding to let you move sideways easily.

Midsole: Tennis shoes have lighter padding on the mid sole as compared to running shoes. This is because tennis shoes are more focused on being flexible to enable quick movements, unlike running, where the feet need to be protected from frequent landing shocks.

Heels: Tennis shoes come with thin but hard heels whereas running shoes have thick but relatively softer heels. Hard heels give a tennis player better grip and stability, while soft heels help absorb landing impacts for a runner.

2. How should pronation influence your choice in tennis shoes? 

Pronation refers to the way your feet roll inwards when moving. This natural movement of the feet protects them from injury due to landing shocks. If you tend to pronate, then you can opt for shoes that come with mild support. However, if you supinate, that is, if your feet tend to roll out when making contact with the ground, then you can look for shoes that are highly flexible and provide good ankle support.

A good pair of tennis shoes do not come cheap. That is why you should thoroughly research before buying a pair of tennis shoes for yourself. A good pair will enhance your game while an unsuited pair will dampen your hard work on the tennis court.

What do you look for when buying tennis shoes? Do share your pointers with us in the comments section below.